Tour a 1730 Historic Stone Cottage That’s Storybook Perfect

Welcome to the 387th Metamorphosis Monday!

Greetings! How was your weekend? I think a lot of folks must be on vacation around here because traffic has been much lighter for the last few days. Maybe they got a head start on the long 4th of July weekend that’s coming up.

I don’t have a Before and After to share this week. If you saw my “list” in Friday’s post, you’ll know I’ve kinda been on a “Before and After” spree for the last 6-7 weeks. The only metamorphosis I could share this week is one you wouldn’t want to see, and that’s the swelling of my left foot after my toe was viciously attacked by a yellow jacket on Saturday. Wow, are those things mean!

I’ve read that the pain and swelling usually improves after 48 hours so that means I should be getting some relief by Monday evening. Looking forward to that!

In the meantime, I have a wonderful storybook house to share. Storybook homes are always my fave. In my head I live in a world where all homes are storybook houses surrounded by beautiful gardens. I love it when I actually come across that vision in the real world!

This storybook cottage is located in Lebanon, NJ and it’s actually available for purchase. It has three bedrooms, two baths and is charming through and through. Let’s go in and take the tour!

1730 Stone Cottage, The Tory House


The living room has a wonderful stone fireplace and look at those beams in the ceiling. They must date back to 1730 when this home was built.

Living Room, Beam Ceiling, Stone Fireplace


The kitchen is really special. We see a gorgeous fireplace and more of that wonderful beamed ceiling.

Kitchen with Viking Stove, Subzero Refrigerator in Historic Stone Cottage


The kitchen is outfitted with the best appliances including a Viking gas stove and a SubZero refrigerator.

Cozy Kitchen with Wood Beam Ceiling in The Tory House


The listing states that this home has a library, do you think this is it? You can really see just how thick the walls are when you look at the depth of the window sills. Wow!

1730 Stone Cottage, The Tory House


I could spend all day right here in this spot with a great book. I’d put a bird feeder right outside that window, then I’d read and bird watch all day long. Everything else could wait. πŸ™‚

Cozy window seat in historic 1730 stone cottage


There’s also a wonderful sunroom.



This is the master bedroom. I love all the wood paneling, plus it has a fireplace!

Master Bedroom with Fireplace, Wood Paneling, French Doors


The master bath…don’t you love the exposed rock! Just an amazing home with so many unique features.

Bath with Stone Walls and Wood Cabinetry


The gardens are absolutely stunning! I love all the brick walkways.

Beautiful Garden with Brick Walkways




There’s a really pretty red barn on the property, too.

Beautiful Garden


You can see much more of this homeΒ (including the other bedrooms) where these pictures were found here: 1730 Storybook Stone Cottage

Stone Cottage Overlooking Stream for Sale


Happy start-of-a-new-week to you! Hope it’s an awesome one. Oh, and look out for hidden yellow jacket nests in the ground because they will definitely put a crimp in your style! Trust me on that! πŸ˜‰

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  1. oh ouch, Sorry about your sting Susan! Love the storybook cottage with all the stone. Have a great 4th week!

  2. This house is the most beautiful I have seen in a very long time.I would love to have a bedroom that large. This is my dream home, and I can go there in my head any time I choose.

  3. Adorable cottage! Hope your foot feels much better!

  4. Storybook indeed!! Hope that foot feels better soon.

  5. That has to be the most gorgeous storybook house. Oh my, I don’t know where to start with all my likes! I love the exposed stone, beams, beautiful kitchen, sweet window seat, and dreamy gardens. Thanks so much for sharing. I hope that your toe gets better. I hope that you have a Happy Monday!!!

  6. Cyndi Raines says

    When can we move in? LOVE it! Hope your toe heals quickly, I’ve been stung before too on my thigh and yes, it does hurt! Get some rest and enjoy all the fruit of your labor Susan. We are up on Houghton Lake at a rental cabin and the weather is BEAUTIFUL!! Having a wonderful time. Went out on the pontoon boat and the lake is gorgeous. Happy (almost) 4th of July!!

    • Oh, I bet that hurt, Cyndi! Thankfully it is a lot better today. I think I’m finally past the worse part of it. Sounds like such a fun time at the lake! Wear that sunscreen! πŸ™‚

  7. That’s a very cool home. The sunroom would be my room! So sorry about the sting. Thank you for hosting us, Susan, and I hope your week is good. WV is bracing itself for yet more rain today, not exactly what we need right now.

    • Oh man, I read about that in the paper. I wish you could send it here, we need it. Wouldn’t that be amazing if we could send rain clouds where they were needed insteaded of them flooding areas that already had more than enough.

  8. Susan, love the tour! Such a quaint home and so much history. Ouch! I hate those yellow jackets, they hurt like the devil. So sorry.

  9. Thanks so much for hosting!! My former blog, Debbie-Dabble was hacked through my Face Book Debbie-Dabble Page. I created a new blog, Debbie-Dabble Blog and I invite you to please follow me on my new blog.


    • Debbie, I’m so sorry that happened. πŸ™ I set up two step verification on my Facebook a while back because I kept hearing about people’s Facebook pages being hacked. So sad that there are people out there who enjoy doing stuff like that.

  10. Linda Page says

    Do you think if all your readers pooled our pennies we could snap this up for a retreat and do time shares??? Just a thought!! I am in love with the rough hewn beams in the living and kitchen areas. I love that old, rustic feel. I love the stone walls in the house. I love old brick walls that you often see in New York row houses, especially in the kitchens. It just gives that “old world” charm to any room. I will spring for the bird feeder if we can purchase this house!!! We could have BNOTP retreats there 4 times a year. I would even volunteer to do the cooking and offer a cardmaking demo! Sounds like a plan to me!!!

  11. So much charm! Based on the first photo, I did not expect it to be so spacious inside–like that master bedroom. I imagine that I would split my time between the sunroom and the gardens.

    • I know, it looks so much smaller from the front but really goes and goes. I love, love, love the gardens! You can tell someone who loves gardening has lived there.

  12. Susan, I loved the tour of this charming cottage. So many special features. I adore that little fireplace in the beautiful master. Yep, I could be content in all of those rooms. I hope your foot is getting better. I stepped on a yellow jacket one time and I couldn’t wear a shoe for days. Thanks for hosting.

    • Laurie, I sympathize…amazing how much your foot swells from little sting! Painful, too! Mine is much, much better this afternoon…thank goodness!

  13. I am sorry about your bee sting Susan! I am usually swollen for a few days after getting stung as well:(

  14. Love this cottage. The color palette is so soft and every room looks so cozy. The gardens are beautiful, too.
    Sorry about your encounter with a yellow jacket. They are mean and I know how bad the sting hurts. I have a nest hidden under one of my hydrangea bushes. I’ve always used the gasoline method getting rid of them, but I don’t want to kill my beautiful hydrangea so I’ve left it alone for now. Just found a wasp nest (full) hiding under my wicker sofa on the porch. We destroyed the nest, but the wasps keep flying around looking for it! So far, no stings. Knock on wood.
    Try soaking your foot in the Aveeno oatmeal bath. It might give you some relief.

    • I wonder if they will eventually go away or die this winter. That would be a pickle, trying to figure out what to do. Thanks, Anne! It’s much better (finally) this afternoon but an oatmeal bath sound good.

  15. I am swooning here! I love this cottage and am showing all the photos to my hubby because that is exactly the kind of cottage I want! Thank you for the wonderful tour and party too!!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  16. Marlene Stephenson says

    Thank you Susan that was a lovely house, hope your foot gets better. I would hate not to be able to get around.

  17. You nailed the description, Susan. The cottage is indeed very charming. Thanks for hosting…Christine

  18. Regality (aka The Quing) says

    As a kid, I actually stepped into a yellow jackets’ nest. They swarmed up inside my pants. Strangely and extremely luckily for me, I was only stung around 10 times and I wasn’t allergic to them. The stings did hurt like a mother, though. IIRC, baking soda/water spread on the sting sites relieved the pain somewhat.

    • Oh my gosh, that sounds terrible! It’s amazing you weren’t stung even more because they are vicious! I can’t imagine have that many places stung, that would be awful because one was excruciating. I could barely sit still it hurt so much. Thankfully, it’s much better this afternoon. πŸ™‚

  19. bobbi duncan says

    Sorry to hear about your yellow jacket experience, and hope it feels MUCH better now. Found out I am allergic to them ( and honey bees) when one got me, causing my thigh to be swollen for weeks. You may want to get a bee allergen test, as my doctor told me the first warning sign of allergy is a sting that swells more than just a little bump right around the sting area. The second attack can bring on dangerous health symptoms. I have an epi-pen on me any time I leave the house. Not said to scare you–just a precaution, as I never had bee sting problems until 15 years ago. Old rustic beams, deep window sills, lots of fireplaces, a pretty garden….all details that add up to charming! Our neck of the woods is well-known for lots of old stone houses. Have you seen the new show Stone House Revival on HGTV? The guy restores homes in Bucks County, PA, the county just north of mine. If you look up my county (Chester Co.) and Bucks Co., you will see many old stone homes and buildings. Also, check out the very cool Peddlers Village with it’s charming shops…love that place, especially in autumn and during the Christmas season. Hugs!

    • Yep, much better this afternoon. The swelling has finally gone down. I guess it just takes our body about 36 hours to fight it off. That’s awful that your’s lasted for weeks! It definitely did make my whole foot swell, not so badly I couldn’t walk, but enough that you could see it and I couldn’t easily wear some of my sandals. It even made the area around my ankle swell and that was nowhere near the sting on my toe. This was my second time…the first time I was stung multiple times in the head. I was wearing long sleeves and pants so that was the only part they could get to I guess. I think I had on gloves too since I was cutting the grass. I’ll be very nervous if it happens again since apparently reactions get worse each time.
      That’s wonderful about all the stone houses in your area. We have a few here in my area, too. Bobbi, do you know if the thick, thick walls help keep the homes cool in the summer?

  20. oops…I added one too many. I try to keep up. ha. I love this stone cottage house…and especially the kitchen. sheila

  21. Kathleen says

    Hello! Not sure if it will work at this point, but I just learned this from a true country girl,was with her when she was stung: She immediately walked over to a nearby parking lot where someone was smoking, got a cigarette, tore it apart, made a clump with a little water and the tobacco, and put it on the sting. Within 30 secs, she could feel relief! I’ve never heard of that before, but I’m not savvy with natural remedies. It was amazing!!!

    • I read about that online when I was googling for some help. I didn’t have any tobacco on hand but wondering if I should buy some to just keep around for times like this. Maybe I need to put together a first aid kit. Thanks, Kathleen!

  22. Wow! What a beautiful home! Truly is a storybook home! Thanks for hosting.

  23. You’ve made me depressed! I, too, dream of a cottage (by a lake in a temperate climate) and I live there in my head too, so when you made that comment, I was surprised! And, whoa, that %$*& yellow jacket! I got stung once by a wasp on my thumb and the pain was so intense I was rendered mute! If I remember right, I went to yell(more likely to scream), but nothing came out. I feel for you.

    • We can dream, right?! πŸ™‚
      Yeah, there are no words for the pain and it just goes on and on. I kept thinking the pain would stop after a while but nope, last all night and almost as intense as from the start. I wish I knew how to keep them completely away from a yard.

  24. What a lovely storybook cottage. I love every inch of it. To bad I’m not wealthy enough to buy it. Hope your toe is getting better. I can relate to the pain. I got stung by a yellow jacket while I was watching my dad clean fish on our backyard picnic table. My mom made a paste with Adolf meat tenderizer and water. Took the pain away emediately. Hope you’ll feel better by the fourth.

  25. So charming and in a wooded area. On Google Maps you can see the street view and travel down the road by this cottage. I recently bought a home 3 hours away from my previous place. Virtual traveling and on line listings with 30+ pictures of each house made everything so much easier. Much better than just the overhead satellite pictures. Thank you!

  26. Such a lovely home!

  27. Such a pretty cottage. Thanks for sharing and for hosting each week. Hope your foot is feeling better.

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