A Fabulous Beach House On Long Beach Island

I’m baaaaack! And what a drive! I left Ohio yesterday morning around 9:00 AM and didn’t get home until 9:30 PM. A drive that normally takes around 9-9-1/2 hours took over 12 hours. Shortly after leaving I got stuck behind an accident that shut the interstate down to 1 lane.

I 75


Once I got past that, I was in constant torrential downpours and tornado-like weather for hours and hours. If you live in southern Kentucky or Tennessee, you know what I’m talking about. You know it’s bad when even the 18 wheelers are pulling off on the side of the road. At one point, as I sat in a parking lot waiting it out yet again, my car was rocking from side to side so hard, I thought it was going to flip over.

I pulled up the weather maps on my iPad during the many times I had to pull over and it was just a sea of yellow and red splotches moving across TN for hours on end. Anyone else get caught driving in that stuff? I came very close to stopping and just renting a room somewhere for the night. Scariest drive ever!

For most of my drive home, I was listening to the sometimes soothing, sometimes harrowing tale of The Outermost House by Henry Beston. I downloaded it from Audible while in Ohio for the drive home. Have you ever read it?

In 1926, Henry Beston spent a full year living in a tiny, 2-room cottage on Nauset Beach on Cape Cod. He chronicles in detail what life was like back then on Nauset and it ranges from an idyllic, peaceful bliss to a brutal, scary place with life-threatening storms.

The Outermost House by Henry Beston


I never knew so many ships and boats went down off the coast of Cape Cod. After listening to this book, I’m amazed anyone has the guts to serve in the Coast Guard. You have to be very brave and selfless to do that job!

If you liked Thoreau’s Walden Pond, or enjoy birding, especially shore birds, you’ll like this book. It’s a classic that I’m late in discovering. It has great reviews on Amazon, too. You can read those here: The Outermost House

After listening to what life was like on Cape Cod in the 1920’s, I’m in the mood for a beach house tour, only I’m craving something a bit bigger and more beautifully furnished than “Fo’castle” in The Outermost House. 😉

I love a beach house decorated in typical blues like aqua or navy, but designer, Jenny Wolf of Jenny Wolf Interiors went a slightly different route with this darling beach house on Long Beach Island. It’s lively and invigorating and oh, so fun!

Several of the rooms in this home made me think of Palm Beach. Many years ago I spent a week in Palm Beach and fell in love with the Palm Beach style. The coffee table reminds me of the decor in the home where we were staying. Beach house furniture and decor can be classic and timeless, too.

Beach House Living Room in Bright Colors


The design on this chest would be pretty easy to duplicate on a thifted chest using Marion’s (Miss Mustard Seed) Milk Paint.

Beach House Furniture Chest


So, you know how upholstered headboards are all the rage?

Beach House Master Bedroom


How about doing one with a fishy fabric! So fun! Doesn’t that white garden stool (above) look perfect in this room. I love the natural jute rug contrasting against the clean white color of the side tables, bedding and walls. Just a gorgeous, beach-house bedroom!

Beachy Upholstered Headboard in Fish Fabric


Love the sea urchin lamp! I’ve seen several of those in HomeGoods and Marshalls, but none as cute as this one.

Sea Urchin Beach Lamp


A fabulous master closet…notice how the light fixture has kind of sea urchin feel.

Master Closet for a Beach House


Such a beautiful bedroom with a fabulous spool bed!

Palm Beach Style Bedroom


Cute shell chandelier!

Shell Chandelier


The lattice-work fabric, especially in this color green, reminds me of the Palm Beach decor I saw during my visit to that area.

Geometric Fabric in Green


Absolutely love Jenny’s selection of fabrics for this home, including this wonderful, leaf design for a cozy, reading corner.

Leafy Green Fabric for a Summer House


This is such a great room for a little girl.

Girls Bedroom in Green and Hot Pink


I have this thing for chests, you can never, ever have too many! Notice the pink light reflected in the mirror…love! See the cute tassels down the front of the chest?

White Chest for Girl's Bedroom


Doesn’t it look like you could make these with a skein/floss of embroidery yarn? It looks like you could fold a few skeins of embroidery floss in half, wrap a piece of yarn around the top to create the top part and snip off the ends.

Skein Yarn Tassels


Another darling spot for sleeping or reading. Adorable shades on the sconces.

Daybed in Pink and Green for Beach House


The view!!!

Ocean View


I don’t think I would have ever thought of mixing corral pink with this color of blue, but doesn’t it look great!

Beach House Bathroom Design



If you love this look, check out the chandeliers on eBay. You can find some really cute, inexpensive ones there and can spray paint them in any color you like.

Chandelier Painted Salmon Pink


This bathroom is so cute with aqua stars on the ceiling. Imagine if they glowed! Wonder if they do?

You can see much more of this wonderful beach house at Jenny Wolf’s website here: Jenny Wolf Interiors.

Beach House Bathroom in Aqua

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  1. Oh, Susan, I just adore anything and everything that has to do with beach. Oh, it live by the sea!

    • I would love to have a cottage by the sea, too. I have an idea…we need to get 26 bloggers together and we’ll all go in on a beach house somewhere where it’s warm all year long. Then we’ll each get two weeks at the house each year. 🙂

  2. Susan: I am so sorry you got caught up in the traffic on I75 South. There was a horrible accident involving an 18 wheeler hitting the bridge, catching on fire and the driver being ejected over the bridge into KY river.

    Yes the storms were horrible!

    Love this beach house and all the decorate. I look forward to your daily post. I can’t wait to hear about your trip to Italy this fall.

    • I’m pretty sure that’s what I was behind because when I finally got up to it, I could see what looked like a tractor trailer all burned up. At that point, it was already loaded onto another tractor trailer bed/tow truck. That’s amazing that the driver was literally ejected. I wonder if he was wearing a seat belt. I hope he survived. How in the world did he hit the bridge, I thought bridges were made tall enough so that wouldn’t happen.

    • I just googled it and apparently he lost control of the truck and hit the bridge barrier.

  3. Oh my, I love the color combinations. Really beautiful rooms. However, I don’t care for the weird black bed. It’s just a little too much, and I think the bathroom has too much tile for me. It looks a little gym- like. The master bedroom is to die for. Thanks for showing this to us. Glad you arrived home safely.

  4. Exhausting trip!

    But the house is beautiful. Amazing level of detail and they weren’t afraid of color. They have a lively and happy home.
    I can’t decide which of the details I love most. Is it the spool bed, or the urchin lamp, or the awesome closet? Very hard to choose!

    • Definitely! I was never so happy to see my house as I was after that trip! Actually, I was just happy to see good ole Georgia. It hadn’t rained a smidgen here.
      That lamp is pretty awesome…I’d sneak off with that in a heartbeat. 🙂

  5. Linda Page says

    I am so sorry that you had such an awful drive home but at least you got home safely……tired but safe!! So……do you have new grandson pictures to share???? This house is really cute. This is a great use of bright colors. I don’t think I am that brave but I like how it is decorated. Thanks for sharing.

    • I took a few. 🙂 They are all on my laptop so I need to go through them all and somehow get them onto my real computer here at home.

  6. So glad you made it home safely! We’ve made some long trips in bad weather and I know that it can be really scary. What a fun, beautiful beach house! I love all the happy color.
    love and blessings~
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  7. What an experience…next time pick a book about…ice cream or something NOT related to..s t o r m s!! We’ve really been having volatile weather, too. That beach house was just so…delightful…has to be a happy place!! franki

  8. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Fun house! I love the geometric feel to that green and white wallpaper on the ceiling in the bedroom. Wow, that just looks? so awesome. Who does that? Jenny Wolf does, obviously!

    Susan, I am so relieved you are home safe and I’m sure Chip was worried about you the whole time. I was out in it too, but for just a short while. I have driven through crazy storms like that too and it is so harrowing. Glad you got to visit the family and I’m looking forward to that table reveal. 😀

    • There’s another room in that house where she used blue and white striped paper on the ceiling…so check out that link to her site, Pam. I think you’ll love seeing it.

      I think Chip thinks I’m invincible! lol I didn’t call him because it was Nancy’s birthday and I knew they were out celebrating. I didn’t want to interrupt that with storm stuff. I sure was happy to see the non-raining skies of GA!!! Dalton, GA never looked so good!

  9. I read that book and just loved it, Susan! I enjoy reading any book that takes place at the ocean’s shore, and to actually live like that for a while….heaven! 🙂 Love the sweet, happy colors in this beach house. So pretty!

    xoxo laurie

    • I really liked it, too. I was thinking of going ahead and purchasing a hard copy since I enjoyed the audio version so much. Beston really wrote beautifully. Some of his descriptions were so detailed and ethereal, I feel like I need to see them written to really understand them.

  10. I too got caught in that storm. Driving from Lebanon to Hermitage for about 25 miles though. Still at one point almost turned off to side of road. Could barely see my way. That spool bed and linens are absolutely phenomenal. Carol

  11. Always enjoy coastal home tours. I hope you have Cape Cod/Martha’s Vineyard/Nantucket moving up on your to do list.
    More importantly, so glad to hear you got home safely. Sitting in a parking lot, winds making your car feeling like it’s about to flip…what more needs to happen til you seek shelter?! Probably one of those situations you don’t realize until you think back on, and then–OMG!

    • I know, I just really, really wanted to get home. I could see on the maps that if I could just get past Chattanooga, I’d be out of most of it. It was truly a nightmare, though…with one storm after another.

  12. Oh Susan, I completely understand how you felt. Btdt, and I’m sure you wanted to kiss the floors when you got home! That’s terrible about the truck driver. Sounds like he might not have survived :(.

    But on to happier things…this house is gorgeous, and so beautifully decorated. The view is stunning! What I wouldn’t give to have that view!!

  13. Sorry about the storm. Very scary especially when alone. I love your book recommendations and share your taste for the shore.

  14. So glad you made it home safely! That sounds so scary. The beach house is beautiful! Being from NJ, I’ve spent a lot of time on Long Beach Island, but not in a place as pretty as that!

  15. Oh my goodness, Susan!!! What a nightmare trip…so thankful you made it home safely!! I used to travel from AL to SC alone to see grandchildren and occasionally ran into heavy rain storms and accident slowdowns, but nothing continuous like you experienced. Did you have any idea of the weather forecast before leaving? My sister lives 30 mi north of Chattanooga and was telling me this morning about the terrible storms that hit that area last night. Lots of property damage and power outages especially in Chattanooga. It seems the weather everywhere is much more intense than ever before….scary for sure…please stay safe. Loved the beach house and all the happy colors!! 🙂

    • Hope your sister didn’t see any damage, Barbara. I don’t normally check the weather before I head home but I’ll be doing it from now on. I would have stayed another day if I had known it was going to be so crazy. I would love to know how many different cells passed through because it seemed never ending!

  16. Peggy Thal says

    So sorry to hear about your long trip from hell. We have had many of those. I can sympathize with you. In Virginia if there is an accident and someone is killed they close down the highway and turn one around. You are totally stranded. One time it took me 5 hours to get home which should take 1/2 an hour. The main thing is to stay safe.- Love the crazy spool bed!

  17. So happy you made it home safe and sound.
    Years ago when my younger brother was moving back to Atlanta I drove his car up ahead of him from Boca and was caught in a tornado that totally freaked me out so I can relate to what you just went through. Thankfully it did not touchdown near the roads.

    I love all the lamps in this home!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing this home.

  18. Love all the pictures here. It would be so nice to have a little cottage on the beach for sure. But then I also want a cabin in the mountains! LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  19. Ann Butler says

    Thank you for the book suggestion, I am adding it to my list. I always like to find something different from my usual reads. Yes I have had to drive in torrential rain, it was Sat May 30th. A friend of my son’s and my self drove down to Indianapolis for the day to visit him at school and on the way back is was so bad on 65 we pulled over 3 times. Most of the way when drove with our flashers on, like everyone else at 35-40 mph, normal speed limit is 70. I was so glad to get home.

    • Ann, that sounds exactly like what I went through. Everyone was using their flashers. I used mine some but not a lot. I couldn’t remember for sure but it seems like I read somewhere to not do that during storms…but I can’t remember why. I need to look that up and see what they recommend when in these torrential downpours. I noticed on the cars using flashers, their tail lights actually disappeared for a while each time they flashed where with just the lights on, you have the steady red glow, so that may be why I read that it’s best to not use flashers. I need to look it up again, maybe I’m remembering wrong. I’m glad you made it there safely. You don’t soon forget those trips!

      • Ann Butler says

        Hello Susan,

        I just looked up about driving in rain with you hazards on. Here is what I found online from lakecountyfl.gov and thought I would share : Q: Is it legal to drive with your hazard lights on in the rain? A: No! Rain or shine, Florida law says keep your hazards off unless you are stalled or sitting on the side of the road. Hazard lights are only supposed to be used when you are stationary.
        Some drivers think it is easier to see and be seen with blinking lights on in a blinding rainstorm, fog or when smoke from a wildfire reduces visibility. However, hazards disable the turn signals. They also make it harder to tell if the motorist ahead is tapping on the brakes. Other drivers might assume the hazard lights are being properly used and swerve to avoid a vehicle they think has stopped in the highway. If it is raining too hard to see, the Florida Highway Patrol advises drivers to pull off the road and then turn on your hazards to wait out the storm.
        Makes a lot of sense. I guess I will not be doing that anymore.

        • I thought I’d remember reading that it was best to not use them during storms, but I couldn’t remember why. Thanks for taking time to look that up. I saw a ton of folks doing it on that trip home. I did it for maybe a minute once or twice, but I stopped because I was pretty sure I’d read something about it. Your instinct is to use them, thinking it makes you more visible. I had no idea it disabled the turn signal, although I don’t think anyone was changing lanes. Mostly folks were just trying to see where they were going and get home.

          I never pulled over on the interstate because I’ve seen in the news a bazillion times where folks pull over and end up getting rear ended. It’s like a car on the side of the road becomes a magnet or something. I don’t know why that happens so much. So each time I pulled over, I actually got off the interstate entirely and pulled over where there was virtually no traffic or into a parking lot. I don’t like sitting on the side of an interstate with cars whizzing by guided by drivers who can’t half see due to the storm.

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