Tour a Beautiful Victorian Home Decorated for Christmas, Part III

This week we’re continuing our tour inside the beautiful Victorian home belonging to Governor Roy and Marie Barnes.  If you missed any of the previous posts, you’ll find links to those at the end of this post.

The Barnes’ have a dream kitchen!  The red accents really pop against the cream/ivory cabinets and the black island.  The island is distressed and has red tones showing through in the distressed areas.  Definitely looks like UGA fans live here!

Marie’s has a fun rooster collection and you can see part of it displayed along the top of the kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Decorated for Christmas

The kitchen chandelier was decorated for the holidays.

Kitchen Chandelier Decorated for Christmas

The rooster painting above the stove hood was a find on a trip to New Orleans.

Kitchen Decorated for Christmas

A whimsical display makes such a great centerpiece on the island.  I love how the refrigerator is hidden behind cabinetry.  That’s exactly my favorite treatment for appliances in the kitchen!

Kitchen Decorated for Christmas

Toward the breakfast area of the kitchen I spied a fabulous hutch.

Kitchen Hutch with Santas

A collection of baking Santas look right at home here in the kitchen.  Behind all the Santas there’s a display of cute gingerbread houses and pretty snow globes.

Kitchen Santas

You may remember this darling table from a previous post.  This is where the grandchildren normally have their lunch when visiting.  The monogram wreaths represent the name of each grandchild..

Children's Christmas Table

I also shared this table for Tablescape Thursday, too.

Candy Cane Themed Table

It has the same cute leg treatment we saw on the children’s table.  Table leg covers are from a catalog called Chasing Fireflies.

Stockings on Table Legs

The kitchen tree is a candy fantasy.  It’s goes beautifully with the peppermint dishware on the table nearby.  The colorful glass rooster collection in each window is beautiful with light shining through.  Love how Marie has those displayed.  Did you notice the roosters on the breakfast table chairs?

Marie said, “I put up 14 artificial trees and two live trees, each year . Many of the artificial trees have lights that coordinate with the room theme (i.e. red lights for the boy’s bulldog (UGA Bulldogs) room theme and pink lights for the girl’s sugar plum fairy room.  I do use some prelit trees, however, I usually add lights too them because the more lights the merrier. On most of the 14 trees, every light is put on and comes off to be stored each year.”

I know Marie’s grandchildren must absolutely love it all!  I can’t wait to share the grandson’s and granddaughter’s rooms in an upcoming post!

Kitchen Christmas Tree

Such a great way to surround this kitchen tree…with gingerbread men!

White Candy Themed Christmas Tree Surrounded by Gingerbread Men

Can you read the sign Santa is holding?  It says, “Grandma’s Motto: Squeeze ’em up, Sugar ’em Up, Send ’em Home.” πŸ˜‰

Kitchen Tree with Peppermint Candy Ornaments and Gingerbread men

Even the back hallway got a dose of Christmas…

Hall Decorated for Christmas

Another beautiful tree…

Christmas Tree in Back Hallway_wm

Coming up next: Family room and beautiful backyard with two outdoor fireplaces, great for entertaining.

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  1. Amazing!! Gorgeous, a movie!! I love the collection of chef santas, adorable!! Happy holidays and thank you for the tours, dear Susan.

  2. Dorinda Selke says

    Such a whimsical kitchen ! I have my whole kitchen done in gingerbread men and candy canes/peppermint too! I think it puts you in even more of a “Christmasy” mood, at least it does for me! Looking forward to your next post of the tour…Hugs, Dorinda

  3. That home is amazing. Everywhere you look it’s beautiful. Yet I can’t imagine having to place all the lovely things around the house only to take them down again so soon. She has so many lovely Christmas collections, Santas, Gingerbread Men, Nut Crackers and on and on. Truly this is a Christmas House. Thank you so much for sharing this home with us.

  4. I’d say the Governor’s wife loves the color RED..Susan, I have enjoyed this tour of their home..just can’t imagine having to unpack and repack all those decorations every year..and to do that many trees. Did she say how long it takes her to decor the entire house/yard? Of course, I would imagine she has hired help..Wonder where they buy some of those decorations..all a bit unusual, like those Chef Santas or are the Santa’s chefs?

    • Betty, Marie starts putting everything out in August and leaves it up until around January 5th. The only help she gets is two family members help bring the trees down from the attic and hang the really high decorations that you’ll be seeing soon in her granddaughter’s bedroom. Marie is amazing!

  5. How gorgeous! What planning and what a creative mind to be able to do this. I can’t imagine being able to plan every detail so perfectly. Sooo inspirational.


  7. It’s marvellous…when I saw the first pic I was speechless…. have a nice evening, xoxoxo Flavia

  8. Carolyn Smith says

    It is such a Christmas treat to see all these beautiful decorations. So many ideas too.

  9. So many great ideas to pull from this! Loved everything about it! You just KNOW that house is smiling from August to early January!

  10. I love this kitchen. While red is not my color I love the cabinets and the layout of that kitchen. I can envision prepping and cooking there. Just lovely.

    I would be curious how long it takes to put it all away. Did I miss the part of where she stores these decorations? They would require their own designated room. I would have to have some help.

    • Madonna, I think they are mostly stored in her attic. She has a full staircase leading up to that area. I believe it takes around 5 days. Marie starts putting things up on January 5th and is done by the 10th.

      • marie barnes says

        madonna, i have two men that do the heavy lifting, they set up the christmas trees and put the lights on them. They put stuff up that requires a ladder (except for the bows on top of the trees, which I climb the ladder to do). Then the rest of the decorating is mine to do. However when it comes to taking it down they can help with everything. That is why it only takes about 5 days to put the decorations back into storage until the next August.

        • Marie,
          I get a warm fuzzy feeling when the guys join in to lighten the load. You have a lovely home, especially your kitchen and I am in love with your French chairs in the dining room. Happy Holidays.
          Great post Susan. I am always anxious to see what you will think of next.

  11. Hi Susan…. This house is magnificent……how nice to have the storage to be able to create this wonderland.
    I LOVE the table and chair stockings……instant smile.
    Merry Christmas..
    Barb from Australia

  12. Susan, this has been, and I’m sure will continue to be, such an inspiring tour. What a beautiful home, with so many unique and gorgeous ideas. Thank you for sharing it. laurie

  13. Magical, just magical!!!! I’ve looked at the photos over and over and over again. Certainly done with love! franki

  14. I keep thinking that this house can’t get any better but it just does. I love the kitchen! The rooster painting over the stove is fantastic. I also love the rooster fabric on the dining chairs. But the most fun thing in the kitchen is the chair leg covers. That is the most unique fun element in the room. Thanks for sharing. Can hardly wait for the next batch of pictures.

  15. Susan, thanks so much for sharing more of this gorgeous home. The kitchen is truly amazing! I have one baking Santa, so I was glad to see more of them. (Just makes me want them all!!!) And I love that rooster painting in the kitchen! WOW is just about all I can say!

  16. I am so enjoying this tour! Thanks for sharing it! Looking forward to future posts! πŸ™‚

  17. I’m not ready for Christmas to be over… Thank you, Susan, for keeping it alive a lit longer though I might end with Christmas Decor Envy ahahahah πŸ˜€
    When I renewed my kitchen I was adamant in keeping the appliances hidden behind cabinetry, and I haven’t regretted it for a day.
    Merry Christmas, Susan!

  18. Oh, Susan!
    After seeing Governor Roy and Marie Barnes’ house I am in dire need of a new dictionary!
    Yes, you have read it right… a new dictionary that suggest me new adjectives for that home!
    All I know for it, are: AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, DREAMY, FABULOUS, GORGEOUS, MAGNIFICENT, MARVELLOUS, SWELL, STUNNING and WONDERFUL but… all of them will not suffice! I need new synonyms to describe this dream house! Please, help me out! πŸ™‚
    I love every room we have seen, the bounteousness of Christmas decorations, and Marie’s love to her grandchildren… the monogram wreaths are a great idea! Oh, and those gingerbread men (family) are too cute!
    Susan, does Marie decorate as much for Easter, too? Oh my, just imagine! Love it! πŸ™‚
    ~Hugs to you~
    P.S. Susan, I understand what you mean! My son had to leave due to his job, too! Sometimes I wish I could stop the time…sigh…

    • marie barnes says

      i decorate the kitchen and breakfast room as well as some outdoor decoration for ever major holiday. i have a Valentine tree (the tree in the breakfast room stays up year round only the lighs and decorations change on it). Then comes St. Patrick’s Day, then Easter, then Memorial Day when the patoritic decorations go up. These decorations stay up through labor day and that gets the 4th of July in there too. The majority of the Halloween decorations are done outside to give me room and time to get ready for christmas. The deocrations for Thanksgiving are done around the dining table, because the christmas decorations are already up by then except for the two live trees i decorate.
      Thank you posting on Susan’s bolg, and thank you for recognizing my love for my grandchildren. Our house was designed to enjoy them. They are the best thing to happen to a person’s life.
      And thank you, Susan, for doing such a beautiful job with my house on your blog.

      • Marie,
        thank you very much for your reply.
        I am sure, your wonderful home and the bounteousness of your lovely Christmas decorations just reflect your beautiful personality…
        Thank you for “letting” us into your home.
        Happy New Year!

  19. Wow what a great kitchen! Love the mammoth island! It seems like every proportion of this home is perfect! Love the kitchen chefs- I actually have some of the same ones! The trees are great- she does a great job of decorating them!

  20. Mary from Virginia says

    I love that kitchen! Clever use of the white garland and white tree in the kitchen with the black table and chairs. Very nice. I really enjoyed the tour!

  21. So beautiful! I have enjoyed the ‘open house’ thus far and look forward to seeing more of this lovely home.
    Would it be possible to take a “tour” in spring or summer? I’d love to see it at other times of year as well.

  22. Do you ever feel like you have to keep looking at your photos because each time you look, you see something new that you missed before? It truly looks like out of a movie, fairy tale, dream house. Did you notice the dishes around that round table that has the black chairs with elf shoes? Looks like some I’ve seen at Pier 1 store..I love to go into that store..but my eyes end up hurting when I come out as there’s so much to look at! Christmas time is my favorite time but summer isn’t far behind.

    Was Marie an Interior designer before she become the governor’s wife? All those trees kind of remind me to the Festival of Trees that Wilmington, NC has each year. Each tree is decorated by an organization or group and your eyes feel like you are looking into a Winter wonderland or something magical. I took my dear mother and a church friend of hers and mine and Mama was in awe, it was like her feet were glued to the floor, but when she saw or heard the little children’s choir, her attention went to them. All she talked about on way home was those little kids, how darling they were. Nothing about the beautiful trees until next day she mentioned them. Guess she forgot about the little kids by then. She had the beginning of Alzheimer’s by then. After the Festival of Trees for benefit of Wilmington Hospice, the trees were taken to various nursing homes and the hospitals to enjoy. It was held in the Wilmington Hilton Hotel which is beautiful to start with.

  23. I have Christmas tree envy!!! and would put up that many trees if I had the room. Some how, somewhere in my house I must find a spot to fit a white tree. The lovely hutch really caught my eye and those stain glass poinsettias panels in the windows are very nice. Do you happen to know where they came from? Looking forward to the bedrooms and back yard.

    • marie barnes says

      I bought those panels many years ago on the Home Shopping Network that comes on TV. They have been two of my favorite pieces.

  24. OOH love this kitchen.Would love to wake up Christmas morning and eat there. πŸ™‚

  25. Oh that white tree! Truly adorable and definitely, ‘scrumdiddlyumptious’ with its peppermint decorations and colony of ginergerbread persons at its base. ºÜº Thank you once again for sharing, Susan and Marie. -Brenda-

  26. Jeannie from WNC says

    What a great tour! Love how the kitchen is laid out, and those leg coverings are awesome! Such a delight! Thanks for sharing with us!

  27. What a fabulous house. Marie, you have created a wonderful fantasy land for your grand children. They will always have fond memories of the magic. Thank you for inviting us inside to experience your creativity and beautiful home. I now know who lives in that fabulous house I drive by. Your attention to detail is very impressive and inspirational. I won’t complain any more when my lights get tangled or don’t light while I’m decorating my ONE tree. And I just have to add, Marie, “you sure can shop, girl”. How you have found all these fun, and special decorations and put them together with such talent, is truly an inspiration. Also thank you Susan for sharing The Barnes home with the rest of us. Perhaps you will get invited back for the next holiday. If so, please share.

    • marie barnes says

      thanks Marsha for that idea, (to invite Susan back for Valentine’s day) she is welcome anytime she wants to come.

  28. Elfie Berry says

    Thank you so much for sharing this magical home with us. Am looking forward to seeing the grandchildren’s rooms. Greetings from Australia

  29. marie barnes says

    Elfie Berry, we have something in common, my daughter in law was born in Australia. She and her brother both were born there, their parents were in Austraila because of her father’s business. they moved back to the states when she was 4. She now holds duel citizenship and has been back to Australia once with her husband (my son) and their son.

  30. Vicki Patton says


  31. I am completely in love with this house! I’ve been following your posts and I have to admit each one becomes more and more breathtaking. Thank you for sharing and thankyou to the home owner for sharing with us! <3

    Happy New Year!

  32. Hello,
    such beautiful decorations and unique. I know this a few years later. But where do you find those beautiful, unique decorations. Any go-to catalogs/websites. Also, where did you get those Baking Santas and cute gingerbread under the kitchen tree? Thanks!

    • Hi Lauren,
      I checked with Marie and she said some of the decorations you mentioned are from Hobby Lobby and some are from eBay, Pier 1 and Grandinroad.

  33. Hi I was looking at your past posts of your friend Maria’s home and I was wondering where she bought that whimsical center piece on her kitchen island decorated for Christmas ? Thanks Arleen

  34. Hi I love the centerpiece on her kitchen island ! Do you know where she purchased this ?
    (The Santa standing in cake). Thanks

    • Arleen, I’m not sure. Marie buys a lot of her decorations from Grandinroad, HomeGoods and Tuesday Morning. The taller pieces often come from Grandinroad. They carry a lot of big decorations. Also, she has purchased some things from Pier 1 and from Touchstone online…I think it’s called Touchstone. Hope this helps give you some ideas on where to look for something similar.

      • Thanks Susan , I hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful . Looking forward to your future posts . I loved the tablescape ! I see that you bought the acorn tureens ☺️.

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