The House Behind The Beautiful Entrance

Wednesday it was 75° here, this morning I awoke to snow. Welcome to Georgia, a state where you can experience all four seasons in just 48 hours! As I type this, the snow covering the top of the screened porch this morning is long gone and we’re back up to a balmy 47°.

Remember this beautiful entry I shared a couple of days ago? It turns out, there’s a gorgeous house attached to it. 😉 I thought you might enjoy seeing the rest of it, but before we take the tour I wanted to thank you for the comments on the post regarding wallpaper in a foyer or entry. I loved hearing your thoughts and they were really helpful!

Entry with Dutch Door and Beautiful Wallpaper


The entry belongs to this new “old” house, a beautiful Georgian Colonial located in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Connecticut Home in the Country 5


Let’s go inside and take a tour.

Georgian Colonial Home in Connecticut


Such a beautiful entrance!

Connecticut Home in the Country 6


For some reason it made me think of this scene from The Money Pit with Tom Hanks and Shelley Long.

The Money Pit with Tom Hanks and Shelley Long


The living room is large and spacious. I love the rug!

Living Room


The family room with built-in cabinetry/bookcases… I bet there’s a story behind the football helmets on the bookcases.

Family Room in Navy and White


Does anyone recognize the stove, maybe something European? Looks like the refrigerator is the hidden kind…love that! Is that a two-drawer dishwasher?

Kitchen with butcher block countertop


Across from the kitchen is the breakfast area with its own fireplace. I love that you can see the fireplace from the kitchen!

Fireplace in breakfast room & kitchen


This picture of the dining room is from a video so it’s a bit blurry. Gorgeous dining room!

Georgia Colonial Home


An elegant butler’s pantry dressed in black and white…

Black and White Butler's Pantry


There’s a screened porch with an area for dining. I think the one thing I would change in this area would be to place the wicker seating group facing out into the yard, maybe in the spot where the dining furniture is currently located. Then place a round table in the corner where we see the fern. There must be another way to arrange the furniture to enjoy the wonderful views into the backyard. Wait until you see the backyard!

Screened Porch


The back of the home is just as beautiful as the front! Have you ever visited any of the historic homes along the James River in Virginia?

Connecticut Home in the Country 2


This design would have been perfect for a home built along the river like they did back in Colonial days. The back is just as beautiful as the front and would have been a welcoming sight for those visiting via river side.

Connecticut Home in the Country 3


Love the raised vegetable garden and the adorable play house!

Raised Garden Beds and Adorable Playhouse


Hope you enjoyed the tour of this lovely country house. You’ll find additional pictures and information HERE where these photos were found.

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Connecticut Home in the Country 1

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  1. Susan, such a gorgeous home, but what I find interesting is, there is not a lick of wallpaper anywhere else other than the entrance way. I have yet to go into the site and see the bedrooms.
    I love, love, the transoms and windows everywhere.

    • Yep, the wallpaper does continue to the upstairs gallery, but I didn’t see it anywhere else. Unfortunately, we only get to see one bedroom and it’s visible in the video at the website.

  2. Susan, this home has beautiful features. Love all the windows, the builtin cases, and the fireplaces. Absolutely lovely inside and out!

  3. What a beautiful, spacious home! Love the wallpaper in the entry and the stone steps to the pool! I’m with you on rearranging the porch furniture to maximize the yard views so that I could look out upon that green, green grass!

  4. Nancy of Lake Stevens says

    Such a gorgeous house but I am curious to know what that little structure that is jutting out from the corner where the two wings meet could be. Frankly it bugs me but that is just me.

  5. I think you can enjoy the view of the backyard from the seating as it is. The windows/screens by the fern and the high-backed chair look out to the pool. Thanks for sharing this gem. I’m ready to move in.

  6. Beautiful home however I think the scale of the living room furniture is much too small for the room size.
    Thank you for posting this home!!

  7. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Gorgeous! The entry and the breakfast room are my favorite parts of the whole house. I have always wanted to have a fireplace in my kitchen. (Next home we will 😉 )

    I totally agree with you about the wicker furniture in the screened porch. What were they thinking?! That back yard is some serious eye candy. 🙂 Great tour, Susan. Thanks.

  8. Melissa Blaseck says

    Ok Susan: That is another AMAZING equestrian property. Each room so beautifully decorated. It just needs stables to match the house, an indoor dressage arena, wash rack with hot water, and a basement for the stable in case of a hurricane/tornado. Love it – thanks.

    • pam ~ crumpety cottage says

      Melissa, you certainly seem to know a thing or two about horses. I’ve never heard of a basement for a stable, but that makes sense. The animals need shelter too. Is that a common thing? I’ve never heard it mentioned before, despite living in a place where tornadoes are common. Thanks.

  9. Charlotte says

    LOVE this place! This is IT, as far as I’m concerned. This is exactly like I would like my house. I’d put much more in the living room, though. Wish we could see more than just the one bedroom it showed on the virtual tour.
    What a beautiful house and beautiful grounds.
    Susan: I’m still not getting emails that there’s a new post from you. I re-signed up, but nothing. Could you reply to my email and let me know, if you can, what might be wrong? Thanks!

  10. I believe the football helmets and the picture over the fireplace are Notre Dame items.

  11. Such a classic and beautiful home! I knew I would love it just from seeing the outside. Ahhh to dream…

  12. My husband thinks this is Mike Golic or Terry Hanratty house, both former Notre Dame football players living in Connecticut.
    The houses along the James River in Virginia are stunning. Our house overlooks a smaller River nearby. The backyard and every main room has a lovely River view. We also have a 52′ screen in porch on the back of the house that has three sets of French doors opening to the house. The backyard is all patio and gardens.

  13. rattlebridge farm says

    A beautiful house–and the property is equally beautiful. The raised garden beds are making me antsy to drive to the COOP and buy a few seed packets. I’m so ready for spring!

  14. Gorgeous home! The grounds and butler’s panty, ooooh! Thank you for sharing!

  15. bobbi duncan says

    Oh, girl, this post made me homesick for a home I once lived in that looks so very much like this one–same color, too, except we had deep red doors for the front and mudroom entries. I see from the latest pics that this home also has the front to back foyer entry like my old house, which we didn’t get to see in the first post about it–so much light, which I loved. The grounds around this home are GORGEOUS, as is this part of Greenwich, CT. The area closely resembles where we now reside, with rolling green lawns surrounded by stone fences, horses, and Galloway cows. I like your idea of changing the patio furniture around because I don’t care to look at the legs of a patio dining set, and I’d want to see every square inch of that backyard. I’m glad you like the blue and white rug– as we have it lol! If you are interested, it was one of two similar styles made by Couristan. They may still have this pattern. Because my rooms were once much larger, it doesn’t fit in any rooms of our present home, but someone told me it could be cut professionally. I’m thinking round to use in our parlor as our new master bedroom will not be blue and white due to the fact that it doesn’t blend well with the bath tiles we can see from that room. As you know, I used to live in Williamsburg, VA so we have toured the James River Plantations many times as they were very near to our home–they are magnificent! They are located in Charles City, which is not a city at all but rather a very remote looking area that makes one feel they are actually back in the time when these plantations were built. I used to love taking quiet rides along Rt. 5 where these plantations are located–so peaceful. Williamsburg will always be very dear to me and, luckily, we only live 5 hrs. away which allows us to go visit often. Thank you for this lovely post. How about those property taxes? OUCH!!!!!

  16. Juanita in OH says

    Gorgeously breathtaking! TFS a wonderful blessing today. I didn’t post, I don’t think, on the Wallpaper Foyer; however, my thought process goes something like this…oh my, this paper is too fabulous, what about when I get tired of it, never mind…remember the time I tried to remove some??? No, I’ll go with paint, lol. I hope you are having a nice NONE “SNOW” weekend. I wonder if weather forecaster’s mom’s ever taught them not to say four letter words like, SNOW, RAIN, WIND etc?

  17. I love Georgians…and downsized from one. Boohoo…but a smaller house is nice too. I was struck by the black and white butler’s pantry. I have been seriously thinking about painting a bathroom charcoal, and now that I see it in a kitchen sort of space…I am wondering how it would do in my kitchen. Now I have Ben Moore Westminster Gold…which is lovely…but with the white cabinets has more of a country vibe. Dark charcoal might dress up my kitchen. But I have black granite too…so it could be too dark. Think. Think. Think. Sheila

    • Sheila, you know what I do when I’m toying with a new color for a room/space…I buy a quart and paint 1 or 2 large poster boards, like the kind we did projects on for school. You can buy poster board paper at Walmart, etc… After I paint the poster board, I just move it around the room using masking tape to hold it on the wall. Sometimes it’s takes a couple of coats to really cover it well, but with a sample that big, you can really get a feel for how the color would look in the room and up again various features/areas of the room. It’s a lot easier and cheaper then buying paint, painting a wall or two and finding you don’t like it, then having to prime over it and paint again.

      • Excellent idea. I should have considered that. thank you for mentioning that. We once painted our dining room a dark navy blue…with white under the chair rail. That was in the old Georgian. I have to tell you…it made that room look great, which got the morning sun, as does my kitchen. I love to use charcoal and black to accent around the house. My gold kitchen has black pottery barn queen ann chairs. I am thinking this could look good. Will post on the blog if I do this. Funny how seeing one little pic can get the creative juices flowing!
        In south central KY it, the snow, is finally melting. I feel like jumping for joy! Sheila

    • pam ~ crumpety cottage says

      Sheila, normally I wouldn’t think of those colors in a home, unless maybe it was a bachelor’s urban loft. Yet the way you have described them and your kitchen sounds awesome. I think it could look great. I hope if you do it you share the pics with Susan so she can share with us. 🙂

  18. A beautiful home. The dinning room reminds me of yours!

  19. Susan,
    I am pretty sure the stove is a wolf. I saw one exactly like it in a country living or country sampler magazine in the 90’s. I kept it for years, back then that was my dream stove!

  20. Susan…thanks so much for this gorgeous tour of the home behind that foyer!…do not know what I love more, the interiors or the grounds…both are stunning…..and I so remember that funny movie, The Money Pit….and remember how beautiful it turned out!

  21. WOW! What a house!

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