Decorating for the Summer House

A little beach themed vignette…

Beach House Decorating


It’s time to celebrate summer!

Beach House Decor


A shell-adorned hat to protect your peaches and cream complexion…

Beach House Decor


A few books to inspire your summertime decor:  Cottages by the Sea…The Handmade Homes of Carmel, Second Home…Finding Your Place in the Fun and Victoria At Home with White…Celebrating the Intimate Home.

Beach House Decor


A guide to identify all those shells you’ll find: The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Seashells


Do you have a beach trip planned for this summer?  What or where is your favorite summertime destination?  Is it the beach, the mountains or your own back yard?

Beach House Decor
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  1. Helen's Decor says

    Susan, for me it is my own backyard and screened porch. If you look this week you’ll wonder if it ever will look pollen free. Thanks for the boost to get it all pretty again.

  2. Magdalena says

    Beautiful!!! 🙂

  3. martinealison says

    Une envie de vacances… de plage… de soleil… Une belle publication avec de beaux décors. gros bisous

  4. I am always looking for decorating inspiration for a beach condo. This vignette is the definitely inspirational! I have been looking for the perfect books to go under a lamp and I have not had much luck. Thanks for showing yours!!

  5. Beautiful!

  6. crystal woolever says

    Since we live here in Texas, it feels like summer most of the time. we usually just go down to Galveston or Corpus for some family fun, but this year we are actually going to get to go to Disney World. Where ever we go it always involves the beach, we love it there!!

  7. Great vignette! I’m ready!! franki

  8. I love the beach and my favorite destination in the summer is Hilton Head Island, SC. I have a hat similar to the one in your picture. Thanks for the post and your blog as it always brightens my day.

  9. Jennifer says

    I am definitely a beach gal! Love the your rope balls!!! Did you make them? A tutorial? Or where did you find them?

  10. Jane@Cottage at the Crossroads says

    Those twine and shell adorned balls look fabulous under the cloche! We plan to make a trip to the Outer Banks this weekend. One of our granddaughters is in a regional surfing contest. She’s only 9 years old!

  11. Blondie's Journal says

    I love this vignette! We have a second home, a lake house and I am always trying to “beachy” it up! I’d love to have a hat like this! 🙂 XO, Jane

  12. Hi Susan! This looks wonderful! I only live about 2 blocks from the beach but don’t choose to decorate all beachy. I guess I get my fill around town! 😉 Be a sweetie, shelia 😉

  13. Kathleen says

    Far from summer here, high 30’s last night. Our trees aren’t all greened yet. I live in a beach community where people come for their vacations, so no, we don’t go away on vacation. I don’t really have that much beachy decor come to think of it! Does sand on the floor that the gkids drag in count? 🙂

  14. Linda/patchwork says

    This looks beautiful! Makes me wish for a trip to the beach. Love that little bird, too. Good work!

  15. I’m always up for a trip to the beach. We don’t have any plans for renting for a week, but have thought about going to Nags Head, NC. I’m about a 45 minute drive to the Virginia Beach ocean front, but hardly go; too much traffic. Love your beach display and your new cloche.

  16. I love beach themed posts! Your dresser resembles my new dresser, it’s beach cottage themed, will have to do a post about beach cottage looks, you inspired me.

  17. christy says

    This makes me excited for the summer. My brother just built a small beach house and we are going to be his first houseguests over July 4th. I cannot wait.

  18. Anonymous says

    Beautiful! We always go to our condo at the beach in Destin. It gets harder every time we have to leave, one day I’m just going to stay and not return home!

  19. Lovely vignette Susan. We had our annual trip to the beach in February, when we went to Mexico. Funnily enough, not many shells to be found where we were. We were right on the beach and the sound of the surf was music to my ears. I would sit on the rocks and let the waves play over my feet, with sandpipers for company. As we only have lakes where we live, I try to get my fill of the ocean when I can. My outside gazebo is decorated in an ocean theme. For someone who asked about the string balls, you can also get these at WalMart. Thank you Susan for hosting my favourite theme.

  20. Princess Kate says

    You have such a way with decorating. Thanks for sharing. Makes me want to head to the beach NOW.

  21. Phyllis @Around the House says

    Love the little vignettes…I have the same wooden birdie and shell balls …love the shell hat with the great books…such a sweet scene…just a glass of lemonade and we are set to go…phyllis

  22. dizzyizzy says

    Love this vignette. (I also adored your seashell chargers, they were so much prettier than the originals.) I love the beach. We go to the Oregon coast as often as we possibly can. We are landlocked as well and I look for beach inspiration everywhere. Thanks bunches!

  23. Little Miss Maggie says

    I love all your shells and you beachy cottage style. It’s making me yearn for a trip to the sea shore. on The Summer House

  24. Designs By Pinky says

    We go to the Outer Banks every June with our best friends and their entire family….usually between 22 and 25 of us! Love your beachy vignette! XO, Pinky

  25. Mid-Atlantic Martha says

    I’m in Sanibel, FL this week for vacation. We love to come here the first week in may. Then we try to hit Virginia Beach or one of the Carolina beaches in the fall. Love the “off” season rates and fewer people. Then we pretty well stay at home all summer….just make a few outings to the river with our boat and the grands. I guess you could say we’re “water” people!

  26. Elizabeth says

    Since I have lived on or near the beach all my life, I love to get away to the mountains. We are planning a trip soon. We do have beautiful beaches near us and visit them often.

  27. We retired to our summer cottage seven years ago. Beachy things are confined to the sunroom. Like many others here you tire of always seeing the same thing. A belated thank you for motivating me to clean the porch and spruce up the gazebo with new geraniums. Thanks to you I’m summer ready a month early.

  28. Lizabeth @ Infuse with Liz says

    Well done! Love the beach theme! I live by lots of lakes and hardly go to the beach! I’m not much for the sun lovin anymore but I always enjoy getting my feet wet if I get a chance! I think it would be fun to go along the beach of the ocean and collect shells! I’ve never done that before! I live in a touristy area and this summer I will be entertaining and traveling around the area with my Son, his wife and her parents! We’re going to check out Mackinac Island too! Looks like we’re all in for a good summer since spring has gotten off to a fast start!

  29. Jennifer says

    That’s great! Sure could not make them for less. Thanks! on The Summer House
    in response to I am definitely a beach gal! Love the your rope balls!!! Did you make them? A tutorial? Or, where did you find them?

  30. Hi Susan, Just love your vignettes–so pretty!! My favorite destination spot for summer is the New England states. Last summer we went to Rockport, MA. We loved it. From the little beach area to all the cute shops with pretty flower boxes. It was so picturesque! Got a lot of inspiration for paintings there.

  31. Something Nice and Pretty says

    Love the picture with the cloche, I have to do that for summer! We are leaving for Cabo on the 26th of this month and I can’t wait!

  32. Lizanne says

    This is so lovely! I found your site via pinterest and I love it! I would love to know where you found your pedestal dome that you used on the books. Thanks!

  33. Nancy B says

    Hi, Susan. I just shot you an email with my mailing address. How exciting to be the winner of one of the books! My daughter lives in Santa Barbara, CA and has several beach items as decor in her condo. Love visiting her there, but the central California coast holds a special place in my heart. I went there a lot as a kid. Though I also love the mountains. Good memories of both.

  34. SavannahGranny says

    Beautiful beach decor. My favorite spot is right here on the island. The river on one side and the sound on the other. Don’t know why I ever leave. OH yes, the heat. Have a great week, Ginger

  35. Simply LKJ says

    Beautiful! I can’t wait to sit out by our pond. Now that the pollen is dying down, hopefully we can get everything washed on the back porch.

  36. Tutti Chic says

    I can’t wait to get to our beach house in RI-your photo brings me there! 🙂 chris

  37. Haworth says

    What a lovely summer tableau, Susan! I enjoy collecting shells and rounded stones on the beach. Being a New Englander, a favorite summer destination is the ocean… looking seaward, walking along the sand, coming home with salt air in my hair. But my favorite summer retreat is my own back porch and garden. Always!

  38. Carolyn says

    Hi Susan, Ah! the beach! In SoCal I am blessed to live close enough that I can easily go for the day and return in time for dinner. Whether it is going with girl friends, my husband, or by myself, I am always revived by the sounds and sights of the beach! That’s why our home is decorated with a very beachy theme. Can’t get enough of it!

  39. Ana Resende Pires says

    Olá Susan ! Que Deus continue te iluminando todas as horas dos dias de sua vida ! Você é capaz de encantar , alegrar , emocionar , ensinar pessoas do mundo inteiro com suas mesas arrumadas belíssimas e outros trabalhos que você tem apresentado . Suas idéias atravessam mares e continentes , rompendo barreiras na cultura , raça , religião , idioma , para fazerem as pessoas mais felizes no seu convívio em família . Eu sou uma destas pessoas que foi beneficiada com suas idéias . Estou embevecida pelo encanto das suas mesas arrumadas . São MARAVILHOSAS !!!!! MAGNÍFICAS !!!!!!! EXPLÊNDIDAS !!!!!!!! ENCANTADORAS !!!!!!!!!! PERFEITAS !!!!!!!!!!! De um BOM GOSTO muito APURADO !!!!!!! Moro no BRASIL uma pena que as coisas aqui custam muito caro e também não encontra esta variedade de utensílios para compor as mesas , como castiçais . pratos , copos , taças , peças decorativas , etc . Um grande abraço ! Muito AXÉ para você ! Ana Resende Pires

  40. Where are the balls ( with shells from) as well as the cloche and base? I’ve looked everywhere for that cloche or something similar.with no luck! Pretty Please share! 🙂

    • I found the cloche at Home Decorators Collection online several years ago. I think the balls came from either Marshalls or HomeGoods. You can usually find them in places like that. The cloches may be harder to find now…not sure if they still have them.

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