Revenge Beach House, Take the Tour

Before we dive into today’s beach house tour, I just wanted to say thank-you to everyone who participated in yesterday’s “interactive” post. I loved reading each chapter of the story you told about the mysterious Paris apartment left abandoned for 70+ years.

Also, thank you so much for all the lovely comments left regarding my amateur storytelling. I would normally have replied back on the post, but I didn’t want to interrupt the flow of the story yesterday, so I sat on my hands and barely refrained from commenting. Please know, I appreciate all your generous comments! It was a little scary hitting the “publish” button on that post because I was definitely stepping outside my comfort zone. But that’s how we grow and learn, right?

If you didn’t get a chance to read yesterday’s post and the story as it unfolded in the comments, you’ll definitely want to check that out. There are some talented writers among us and you’ll love the story they told in the comments.


Tour the Home Featured in the TV Show Revenge

Okay, how about a beach house tour! Do you watch the TV show, Revenge? I’m not a regular viewer, just catch snippets of it from time to time if I’m working in the kitchen and have the TV on. It looks pretty intense from the little bit I’ve seen, so I just haven’t let my self get too involved.

But the house! The house the lead character, Emily Thorne (played by Emily VanCamp) lives in, that definitely has my undivided attention each time I catch a few minutes of the show.

Revenge TV House is for Sale


Recently, I was checking out some beautiful homes at the site, HGTV Front Door and I came across photos of Emily’s stunning beach house that plays so prominently in the show. I was surprised to learn, though the home is supposed to be in the Hamptons, the house you see in the exterior views is actually located at 6249 Pebble Shore Lane, just outside Wilmington, North Carolina. In fact, the pilot show was filmed inside home and business all around North Carolina, mostly in Southport and Oak Island.

Tour the Real House in Revenge TV Show 02


Though they show this exterior often on the show, most of the scenes that supposedly take place inside, actually take place on a soundstage at the Raleigh Manhattan Beach Studio. The show was moved to a soundstage once it was picked up for a full season. I wasn’t surprised to read that since:  1. The home actually belongs to a family, so obviously an ongoing TV show wouldn’t be able to shoot full-time there and 2. Most homes are just too small inside to handle all the equipment needed to film a movie or television show.

The home is currently available for purchase. You’ll find the real estate listing HERE, where I found some of the pictures in this post. The rest of the photos were found at, where I learned that the home was originally listed at $2,395,000. If you check the real estate listing now, it’s being offered at $1,579,000, still just a tad outside my budget.  😉

I LOVE the porch, I know that comes as a huge surprise! Let’s go inside and take the tour of this fabulous beach house!

Tour the Real House in Revenge TV Show 01


Notice the wood beam ceilings in this home. The house in the TV shows has a wood beam ceiling as well, so you can see they pulled much of their inspiration for the sets from this beach house.

Tour the Real House in Revenge TV Show


Large family room with awesome views!

Revenge TV Home is for Sale


House in Revenge is for Sale


One view of the kitchen…

Tour the Real House in Revenge TV Show


More of the kitchen…beautiful floors!

Tour the Real House in Revenge TV Show


The dining area…

Tour the Real House in Revenge TV Show


They must have a tremendous amount of privacy around the home, or maybe this window is high enough that folks can’t see in. I suppose you could drop the window treatment but I don’t think I would realistically do that every time I took a shower or bath. I love a large window over a tub, though…love all that natural light pouring in.

Revenge TV House Tour Bathroom


Let’s check out those porches. This is the front porch…love the lanterns!

Tour the Real House in Revenge TV Show


I’m guessing this is the back porch since we have a view of the ocean. This house also has a screened-in porch, my kind of house!

The view is amazing! It overlooks Bald Head Island and the historic Cape Fear River.

Revenge TV Show House Tour


Hope you enjoyed this tour of the home where the television show, Revenge is supposed to take place. It may be a little disappointing knowing that the show is filmed on a sound stage, but think of it this way: We (the viewers) get all the benefits of seeing a great production, made possible by a fabulous sound stage, as well as the satisfaction of knowing the house really does exist somewhere. At least it’s not just a CGI fantasy house. There’s always that!

Are you a big fan of the show?

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  1. I have never watched that show, but this could definitely be my dream home! What a comfortable , livable house! The ocean, the porches, I love it all!

  2. Susan,
    This is in “My neck of the woods” in Nc, about 30 plus miles from where I grew up. Southport is where the movie SAFE HAVEN was filmed plus a lot of other movies. Hop over to OURSOUTHERNHOME blog and Christy will show you some beautiful scenes around Southport as she has a summer home near there.

  3. Believe me, I didn’t live in a house that looked anything like that, or that large . .far from it! Compared to the picture of the HGTV house, our homestead would look like a shack! The last house we lived into only had 2 bedrooms, 1 bath and 4 acres of pine trees!

  4. Wow love this house and I am watching the show right now on Netflix! It really is a great show, you should take a peek. Thanks for sharing, have a great day.

  5. Doreen Krajzel says

    Hi Susan;
    Wow, Beautiful!! beach house! Wouldn’t you just love there, I could picture a beautiful woman (perhaps Grandmama from the Paris apartment??) who wondered around those fantastic rooms waiting for her current beau to call? I so thoroughly enjoyed the Paris Apt. story. I didn’t get a chance to participate, but enjoyed reading the story. Perhaps a movie will be made. We will all be first in line to see it! Have a Bright and Beautiful Day. Love, Doreen

  6. Carolyn Price says

    Thanks for this post. I actually live in Southport, Susan, and I had heard the pilot was filmed here. I will have to wander over that way to check it out. The front is very unassuming and it is the back of the house, that steals the “show!” Sorry, couldn’t resist the pun!

  7. Thanks for the amazing tour! I’m a big fan of Revenge! I’m a little disappointed to find out the show takes place on a soundstage! However, I’m happy to find out that this house really exists outside Wilmington North Carolina. I love love LOVE this Beach Home!!! Actually, I’ve pulled much of the design in this house into my own home in Florida. Can’t get enough of the Beach!!

  8. I do watch the show, I got hooked with the pilot! This is such a great post, thanks for doing it. I adore that house and it was so fun to learn everything you shared. The real home is just gorgeous. How amazing it would be to wake up to those views every day. I especially love the beams. Thanks again, and have a great day 😉

  9. Be still my heart!!! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up and have this beautiful beach/ocean view every day? This house looks so liveable and comfortable. The porches are wonderful. Right down your alley!!! I watched a few episodes the first season of Revenge but I have a hard time dealing with alloting specific tv watching time so I generally don’t get involved in a series but I always thought the house and beach scenes were lovely. I will have to take another look at it on Netflix maybe. Thanks for sharing. Oh, yes, have you started on that novel yet????????????? Maybe you will get inspired by the River Road plantations and write an antebellum novel as your first novel!!! lol

  10. I do not watch the show. Put me in a shack as long as I am on the beach, but this is a lovely house. Come to think of it, at the price it is would have to be a shack for me. 🙂
    Love the porches, one could dream away the day with that view.

  11. Greetings from cold Minnesota! Thanks a lot for sharing Emily’s house with us. My husband and I love the show “Revenge,” and look forward to watching it every week. It is an intense show, but that’s what I think makes it so good. Is there any chance you could also get us a peek into Conrad and Victoria’s Grayson’s home too? Their house is also huge, but much more formal. I happen to be going to NC this coming spring, perhaps I can do a side trip and drive out to peek at Emily’s house in real life while I’m there. Stay warm and keep up the great work on your blog, I always enjoy keeping up with your projects and activities.

  12. Judy Trapp says

    Thank you for writing this post. I love “Revenge”. I would love the beach house. Seems like such a small name for such a lovely, large home! There is nothing better than sitting on a porch overlooking the ocean. What is not to love.

  13. I’m not a big tv fan; what network is that Reveng show on and what day or week/time?

  14. I love the show and when I watch it I can’t help but look at the sets for decor ideas. I’ve always wondered if the Grayson mansion is an actual house or a set. It’s stunning!

  15. We love the show! I would love to see more of the Grayson’S mansion. It is sooo pretty!

  16. Susan, I don’t watch much TV but I do get off the computer when Revenge comes on! Thanks for the info on the real Beach House. When I win the lottery, I’m goon rush up there and buy this one!

  17. It’s interesting seeing what that house actually looks like on the inside! I LOVE the outside, but I still prefer the way they portray the house on the show 😉

  18. Oh my gosh….that is one beautiful home, Susan! I love the open, airy feel of it – yet it still feels warm and cozy at the same time. I think it’s the combination of raw wood and white paint with the subtle pops of warm color in the rugs and pillows. And what’s better than a gray cedar sided home on the water…..? 🙂

    xoxo laurie

  19. I wrote a post about the kitchen as it apperas in the show (the one in this house only appears in the pilot), you can have a look here if you want to:

  20. Oh my gosh, I thought it was filmed in the Hamptons!…We go to Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach all the time…along with Southport…it is a gorgeous home…There seems to be many films and TV shows being filmed now on the North Carolina Coast…like the old show Dawson’s Creek…great post Susan…I love that show and love movie/TV houses as you do!

  21. It really looks like the Hamptons and I did not know it was actually in North Carolina. I watch that show every week – it won’t be back until March 9 and I can’t wait. I would love to tour the house now that it’s for sale – but it’s slightly out of my budget too! I could imagine sitting on that porch with a glass of champagne.

  22. And here I am back on your website 🙂 I am a fan of this movie I must say and today found out that Emily’s house do exist somwhere there. It looks preety nice, maybe is too big to my taste and also waaay to expensive to my life time budget :)) That porche is amazing! I’ve always wanted a beach house

  23. Bunny Dupree says

    Loved that show! One of my favorites. I loved both homes in the show. Never new the info you shared. Our coast here in NC is beautiful and Southport is beautiful and quaint. Thanks for sharing the info.

  24. Hi! I ‘m from Argentina, I saw the show at netflix and I instantly fall in love with this house, Emily beach house. I want to build it at the river side, here in Buenos Aires!! Thanks for sharing the pics!!!
    There is a guy at yuotube that re-build the house with The Sims ( game)
    here you have the link

  25. Chris Barnett says

    This is a great house, but it would never have an ocean dock in the Hamptons. No private oceanfront docks are permitted, they are allowed on the bays or inlets, but never seen on the beaches. Same for the Jersey Shore.

  26. Martha Cook says

    I live in Wilmington NC. This house isn’t exactly a beach house. It on the intracoastal waterway in Wilmington right across from Wrightsville Beach. I have seen this house many times when fishing the intracoastal waterway.

  27. Gina Jones says

    I live about 5 miles from this house. It is located in Southport N.C. in a subdivision on the Cape Fear River. I know the couple who own it. It is a beautiful home 🙂

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