Tour a Beautiful Home With a Gorgeous Old Soul

Recently, I was looking through some home listings on Zillow and I came across this Italianate estate from the 1920’s. As I drooled over all the beautiful rooms inside this home, I thought to myself, “This house belongs in a magazine.” I had to chuckle when I read the little blurb on the listing and found it had once been featured in Architectural Digest.

Italiante Estate Home, Beverly Hills, CA


This home has a beautiful soul, you feel it from the moment you step through the front door. Instead of the typical round, library-style table so often seen in the foyers, this entry is large enough to accommodate a generous-sized rectangular table. Notice the blue planter on the table and the blue and white porcelain umbrella stand; you’ll see a lot of blue and white dotting the rooms as we take our tour.

Entry with Blue & White Porcelain Umbrealla Stand


At first I thought the entry floor was tiled but on closer inspection I see that it’s a painted wood floor. The listing describes the floor as being “stenciled.” I love how it looks here. Not sure I’d have the nerve to paint the hardwood flooring in my entry, but it really is pretty here.

Painted Hardwood Flooring


We see more beautiful blue and white ceramic and porcelain pieces here in the living room. This room has a subdued elegant look, doesn’t it? It feels very sophisticated, yet comfortable…not overly formal at all.

Decorating with Blue & White Porcelain


I would never have thought of mixing all these patterns together, but I must admit, I do like it. The blue striped rug ties in nicely with the blue and white porcelain and the other blue/white accent pieces. I think what makes it all work is how the brown, tan, cream shades, even though heavily patterned, are neutral enough to play well with the blue and white patterned porcelain pieces and the blue/white striped rug. It’s busy, but it’s a good busy.

Blue & White Stripped Rug


When I was doing a mini kitchen renovation, I thought briefly of going with a blue and white scheme. I was thinking of adding some touches of blue in the backsplash. I changed my mind, fearing I would tire of it quickly. Here’s a great way to get a blue and white kitchen without making a permanent commitment. Go white with the cabinets, countertop and backsplash and get your blue via upholstered bar chairs and blue decorative pieces.

Blue & White Kitchen


Love that giant, standing, blue and white urn in the kitchen…do you see it? 🙂 The blue and white scheme continues into the breakfast nook. I wonder if this room was once closed off and they took down a wall to open it to the kitchen. So nice to have a fireplace in view from the kitchen.

Breakfast nook with Fireplace


Then dining room has that sophisticated, serene look we saw in the living room. Slip-covered chairs keep the room from feeling too formal. Gorgeous chandelier! Blue and white porcelain makes an appearance here in the china cabinet and in the corner near the draperies.

Traditional Dining Room with Slip-covered Chairs


Built-in china cabinets grace each corner of the dining room. Love old houses, they have so much personality!

Built-in Cabinetry in Dining Room


There’s a sweet Butler’s pantry, filled to the brim with lots of pretties.

Butler's Pantry With Marble Countertop


This is probably my favorite room in the home, although it’s hard to choose a favorite. It has an old world feel…love everything about it from the matching chairs to the draperies to the art to the paint color. I could live right here in this room and be happy forever. The only thing I’d change is I’d want draperies on both sides of the windows, even if they fall a little behind the desk. I’ve just never been a big fan of drapes on one side of a window.

Cozy Living Room


Let go upstairs and check out some of the bedrooms. Love this beautiful gallery landing! Wish they still built houses like this!

Gallery Staircase


The bedrooms don’t feel “decorated.” Instead, they feel cozy and comfortable, like the furnishings were collected piece by piece over the years. Notice the green and white leafy pattern on the chair.

Bedroom with built in cabinetry


It appears again here in the Master bath. Love that fabric! Even here we see touches of blue. Blue and green are one of my fave color combinations.

Gorgeous Bath


I wonder if this rattan sleigh bed was a natural color at one time. I don’t think I’ve seen one painted white before. Is that grasscloth on the walls? It went out of style and then came back in at one point. Is it in or out right now? I can’t keep up! 🙂

White Rattan Sleigh Bedroom


Ummm, maybe this is the master bedroom…such a beautiful room with wonderful textiles and patterns. It “feels” a lot like my favorite cozy den downstairs, doesn’t it?

Beohemian Chic Bedroom


Another great bath! Here the bathroom is all white but gets its red and white color scheme from the chair, towels and other accent pieces. Like the kitchen, the color scheme could be changed easily in this all white room.

Red and White Bath


I love it when old houses have lots of separate rooms like this small library. It’s a wonderful, cozy place to squirrel away and get lost in a great book for hours. You can tell the owner has a love for blue and white. Seeing how it has been used throughout so much of her home has inspired me to think of adding it to other rooms of my home instead of having it only in my blue and white bonus room and guest room. It really looks great in so many spaces.

Home Library Designs & Ideas


This wonderful, old home has an upstairs balcony, great place for breakfast in the morning or a nightcap before turning in at night.

Patio Dining


Did you enjoy the tour of this wonderful home? See additional rooms and read more about this beautiful home in the listing where these pictures were found.



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  1. Wow! This was purchased just a few years ago and is back on the market with a few million $$ increase in asking price! Unless there has been a real
    uptick out there in Beverly Hills that seems excessive as there does not appear to have been much updating.
    It is a beautiful piece of property to be sure but when I see these rooms all I
    can see is clutter…and huge dusting projects. Of course, if one can afford this kind of real estate, hiring it done would likely not be a problem. On the
    other hand, maybe that is why the place is for sale. I am wondering if all the “stuff” goes with the purchase of the home.
    Oh, the problems of the rich…and maybe famous!

  2. Does it get more perfect than this? I love it. I love the pops of blue through out the home. That kitchen makes me swoon… love it!

  3. Beautiful home – very typical of old Beverly Hills. Kind of made me homesick for when I lived in Hollywood in the late 70’s. Since there is a dearth of vacant land to develop in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, the property values have skyrocketed. As they say location location location. This one is definitely in the right place!! It would be fun to find out the history of who lived in the home since it was built. Wouldn’t surprise me if there were some recognizable names! Thanks for sharing this lovely home with us!

  4. Linda Page says

    I can see why this house was featured in Architectural Digest. It is beautiful. Each room is amazing. I love how smooth the color pallettes are for each room. Such soft warm colors with one striking color to pull you in. I love the red chair in the bathroom. Great tour.

  5. You never fail to be a sweet oasis of calm in my life with your house tours. Thank you SO much for your blog! (PS I’m not sure I would have hung what looks to be an oil painting in the bathroom – I’d worry about damage from steam and moisture. And just where (lol) is that “giant blue standing urn” in the kitchen? Maybe you can figure out how to circle it: kinda like ‘X marks the spot?”

    • Thanks, Kathy! lol Well, it’s kind of tricky to see. In the photo showing the breakfast nook, the floor-standing blue and white urn is just on the other side of the wall of the breakfast room. It’s just behind the breakfast nook. If you were in the kitchen, the urn is to the left of the stove, against the wall. It’s pretty awesome! Never seen one that large!

  6. PS Did you see in the listing that there’s a mother-in-law apartment too? How fun.

  7. Gorgeous home – I love the “bones” to it best…’s overly decorated for me and I grew up with blue and white so don’t tend to sway that way.

    I absolutely adore the two built-in cabs in the dining, love the chandy, some of the furnishings are amazing, the French doors rock, and that pool and gardens in front and back are drool worthy. And palm trees are so foreign to me they always look so exotic.

    I am amazed at how awesome the “stenciled” hardwood floor looks, keeping with that Italianate theme looking as though it is tile…..I would never have the nerve, but it looks awesome.

    Love the homes you feature, Susan, thank you. Hugs.

  8. The decorating in the downstairs living areas are a little busy for my personal taste. I do like the upstairs rooms and especially the style of windows that are shown in the room with the rattan sleigh bed.

    Very nice home!!
    Thank you for sharing this home.

  9. This home is gorgeous. My favorite part has to be that balcony. And as far as I’m concerned, grass cloth has always been in style 🙂 Thanks for the tour!

  10. Marlene Stephenson says

    Yet another wonderful place to live, i guess it’s good i don’t have the money or i might have more than one home and there’s only me. Well maybe if i had a pool my kids would come more if i lived that far away. I fear i would be the one traveling to see my kids and grandkids,see that’s why i don’t have 2 or 3 homes or

  11. It is a wonderful home. I love the spaciousness of this home and the way it’s trimmed out. It has a nice relaxed look sophisticated. I like homes from the 20’s and 30’s- especially the larger ones like this.

  12. Liz, above, has a great description–relaxed sophistication. Love the layered texture in all the rooms. And a nightcap on that balcony? Love how you think.

  13. Ranger Smith says

    This home is a treasure. I love the basic “bones” and most of the wall paint and coverings. Especially like that grass cloth in the entry. For my taste, it is cluttered though. Too busy and too much stuff IMHO. I think they have enough accessories for an additional home.

  14. Hello,
    Would you have any idea how I would find out the wall color in the room off the kitchen (with the fireplace?)
    Thanks for any help you can give me.

  15. Hello,
    Would you have any idea how I could find out the wall color in the room
    off the kitchen…the room with a fireplace?
    Thanks for any help you can give me.

    • Oh, never mind my last comment. I just realized your comment was on a different post than today’s post. Sherry, I’m not sure…wish I knew what to tell you.

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