The Marietta Pilgrimage Christmas Home Tour, 2016

Welcome to the 410th Metamorphosis Monday!

Was hoping to share my front porch decorated for Christmas, but we’ve been getting some much-needed rain the last few days, so couldn’t snap any photos. So for this Met Monday, we’ll go on a Christmas Home Tour in Marietta, Georgia to see how others are decorating and transforming their homes for the holidays.

This home reminded me a lot of the cottages you see in some neighborhoods in Atlanta where they look smallish from the front, but are really quite large. The owners of this home have added on several rooms. I wish I could share photos of the inside, but unfortunately, photos weren’t allowed inside.



It had a wonderful spot to sit and enjoy the view. What is the view?



This is the view! The owners of the home we toured, also purchased the home across the street when it became available. The house was removed (perhaps it wasn’t in good shape or something) and a green space was created giving the neighborhood a small park to enjoy. Such a wonderful idea!



In the backyard of the home, I saw this clever handmade squirrel feeder. Inside the little “house” you could see lots of hull pieces, so there are some fat, happy squirrels in this neighborhood. πŸ™‚



The home also had a wonderful outdoor kitchen. I see a Big Green Egg in addition to another grill. Perhaps the Big Green Egg is a smoker.



Santa was sitting in this shiny blue truck here in the driveway. Do you think this is Santa’s new mode of transportation or perhaps he was making a delivery. lol



When I took the Property Brother’s Cruise to Key West and Cozumel last year, I saw this Little Free Library in Key West. I just realized today, I’ve never posted the pictures I took while in Key West. I’ll try to create a post soon sharing more of the beautiful homes in Key West, including Ernest Hemingway’s home.

Anyway, I had read about these little neighborhood libraries where you drop off a book you have read and take one home to read, but I hadn’t actually seen one in person until I ran across this one in Key West. It was located right outside the Green Parrot, a popular bar in Key West. You may remember seeing it when I posted it on Instagram while I was still on the trip. You can follow BNOTP on Instagram here if you like: BNOTP on Instagram. Love Instagram for sharing photos in real time!



A short distance up the street from the home we had just toured, we saw this Little Free Library. You can read more about Little Free Libraries at their website, Little Free Library dot org.

I love the size and style of this one. You could place children’s books on the lower shelf, teen books on the middle shelf and more adult type books on the top. I didn’t open it, but there may be a bottom shelf behind the red section. That would be a good spot for picture books for the smallest readers.



While waiting to go inside another home on the tour, we saw this darling home.



How do you like their cute “window box.” Since there wasn’t really enough room for a full window box, they added an adorable pot-shaped container. Sooo cute!



We purchased the “combination” ticket that included seeing three homes on the candlelight tour. Look how gorgeous this home is lit up at night! I love candlelight tours because you miss this when you only take the daytime tour.



We also saw a beautiful screened porch on the candlelight tour. We couldn’t take photos inside the homes, but at least I was able to capture this wonderful porch for you.



There were tall shrubs on one side and a section of the house on the other, so this is a wonderfully private spot to spend a sunny afternoon reading and sipping a cool drink in the spring and summer.



I loved that they used lamps all around the porch, created such a beautiful ambiance for this cozy spot.



Here’s how the porch looked from the back yard.



I’ll leave you with this view of another beautiful Victorian cottage we passed while on the tour. They had lit orbs hanging on the porch and in the trees surrounding the house. Sooo pretty!



Love a great Christmas Home Tour? Take a tour of the inside of this beautiful Marietta home all decorated for Christmas: Christmas Home Tour

Banister Decorated with Preserved Boxwood Garland and Stockings


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  1. Thank you Susan! Always a pleasure to visit!

  2. Fun tour Susan, and how lovely they turned the lot across the street into a pretty mini park! Love that outdoor kitchen and Santa’s pick-up full of ornaments! Thanks for the party and the tour!

  3. A park, huh? Wow, that’s a great idea and a very generous one on the part of those homeowners! It’s the kind of Christmas gift that keeps on giving all year long! πŸ™‚

  4. The homes are decorated so pretty on the tour, Susan. It’s great to see them lit up at night, it gives me ideas which I need. Thanks for sharing!

  5. That cottage is so homey. Love how they angled the garden bed, on the left, towards the house, instead of just straight across. Sort of invites you in.

  6. Wonderful home tours! I love the gigantic nutcrackers! Thank you for hosting today!

  7. Looks like a great tour Susan…and my favs are the Candlelight Tours…Really gets you into the Holiday spirit! Thanks for hosting!

  8. Happy December, Susan! I love your tour pictures! We have very similar homes in my hometown and about 12 Little Free Libraries. They are adorable and I love the whole idea. What a beautiful post. Thank you so much for hosting this beautiful party. 400+ I’m in awe.
    Many Blessings,

  9. Wow, great Christmas tours Susan. This is such a wonderful and unique time of year with all the beautiful decorated houses and lit up like the sky, specially in the evenings.
    Thanks for sharing as always.
    Thanks for all the inspiration. Now I’m sharing on MM the guest room, Bathroom and walking closet reveal Part II.
    Have a lovely Christmas season.

  10. Holiday tours are so fun, and I can’t say that I’ve ever been to one at night. How gorgeous! Thanks for the party πŸ™‚

  11. What a delightful post! Thank you for the home tours. I love Santa and that big blue truck…good for Univ of Ky fans. ha ha. I also see some things to add to my “want” list. Merry Christmas. ho ho ho. sheila

  12. Thanks for the tour, Susan. I love that truck with Santa inside and the huge toy soldiers. How fun is that? Thanks or hosting.

  13. Thank you, Susan, for hosting this great party for us AND for sharing pictures of the fabulous tour of homes in Marietta! I want you to know that your photos are so wonderful for folks like me who aren’t able to get out much. We get to see things we might not ever get to see otherwise. Keep up the good work! It is meaningful to so many.

  14. Susan I always enjoy your tours! Thanks for this beautiful Christmas tour, it was such a gift. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  15. Susan, thank you for sharing this beautiful Christmas tour! When we lived in the South, we loved doing this each year. There was a beautiful antebellum neighborhood nearby that decorated their porches with Victorian figures each year. One of our neighbors always had an open house and served the spiciest cajun food each year! It was so much fun and one of wonderful things of the South! Hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season! love and blessings~
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  16. So pretty and FUN!! My little “Tar-shay” truck arrived and IS IT EVER CUTE Thankx for the info!! franki

  17. I love the park idea…I’d like to buy several houses around us and make a giant park, ha ha πŸ™‚ By the way, a new Williams- Sonoma catalog came yesterday and inside was plaid cookware…thought of you right away.

  18. Susan, you are so my “go to” gal! Loved the house tour pics, but REALLY liked the info on the Free Little Library. I had to check out the website to see what it’s all about! Here in Northeast PA (my home county is Wayne Country, which is the most east & northern county in PA) there aren’t, so what a fun project for someone in that area. Fortunately I have a library 3 miles away. But I do know a few 4H girls that live up in northern Wayne County, that I’ll be mentioning this to! It would be a great project for them!

  19. Thank you for the tour. Loved it.

  20. Juanita in OH says

    These are wonderful photos. All of the photos are important to me. I’ll bet you don’t know how much joy they bring for those of us that are homebound. Your sharing is healing and, I want you to know just how much they are appreciated. TFS.

  21. Thanks so much for hosting each week. What beautiful homes!!! I have a question: is there a limit to the links we are allowed to link? I haven’t been able to link the past few weeks so linked 3 this week. Hope that is OK!!!

  22. What a wonderful tour!! Thanks for sharing!!
    Thanks too for hosting each week!!

  23. Linda Page says

    Whine, whine, whine!!! I missed this tour!!! Boo hoo hoo!!! Wish I could have gone with you. Looks so cute! I love that those people turned that house lot into a park! How wonderful! Looks like you had fun.

  24. I thought the tour was wonderful this year. We finished on Saturday just before the rain started. I’ve never been on the candlelight tour. Since there is no bus service, where do you park?

    • I never use the shuttle service, just park any place near by that I can find. This year was really easy because all the homes on the Candlelight tour were on Kennesaw Avenue, so we parked in a little parking lot that’s just over where the railroad tracks cross. It was very close to all the houses. Seem like there were more folks in attendance than I’ve ever seen before. There were definitely a lot of great houses on the tour!

  25. This was a great tour! Thanks for sharing it and thanks for hosting the party!

  26. Some of my favorites are your “home tour” posts. This one did not disappoint. Wish I could join you on one of these tours. Love that window “pot” you pointed out on that precious house. So unique. Christmas blessings to you and your family. Vikki in VA

  27. Melissa Carroll says

    My son and I will be in Marietta end of this week to celebrate his 18th birthday. Will you provide a link or details for where and how to get tickets for the tour you took? Thanks!

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