Can’t Wait Another Whole Year To Share This!

Welcome to the 433rd Tablescape Thursday!

When I visited my friend, Marie, it was only a few days before Christmas, so I never had a chance to share all the delightful tables she had created for the holiday before Christmas arrived.


One of my favorite tables of Marie’s is always the “Kid’s Table.” I don’t know about you, but the kid’s table never looked this fabulous when I was growing up. If it had, I think the adults would have been fighting to sit there! 🙂


This wee table used to be the children’s table for Marie’s four children when they were growing up. She had it refinished and now her six grandchildren enjoy it, although some of her grandchildren are starting to outgrow it. That’s the problem with grandchildren, they grow up!


The adorable Christmas mug place card holders are from Hobby Lobby.


The gingerbread house napkin rings were also from Hobby Lobby. I love gingerbread houses so I’m sorry  I missed those this year…soooo cute!

Gingerbread House Napkin Rings


I think Marie found the cute Santa chair-back covers at Pottery Barn kids. I found similar ones still available here: Santa Hat Chair Back Covers.

Update: I’ve gotten some emails asking about the chair leg covers. Marie found her chair leg covers in HomeGoods and on eBay. I also found a lot of cute ones online here: Chair Leg Covers for Christmas


You can see why I couldn’t wait another whole year to share this adorable Christmas “kid’s table.” Thanks so much to Marie for sharing her talents and love for all things beautiful and whimsical. It’s take a special person to create so much beauty for others to enjoy, and that includes those of you who are reading this because I know you do the same for your friends and family!

Happy New Year, dear Friends!

Tablescape Thursday

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  1. Adorable Susan! I always love seeing Marie’s tables and how she decorates for the holidays!

  2. Those “hats” on the backs of the chairs…ADORABLE!! franki

  3. Sherry Stuifbergen says

    I ordered some chair covers for next year through Amazon. They are not initialed like in the post. I like that aspect. Even though Christmas is over and most has been packed away as of today, we are STILL thinking how to make it happen again next year!

  4. Cute Kids table! Marie really does a great job decorating her home for Christmas. I’m glad you didn’t wait all year to post this!

  5. Her tables are always fabulous. Oh to be her grandchild!!!! Thanks for the party, Susan!!!!!

  6. I’m so glad you didn’t wait a year to share this beautiful table. So many ideas for my next holiday table! Thanks so much for hosting us.

  7. Wow! As you say, I don’t remember kids’ tables looking like that when we were little. Brava Marie!

  8. Love your style, Marie has way too much money!

  9. So, so darling!!!! Such creative ideas. I am in love with the gingerbread house napkin rings too. I never seen them at Hobby Lobby in this area. I guess they do not carry always the same as others. Is the place card mug a drinking mug ? If so, it is very unique. I love all the whimsy. Marie, you are very talented!

  10. So adorable Susan! The kiddos get to dine at the table at my house while the adults nibble standing up and keeping watch! I wish I had had those gingerbread napkin rings! Thanks for all the parties!

  11. Regality (aka The Quing) says

    Love it!

    Even though the kids are outgrowing their table, I bet it will be an opportunity for Marie to use her creativity to do teen tables (and hope, eventually for great-grands.)

  12. I don’t blame you Susan. It’s never too early to share amazing Christmas inspiration! Cute table!

  13. I really wish I had just a third of Marie’s energy, very inspiring and amazing. Love the kids table. I have a real fondness for childrens Christmas decor.

  14. Theresa McDaniel says

    Perfect timing . We just got a little snow today and I took a break from housework and this is what I found Thank you Marie you are so very creative. If a grandchild gets to big for the table I will gladly sit in. Thanks for posting Susan

  15. Your friend’s tablescapes for any season or holiday are fabulous!
    She has the perfect dishes for every occasion.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Hope you had a great C’mas. Wishing you a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year too.

  16. Marie’s kids table is so cute and I would love to be seated there!
    Happy New Year Susan!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  17. So cute. I bet children (adults, too) just love coming to Marie’s home. So many things to look at.

  18. Isn’t that the cutest! We had a fold up square card table that was for the kids when I grew up. It got a tablecloth put over it and then I our dishes filled the rest of it. This is quite a bit more than we ever had that’s for sure! I know they’ll have great memories from these special times! Glad you shared it. Those coffee mug place card holders are adorable! I guess she can use the table for some serving dishes in the future!

  19. I would gladly sit at this kid’s table! Everything is darling. sheila

  20. Easy to see why this would be a favorite….makes me want to be a kid!!

  21. I am okay with Christmas anytime. Glad you shared Marie’s magic with us.
    We want to meet Marie. She should be selling videos of her home and tablescapes.

  22. Adorable! I’m sharing the link with my sister for the Santa covers. She may want to add those to her kitchen table.
    Thank you to you and Marie for sharing her beautiful, inspiring tables.

  23. Wow! I’ll sit there! So cute and festive! Her grandchildren are super lucky to have her!

  24. That table is just adorable! Forget the kids, I’d be happy to sit at it!

  25. Kathy Henson says

    Great ideas! Love them!

  26. Dee Skislak says

    I bought the elf shoes/socks at Chasing Fireflies. Love them.

  27. bobbi duncan says

    Thank you for sharing Marie’s precious table setting–can you just imagine the happy smiles of the grands seeing what grandma has in store for them. My mom always set a lovely and fun table if the little ones needed a separate dining place–my cousins still remember all the nice things she would do to make us feel extra special. Love those gingerbread house napkin rings; wish I had known about them as my sil does her kitchen in everything related–she would’ve loved them! Hugs!

  28. Do you know where she got the gingerbread plates?

    • I’m pretty sure they are from Crate & Barrel. They have some now on eBay. Just type “gingerbread plates” and you will find them. One seller has 6.
      Also type in “gingerbread napkin rings” and you can find different ones. Probably during the year you may find the same ones that Marie has if you keep checking. eBay is always a great source for items during the year.
      Hope this helps.
      Love her sweet table!!

    • Pat, I think Anne is right. I just googled “Gingerbread Man” plates and found several on eBay. Marie must have had those for a while since they are showing up on eBay now. I doubt they were in the stores this year.

  29. Susan,
    When I’m looking for holiday inspiration, I often revisit the posts that you have shared from Marie’s home. Please thank her for allowing you to share her decorations. What a dynamic duo the two of you are!

  30. Thank you, Susan and Anne, for your help. I will look for the plates on e-bay.

  31. Patricia Taylor says

    I don’t have a blog but I sure enjoy yours. I’ve learned so much, how to care for a good handbag, how to care for a silk scarf and Lord, the beautiful table settings. I also bought several books you recommended. Keep up the good work.

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