The Iconic Design & Timeless Style of James Radin

Recognize this living room?

Living Room in Movie, Something's Gotta Give


How about this dining room? Both beautiful spaces are from the movie, Something’s Gotta Give and they have been loved and copied a few gazillion times over the years.



This darling cottage melted the hearts of a lot of movie goers. It’s from the movie, The Holiday.

Living Room in The Holiday Movie

And even though the main character in this movie wanted her kitchen completely demolished and rebuilt, we thought it was pretty amazing, didn’t we? This is the kitchen from the movie, It’s Complicated.

What do all these movie spaces have in common?




Interior Designer, James Radin played a huge part in their design. Surprised? I definitely was. In the past, when I created posts about these three movie houses, everything I found online at that time said Beth Rubino was the set designer for Something’s Gotta Give and It’s Complicated. While that is true (per THIS interview with the director, Nancy Myers) Mrs. Meyers also engaged her own personal Interior Designer, James Radin to assist with the design of those movie interiors.  In the interview she states, “I work closely on each set with set decorators like Beth Rubino and the interior designer, James Radin, who did my own house and advises on my movies.”

I’m not sure how much of each room is the brainchild of Beth Rubino and how much was designed by James Radin, but it’s obvious when these two work together, magic happens. I hope they continue to collaborate and we see more beautiful interiors like these in future movies.

James Radin


Once I read Mr. Radin had played a major role in the design of the rooms in movies, The Holiday, Something’s Gotta Give and It’s Complicated, I went in search of more of his rooms. Mr. Radin has an online site where you can view his work and it’s easy to see the similarities in his design and the interiors of the homes we love so much in the movies.

Here are a few examples I found and loved:

Under the category, “Broad Beach” you’ll find this beautiful space. The color scheme for this room and home is one of my very favorites: blue and white. Note the palm tree fabric on the pillows.



It appears again in the dining room and I love the whimsy it adds to this space.  Also, love that bamboo style chandelier. This design is perfect for a beach house or anyone who loves a tropical, British Colonial design.

Dining Room Designed by James Radin Interior Design

Love the bamboo inspired bed!  I used to see Interior designer, Charles Faudree featured regularly in Traditional Home magazine.  Do they still do that? He always had (hope he still does) bamboo pieces in his own home and I fell in love with the warmth and texture they added to a room.

I remember in one Traditional Home article, they showed a piece (I want to say it was a cabinet) that Faudree had always taken with him from home to home to home whenever he moved.  Even though he always changed up his interiors, that one piece had always come with him.  I fell in love with bamboo after reading that article.




Under the category, “Pacific Palisades” at James Radin’s website, you’ll find this lovely space.  I included this picture here solely because of those blue and white draperies.  What is this magical spell blue and white has over me?!




White kitchens are forever classic, forever in style. I think this kitchen was featured in the movie, Knocked-Up.  I didn’t see that movie, so not positive about that.  Anyone see it?



Another space designed by James Radin…feels elegant but not stuffy.




Blue and white porcelain displayed in a grouping is another fabulous design idea that never goes out of style.

Blue and White Porcelain, Design by James Radin


Pretty bedroom designed by James Radin…

Bedroom Designed by James Radin Interior Design


This space got me really excited. You virtually never see closet space incorporated into a bath this way. I was thinking this might not work well with a shower in the room since those can create a lot of steam, but I love it here so close to the bathtub.  It would make getting dressed easy, wouldn’t it?

The French doors make it so easy to see where everything is, yet the clothes are protected from dust. This bath/closet space is definitely going into my inspiration file.

Beautiful Closet Designed by James Radin Interior Design

Have you heard of James Radin before now? Did you know he played such an important role in the design of the homes in Something’s Gotta Give, The Holiday and It’s Complicated?

If you’re interested in seeing Mr. Radin’s design in the above movies, you’ll find tours of the homes in all three movies here: Movie House Tours

Pictures in this post are from James Radin Interior Design

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  1. I had not heard of Mr. Radin, but since I have been following your blog I have become more aware of names. His style is as appealing today as it was when those movies were made. I prefer traditional style. I think it holds up over the years although I have had some “what was I thinking” choices over the years. What is the style of the chair legs on the “Another space designed by James Radin…feels elegant but not stuffy.” photo?

    • I’m not sure what you call that style but I’ve seen it on antique furniture. Maybe those are antique pieces that have been recovered, although I’m guessing they are reproduction. I bet someone will know.

    • Maria Morley says

      The legs on those chairs are English from the Jacobean period, and they’re called turned legs. Very beautiful and classic!

      • Thanks, Maria for sharing that…so glad to know since I see that style from time to time. They really are beautiful and classic as you mentioned. I’ve seen that style on a lot of antique pieces.

  2. Linda Page says

    I would kill for that bath/closet space. That is just wonderful. It is a very spacious room and the cream color lends to the spaciousness. I love the French doors. They hide the clothes but yet you see color behind them. Love it! The bamboo styled bed is marvelous! So classic. It is fun to learn who designed the movie set rooms and see there work in the “real” world. As always, thanks for sharing!

  3. Blues are just so soothing don’t you think? Thanks for sharing all that loveliness with us… oh and that white kitchen… drool!
    Beth P

  4. I love the blue and white curtains too. Do you know what the fabric is? Thanks for your hard work in getting this information pulled together for us!!

  5. Absolutely stunning! Each room is so unique! I love his style! Thank you for introducing me to him!

  6. Mary from Virginia says

    What beautiful work he does! Love it all, especially the blue and white rooms. They are always a favorite.

    Would love to know the details of the fabrics.

    Fun and interesting post, as always!

  7. I so want to copy that Broad Beach Living Room!! If only my budget would let me…….

  8. Peggy Thal says

    Pretty rooms! Always enjoy movie room decor. Great designers with their own unique design and flair. I just love decorating my home too. It is never ending. Just love blue and white china pieces. I have a large collection and display them in lighted kitchen cabinets. My husband says they are always multiplying! Thanks again Susan for a great post.

  9. Un très joli billet… je suis charmée par l’ensemble de vos merveilleuses photos et l’attrait de ces très beaux intérieurs.
    gros bisous à vous.

  10. Pam ~ Crumpety Cottage says

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. That bathroom in the last picture is magnificent. I love white, I love mullioned windows and I love coziness, all of which this design has. I’m going to keep that one in mind as well, Susan. 😉 Btw, I always loved the house in Father of the Bride. I wonder if he had a hand in that, as well. Surely. I’m learning so much about designers, thanks to you!

  11. How beautifully talented these people are ! I love all the whites and blues in the cozy rooms !
    Having been constrained by furnished homes we moved into the past 29 years– I can’t wait to go back to our own place where I can try out something different–inspired by all this !

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