The Quest for a Comfortable Desk Chair: Take 3

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The Quest for a Comfortable Chair: Take 3

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I have a little office update, one I’ve been meaning to share for a while.  As you may recall, when I first put the office together, I started out with this chair (below) from Pottery Barn Teen. I loved how it looked but it turned out to be horrible on zay ole back.  Pretty? Definitely.  Practical? Definitely not.

I tried and tried and to make it work but after sitting in it for more than a year, I finally decided it had to go. So began the quest for a comfy chair.

Pottery Barn Bedford Office


I spotted this chair in another blogger’s home office and the color was perfect for the Bedford furniture in my office. I purchased it from Staples, assembled it and used it for about a week, but ultimately I had to return it. Why?  Well, two reasons: 1. It’s deep and I’m short. I couldn’t really lean back in it comfortably and type on the keyboard at the same time. I tried placing a pillow behind my back but that wasn’t working very well.  I would  have just made do because I loved how cushy the seat was, but it had one more big issue I just couldn’t ignore.

White Office Chairs


This.  The metal arms on the chair kept striking my desk whenever I turned in the chair. My old chair didn’t have arms so I hadn’t realized a chair with arms really doesn’t work so well with the Pottery Barn corner desk design.  Between the “too deep seat” problem and the “arms destroying the desk” problem, I sadly decided it just wasn’t going to work and returned it.

Scratches Caused by Arm of Chair


I returned to sitting in this chair with the search for a comfortable chair on once more.

Office Chair


One day for grins and giggles, I checked online to see if Pottery Barn had any new desk chairs in for their Bedford line of furniture. I was surprised to see they did…the Airgo Swivel Desk chair.  It was described as having “linen oatmeal” fabric and it looked pretty comfy. I was very wary of the fact it had metal arms after the problem I’d had with my previous chair.  I didn’t like the look of the arms anyway, so I called a PB store to see if the chair could be assembled leaving the arms off. The answer was, yes.

Pottery Barn Airgo Desk Chair

Notice how white it looks in these photos from Pottery Barn online. Even though the description said “linen oatmeal,” I was hopeful it would be a good match for the “antique white” color of my desk.

Pottery Barn Airgo Desk Chair


It’s definitely not as white in person as it looked in the pictures online at the Pottery Barn site.  It really is more of an “oatmeal” color as the ad states. It’s kind of plain and not as pretty as my original chair (at least to me) but it sure is a lot more comfortable!

Pottery Barn Office with Bedford Furniture and the Airgo Desk Chair


In person, it looks closer in color to this picture I found online this evening. The “oatmeal” description is pretty accurate. I wish it were a little lighter and closer to the color of the desk, but it’s not a bad look.  The oatmeal color will be more practical in the long run.

Pottery Barn Airgo Desk Chair


I just noticed, in the picture they have of this chair in their most recent catalog, it doesn’t have arms.  Interesting, huh? It’s the same price as what I paid for mine that came with arms.  It’s funny that it’s pictured without arms but you can’t purchase it that way. Maybe they just knew arms would not work well with the Bedford corner desk, so they left them off for this picture.  Or, maybe they plan to start stocking the armless version eventually.

This same chair comes in different colors at PB Teen, except the whole chair is smaller overall for teens.  At PB Teen, the chair is offered with and without arms and the “without arms” version is less $.  Ummm, makes you wonder why they don’t offer it at their regular PB stores without arms for a cheaper price? I definitely would have purchased that, instead.

Airgo Chair by Pottery Barn with Bedford Office Furniture


I assembled mine leaving the arms off and it works great. It’s not too deep and there are no arms crashing into the desk, chipping the paint. Best of all, my back is at last happy!  As much time as I spend working at my desk, that’s a big relief. It only took three tries but I think I finally got it right this time. If you are interested in an Airgo for your office, you’ll find it here: Airgo Swivel Desk Chair

If you have a home office, what kind of chair do you sit in? Is it comfy?

Oh, and before you leave, all you gardeners out there, please share your favorite mulch for shrubs and trees. I found some I like for my annual flower beds but I’m still trying to find something that will work for the larger islands with shrubs. Appreciate your suggestions and where you purchased it.  I hope to buy some today and put it out before the sod is in place, at least in a few of the islands.

Pottery Barn Bedford Office with Airgo Desk Chair


If you’re new to reading BNOTP, to see additional posts about the office, click on the category, “My Nest” at the top, then click on “Office & Craft Room.” You’ll find lots of posts showing the transformation of the office from a child’s bedroom to a home office.

Looking forward to the Before and Afters posted for this Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. I’m forever searching for the perfect mulch, Susan. I keep returning to good ole pinestraw. I’ll be interested in seeing everyone’s suggestions. I don’t say it nearly enough, but thank you for hosting your party week in and week out.

    • I love the look of pinestraw, it’s my fave. Around here it just doesn’t last more than about 3-4 months before it starts looking like you need to buy more. I may end up going with it again. Thanks, Suzy!

  2. Hi Susan! Your yard is looking great after removing trees. You said you didn’t particularly want pine straw mulch but honestly according to the master gardeners I know there just isn’t a better mulch for us in Georgia and South Carolina. It is cheap, readily available, doesn’t blow away, natural, composts to build soil, easy to use and among the most attractive I think. My experience with cypress mulch is good but it is expensive and takes more time to apply. Pine trees cut in our yard were mulched on site and I’ve used the shredded pine bark in large natural areas and it is working well five months later. But all in all good old clean longleaf pine straw is my favorite. Good luck with sod and rest of the project!

    • Thanks, Jane! I do love how it looks, just wish it lasted longer. I read somewhere a while back that rain is what causes pine straw to break down more quickly so with all this rain we seem to be having, I’m just worried it won’t last very long before it starts breaking down.

  3. Thanks so much for hosting!!


  4. Hi Susan,
    I’m so interested in hearing what others suggest for a mulch. We have always used pine straw because there is nothing prettier than freshly fluffed straw! But due to all the rain that we’ve been having, a fungus has started on many of our shrubs and we’d had to remove 2 of them already. Hoping fungicide and pulling the straw away from the plants will do the trick to prevent further damage. So we’re looking for an alternative mulch now. So glad you found a comfortable chair!

    • Yikes! That stinks that you lost a couple of shrubs. This rain is never ending! I hope you don’t lose anymore, Jane. Folks have suggested lots of things in the comments. I just found out that they can’t lay the sod tomorrow because the sod farms are too wet and soggy to be able to cut the sod. I’m starting to wonder if this is a good year to be doing sod. Hope they don’t bring sod that has a fungus in it from all the rain. πŸ™

    • Jane, check the BNOTP Facebook page, too. A lot of suggestions are being left there. From what folks are saying, I’m leaning toward either pinestraw or pine bark nuggets since apparently both are better for the soil than cypress or cedar, or at least that’s what one person said. I think I had moved away from using Pine Bark because I was afraid it drew those GIGANTIC black cock roaches that we have here in GA. I hate those things and hate it even more when one finds his way inside. I think someone once told me they love pine bark nuggets.

  5. Thanks for hosting!

  6. Your desk chair looks great! I like that it doesn’t match perfectly. I ordered an Eames Molded Armchair for my desk several weeks ago and am still waiting for it! I’m hoping that when it finally arrives it will be comfy (especially after waiting for so long). Thanks so much for hosting. Have a great week!

    • Ohhh, I bet you’ll love it! Hope it comes soon. I’m so impatient when it comes to waiting on something I’ve ordered. The anticipation about kills me. πŸ™‚

  7. It does look comfy, Susan! I know I spend a lot of time in mine…at my computer! Have a great week!…hugs…Debbie

  8. mamie crawford says

    hi, susan!
    sweet peet is the perfect mulch. it’s composted manure and straw. it will enrich your soil, feed your plants, hold moisture, and–best of all–looks like you have the most beautiful soil in the world. deep, dark and rich.
    am a long time reader. thanks for sharing your experiences! am loving the transformation in your yard!

  9. When I first glimpsed at this post and saw the chair, I thought, hasn’t she blogged about this desk chair situation before, and then I read it, ha! You have had a challenge! I remember how excited you were with the PB teen one, but no one wants a hurting back, there is only so much we can sacrifice to the decor gods! Hope the new one stays comfy!

  10. So glad you find the perfect chair for you!..Looks great. My hubby prefers the Scotts brand mulch…the color seems to last for about a year or so, just in time to re-mulch…Have a wonderful day and thanks for hosting…

    • Thanks Shirley! Home Depot has some on sale right now but it was realllly chopped up fine, like for flower beds. I think I’ll check to see if they have it in bigger pieces more appropriate for going around shrubs and trees, if I don’t go with regular ole pinestraw. Pinestraw just breaks down so quickly!

    • Thanks Shirley! I purchased three bags of the Scotts Earth Gro and it says on the bag that it holds it’s color. I’m going to take a look and see if they make pine bark too since the bags I bought are ground up so finely…probably better for my annual beds than my shrubs.

  11. Love cypress mulch because it decomposes well to enrich soil. But with all the rain this summer, it has
    just floated away to spread all over the lawn. Thinking of using compost next year as its a nice black color and doesn’t seem to fade.

  12. Sharon smith says

    After 40 years doing my yard and friends. Stick with pine straw. It stays and doesn’t float away. Keeps out most weeds. And the break down process is good for your soil. I just reapply some places in spring. But after the long summer I work my beds over in the early fall and refill everything. Call around I found some places will negotiate prices and deliveries.

  13. Susan,
    Love, love, love the newsleek lines of your office chair, dear friend!!!
    Mine purchased from Office depot is similar,
    except it has a lower U~shaped back, no arms and it fits my back to a T!!!
    I have a very Traditional decor with lots of black and wood tones in the Home Office.
    Before I had antique chairs painted black with grey & black Men’s suit patterned fabric.
    Although the ladies in The Land of Blog prefered the antique chairs with my decor,
    I have never looked back on my decision!!! . . .and my back thanks me for it!!!
    Great choice for your office!!!
    Thank you for hosting Metamorphosis Monday each week!!!
    P.S. Our Lowe’s has a brown mulch, but I don’t know any other details!!!

  14. So glad you found something that will hopefully work. I just sit on my couch with my laptop. I sat for years at a desk doing video editing and it was a killer on the neck and arm. Your chair is adorable. Thanks for hosting again!

  15. Hey! I am new to this blog. Just signed up yesterday! It’s funny that you are searching for an office chair because I am too!!! I’ve had a chair that I love (because of it’s style) for about 20 years, but I have worn it out! If I sit in it any longer than 1.5 minutes, my butt hurts! It has given me sciatica πŸ™ I have looked everywhere for one that DOES NOT HAVE ARMS because of the exact reason you posted. I don’t want a plain, ol’ black swivel chair. I’ve check PB, and all the office stores to no avail. I want my old chair to look good again! I thought of having it recovered and asking the upholsterer to put in new padding in the seat. I may end up doing that. Of course the fabric on it now is very dated (as is my entire office). It all needs to be redone and is on the list of projects for this winter! Can I send you pictures? Not sure how to.
    Sheri from Cordova, TN

    • Sheri, Welcome…glad you here! Since you still really like your chair, I would def take it to have it reupholstered. I bet they can make the seat as good as new. If you do, take a before and after picture…I would love to see it!

  16. About 2 months ago my mother put down a dark brown artificial mulch from Home Depot. It is supposed to retain it’s color and last for 12 years. Someone said it would float away during heavy rains but, as you know, we have had torrential rains in Marietta this year and she has had no problem with it. Good luck!

  17. p.s. I am now sitting is a church style folding chair! It is UG-LY but at least my butt doesn’t hurt. Ha!

  18. Thanks so much for hosting, Susan! Your new chair looks lovely, and I hope it proves to be comfy — nothing fun about a backache.

  19. Michelle says

    I am not sure if you have “Sweet Peet” mulch where you are, but we love it in the Northeast. I like the deep brown color. It is organic and even “Martha” loves it.

  20. Mary from Virginia says

    The best mulch I ever bought was Wetzel’s Hardwood mulch. I loved it. They are located in Harrisonburg VA, I don’t think they have a website, but I have seen in carried in various nurseries. This year we ordered bagged hardwood mulch from Southern States. They were delivered to the house on palates. We mulch a lot and ordered 83 bags. It was a huge savings for us from previous years of having mulch delivered and dumped in the drive way.

    As far as your chair goes, I hope this one works. I was just thinking how very uncomfortable my computer chair is!

  21. Hi Susan! Oh, I’m sure your sod will be planted and if rains – even better. It will be so pretty. Now I’m so glad you’ve found the perfect chair. It looks great in your office!
    Be a sweetie and thank you for hosting your party.
    Shelia πŸ˜‰

  22. Pam ~ Crumpety Tree says

    Hey Susan,

    We use hardwood mulch. Our landscape architect suggested it because he says it nourishes the plants and trees. But it has to be replenished a couple of times a year, so you may not like it. At our old house we wound up using lava rock and it was awesome, so much neater than the mulch. But it has a distinctive look you may not like. Both the lava rock and hardwood mulch come in different colors. The lava rock is pricey, but you don’t have to replenish it all the time like the mulch, but then it also doesn’t leave any nourishment for the trees.

    As for my current home office chair, it’s embarrassingly cushy (for my tushy) haha. Yeah, I went all out last time and got one of those cushy leather chairs like a big shot might have (also so the arms wouldn’t scratch the desk πŸ˜‰ ) and it’s worked out great.

    I bet they’ll sod in the rain because the rain has to be great for the sod and getting it established. I’m so proud of you for forging forward so quickly with this project! We are also working on our landscaping but we seem to be doing it in slow motion, lol. Oh well, we’ll get there! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the Zoysia! Have a great day.

    • Pam, my sod guy called this morn and said because of all the rain, they can’t cut my sod this evening, so now he’s not coming until Thursday. Waaaaa. Wish this rain would stop. Glad your tushy is comfortably cushy. πŸ˜‰

      • Pam ~ Crumpety Cottage says

        Hee … it is. πŸ™‚ But rats about the sod. I didn’t even think about them having to cut it, lol. That would be a wet and messy job. What is going on with the weather down south this year? Even the winter was wet and weird. Hmph! I want my “normal” southern weather including the insanely hot and humid summers that I complained about every … single … year, until this one which is all wet and weird. And Grrr on being all geared up for an exciting project only to have a rain delay. *Sigh* Oh well. Thursday will be here soon enough, and so will your new lawn! :p

  23. Pam ~ Crumpety Tree says

    Oh, forgot to say, the mulch we get by the yard from a nursery or mulch yard. (It’s mulch, mulch, cheaper that way. πŸ˜› ) The lava rock we got, also by the yard from a rock quarry type place. They can deliver if you don’t have a truck. Good luck!

  24. Susan, by any stretch of the imagination I am NOT a gardener; however while out dining yesterday evening I actually admired some mulch that I seen that was used in the restaurant’s flower beds. How attractive can mulch be you say? Well this was so nice I actually helped myself to a tiny ‘chip’ of it. Its name and manufacture I don’t know but it was dark brown in colour and appears to look and feel like it is cork. IF I track down the name of it, I shall let you know as I imagine you would also have it in the United States. Considering it is has been used for a commercial purpose and considering our climate; I suspect it has its positive benefits. Your yard is coming along beautifully BTW.
    Re your chair, if not happy with its colour being as talented as what you are I am sure ‘you’ could recover it. I have one very similar in design and have recovered it numerous times.
    Warm hugs -Brenda-

    • Thanks for that tip about the mulch, Brenda! I need to see if I can find some around here to just see what it looks like. You know it’s funny because I was eyeing the back of the chair when I first brought it home…it looks like the back could be reupholstered pretty easy with an accent fabric if I really decide I want to jazz it up a little. Might be a good wintertime project since I’m kind of living in the yard right now.

  25. Susan, great looking chair for your fab room. I never get tired of looking @ your make-overs and refurbishing – they’re all top notch. β™₯

  26. I sit in a chair very much like the one with no arms you’re showing in your picture…although, Alejandro has one with arms and yes, it’s so comfortable, but in your case, it will crash into your lovely desk and chip it. I love, love this room, Susan. Funny, while thinking of putting up this chandy above the foyer table, I thought about you when you wanted a lamp for this particular room. Thanks for hosting this special party, so much to see and get inspired! Have a wonderful week.

  27. Thanks so much for hosting, have a great week!

  28. I WISH I knew the perfect mulch, we sure have spent WAY TOO much $$$$$ on it over the years! We used to have 30 YARDS of mulch delivered at the old house;it came in a tractor trailer!!!!!!!!!!!! We are WAY too old for all that now:):) I have the same dilema with my chair, I am short too but need arms for watching TV cause I kinds lean on one side. Long story. Thank you so much for hosting each week. I am hoping things calm down around here and I can join the party more often. XO, Pinky

    • I know, me too. That’s why I’m determined to find some that lasts a while and doesn’t fade so quickly. I think I may have found some to give a try. lol about the being too old. I always feel great putting it out…it’s the NEXT day that my hands and back aren’t so sure!

  29. Hi, Susan, aka Ms. Happy Back! lol
    Isn’t it annoying when something’s always wrong? πŸ™ However, love your new chair… Hopefully that “movie” (so fun) is going to have a happy ending and you finally found the perfect desk chair for you! πŸ™‚
    I wish you good luck with the choise of the perfect mulch for your trees, too!
    ~Hugs to you~

  30. Your new chair looks great Susan! Thanx for hosting.

  31. Hi Susan,
    It’s my first time linking up to your party! I’m so in love with your home! I LOVE a great porch! It was one of my most desired features when I chose to build my home (Although I’ve yet to spruce mine up really nicely!) Home projects seem to never end these days but they’re lots of fun! Thanks for hosting!

    • Lezlie, glad you are here and joining in! Thanks so much for the sweet comment. I know just how you feel. I think if I ever get my 30 year old bathrooms renovated, it will be time to start back over with the kitchen…it will be outdated by then! πŸ˜‰ It’s about the journey, though…right? Not the destination…at least that’s what I keep telling myself to appease that impatient woman inside of me who wants it all done NOW! πŸ˜‰

  32. Cheryl Gordon says

    That chair looks like it might be comfortable for me, looks like a pretty flat back. Those supposedly ergonomic thinks are really hard on me since I have a little bit of a bad back. I use long flat pillows at work and in the car. As for mulch,
    the best and most natural looking is just good compost. Remember not to pile anything too close to the trunk. I think
    it’s supposed to be at keast 3 inches away from trunk.

    • The back is flat and super padded and comfy. I can’t even feel the bottom so it’s thickly padded, too. Thanks Cheryl…I didn’t know that about trees…good advice!

  33. I use Pine Bark Mulch. It’s brown in color and is excellent fertilizer for your plants!

  34. What a difference a comfortable chair makes!!! So nice you found such a pretty one, too. Mine is so stained up from a messy craft momma, three dirty kids, and numerous pets who think it belongs to them…it needs a makeover of some kind! πŸ™‚
    Thanks again for the link party!!!

    • Tonya, sounds like you are a participant in life and not an observer…just the way it should be. All those stains are memories of a life well lived! πŸ™‚

  35. Susan, In southwest Pa a popular top dressing is mushroom manure. It is the medium used to grow mushrooms after it has been used to grow the mushrooms. It looks like dark crumbly dirt. It acts as a soil conditioner but looks nice on beds. You can buy it here in bags at Lowes or Home Depot but I don’t know about availability in Ga. In the (humid) Midwest I also tried cocoa shells; it smells like chocolate. One batch I had great luck, 2 years later a new layer of it grew a mold. The year it worked it was great but I may have gained 5 lbs from the need to eat chocolate. When I lived in Florida I used pine straw because it was cheap and readily available. I don’t love the look of it. Good luck.

  36. Ahh….the search for the perfect chair….how well I know that whole trip. I’ve owned my own business for 25 years and am STILL looking for the right chair. It seems that office chair designers haven’t figured out that women sit in office chairs too! Even the beautiful white one you bought at Staples (I tried that one too), is huge–way too big/deep for some of us :). I bought a beautiful leather one at Kittles–had to go back too, for the same reason. So I’m still in an armless chair, which doesn’t look very goodwith my nice office furniture, but what can you do? I may try this one from PB, like you,without the arms, because I think it might be nicer looking than mine. If misery loves company, we have lots of company! Now let’s get the office furniture designers to hear us! Good luck with this one! ~Zuni

  37. Hey Susan…Love the new office chair!
    To offer information about mulching: I have lots of flower beds that require weeding and I find that pine straw is more difficult to deal with when weeding. You either have to rake it out of the way or risk throwing handfuls in the trash. If you are only mulching around trees and shrubs and not in flower beds the pine straw would be the most economical. I use it now because I can get most of what I need free. My most loved mulch is cedar. It is slow to break down and stays in place. I checked Garden Web and read that one gardener had a bad experience with sweet peet. She said the voles loved digging where ever she had the sweet peet and the sweet peet retards reseeding of her flowers. If you don’t want reseeding and don’t have a problem with voles then it might be good for you. Also read that Magnolia leaves are wonderful as a mulch. I’m sure you know they don’t break down and I believe you have a never ending supply of Magnolia leaves. πŸ™‚ Vikki in VA

  38. Glad you found a chair that looks like it will work for you…fingers crossed it remains comfortable. Thanks so much for hosting.

  39. Debora Hubbard says

    We use large pine bark in the flower beds around our pool as it is a large area and seems to last much longer than the mini-pine bark nuggets. We use straw in the flower beds next to the house as my husband is afraid pine bark may encourage termites. We also tried some dark brown rubber mulch in one bed near the house/driveway last year. It works well and looks great but I wish the pieces were a little bigger. This particular flower bed is on a bit of a slope and with all the rain we’ve had recently, it did wash a little. It is very cushiony to walk on as well, but definitely pricey!

    Love your new chair and your office!

  40. I use a black soil type mulch called Black Gold, I think that’s the name, yes voles love it, they tunnel everywhere!!! But it looks good and lasts a long time up here in the North country. Doesn’t wash away in the rain or blow away in the wind.
    My chair I got at Staples years ago, no arms, swivel seat, on wheels with adjustable back. I love it and have recovered it numerous times, the seat also adjusts up or down. It fits me perfectly and sometimes use a cushion when I need it raised higher or my behind gets tired after many hours!!! I’ve never liked arms on a chair for work, they get in the way and are usually too high for my arms, especially when sewing. Can’t wait to see your yard!!!

  41. Hi Susan – Just love the new chair!
    About mulch for your area, pine straw is the very best (attractive, organic, enriches your soil, locally sourced), but it disappears into your soil so quickly, as you have noticed. I have gone to pine bark, which is also earth-friendly, unlike cedar and cypress (they cut down trees to make it and do not replant). Also, cedar and cypress actually are not beneficial to soil. Pine bark mulch is a natural product of the local timber industry. It is local for us Southerners so it isn’t trucked all over the country, organic, and also enriches the soil like pine straw. I switched to pine bark several years ago and have found that it doesn’t float off, decomposes slowly, and has a classic look in the landscape. Have fun with your ‘new’ landscape!

  42. My office chair has arms, which I like because I can lean on them while I’m thinking, reading,etc. But I don’t like them because they do bang against the desk when I move the chair in and then it mars the arms. They should make collapseable arms! Thanks for hosting.

  43. Linda S. in NE says

    Oh, the office chair saga! I feel your pain. Just the other day I asked the nice man at Office Depot if any companies made an office chair that had arms that could be removed quickly and easily when needed/I wanted to. He looked at me like I was crazy, or else he thought, “Now why didn’t I think of that, and was going home after work where he would invent such a thing, and become the next millionaire! The arms on my chair not only bang into/scratch/dent my desk, but after a day of using my computer and mouse, the bottom of my right elbow where I broke a bone many years ago is aching into the night. There must be a solution.

  44. Barbara B says

    I love to use cocoa bean mulch! It’s very light and easy to spread. It has a dark brown color and absolutely yummy chocolate aroma that lasts for weeks. Some say not to use it if you have dogs in the area because it may be harmful if they eat it. I have not found that to be the case but your would need to investigate this if you decide to use it. It costs a little more than a lot of mulches but it doesn’t have to be put on as thick and it goes much further. It also is great to use around plants that are susceptible to slugs because that won’t crawl over it. If you have clay type of soil it helps to lighten it up. You also may have a little difficulty locating it. I would do a search on the internet for your area.

  45. This is my very first time linking up to your party. You have such a lovely home. Thank you for hosting. Have a great week.

  46. Susan, thanks so much for hosting…love love love the office! Christine from Little Brags

  47. Your craft room is gorgeous! I’m going to go paint all my craft room furniture white now…

  48. Susan:
    We put down lava rock in 2007 and I swear it’s still red. We are in Miami, and our rainfall and harsh sun is neverending. However, that’s the best thing about lava rock – it doesn’t wash away, and best of all the garden people use the “blower” on the beds to clean out the leaves and twigs and the stuff doesn’t even budge. No, it does not nurish the soil, and it is a little expensive, but the savings of not having to keep remulching more than makes up for the fertilizer we use for the plants. And the kitties don’t use it for you-know-what. Good luck on you quest!!

  49. Hi, Susan! Love the new chair – I think the color is great – too light & you’d worry about it getting dirty. It’s kind of in the middle between the desk color & your baskets! So you have a “family” of color there!
    I love cedar mulch, but it does get ratty looking & you’d probably have to redo it every year, but when you first put it down, the smell is heavenly! Once live up north & had the cocoa hulls – too chocolate-y for me & it really got ratty after a short time – just small hulls is what it is. Has anyone ever tried the rubber mulch? Does it stink link old shredded up tires? Comes in lots of colors (I’m a brown mulch person, myself!) and is supposed to last a very long time. Also heard that you should use a mulch “indigenous” to your area, which would be the pine straw or the pine bark mulch, although you might say cedar is indigenous to your area! Good luck! Lots of choices! What does your landscaping guy say? Good luck! ~Faith

    • Yep, definitely more practical color than a whiter fabric. Someone said the rubber mulch smells at first but gets better after a while. I like brown, too…want it to be natural looking. I finally chose a brown pine shredded/chipped bark that is supposed to keep its color for a year. Hope it lasts that long!

  50. Donna Bridges says

    If it were mine , I’d recover the chair for a bit of colour . But it’s your space and you need to be happy and comfy in it. As for mulch can you get a hold of pea straw makes the very best mulch it will decompose quite fast but leaves the soil so good underneath.

  51. Susan, I am so glad you finally found the right chair for you – Lord knows how truly important it is to find comfort as we spend HOURS at our desks!

    My home office is next in line for an update and a really comfy chair is on the agenda to locate. I tend to like arms but may have to go do the buttocks test on the one you recommended. Thank you. It looks great.

    I am sharing my first ever House Tour (part one) today. I had planned on showing some before shots but I lost all my old blog pictures file recently – we save everything on the computer but that file I put in the wrong place and didn’t tell my pc guru hubs, so all this time he thought they were being saved…imagine my surprise when I learned opening the file from the desktop isn’t the same as opening inside/within one of the FIVE hard drives we have is the same thing……………….well I learned, by golly – and am trying not to think about what I lost too much. But I wanted to be part of Met Monday anyway. Sorry I am a day late.

  52. Susan, I love your new chair. Blogging sometimes equals sore backs and saggy butts. Blast! Hope this chair does well for your back. Thanks for the party. I’m off to workout…to get rid of the saggy butt! lol. Have a pretty day. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  53. Sorry if this idea has already been mentioned…I haven’t read all the comments. Their is a website/catalog called just “Gardeners” I believe that sells rings made of recycled tires that go around trees. They are brown. They also have border strips.

  54. Margaret Robinson says

    Doesn’t look like you need anymore suggestions as to mulch – however, on the Monterey Peninsula (California) a lot of landscape people will tell you to use alfalfa (the flowering part), lightly spreading it around. Since we’re always in a drought situation or close, the alfalfa seems to keep the ground moist, but doesn’t encourage fungi/mold. Having only used it around my roses, don’t know what it would do in larger quantities around the yard. Suspect it would look like you’ve moved into the country and taking up farming. Also, for me it’s free because I pick up these remains from the back of the pick-up when it’s loaded for feeding time where I board Smokey Robinson; I just put it in a large plastic lawn bag (to save my car). You probably want something that works and looks good for the entire yard area and I’ve heard only good things about the artificial stuff from HD if that helps any.

    As to the office chair – it’s fab! Didn’t think something so contemporary would work, but it looks good and sounds comfy (important when working on the computer). I’m still looking – have one of our beautiful dining room chairs with side arms for now as the “style” is apropos and whilst height of chair is fine, I’m short too, so a pillow is used for my back. One day, one day…………………..the perfect office chair will appear! Glad you found something that works! MMR

  55. Janet Mills says

    There are several nice mulches available, but whatever you choose, don’t use Cocoa Bark… It’s highly toxic to dogs and whether a person has pets or not, there might be the occasional four-legged visitor! All of your readers need to know this,too. Just don’t buy it! It isn’t worth the heartache.

  56. Susan, sorry this is such a late comment. Out of town guests and all that. Regarding the dings in your desk, and I don’t know if anyone else has addressed this, but BM paint “mascarpone” AF-20 is a very close match to the PB Bedford line. I read this on someones blog and am sorry I can’t give attribution. The color might need one drop of yellow to be a perfect match but I think it is close enough for a touch up job.A sample pot should do the trick. I was thinking a light coat of wax might give it a similar appearance.
    Now for a question: I remember you mentioning that you put something down on your desk top to protect it. What did you use?
    Have a great day and weekend.

    • Hi Nancy,
      Thanks for the tip on the paint touch up. I have a touch up kit from Pottery Barn but it doesn’t work very well. I’ll check on the BM paint…that sounds like a plan. I just called a local glass company and had glass cut for the tops. He came to my home and measured and cut it to fit exactly. It wasn’t super cheap but worth it to know the tops were protected.

  57. I finally found a chair that’s feminine and comfy (well at least it is to me). I ordered it 2 months ago from Ballard Designs with custom fabric (queens velvet emerald) and it was delivered yesterday. Here’s the link:
    Some of the comments were negative, but I’m really glad I didn’t pay any attention to them and went ahead and ordered it. I really like it!

  58. I have the same problem as you…finding a comfortable desk chair with a small profile + no arms, so it will fit under the desk. I also bought the Airgo…but having problems attaching the seat to the back as the holes do not line up. Did you have any difficulty installing your chair???

    • Yep, when I first took it out of the box, I thought there is no way these holes are ever going to line up. But I just decided to try to make it fit and I squished the seat against the back and started screwing the screws in and it pulled the two parts together. So it does really fit though it looks like it would never work. I think they’ve designed it that way so when you screw the back to the seat, it’s a snug fit so there isn’t a gap where the two come together.

  59. Ever since you put this office together, I’ve wanted that furniture. I’m going to get my real estate license and think that’ll be my reward for my first sale. πŸ˜€ I have a desk and PC in our basement. I don’t use it too much because I don’t like the basement for some reason. My computer chair came from Staples, and has since become the cats chair and is all scratched up. It is some sort of cheapy vinyl and didn’t cost that much. It’s comfortable enough, but when I make my own office upstairs, I’m definitely going for pretty and functional. Your office is definitely the inspiration for how I want mine to feel and look.

    • Thanks so much, Marie. I know it’s hard work studying and working for your real estates license so you definitely should reward yourself with a great work space. I have really enjoyed the office. Took me about a year to pull it all together but it’s worth it since I spend so much time in here. Best of luck as you work on your license…admire you for doing that!

  60. Hi Susan,
    Just wanted to thank you for the info on the PB Airgo desk chair. I bought the Ava glass top desk in dark wood and now need a lighter chair. I looked for ‘reviews’ on the chair and could find very little.
    Have a good day.

  61. Katherine says

    Thinking about getting the same office chair. Glad to see the positive feedback. It is reasonably priced especially compared to other office chairs and I like the look of it. We have a similar office configuration and I notice that you have glass tops which I am also interested in doing. Thanks.

  62. Thank you for the review, as I’m searching for a desk chair as well. I’m on my third chair in a week, and will be returning it. I’m going to give the Airgo a try because of your review! Thanks again.

    • Michele, I do love it. The only thing I wasn’t crazy about after using it for a couple of years are the rollers on the bottom. Mine eventually got clogged with hair/dust. So I replaced the rollers with some I found on Amazon for $20 and they are great!

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