Tour A Real Storybook Cottage

So, you know how we sometimes talk about how we would love to live in a “storybook” house…a cottage so wonderful you would think it came right out of a fairytale? Well, now you can! Someone has built a real, live storybook home and we’re going inside today to see it in all its adorable whimsy.

Fairytale Storybook Cottage 25


A view of the outside and you already know this house is special. Look at that roofline! I’m pretty sure if you look up “whimsical” in the dictionary, you’ll find a picture of this precious cottage.

Fairytale Storybook Cottage 02


Check out the chimney…straight out of a fairytale, isn’t it? Love that window beside it! It reminds me of an eye! I’ve seen eyebrow arched windows on historic homes but this one really has the shape of an eye.

Fairytale Storybook Cottage 09


Not sure if this is the front door or a side/back door but if we knock, I’m pretty sure Snow White will answer. Look at the design of the rock all around the door! Oh my gosh…sooo cute!

Okay, let’s go inside! Do you think elves live here? You go first…I insist. 😉

Fairytale Storybook Cottage 08


The inside is just as whimsical as the exterior. This home is thirty+ years old and the article I found said the home was recently rebuilt from the ground up. They invited the original stone mason back to do the work so the home would retain its original character and authenticity.

Fairytale Storybook Cottage 10


Beautiful fireplace! Wow, I could spend all day in this spot.

Fairytale Storybook Cottage 03


Did you notice this window in the larger view of the living room? A whimsical window for a whimsical house.

Fairytale Storybook Cottage 01


The kitchen is beautiful with cherry wood cabinets.

Fairytale Storybook Cottage 14


Great view for dining!

Fairytale Storybook Cottage 15


The home has two bedrooms, I’m guessing this may be the master bedroom.  The cottage is 1,435 square feet and there’s also a guest house that’s 910 square feet in size. The floors are wide-plank hardwood flooring…pine, cherry and ash.

Fairytale Storybook Cottage 04


Such a sweet bedroom…love those windows!

Fairytale Storybook Cottage 12


Even the bathroom has a whimsical feel with its fairytale stone and brick work.

Fairytale Storybook Cottage 11


A view of this storybook cottage at night.

Fairytale Storybook Cottage 07


Such a sweet home! This home is located in Rhinebeck, Hudson River Valley, just  1 1/2 hours from New York City. Would make a great weekend getaway, wouldn’t it?

Fairytale Storybook Cottage 06


There’s a website with information about this storybook house. You’ll find it here: Storybook Cottage


Love a storybook cottage? Me, too! Another one of my faves is Fig Tree Cottage pictured below. Take a tour of Fig Tree Cottage in the Tamborine Mountains here: A Storybook Cottage Reminiscent of Rosehill Cottage in the Movie, The Holiday

Fairytale Cottage For Sale, Fig Tree Cottage 19

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  1. What an adorable and amazing cottage! I would love to see that in person.

  2. Love the windows……how sweet!!

  3. This looks like a fun B&B week, but for living I am still caught up in that Victorian of yesterday.

  4. Judy MacDonald says

    What a precious house. I love the view from the dining room!

    Can you imagine the conversation between the owners and the stone masons ? “Well, I’d like some tiny stones scattered here, and a row of uneven brick stacked over there.”

    • Judy, imagine the look on the stone masons face! Maybe the easiest thing to do would be to pull out a fairytale book and just point and say, “Build that!” 🙂

  5. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Whimsical is the perfect word! It really does look like it sprang from the pages of a fairy tale. 🙂 Susan, did you notice the ‘wave’ to the exterior wall next to Snow White’s door? Wow.

    I’m amazed that the original stone mason was still around, 30 years later and worked on it a second time. What skill. Of course, some people may have accused him of being drunk the first time around, lol, but I guess that just demonstrates his artistry and craftsmanship. Great find. Thanks.

  6. Beautiful !

  7. The house had me at “roofline”

  8. Hi,Susan to be honest this view of
    the outside is a little scaring
    to me….on the other hand
    the amazing nature…saves
    the situation,as for the eyeshadow
    reminds me a big fish.Thank you
    anyway for giving us the opportunity
    to exchange our views.Also thank you
    for the yours.Good evening Susan

  9. This is indeed a sweet home Susan, but if I lived there I’m sure I could never enjoy a dinner “al fresco” or a sunbathing… because of that eye shaped window I’d always feel like somebody or… something is watching me… It looks so “real”! Yikes! lol
    ~Hugs to you~

  10. The outside of the house reminds me of “The Hobbit”–one of my favorite series of movies. Such an adorable home, thanks for sharing, Susan.

  11. No, Susan, “after you”!! I imagine Hansel and Gretel will be along soon.
    Cute concept, but I fell this would only appeal to a minority of house purchasers.
    Not my cup of tea, thank you anyway!

  12. I could go visit this sweet place, it is less than an hours drive from my home. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  13. Adorable, thanks for sharing. I would love to see someone really decorate it. It looks like just a few items were installed for staging. Also think the kitchen could have been given more character.

  14. The exterior reminds me of the spectacular Gaudi architecture I saw in Barcelona last spring.

  15. You always find the neatest things. Thank you for sharing with the less creative and resourceful – namely me. I loved this little place – although the furniture is wrong. Need overstuffed English chintz ala Miss Marple so that you could settle in with a good book by the fire. Sigh.

  16. Check this site out. These houses are really fun to see. Earl Young’s Charlevoix Michigan “mushroom” houses

    – See more at:

    • Ann, those are amazing! I loved that quote by Earl Young: “I always build the roof first, and then shove the house under it.” lol I loved the dripping chimneys…so cool! So glad we don’t all march to the same beat, would be a boring world, wouldn’t it?

  17. Marilyn in Mt. Vernon, VA says

    Wow!!! I may be speechless. Rhinebeck, NY, is among my favorite places. Charming with a capital C, no, make that all caps. Thank you, Susan!

  18. I think one could “live happily ever after.” franki

  19. I just want to move right in. I could be Snow White 🙂

  20. Oh my that is some place! Someone was an artist that put that one together! I like the last shot with the snow on it!

  21. bobbi duncan says

    Now, that is a fairytale house! There is a well-known builder who built an entire estate compound with house, huge stone barn, and dependency buildings to look like a storybook village about 10 minutes west of me. He even built a beautiful stone prayer chapel on the property. It is utterly amazing with gorgeous views! I first saw it in a Chester County, PA. tabletop book I have, and wanted to see it in real life but the book didn’t disclose the address, only that it was in the southern part of the county. Well, I’m one to hunt down houses, so I searched and searched the back roads for years, only to be disappointed that I could not locate it, finally thinking it must be far off the road and invisible to anyone passing by, as so many homes are here. Then, one day, as my realtor and I were out searching for homes, she took a wrong turn down this narrow gravel road with nothing but rolling countryside and, there, smack in the middle and right near the roads edge stood this compound in all it’s glory! Luckily, my realtor is also a friend and knows I’m weird about stalking houses so she wasn’t too mortified when I screamed out, “OMG, THERE IT IS… I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS PLACE FOR YEARS!” I was so excited to actually come across this place. They have a big hedge that follows their property line, so we could only walk along and get glimpses, but what a fun experience to finally see it. I’m sure that, although the property is sizable, they figured they could build close to the road because that road is a real deterrent to most vehicles with all the gravely dust. I wonder where they got the idea for all the various architectural details… or, maybe, it was the architects vision.

    • Bobbi, what a great story! You are I would be dangerous together…probably get shot stalking houses. lol Because that totally sounds like something I would have done. I’m so glad you finally found it! Does it have a name? I’d love to google to see if there are some pics of it online.

  22. Linda Page says

    This house is adorable but I agree with Lynn that it needs English chintz to really set off the interior. Then it would be perfect. I did look at the link for the mushroom houses in one comment. Those were amazing, too. Such fun!

  23. Linda S. in NE says

    That is a truly amazing house on a beautiful lot. I wondered if the guest house on the property is constructed in the same fairytale style? The indoor areas were decorated, or not, in kind of a strange way. I would have loved to see it if a home decorator or styling decorator got their hands on this property. After studying the exterior brick/stone work, I was grateful that no one I knew was the city/county building inspector, who had to certify that building as safe, sturdy, and up to code!! Thanks for sharing.

  24. bobbi duncan says

    Oh, Susan, you are so right…we WOULD be dangerous together.LOL. Michael doesn’t know what to expect when we’re out driving around. He always says “A NO TRESPASSING SIGN DOES NOT TRANSLATE TO MEAN THAT THIS PERTAINS TO EVERYONE BUT BOBBI!” I can not tell you the number of times people have chastised me for sneaking on their property…like when the caretakers rushed me off one of the major DuPont properties, and away from Martha Stewart’s local residence before her fencing went up, or looking into what I thought were vacant homes when we were house hunting only to have someone stare back at me horrified. I’ve gotten better in the last few years, although when I say that to Michael he just says “You mean better at not getting caught?” I just went through every book on Chester Co. to locate that article, but the picture I wanted to send wasn’t in any of them, only a write up in another book about the chapel being made from a specific stone found locally. A lot of my books are still packed due to work being done on the house, but when I find it I’ll send the information. I do know that the article did not mention the name of the property because I, too, was curious about that… probably for the sake of the owner’s privacy and/or because it wasn’t about the compound, but about old stone houses in Chester Co. and their transformations through time. I’ll try to find the article, but can’t do anymore tonight as it’s 3AM and I’m a sleepy girl.

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