Tour A Charming Connecticut Dream Cottage

You know that little yellow cottage I’m always dreaming of–the one that’s actually a playhouse but I’m just so sure could be built to real-life size? Well, hold onto your knickers because I think I found it in real life form. Yep, I’m pretty sure I have and we can actually go inside!

It’s available for purchase but unfortunately not in an area where I can move. Plus, it’s a bit outside my budget. Okay, it’s a lot outside my budget, but it’s definitely a dream cottage and proves this darling playhouse could be built in real life. Yes it could!

Here’s a picture of my dream cottage…that’s actually a playhouse and completely adorable.

Yellow Dream Cottage With White Picket Fence



So, what do you think? Notice the similarities between this charming, historic (105 year old!) Connecticut cottage below and my dream cottage above. They both have a sweet porch and dormer windows. Both have a window boxes overflowing with flowers and a gate with an arbor overhead. Both exude cottage charm–not too big, just the right size. Look! The real cottage even has the fireplace I had mentioned I would want in my dream cottage.

Ummm, wonder how it would look painted yellow and surrounded with a little white picket fence. 🙂

Let’s go inside and check it out!

Adorable Waterside Connecticut Cottage


You know I love that red door…got a thing for red doors! Beautiful hardwood floors and soft yellow walls. Wonder if the yellow paint is Sugar Cookie? Now that would be spooky wouldn’t it…if it was painted with my fave, yellow ‘Sugar Cookie’ paint.

Cottage Living


Love the field stone fireplace! Imagine curling up here in front of the fire on a cold winter’s night, hot chocolate in hand as snow softly drifts down outside the window. ~~~sigh~~~

Fieldstone Fireplace for Cottage Living


Looks like there are some built-in cabinets there to the left of the fireplace. Let’s check out the reading nook.

Cottage Living Room with Fieldstone Fireplace


I could see this little nook outfitted with a couple of plush, comfty chairs, a shared matching ottoman and a table with a lamp in between. I can’t help myself, I’m decorating this storybook home in my mind as we go. Do you do that?

Reading Nook


The kitchen has cottage charm written all over it.

Red Kitchen Cabinets


Notice the handy storage bins built into the cabinets. Love a hidden fridge!

Red Cottage Kitchen


There’s a little desk for cookbook perusing and planning out the week’s menu.

Cottage Kitchen with Red Cabinets


Here’s another little nook for lettering writing and dreaming. Let’s go upstairs…I think you’re going to love the upstairs.

Small Cottage Office


A little place to sit and enjoy the waterside view out back. Just wait until you see the view! Notice the wonderful paneled doors…love those in lovely old homes.

Cottage Style


A darling bedroom with a darling dormer window…love! A room like this requires a bit of creativity for placing the bed. I like how they have in on an angle. I love seeing beds done like that. I have a similar layout for my guest room.

Blue and White Cottage Bedroom


There’s even a fireplace in the master bedroom, the one I mentioned in my dream post. It’s uncanny how close this home resembles my dream home!

Cottage Bedroom in Blue and White


The other bedroom is just as charming!

Bright and Airy Cottage Bedroom


The bath appears to have been fully renovated. I think this home has two baths, per the listing. Okay, let’s go check out the view.

Bath Makeover


I’m not sure there’s room for that big screened porch I envisioned, but this porch is pretty awesome.

Porch Living


Ohhh, there’s an upstairs porch and the front porch is a wrap-around porch, too. Very cool! Love all the porches!

Waterside Cottage


Wow! Could the view be any more beautiful?! Yep, it’s a dream cottage!

Cottage Deck for Entertaining Waterside


You’ll find additional photos of this wonderful cottage at Houlihan Lawrence where the pictures in this post were found.

Adorable Waterside Connecticut Cottage


Love a great storybook cottage? Take a tour of this French Country Cottage here: French Country Cottage With A Dream Kitchen

French Country Kitchen

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  1. Thanks for the tour. Would love to sit on any of the porches. Hope you are getting stronger each day. I love this site.

    • Thanks, Patricia. Working is good…good to focus on something else. I feel my sister close to me though, like she’s still here watching out. I think she’s my guardian angel now…at least I hope so.

  2. Rattlebridge Farm says

    Love the cottage and the setting on the pond. What a wonderful kitchen, too. The porches would be perfect for your tablescapes. Fun tour!

  3. Love, love, love (and adore, too) the kitchen!

  4. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Lol, Susan. 😀 That IS a lot like your little playhouse dream cottage. How funny that you found it. And for such a tiny house (less than 1,200 square feet) it sure has a lot of cozy spots. I love, love, love those red kitchen cabinets! Such a pretty but also practical, kitchen. Lots of storage! The living room is so tiny and cute. Love the stone fireplace and the built ins on either side. Plus, it doesn’t have ‘dead’ space because there is a door to the far left of the fireplace that leads to … probably the kitchen. Very sweet. And I would say that little nook on the other end of the house could be made into a tiny but adorable formal dining room, if one was so inclined. The master is big and spacious (beautiful blue) and I love the doors that lead to the upper porch. Love the slanted ceilings, too.

    Well, too bad it’s so far from your preferred area, but my cost, at over a million dollars for under 1,200 square feet, that may be for the best! Plus, the property taxes! Yikes. So glad I don’t live up north any more.

    Great tour. Thanks. 🙂

    • Good point…wonder where the dining area is? I can’t tell from the floor plan at the site. There must be a breakfast room or something near the kitchen. I like the 1200 square foot size. Small = less to clean = more time reading and biking. 🙂

      • pam ~ crumpety cottage says

        I couldn’t find it either. But I did figure something out .. that door I mentioned to the left of the fireplace, that actually leads to what is presumably, the front entry hall. The staircase is there. I suppose the front door could be at the opposite end of the hallway, with the stairs going up from the back side. It’s odd that they didn’t show any area in which to eat. I wouldn’t be surprised if that area with the green chairs is actually the dining area. At any rate, it’s an adorable house; perfect for one or two people, even with a baby. 😉 But oh … that price!

  5. Beautiful! As I was looking at that inspiring kitchen, I was thinking the only thing it was missing was a dishwasher, then I noticed the two drawers next to the sink. Yes! It does have a dishwasher, a two drawer dishwasher. I loved that kitchen!

    • Oh, I bet you’re right! Good eyes! I wonder if they work separately so you could just run a small load in one instead of waiting until you had a full load. That would be awesome!

  6. I love this little home. Thank you for sharing. It is so good to have you back posting. Praying that you are healing.

  7. Selma Kessler says

    I love the porches! As beautiful as that little cottage is, your home and porch are equally beautiful, Susan. You have a GORgeous dining room that is just stunning! And girl, just where would you store your china?? 🙂

    • Awww, thanks Selma! Ha! Now that could be a problem…where to store the dishes. You know how most folks have a garden shed or potting shed? I might need a dish shed! 😉

  8. It is a lovely cottage and I like how you have ‘decorated’ it 😉

  9. Oh my….that cottage has everything and it is so ADORABLE!!

  10. Wish I knew what the name of the red on the cupboards – love them.

  11. I don’t know–with those views, would you ever really get any tablescapes done? 😉

  12. It is a very pretty and happy cottage! The views are so relaxing. I really liked the furniture they have in it too!

  13. What a lovely cottage. You didn’t mention the chandelier going up the stairs. It’s a beauty! What a perfect size. and beautiful view. I too, envision little changes viewing houses. It’s so fun!

  14. What a sweet little place. Somehow, I don’t think I’d mind no dishwasher if I lived here.

  15. LOVE that red kitchen!!

  16. bobbi duncan says

    Susan, I can not believe how much this house resembles your/my dream cottage!!! That water view is gorgeous! I could sit there most of the day looking at that…. and really could with so little home up-keep. I almost passed out when I saw the price! I think my area of the country is high, but compared to other places near a big city, it really isn’t. I love the kitchen, but not keen on the cabinet color, and would like a bigger living room as we get a good amount of company, and it’s the room we live in the most. If we ever get to build our dream home, I’d like the living area to have lots of windows whereby it also doubles as a room similar to a sunroom. That way, we wouldn’t have two separate rooms to clean ( can you tell I’m sick of cleaning? lol!). I’ve spent my whole life being meticulous, and some time last year decided there was so much more to life. Problem is, I know I’ll always want a neat house, so the answer is….I NEED that little cottage!!!!! Michael is so ready for it, too, but can’t afford to change from a good job at this point in our lives ( but, we sure do think about it). You have to get YOUR cottage so that I can live vicariously through you. Like you, I always decorate rooms in my mind, and have this thing about reconfiguring house plans to make them more functional, as well as more esthetically pleasing (at least, to me). I often wish I’d gone on to be an architect (shoulda, coulda, woulda). We’re looking into places to retire… looks like it will be one of the the Carolinas or the mountains of NE GA. Would like to get land or a lot now before prices go even higher. Thanks for the “dreamy” post. BTW, we love your paint colors. The builder-grade paint we now have is similar, but so….. “builder-grade”, with primer showing through, but it shows us that it goes well with most everything. I printed your paint formulas from an old post. Thank you so much for doing all that…you are truly one-in-a-million!

  17. Such a sweet cottage, Susan, but not such a sweet price!!! Love the view. I immediately thought of Laura Ashley when we *walked* into the living room.
    Not sure where this cottage is situated, but it looks lovely.

  18. That’s cute, Susan. I love many of the elements, but the two things they did that drove up the cost – the red kitchen cabs and the updated bathroom aren’t me at all. I’d love to find something a teeny bit more rustic.

    By the way, the address, 35 Old Farm Rd is a neat name. And speakign of names, my niece’s name is Darien. : )

    Thanks for the home tour, I too would love love love living in a small cottage – I am ready to give up our big house now that the kids are gone. Hugs.

  19. Thanks for sharing this charming cottage! I love red kitchen cabinets!

  20. We live a few Towns over from Darien in Fairfield Connecticut. This is why we want to move – because it is so stinking expensive.

  21. I now feel the need to drink some sweet tea and grab a hand fan.

  22. Hi there! Just wanted to thank you so much for sharing this sweet cottage! I Loved it! Your site is dangerous for me. I keep clicking on other links to wonderful homes that I love, and realize an hour has slipped by. You have excellent taste! (or, do I think you have excellent taste because I agree with everything you say and post) 🙂 Keep up the excellent posting, and Thanks again!!!

  23. Susan…I can just see you living in that beautiful cottage…it is “you” !!
    I have been gathering pictures and notes of the “retirement/downsized cottage” that I want to build…Building seems to be the only way I can get the cottage of my dreams…hope you are doing well, Susan….thinking of you!

    • Shirley, that’s such a smart thing to do…to start planning early and collecting ideas. I’ve thought about that, too…finding a lot and just building it to get it just right. The one thing I know I would want that would run up the cost is true divided light windows. There are very few companies still making those but hopefully with a small home, it wouldn’t add too much to the cost.

  24. Susan,I love your tours but this was one of my favorites.I could sit on the porch with coffee & a good book for hours.Thanks.Also your sister will always be watching over you.Let the wonderful memories comfort you.

  25. (Thought I sent this earlier.) Love, love, love (and adore it, too) the kitchen!

    • I just found your comment in the spam file. 🙁 Glad I went through the comments in there before I deleted them. Makes me wonder how many others it’s thrown in there in error.

    • I just found the other comment in there, too. I marked them both “not spam” so hopefully it won’t do that anymore.

  26. Susan, I can really see you in a cottage like this! It’s funny that you mentioned a dish shed. We got a new storage building a few months ago that holds all of my stuff, including dishes! No more climbing into the attic for me!

  27. Linda Page says

    oh my stars….I love the vegetable bins in the kitchen cabinets. Reminds me of my granny’s kitchen from my childhood. She and my grandfather lived in a tiny 3 room house with a screened in side porch that we went through to enter the house through the kitchen. I dont think anyone ever used the front door. Her kitchen was small but it had veggie bins in the cabinets with glass and a pull out dough board where she let me help her make cakes and pies. There was a round ball & claw pedestal dining table in there, too, with 6 matching high back chairs. She gave those away when she bought a turquoise chrome dinnette set in the late 50’s. That broke my heart because I loved that pedestal table. I guess I have always been a sucker for old stuff. Loved the tour. Maybe you can afford that cottage when you finally pull together that tablescape/recipe book we talked about in Louisiana. still think it is a good idea.

  28. Susan I so believe in guardian angels, I’m happy you have that feeling to carry you through!

    About the house, so adorable, but it needs a little cozying up in my opinion. I love to redecorate in my mind. And the price – I understood when I saw it was in Darien CT….. But it has everything just in the views! It’s good to dream!

    • Thanks, Cheryl! Yeah, in that area, that’s probably a fair price. I know prices are a lot higher in the northeast than they are here in the south. Plus, I think the home is located in a especially beautiful area close to the water/beaches.

  29. Who is the builder of this house? It would be wonderful to have this home in our glorious sunny south, land is not as expensive and home is better for me. I absolutely love this house. Thank you for sharing , God’s blessings on you, from a Southern woman to another!

    • Thanks, Jaqueline! I’m not sure. It’s an historic home built in 1910. If you find a good architect/builder in your area and show them the home, I’m sure they can have plans drawn up for you. It should be a pretty simple home to recreate or something very similar. I love these sweet cottages, too.

  30. Dorinda Selke says

    Hi Susan – I thought maybe this cottage was near where I live in CT, but it’s on the shoreline in Darien. Much too busy down there for this country gal. Now, if you moved that cottage up north about 50 miles where I live, now you’re cookin’ 🙂 Hugs, Dorinda

  31. Lovely, INDEED!! That “panel ready” fridge is SO NICE!! Say, Susan, we’re going to have to have a “sleep under” in April….I ordered your plaid sheets!! 🙂 franki

    • Franki, those sheets are the bomb! I broke down and ordered them (after I wrote that post) in cream which will look better with my plaid duvet. I love the plaid ones, though…the colors are so pretty! I hope the ones they send in April are exactly the same as the previous ones Hopefully they won’t change anything about them.

  32. Glenice lightly says

    Susan it is so beautiful, we all have our dream home and hopefully we all attain it. In the meantime we have inspiration from you. It seems to be the dream for the home like this and the white picket fence. Does this stem from childhood?, I believe it does. I used to draw that type of house as a child, also played in the garden making fairy homes out of moss and leaves. The tours you take us on are lovely so we can dream along with you. After my mother passed I found an old newspaper clipping of a home that was secretly her dream home. Keep our dreams alive, regards Glenice.

  33. SharonFromMichigan says

    Oh Susan – I L-O-V-E the kitchen! The beadboard on the wall by the desk is awesome. I love the red painted kitchen cabinets. I’m a country primitive person myself, but that kitchen is beautiful. I would love a home by the water too – just so relaxing…….hmmmm… to dream!

  34. Such a pretty cottage – glad I didn’t peak at how much it costs. Because I want it. 🙂

  35. I just LoVe the little cottage! I could move right in and call it home. The two porches, the view, the gorgeous red door in the perfect kitchen…oh, I could just go on and on. I did just LoVe everything about it. Good luck to you in finding your perfect cottage…were you looking for a small cottage for your backyard? I’d be playing all day:)
    Hugs Marg.

    • Thanks, Marg! No, I’m thinking about downsizing sometime in the next few years. Would do it sooner if I found the right cottage for the right price. It’s hard to think of moving though after living in the same place for so long.

  36. That is gorg. Like the yellow outside. But then I have a hardtime disliking any of your posts. Thanks for sharing.

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