Tour a Beautiful 1918 Oyster Bay Cove Home with a Something’s Gotta Give Movie-House Vibe

You may remember a few days ago when I shared this photo from the big Talbots Anniversary Sale and mentioned how the soft creams and camel colors in this outfit reminded me so much of a Ralph Lauren ad I had saved from a magazine many years ago. I kept that ad for the longest time…several years. It was just such an elegant, classic look, the type that never goes out of style.

I was lamenting in that previous post that I no longer had the ad and was wishing I had it so I could share it with you. After I wrote that post, I Googled to see if by some miracle it was online somewhere even though it’s been many years since it was published in a magazine.

Equestrian Style Clothes


I was so shocked when it popped up under Google images. This was the ad I saved for so long! I loved this look so much back then–still do!

I was also obsessed with the bag. I still think it’s beautiful, but it’s a good bit bigger than I would normally carry now. Wearing these colors and/or pairing them together will still be in style 25 years from now. You can never go wrong with the classics!


Speaking of classics, the big Talbots anniversary sale ends today. If you haven’t checked it out, you’ll find it here: Talbots Anniversary Sale.

View my previous post where I linked out to some of my favorite autumn styles (all on sale) in this previous post: Touring Two Equestrian Homes and Dressing in Equestrian Style for Autumn.


A Beautiful Home Tour

I love touring beautiful historical homes when they end up on the market available for purchase. Sometimes it’s the only way you ever get a peek into these wonderful old homes. Occasionally, I am surprised by how beautifully they are furnished/decorated. I thought this one was definitely worthy of sharing, especially when I saw the kitchen! Let’s take the tour!

1918 Historical Home, New York


Love the front door and the sidelights visible in this beautiful entry!

This home is located near the water in Oyster Bay Cove, New York and some of the decor made wonder if the interior design was inspired by the movie, Something Gotta Give.

Entry, Modern Traditional


Such a beautiful living room with a wonderful coffered ceiling.

Traditional Living Room in Neutral Colors


Okay, doesn’t this living room make you think just a little of the living room in the movie, Something’s Gotta Give? All it needs is a striped rug!

Traditional Home with Something's Gotta Give Vibe


Here’s the living room in the movie. I know they don’t look identical, but the living room above is definitely giving me some Something’s Gotta Give vibes.


Here’s our striped rug…it’s out here in the sunroom! I love this playroom, what a fun, happy place for the little ones to play.

Sunny Children's Playroom


The dining room is also beautiful. Love the fireplaces in every room!

Formal Dining Room


The kitchen is my favorite room in this lovely home! Love that black/white checkerboard floor!

Black White checkerboard tile floors


I don’t mean to step on any toes but I’m not a big fan of the new kitchen designs with a lot of open upper shelving and very few or no upper cabinets. You lose so much storage space when you take all the upper cabinets away, and I would hate to have to keep those open shelves clean and dusted. I’m sure it makes a kitchen feel a bit more open but I’m just not willing to give up all that great upper cabinet storage for shelves that will forever need dusting.

Just a guess, but I don’t see that trend lasting for very long. I could be wrong and have to eat my words. What do you think?

Beautiful Kitchen with Marble Counters


This home has a beautifully paneled study with more of those wonderful coffered ceiling! So pretty!

Paneled Study with Red Leather Chairs


Let’s go upstairs and check out the bedrooms. You know they will be beautiful after seeing how lovely the downstairs was furnished.


Striped Runner for Staircase, Nautical Feel


Three of my favorite features you so often see in older homes are present in this home. I love the beautiful moldings, the paneled wood doors and the fireplaces in every room. I would be in heaven decorating all these mantels for Christmas!

Pretty Girl's Bedroom, Historical Home


This room definitely has a nautical feel. I like how they’ve camouflaged all the radiators, turning them into useful console tables.

Nautical Bedroom Style


Painting the walls in a nautical navy or a deep navy color is very popular right now. Whenever I see a room with navy walls…

Navy Walls for Master Bedroom


…I can’t help but think of Mary Carol Garrity’s gorgeous dining room in the historic home where she lived before moving to her current adorable cottage. (Tour Mary’s cottage in this previous post: Mary Carol Garrity’s Cottage Lake Home.)


It appears the upper sunroom we saw on the exterior of the home is accessible from the master bedroom. How wonderful is that! That would be the spot to enjoy coffee in the morning, wouldn’t it?

Navy Walls for Master Bedroom


You can see the upper sunroom on this end of the home in this exterior view. There’s even a little open porch. The cute playroom we saw earlier is just below it.

1918 Historical Home, New York


If you’re as smitten by this home as I was, you can take the full tour where I found these photos here: 1918 Colonial Home for Sale.

There’s also an exercise room, a large theater and a beautiful back yard with a pool. Hope you enjoyed the tour!

See you tomorrow for Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. This is a wonderful house Susan. I’m so glad you do these tours – I could look at houses all day. And I’m with you, those mantels are just full of holiday possibilities! I’m still on the fence about upper cabinets or not. If I ever redo my kitchen, I’ll let you know! πŸ™‚ Thanks again, it’s always so much fun here!

  2. Franki Parde says

    SO very lovely!!! *sigh* franki

  3. Love the house tour! You picked a great one. The first thing I noticed were the double sun rooms with all those windows. Love, love, love those. And I love all the soft, warm tones that give the house that tranquil, relaxed vibe. I even like the wallpaper around the fireplace in the little girl’s room.

    And it’s funny you mentioned Mary Carol because I was just thinking the other day how much I loved the double boxed molding in the lower part of her old dining room. It’s so traditional and elegant looking and the dark blue paint is gorgeous.

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but 2 1/2 million doesn’t seem that bad a price to me.

    I’ve missed the house tours and this was great fun. Thanks, Susan.

  4. Beautiful home. Thanks so much for the tour. I’m with you on cabinets in the kitchen. Having glass doors on one or two cabinets is all I’m willing to settle for. I keep my cabinets neat but I don’t consider what’s inside to be “decor” and I certainly don’t want more shelves to dust.

  5. Love these house tours. You are right about it being the only time I get to see the inside life. Dibs on the living room recliner near the window!

  6. So many fabulous homes in Oyster Bay. Great shopping too.
    Guess we’ll be the Bobsy twins this season. My colors and look too.
    Talbots sale is fantastic. Just missing the right hat. Orvis store maybe?

  7. I completely agree with you on the open shelving in the kitchen. I don’t care for it at all. This is a gorgeous house – love it!

  8. Pat Francoforte says

    Thank you for the tour! I loved that movie and totally agree. You’re by far my favorite blogger! Thanks always!

  9. The house tour was wonderful! I did love that festive, but simple dining table. I’m with you, Susan, on the upper shelves. I wouldn’t want to give up the storage, and somehow, they look very lost on the wall to me. Any dishes kept there will have to be washed each time they’re used, because they will get so dusty. I really think this look will pass very soon.

  10. Cyndi Raines says

    Love those fall outfits! Beautiful house! I love cabinets, to hold all my dishes, haha. Maybe one with glass, but that’s it.

  11. Michele M. says

    Hi Susan –

    Wow – what a house! Thank you so much for sharing! LOVE it!

    Agree about open shelfing – not for me – but I DO like a few glass front uppers.

    Agree on “Something’s Gotta Give” and this house sharing same elements.

  12. Bobbi Duncan says

    Hi! Thanks for the tour…I’m always up for peeking in on beautiful homes. I love the kitchen flooring and the French doors with transom…makes the kitchen so open to the outside. I’ve never understood the open shelving concept; I don’t wish to have dust all over dishes we eat from nor the constant cleaning of the shelves. Being a traditional gal to my core, I find the look too modern for my taste. I do like a couple cabinets with glass, but only if what’s inside is neatly arranged and pretty to look at. I ordered the long lint remover wand…you always find such great gadgets. Sorry I haven’t commented in awhile. I always look at your blog, but have been busy remodeling, buying new furniture, and lots of trips the last few months. Hugs!

  13. Thanks for sharing this beautiful home. I’m with you on the open shelving. These shelves must be for people who don’t mind dusting or they have a house cleaner.

  14. I’m totally with you on the absence of upper cupboards in kitchens, Susan. I’m no interior designer, but from a practical point of view, I don’t understand this concept. Yes, it can certainly have a clean, open effect, but unless one is fortunate enough to be suffering from an over abundance of kitchen storage, you would be losing out on almost half of it. And wouldn’t all that visible clutter defeat the purpose? Not to mention the amount of grease and dust that would accumulate up there, and the necessity of having to climb up and down on a regular basis to keep everything clean. UGH! Now if someone would just invent a self-cleaning kitchen, THAT would be revolutionary!

  15. Oyster Bay was where “Meet the Parents” supposedly lived. A lovely house, on a much smaller scale, though (maybe 1/3?).

  16. Jane Kelly says

    I would have loved to have seen a picture of the backyard pool too! I agree with you on the open shelves in kitchens – just not a fan – I don’t want to dust them – I have enough to dust. Nice to have one or two cupboard with class to show off a collection but no one needs to see inside of my cupboards – I want storage in my kitchen!

  17. Linda Practical Parsimony says

    I could never live without upper cabinets and would dislike open cabinets. I like the look of coffered ceilings, but just like crown molding needs to be dusted, so do each of the coffers, and I don’t have a maid!

  18. Ranger Smith says

    What a stupendous home! I’m in 100% agreement with you Susan regarding open shelving in the kitchen. It limits the storage space and subjects items to dust and cooking grease/vapors. Totally not practical.

  19. Stunning home! We love to look & dream! I do have the McKenzie Childs tea pot on my stove so I have a start! LOL

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