Tour a Coastal Dream Home Designed by Historical Concepts, Palmetto Bluff

This morning I fell down a rabbit hole, a fascinating, although slightly bitter-sweet, rabbit hole. I came across this beautiful home designed by my favorite design firm, Historical Concepts. I love their designs more than words can say.

Palmetto Bluff Home Designed By Historical Concepts_wm


If you don’t already have their book, you’ll want to check it out HERE. It’s wonderful! I hope they write another book one day, I’ll preorder it the moment I hear about it, if they do!

Back to the beautiful home I’m sharing with you today: The low-country home we’re touring today is located in enchanting Palmetto Bluff along the coast of South Carolina. We’ve visited Palmetto Bluff a few times before, do you remember? Once was when we toured the 2014 Southern Living Idea House. (Tour can be found here: Tour the Beautiful 2014 Southern Living Idea House)

The history behind this low-country area in South Carolina is fascinating. It goes all the way back to 10,000 BC, way too much for us to cover in today’s post. But one part of the history tugged at my heart.

Back in 1910, Richard Wilson, a well-to-do New York banker, purchased Palmetto Bluff and built this grand mansion to share with family and friends. He and his wife held amazing parties here and guests would arrive by steamship or railroad and stay for weeks!

The top photo depicts how it once looked and sadly the photo below it depicts all that remains today. Before I even read the story of what happened to the home, I just knew it was going to be a fire, and it was. 🙁 The home burned down on March 26th, 1926.

The part that really got to me was in THIS article where I found the photo below. It said that as the house became engulfed in flames, Mr. Wilson had to be led away from it twice. Can you imagine watching a home you’ve lived in for so many years go up in flames!

He didn’t have the heart to rebuild and moved back to New York where he died just three years later, no doubt from a broken heart. I wonder what started the fire? I couldn’t find anything about that.

Richard Wilson's 1910 Mansion, Before & After Fire, Palmetto Bluff, Bluffton, SC_wm

Photo from:


Today a wonderful village has been built around the remains of what’s left of Mr. Wilson’s mansion and the home we’re touring is right there in the village itself, just a few feet away from the village Inn. I love the exterior, another beautiful home design by Historical Concepts.

Palmetto Bluff Home Designed By Historical Concepts_wm


I wish my garage door was two door and looked just like this. Would you call this a barn door style or a carriage style? Whatever it is, I do love it! I also love the brick driveway and walkway. Brick adds so much warmth and personality wherever it is used.

The home is surrounded by 100’s year old Live Oaks. Imagine looking out the windows each day and seeing such history and beauty just outside your home!

Carriage, Barn Doors for New Old Home, Designed by Historical Concepts_wm


This is where I’d live, on this wonderful porch! Those look like some serious, working shutters, don’t they? I guess they would come in handy if a hurricane came this way.

Notice the garden stool being used as a small chairside table. I love using them this way in my home!

Garden stool as small table for porch_wm


There’s a nice spot for dining on the other side of the porch. Don’t you absolutely love the view looking down the street! Just look at all the Spanish Moss hanging down from the trees!

Front Porch with Outdoor Trestle Style Table_wm


Hope you enjoy the tour, I’ll be right over here napping and reading while you take the tour.

Old Fashioned Porch Swing with Cushion & Pillows_wm


Notice the shiplap wall and beadboard ceiling design. Perfect for a coastal home!

Every waterside home needs a blue and white striped rug, ala the movie, Somethings Gotta Give. (Tour the Something’s Gotta Give Home here: Something’s Gotta Give.)

Living Room with Linen Upholstered Sofa & Chairs, Blue, White Striped Rug_wm


Look at the size of the window panes in those windows, really maximizes the view!

Blue & White Striped Rug for Coastal Beach Home_wm


The kitchen is open to the living and dining room.

Historical Concepts Home, Palmetto Bluff_wm


The kitchen has custom cabinets and Carrara marble countertops.

Beautiful kitchen in Historical Concepts Palmetto Bluff home_wm


It’s also dressed out in professional Viking appliances. Let’s check out the Butler’s pantry!

Viking Refrigerator for Palmetto Bluffs Historical Concepts Home_wm


Love how they found a way to include windows in this space, really keeps it light and bright.

Butler's Pantry with Bar Tray_wm


The house has four bedrooms and they are all wonderful!

Beautiful blue & white bedroom, Palmetto Bluff, Historical Concepts Home_wm


At first I thought this might be the master bedroom since it has a morning kitchen, but the listing says the home has two master suites on the first floor of the home. The view out the window and the ceiling shape/design tells me this space is on the second floor, so I believe it may the guest house which is located above the detached garage we saw earlier.

Morning Kitchen, White 4-Poster Bed, Palmetto Bluff_wm


Lucky are the guests who get to stay here!

Morning Kitchen with Refrigerator, Microwave, Sink, Coffee Maker_wm


This must be one of the master bedroom suites.

Bedroom in neutral colors of gray, cream, oatmeal linen colors_wm


Love all the built-in cabinetry. So since this home has two master suites on the lower level, it’s definitely a home one could live in all the way into retirement.

Custom built in cabinetry for Historical Concepts home, Palmetto Bluffs_wm


I absolutely love this darling attic bedroom with dormer sleeping quarters. Notice all the pretty wainscoting and built in drawer space.

Attic bedroom with dormer windows, built-in beds and cabinetry_wm


Here’s the other side of this delightful room. Looks like they even allowed for attic storage…great idea!

Charming attic bedroom with wainscoting and built-in beds_wm


Out back there’s a small brick courtyard that appears to lead to the garage and the guest house we saw earlier.

Brick Patio with Pergola for Entertaining_wm


Such a beautiful home and I loved seeing photos of the surrounding village. You’ll find additional photos of this home, where these photos were found, here: Palmetto Home Designed by Historical Concepts. See more of the village at Palmetto Bluff here: Historical Concepts

Beautiful Historical Concepts Home, Palmetto Bluff_wm


You’ll find the book written by James Strickland, the President of Historical Concepts, available here: Coming Home

Coming Home by James Lowell Strickland

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  1. Such beautiful pictures!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Oh, my word, Susan. I could move into that place right now! There’s nothing I would change. Thank you for sharing (love the idea of curtains to close off the twin bed in the upstairs bedroom! My daughter has a similar dormer space, and I’m sharing this idea with her!) Just beautiful. Rosie

  3. bobbi duncan says

    I can just feel the gentle breezes coming off the water while sipping a cold drink on that lovely wide porch, and the moss swaying to and fro (oh, I miss the live oaks we had in our FL yard!). I really like the corner window in the one bedroom and the daybed in the alcove under a window for curling up with a good book. Smart how they flanked the bed with built-in drawers under the eaves. Thanks for the lovely tour!

  4. That’s a charming home. I love the way it’s trimmed out. It feels like 1930’s vintage. They utilized every inch of space in this home which is fantastic. I call those carriage doors and I love them too. I would love to change mine to be like those but we already replaced ours and I doubt hubby will go for it. I am fascinated by the south but I’m skeptical about being able to handle the humidity and heat. I don’t do well in it anymore! So sad about Mr. Wilson’s home burning down. I imagine with the fact that most of those homes had multiple fireplaces it started from one of those or in the kitchen. Sad to see the ruins there still holding their position.

    • I love how Historical Concepts designs new “old” homes. They really do give you those features we love in the older homes.
      Yeah, the humidity is rough, although the mornings and evenings are pretty nice. This year, we sort of went right from May straight to August weather. It got hot early. I love the heat though, so I don’t really mind.
      I know when I’ve gone on a lot of home tours, fires often started in the kitchen, so I bet you’re right, Liz.

  5. I love all the soft colors with some warm woods added in. It is so comfy and cozy, without being too cutesy. Will have to jump on google maps and tour the neighborhood too.

  6. Surprised at how many loved this home. All that white is so antiseptic. A lot more blue or yellow would certainly add warmth and coziness. Pillows, lampshades, flowers, paintings in vivid colors would work wonders. I wonder if there is anyone else out there who feels as I do? Checking out your blog each day is fun and often gives me inspiration to make a few changes here and there.

    • The whites are to give a sense of coolness…summers in SC are HUMID and as they say sultry…bless their hearts! When I lived there homes were stripped of winter bedding, drapes, rugs to create illusion of clean, light, less housework. Lived there for 6 yrs and now in Va where the bugs don’t invade and grow the size of one’s feet! I do love the Low Country look…good memories of the charm and manners of the Deep South.

    • They may have also styled it that way to make it very neutral since it’s on the market now, although in such a hot climate, I bet the white feels cool as Nancy mentioned.

  7. Marlene Stephenson says

    What a great place to live, there are so many nice things for company and i love the doors for the garage and the brick patio in between.

  8. How quickly can I move in? Really interesting story about the mansion at Palmetto Bluff! I had no idea there had been such a grand home there. I see that Coming Home was written with Susan Sully. She writes very well and has a wonderful “eye” for design and detail. I had her come for a book signing at the art museum I worked for in 2003 when her Charleston Style book was released. I highly recommend her other books as they are all beautifully photographed and very well written. Most are available at Amazon. I don’t have her book Casa Florida and, now that I’m living in Florida, I really should order it. Thanks for this fun post!

  9. Thanks for sharing this gem! I want a house with a room or an apartment over the garage for my kids so that they can come visit (when they move out) and not feel like they have to stay quiet if I’m sleep. So this would be perfect. Also I love the idea of the twin bed being in the window like it is. Makes the room have more space. Great idea.

  10. Susan, what a beautiful tour! Love the exterior and of course, the interior is as lovely as the outside! I need to get the book! Hope you are staying cool in our Southern heat and humidity! Pam @ Everyday Living

  11. I could also just move right in! It is so airy and comfortable. And I especially love the patio area with the white arbor. This was fun to see!

  12. So beautiful, Susan! I love how fresh and cool everything looks~blue and white is always a favorite. Beautiful pictures!
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  13. Cyndi Raines says

    What a mansion!! Wish there were pictures of the inside and yes, it is oh so sad that it burned down! Poor Mr. Wilson. I agree he probably did die of a broken heart! Love the airiness of this low-country home and I agree with Liz (above), it does have a 1930’s vintage look in the attic bedrooms. Susan, Lowes carries some neat garage doors that have the barn / carriage look. We had to replace our 17 year old door 2 years ago and we have a carriage door look and I LOVE it. (Purchased from a local company, less money and even prettier). We get a lot of compliments on it and because our garage is unattached it really does take on the look of a carriage house, complete with a small cupola and weather vane on top. Thanks for the great post!

    • I know, I was thinking the same thing. One of the articles I read said it was filled with beautiful furniture and art that was irreplaceable. It had 40 bedrooms! Can you imagine furnishing that many bedrooms! They must have had some really grand celebrations there. Cyndi, do you just have one door? I only have one BIG door. I’ve seen some styles that almost make a single big door look like two doors.

  14. Oh my golly it is absolutely awesome! I LOVE this house!!!!!!

  15. Count me in, too!! franki

  16. Palmetto Bluff has always been a special place! All the cottages in the village are charming, efficient, and comfortable. For those of you who would like to build your own (maybe at Palmetto Bluff – maybe somewhere else), we have several of the plans, including this one, that were designed by Historical Concepts available for sale on our website.

  17. Susan, thanks for sharing the story of Mr. Wilson and this beautiful home tour! I love it all! How nice to have a guest cottage where you AND your guests have such privacy! Love that. Just got home from vacation the other day and am catching up.

  18. Just saw this story today and loved it! Wish the link still worked because i would love any information on some of that furniture.

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