Tour A Beautiful, Light-Filled Historic Cottage

This beautiful cottage designed by Tom Stringer Design Partners had me at the front porch. I didn’t even have to go inside to know I was going to love the interior. You know when a home starts off this lovely on the front porch, the interior is going to be just as fabulous!

Cottage Home Loaded with Charm  08


This home doesn’t disappoint…just look at this wonderful family room decorated in a blue and white color scheme. Feels so clean and crisp.

Cottage Home Loaded with Charm  05


I have a love for decorating in blue and white. One whole shelf in my office is dedicated to nothing but books on the subject. I’ve added a couple more books since this pic was taken. πŸ™‚

Books for Decorating in Blue and White


Notice the accents of yellow in this room. Blue and white rooms are gorgeous alone, but if they feel a little too stark, add a few touches of yellow to soften them. You can see how it softens this family room. It did the same for my guest room and upstairs family room.

The other thing I noticed about this room is the symmetry. It has just enough with the matching built-in bookcases, vases/plates above the bookcases and the blue/white chairs. Too much and a room starts to feel stiff or contrived. This is juuust right.

Cottage Home Loaded with Charm  05


This lovely seating area may be across the room or nearby since it has the same window treatments. I don’t always like a painted-brick fireplace but these look great with this design. Keeps the room light and airy.

Cottage Home Loaded with Charm  09


Beautiful eating area with a bay window. How do you like the painted floors? I love them in this space!

Cottage Home Loaded with Charm  12


Love all the wainscoting and fabulous built-in shelves for displaying collections. Such a cheerful, happy house!

Cottage Home Loaded with Charm  11


I love so many things about this entry space, especially the warmth of the wood chest against the crisp white walls. The blue and white color scheme continues here, too. Now, help me figure this out…is that a round window there on the left or a mirror. Β What do you think? Β So far, the consensus in the comments is that it’s a mirror. Β Must be reflecting a column through a window on the front of the house or maybe there’s another column in the entry.

Cottage Home Loaded with Charm  10


Upstairs the bedrooms are all just as beautiful.

Cottage Home Loaded with Charm  06


Our color scheme has switched to green and white here. Again, bright, light and beautiful!

Historic Cottage Home


Another beautiful bedroom…we only get a small view of this space, a little tease.

Cottage Home Loaded with Charm  07


Another beautiful bedroom…did you notice all the walls in this home are painted white? They don’t feel at all boring or plain though because of the depth, interest and texture the wainscoting, molding and plank walls add to each of the rooms. If you google “plank walls” you’ll find lots of inspiration online for this wall design.

Cottage Home Loaded with Charm  13


Hope you enjoyed this little tour.Β All the photos in this post were taken by Werner Straube and you’ll find additional pictures of this beautiful home here: Tom Stringer Design Partners

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  1. I love the crispness and simple beauty of these rooms.


  3. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Hi Susan,

    What a nice house. I usually don’t like stark white walls because they seem cold to me. But in this house, they work, don’t they? And somehow the designers made the house comfy and inviting, even though they used little color. I was just thinking, if I were to do a house like this, I think it would be fun to change the color element in each room. White and blue, but then white and green, white and red, white and yellow, etc. I think that would be fun. And pretty.

    Thanks for finding and sharing this house. It would be at home at the beach, on Nantucket, in New England, in the Mid West – it could be anywhere. πŸ™‚

  4. What a beautiful house!! I think it is a mirror with the reflection of the porch pillar. It’s hard to tell without seeing more of the entry but it doesn’t seem clear enough to be a window.

  5. Just beautiful! First thing I noticed was the symmetry…it just “feels right” to me. I, too, think it’s a mirror. πŸ™‚ franki

  6. I love this home and the porch! I adore the green pillows on the 2 beds, that’s my favorite part of the decorating scheme. Wish I could find some like these. Green is my favorite color and I use it as an accent, too. Thanks for sharing such a lovely home.

  7. Love the blue and white color scheme and the painted floor too.
    If that were not a mirror it would be goooofy, situated as it is right next to a lovely, house- appropriate window!

  8. I love this. Although I love the blue I really perked up at the green. If I had that kind of space it would be brunch at my house every week. And movie night, and pizza night, and ……

  9. I’d say it is definitely a mirror since there is another just like it in the green guestroom. Beautiful home !

  10. Isn’t it wonderful!! The porch railing looks like it’s painted blue as well-wonder if the ceiling is haint blue too?

  11. As blue and white is my favorite color scheme, I love this. Yummy!!! xo Laura

  12. Susan, this is a charming home. I like all the blue and white details and the use of wicker. Totally charming!

  13. This is so beautiful…my dream home!

  14. This is so beautiful…my dream home!

  15. Very pretty home – so light and crisp. Thanks so much for sharing this post.
    Have a terrific weekend..

  16. I could move right in. It is designed with all the colors I use in my very own home. Absolutely perfection in my book,

  17. You have wonderful taste and have put together a beautiful home. I would like to ask you a question about the blue and yellow guest bedroom you put together in 2008. I have had the same bed for over 25 years; it belonged to my daughter as a little girl. I am restoring it for my grand-daughter. but I need to contact the manufacturer. Would you happen to know the name of the manufacturer? I would love to surprise my daughter as I have her original comforter set.

    • Marta, I wish I could help you but I just don’t know either. I purchased it in a local antique store about 12 years ago when my son went off to college and took the bed that was in that room for his apartment. You may want to google painted brass beds or something like that to see if something will pop up that looks similar. Wish I had a better answer for you.

  18. I loved the use of National Geographic magazines for the pop of yellow under the coffee table! Even if no one ever reads them, they’ve found another purpose in life!

    • Barbara, I was wondering if that’s what those were. Every time I’ve looked at that pic, that’s was what popped into my head, but I figured it was something else. I guess it really is National Geographics. πŸ™‚

  19. I’m going with mirror also. Crisp and clean sounds so redundant with this post, but it feels like the most appropriate words to describe this lovely home. I would be so comfortable on the porch. It is the first indication that you’re in for a treat when you walk through the door.

  20. Thank you for posting yet another fabulous home! I could move right in. I too, think it is a mirror, which I looove.

  21. What a beautiful house! Thanks for show us.

  22. I have thought about painting my fireplace in the family room white to match the walls………It has a raised hearth, and brick goes across the whole wall with dark wood book shelves above it. Have hardwood floor, and
    huge 8 ft. sliding glass door so there is alot of light. Should I paint the woodwork white also? Susan, I need your thoughts!

  23. Beautiful! oh and that many books on blue and white decorating? Most importantly Susan when are you getting your book out? πŸ™‚ Have a fun sweet blessed weekend.

  24. love the blue and white and all the wood walls in this house! By any chance did you take a picture of the exterior? Would love to see it…thanks

    • Hi Posey,
      The pics came from the Tom Stringer Designs online. There’s a link at the end of the post to their site…you may find a picture of the exterior there, although I don’t think I remember seeing one. Let me know if you find one, would love to see the outside, too!

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