The Queen of the Ball

Welcome to the 166th Tablescape Thursday!


Happy Tablescape Thursday!  This week I’m so excited to share a beautiful, whimsical party table created for a fun crafting event I was privileged to attend recently.  You know those moments in life, those rare moments when you see something so wonderful your mouth flies opens and you just stand there in complete awe?   I had one of those moments this past Saturday evening.

After spending the day at the Country Living Fair and dinner out that evening with friends, we headed back to the hotel where the ladies from out of town were staying.  I had been invited by a friend, to a fun, craft event–a gathering of friends.

As we entered the room, we were greeted by a cute sign with a crown tipping off the top.  You can just see the crown on the top left.

And then…WOW!  Just WOW! My pictures don’t really do this room justice because the room was lit by fluorescent lighting.

I totally felt like a kid in a candy store…so many goodies everywhere!

The theme for this crafting event: The Queen of the Ball.  Ball was a play on those  wonderful old aqua-colored Ball Mason Jars, so you’ll see them throughout this fun setting.  Even the cake was created in the shape of a Ball mason jar!

Here’s a closer view of that amazing cake!  It was delicious!

You can just see the lid of the “jar” there above the flowers.  And perched on top was a lovely crown.

Even the bow on the front was edible…made from fondant.

There were “Queen of the Ball” cookies neatly tucked down inside a vase filled with aqua candies and tiny white marshmallows.

See the small canning jars on the lower part of the tiered server?  Those contained various desserts with names like “Chocolate Sin.”

More lovely crowns, cookies and aqua-blue Ball mason jars…

Are the cookies not absolutely adorable?

See those wonderful craft bags over in the corner?

We were each given one before leaving and they were filled with so many wonderful treasures.  Even the Chef at the hotel got involved with our soiree, providing a batch of his fabulous spaghetti sauce for each of us.  You can see it there on the left of each bag.

We were told to take one of the beautiful antique Ball jars from the bottom shelf of this cute table.

We filled our jars with the treasures we wanted from the tree and table.  There were beads and velvety ribbons, buttons and antique lace.  Is your heart beating as fast as mine was?  Is this not just a fantasy come to life?

And here’s the “Queen of the Ball” herself!

Our craft table was decorated exquisitely with an aqua tulle tablecloth and a centerpiece of white roses nestled down in a vintage crate.

We completed three craft projects that evening.

We made the cutest, little pin cushion.  It fit perfectly down inside an old mason jar lid.

We also made a sweet, rose-flower broach.   I pinned it to the top of my Ball mason jar that was filled with treasures from the goodie table.

Adorable cookies!

And the desserts.  Yes, I had two.  Hey, you work up an appetite crafting!

Rosalyn-Sue is an amazing individual. Not only does she totally spoil her crafty friends with stunningly gorgeous surprises like The Queen of the Ball, she is also a full-time Mom and attending graduate school where she is currently working on her thesis.

Rosalyn-Sue also runs a non-profit organization that supports the military and their families at home and abroad.  Each month they prepare handmade birthday cards and cakes baked in canning jars for freshness, and they are sent along with candles, balloons, etc to the service members having a birthday that month. They are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year!  Rosalyn-Sue’s husband is also currently serving overseas, as well, so please keep him in your prayers.

Rosalyn-Sue told me she had just completed shipping out all the goodies for the upcoming birthdays when she was planning The Queen of the Ball event.  She said, “Whenever I see the jars, it reminds me of our heroes that we serve and how grateful I am to have these jars to preserve cake so well and bring them a piece of home. I also make a lot of preserves in the jars, as well, to serve as a topping for the cakes we send overseas.”

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Looking forward to your beautiful tablescapes!

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  1. Oh my goodness! That is stunning! I'm practically speechless.

  2. What a fabulous friend you have in the hostess of this ball! I love the bell jar cookies, story behind the theme, and the craft take home bags! Wow! Great post. Thanks,~CJ

  3. The Quintessential Magpie says

    I am absolutely blown away by this, Susan! What an amazing party, and I love EVERYTHING. The colors are so pretty you could eat them with a spoon. Forget the fork, you want to scoop up every bite! 🙂

    Hats off to your friend for the wonderful work she does. From someone who has family in the military, I appreciate what she does for our servicemen and women.



  4. Yellow Rose Arbor says

    This is so delightful! Thank you so much for sharing it with us! So much talent there!

    Thanks for hosting!


  5. Debbiedoo's blogging and blabbing says

    WOWZA Susan! just gorgeous. Thanks for hosting.

  6. Wow! You must have had a ball there.

    Thank you for hosting,

  7. The Tablescaper says

    What an amazing event. You are so right, she should be an even planner. Every little item was completed with amazing detail. Lucky you to attend!

    – The Tablescaper

  8. Wow, I'm jealous! What a fabulous craft party! I can't even imagine how much work she puts into this! Your pin cushion box and flower are so cute!
    She must have a heart the size of the Grand Canyon to be able to do all that she does and with such care and attention to detail! Amazing! I'm sure the military personnel that receive her kind gifts are blown away!
    Thanks for sharing and hosting!

  9. Wow! This is the most creative event that I have ever seen, Susan. Everything is so incredible. Thanks for sharing it with us. I am in awe!…Christine

  10. Wow.

    I'm stunned…and envious! 🙂

  11. Alycia Nichols says

    I hope I am properly following instructions here. I want to send Rosalyn-Sue a great big virtual hug for all she and her group do for our servicemen and women overseas. What a wonderfully touching and personal gesture! I am going to share your link with my sister…she will enjoy every bit of it! Thank you for sharing, Susan!

  12. THUD!!!!!!!!!
    I am a serious crafter & have hosted many parties, but this has me speechless! Stunning details!

  13. Sharing with Sherri says

    WoW!! It certainly looks like a party fit for a queen!! How fun!

    Thanks for sharing it Susan, and for hosting TT too!!

  14. Kerry Rossow says

    I love that she is also using her talents for such an awesome cause!
    Thank you for hosting!
    Kerry at

  15. Simply amazing. And doing so much for others. We need a lot more people like her in the word. She is creating a legacy.

  16. Wow, what a beautiful event! Love the theme and all the details. Exquisitely planned out!!!

  17. Wow, Susan, this is amazing, so many details. Rosalyn-Sue sounds like a very special person.

    Thank you for hosting.

  18. Remarkable. She thought of everything. What an amazing gift she gave. I hope you all had the time of your life. Some women are energizer bunnies and some women have hearts of gold. She sounds like she's both.

  19. Oh my goodness!!! This is amazing. The colors alone are wonderful. The details are just stunning. I don't even know where to begin to pick a favorite part. What a treat!!

    (And I don't know what a bone folder and tape runner is… Now I'm going to have to google too.)

  20. AshTreeCottage says

    What fun! Oh so creative and I love those colors!! Thanks for sharing and thanks for hosting too.

    Susan and Bentley

  21. Oh wow. I have been to so many craft sessions in my life but never, ever, seen one like this.
    Just beautiful and so much fun.
    Kudos for all the work she does for the military. What a caring soul. She herself is definitely a Queen of crafting.

  22. Really Rainey says

    WoW Susan… I'm at a loss for adjectives…
    That gir has talent!
    Rainey @ the Project table

  23. Chubby N Chieque says

    AH! WHAT? This is absolutely the best of all the crafter's ball I ever seen. I been lived in Melbourne, Canberra & Sydney, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, London and now Sweden but all my crafter friends can't beat this girl.


    Happy TS

    Greetings from chilly Stockholm

  24. Chari at Happy To Design says

    Hi Susan…

    Ohhh my goodness!!! I certainly can see why you were just "blown away" upon entering this fabulous party! The decor is just out-of-this world…sweet…and beautiful! I bet everyone in attendance felt like the Queen of the Ball…for sure! My heart just swooned as soon as I seen that pretty aqua…it's lovely! Your friend certainly is a very creative and talented lady! I sure enjoyed seeing all of the pretties..and sweet treats! Ohh…and wasn't the Queen of the Ball exquisite in her aqua tuile gown? I loved that! It looks like you had a spectacular time, dear friend! Loved the pretty crafts that you created!!! Thank you for sharing this with us…it was a real treat!

    Lord bless Rosalyn-Sue for all the work that she does for our service men and women!!! I'm most positive that God is adding extra jewels to her heavenly crown for all that she is doing! Thank you, Rosalyn-Sue…from the bottom of my heart!!!

    Warmest wishes,

  25. Ohhhhhhh!!!! What a delicious ball! Thank you for the wonderful treat with pictures and a guided tour. Magnificent!

  26. Hi Susan. i have not linked up for a while and come back to the most gorgeous post ever!!! Wow…huge wow… Thanks for having me>

    Tassels Twigs and Tastebuds

  27. What an amazing event. She must be a very special person. Lucky, lucky you!

  28. Simply amazing and what fun! Every detail perfection.

  29. amazing! What a talented lady, and with such a generous heart! Can't wait to visit her Operation Stars & Stripes page! Thanks for sharing!

  30. wow, just beautiful! i recognize trader's joe kettle corn! cant get that here in canada!

  31. What a fabulous party and so beautifully decorated. I was especially touched by Rosalyn-Sue's contribution to your service men and women. We must never forget their dedication and this is a wonderful way to let them know that they are in our hearts and prayers.I am from Toronto,Canada and am proud to see how we are taking care of those who are watching out for us!

  32. What a fun event! Looks like there was no detail left unattended. Beautiful!

  33. Tanya@takesix says

    I have no words…that is the most elaborately thought out and planned ladies event I have ever seen. Bravo!!!!!

  34. Just.. WOW!! I spent the whole post saying "OMG!" to myself. That's a gorgeous set up she did. Looks like you had an amazing time!

  35. Absolutely gorgeous! I know this was an event you will remember for a long time. What a wonderful way to carry a theme through. And what a wonderful service Rosalyn-Sue is sharing! As the wife of a vet, I appreciate it on so many levels.

  36. Anatomy of A Dinner Party says

    I'm breathless! And I'm not even a crafter! Simply gorgeous. How am I just now seeing your blog? LOVE!

  37. Hi, I'm Laura Ingalls Gunn says

    What an amazing event. The attention to detail was spectacular. As a retired military wife I tip my crown t Rosalyn~Sue for her work.
    May God Bless you!

  38. Holy cow, that's amazing. I'm a full-time mom and graduate student too, but don't have the energy or inspiration to pull off such an amazing feat. Wow.

  39. Lara Harris says

    I am in awe! Wow!

  40. I don't think I have ever seen a prettier set up for a party. So beautiful but the colors are so subdued! Wow! What a treat this morning to get to see that!

  41. Violets Are Blue says

    Wow! Just wow! Patty/BC

  42. Violets Are Blue says

    Wow! Just wow! Patty/BC

  43. ❁Velma ~Down Our Country Road❁ says

    oh my, that is absolutely beautiful…jaw dropping beautiful. The work that went in to putting this all together…wow! The details, the thoughtfulness and creativity…goodness!
    Yes, I think she missed her calling. She should be an event planner.

  44. Life with L says

    An amazing table with so many fun details. Alot of work and love went into this. Thanks for sharing.

  45. Sugah Beez says

    Susan, it was such a joy to spend that evening with you! I am so glad you had a wonderful time. You are a sweetheart and a dear soul. xxoo Heidi

  46. Rosalyn-Sue says

    Susan, it was a true honor to have you with us! I just read each comment that was kindly left on your blog and am blown away that people would see me in this light. I am just a busy Mom who loves her country and indulging in frivolity when she can 😉 I wish I could open my home to all of your sweet readers and have one giant party – it would take quite a large porch for that one though! 😉 Huge appreciation goes to Heidi for her endless creativity and support. We are busy planning next year’s event and look forward to taking it to a whole new level of indulgence! If you live in the area, drop me an e-mail, I would love to connect with fellow bloggers from nearby.

  47. Simply Beautiful!

  48. Cherri Engle says

    Seeing these photos makes we want to 'host' a get-together like that. I recently hosted a Fall Fellowship crafting party at my church (had 19 ladies attend) and we each made three different crafts. However, my room looked nothing like that. What a room and an event to make you feel so special, just like being the Queen of the Ball…glad you had so much fun. She did an amazing job with the decorations and crafting ideas…

  49. What fun! It is a beautiful table. How wonderful to honor friends and country in this way! I am very partial to blue Ball jars so this was really a special treat!

  50. Terry @ La Bella Vie says

    Oh my goodness this is just the most amazing party I have ever seen: so creative and I love those colors truly one of my favorites!
    Also I LOVE Mason/Ball jars so much, that I have a Pinterest board called "Honey, I'm in Love with Mason" (Mason sounded better than "Ball" 🙂
    Anyway this is just amazing and I love the entire reason behind it for our troops and to have fun at the same time! Rosalyn-Sue must be an angel for sure!
    Thank you so much for sharing…I wish we had something like this here…hmmm maybe we need someone to put one together 🙂
    Thanks again, its fabulous!

  51. I am speechless… completely and utterly speechless!!!! I cannot even imagine having a friend of that type, nor can I imagine being able to attend such a wonderful event. You are truly, truly blessed!!! Where in heaven's name does a person come up with all the ideas for decorating??? I mean… seriously, I've done parties before that people have thought were wonderful, but they don't even begin to compare to this. A-MAZING!!! Guess I wasn't so "speechless" after all!!! LOL Oh, just one final thing… CAN I PLEASE BE YOUR FRIEND????!!!!! 🙂

  52. Grammy Goodwill says

    I have never seen anything like that. What an elaborate affair. You must have felt like you were dreaming. My mind is still in a daze over what I've seen in the pictures.

  53. I think it is wonderful RS does this for our troops!
    God bless her and the others like her who bake and send supplies.
    And I still don't get how people link up and don't leave a comment??

  54. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    G.G. It really was like a wonderful dream. I was totally in awe! 🙂

  55. Cindy (Applestone Cottage) says

    Hi Susan,
    That is one girly dream event!
    Love every single creative detail!
    The gal who planned it all is amazing….kudos to her!

  56. Hi Susan, Thank you for documenting the event so nicely! Despite the lighting, your photos are nearly as pretty as the room was that night. I really enjoyed seeing you and getting acquainted, and sharing the tape with a former Macon girl! I love reading all the sweet comments about our talented friend, Rosalyn-Sue and her work with Operation Stars & Stripes. She is tireless when it comes to doing for others. I hope we'll see each other at next year's event! Jennifer Grenko

  57. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Jennifer, I hope so, too. It was great meeting you and talking "home town" memories!

  58. OMG that is precious! I have never seen anything like that. I'm practically speechless.

  59. Debbie@Mountain Breaths says

    My computer is finally fixed, so of course, I headed to BNOTP! I think it is wonderful RS does this for our troops! What a special lady!

  60. Hi Susan, Thanks for sharing these pictures. I am going this year, leaving with a friend on Wednesday to drive down. We are so excited. I can hardly sleep. Are you going this year? I actually saw this on your blog so I am so glad you posted it!

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