Tour a Seaside Home Built with Old World Charm in Cape Cod

How about a Saturday house tour, right from the comfort of your home. Β Best kind, right?

I came across this beautiful home online located in the village of Cotuit in Barnstable which is located on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Doesn’t that sound romantic–living in a village?

Waterside Home, Cotuit Village in Barnstable on Cape Cod MA 09

The listing reveals it’s on eight acres (seaside) and was built with old world charm and European craftsmanship.

Waterside Home, Cotuit Village in Barnstable on Cape Cod MA 01

I vote this about the cutest garage ever! Love all that space above the garage, too.

Waterside Home, Cotuit Village in Barnstable on Cape Cod MA 11

The living room…amazing space with a grand chandelier.

Waterside Home, Cotuit Village in Barnstable on Cape Cod MA 07

Let’s go check out the kitchen.

Waterside Home, Cotuit Village in Barnstable on Cape Cod MA 08

The stove/oven area definitely has that old-world charm, doesn’t it? Β I love the idea of two smaller islands as opposed to one big island.

Waterside Home, Cotuit Village in Barnstable on Cape Cod MA 05

A study with beautiful judges paneling and a coffered ceiling. Wonder if that’s chestnut wood? Anyone know? Amazing view out the window just over the window seat.

Waterside Home, Cotuit Village in Barnstable on Cape Cod MA 02

Beautiful bath! Love the design and I love the idea of putting a “courting chair” right in the center. So convenient no matter where you are in the bathroom.

Waterside Home, Cotuit Village in Barnstable on Cape Cod MA 10

Infinity pools are so amazing to me.

Waterside Home, Cotuit Village in Barnstable on Cape Cod MA 06

Especially when this is the view!

Waterside Home, Cotuit Village in Barnstable on Cape Cod MA 04


All the above photos were found here where you’ll find more photos and information about this beautiful home.

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  1. I love home tours and this one is just perfect starting with it’s location. I love when a big home is designed and decorated to feel warm and cozy and this one has it all. Did you notice the ceiling in the kitchen? Beautiful!

    Thanks, Susan!


  2. Looks lovely. We visited the Cape this time last year. One of the best times to travel on route 6A to look at all the unique homes and idyllic villages.

  3. The home is glorious!! I love the lighter tones and the brick with the layer of what’s suppose to be lime. I think the wood is natural hickory. Beautiful home and I love the driveway to the home with the Cape Cod Barn Garage. I too also like the double islands.. Great flow through the kitchen. I’d be happy to move.. just tell me when…..

  4. I am amazed at how sparsely furnished the rooms are and the rooms are quite large. I like it. It has a really open, uncluttered look. The kitchen is my fav. I love the alcove for the stove. The only thing missing is a fire with a wrought iron hook holding a cast iron pot!!! But, you know, I still love your house the best so don’t give up my room!!

  5. I enjoyed this home tour! Love all the wood and brick. Now that is definitely a DREAM HOME!! I’m just drooling and trying not to covet!! LOL!


  6. Vicki Daugherty says

    Love this estate, inside and outside. Love the archway of brick and the stove(s) but my favorite is the bathroom with the tete a tete chair, or courting bench….. how cute is that? Sigh…always fun to dream, huh?

  7. Dream home for sure!! I just love a stone home…course the garage, pool, etc. doesn’t hurt… Thanks! franki

  8. Wow! This is a kitchen that is a delight to look at. The ceiling, the brick work around the the stove, and the beautiful plank floors. Comfort and elegance, WOW! And then there is a cathedral like fireplace in what appears to be a family room, WOW!

  9. Stunning! That bathroom is to die for, and the study is perfect! Love the wood and yes, it does look like chestnut.

    We’re in Montauk now at a friends and just got back from sag harbor and saw some of the most amazing homes located right on the water. It’s funny but no mater where you live I think the novelty can wear off. Today was only around the third time our friends have been to the beach this summer, even though they’re steps away. I like to think if I lived here I would go everyday, but I suppose I wouldn’t.

    There is something about the rustic elegance of the homes that are located on the east coast in areas like Maine, Montauk, Massachusetts, etc., that appeal to me more than, let’s say, Malibu. (But if you want to give me a home there I’m ok with it). πŸ™‚

  10. The house is very lovely from the outside, but so far from traditional on the inside that I was taken aback. You certainly cannot beat the location in picturesque Cotuit, however, the interiors seemed more Beverly Hills grandiose than Cape Cod high end. It’s not that I was looking for beach-y or shabby chic. just a tad understated (more “old money”, perhaps?). That being said, the grounds and views are wonderful.

  11. This house left me speechless, Susan. Wow. It’s amazingly beautiful!!!! You can tell they truly thought out every step, every reach,and every view. I love this home!!!! πŸ™‚

    xoxo laurie

  12. Susan,
    I have been told there are people who say there is no heaven on earth… hmmm …
    I should send them the link to your today’s post! Ha! πŸ™‚
    ~Hugs to you~

  13. Beautiful home and grounds! Nice to dream, isn’t it? πŸ˜‰

  14. Nancy Bednar says

    omg Susan. Take me away!!! What a lovely home to dream on, in and about. Thank you so much for this Saturday fantasy!

  15. Marilia Lombardo says

    SpetaculaR !!!

  16. That’s an amazing home! I like the old world charm and the incredible view. Thanks for the tour!

  17. Wow!! Beautifully decorated . Love the center isle in the kitchen great design for 2 cooks. Wonderful garage- like the dormers and little balcony. Great design. We are building a garage with a room ( exercise room) on top and a wrap around balcony. Really would like this little balcony on the other side between the dormers. Love it!!! Thanks for sharing!

  18. This might as well be another planet… wow. Can you imagine living like that? Sigh…

  19. OMG, Susan, that is the most AMAZING home! I absolutely LOVE IT!!!! I am hard pressed to pick out what I love the most – every single detail is just WOWZA!!

    As for the judge’s paneling – not sure if it is chestnut b/c my new flooring is chestnut – and my floor isn’t “knotty.” But then, who knows, not me.

  20. Beverly Kennedy says

    I love this great Traditional New England Coastal Beach home,,, It has lots of special touches like the kitchen with the alcove for the stove, and the dual islands …one mostly for prep and the other island for eating!!! Love the kitchen light fixture!!! The built in stone window seat and large window are perfection. The chestnut paneling appears to be vintage and brings a real warmth to the study or den!!! I love how the rooms flow into each other and give an overall open feel to the home!!! The furnishings while not traditional New England are fresh and give a newer trendy look to an otherwise traditional New England coastal design. The pool with it’s stone surround is wonderful and almost has a somewhat infinity style look when viewed from above!!! The grounds are lovingly landscaped with native New England plant material, trees, and conifers and gives the coastal estate a finished professional look . Overall it is a dream of a coastal cape home where aanyone would love to spend their summers enjoying all that New England has to offer!!!

  21. Wow, Susan, Cotuit is MY village! Part of the town of Barnstable, we are located on the south side of the Cape, a couple of miles down down the coastline from Hyannisport. Cotuit is a lovely, safe family community, where children can safely ride their bicycles to the modest beaches, the library, or even to see a Cape Cod Baseball League game, the country’s premier summer ball league — where players use wooden bats, and it’s not uncommon to be sitting downside of a pro scout. Cotuit is the “olde Cape Cod,” very charming and small town. The seven million dollar home you show is utterly gorgeous, and while the style (and price!) is definitely not typical of what you’ll find here, that shot of the estuary captures our waters perfectly.

  22. Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Hi Susan! Oh, this house is so beautiful – inside and out! It’s even grander inside than out! Love the bathroom and the kitchen is gorgeous but I’m afraid I’d run my tiny legs off in there – it’s huge! Hope you’re doing well and I always love to hear from you.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia πŸ™‚

  24. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Oh … so lovely. This house takes the cake for nooks and crannies! I love the exterior look of it. I actually don’t care for the living room too much (though … I *suppose* I could learn to live with it if someone forced me to accept the house as a present. ) πŸ˜€ Hee. But I really love those diamond paned window / doors on the kitchen cabinets. Wouldn’t it be too fun to actually design and build a house like this? I wonder if it would just make you mad (crazy) though? All the decisions when there are so many wonderful possibilities? Bah!! I’d be willing to give it a go.

  25. Gorgeous! So many beautiful details, love the kitchen and the judges paneling!!!

  26. Old world charm indeed! A house with character is what this is. The recessed cooking area in the kitchen is superb in maximizing the space, though there’s a lot of space to work on, its genius is making one wonder where the oven and the stove are located. The bathroom is a dream – spacious and spotless, definitely showroom worthy. The his and her corners for the sink and the drawers are a wonderful idea to give couples their own space. The scenic view outside complements it perfectly. The gutters and downspouts are even cooperating in maintaining the house’s beauty and personality by being unnoticeable.

  27. Massuchusettes?? s/b Massachusetts

    • Thanks, Melinda! Where were you when I wrote that post? πŸ™‚ You will be pleased to know, I finally have spell checker again. WordPress somehow removed my spellchecker during their last update. I just downloaded a plugin with a really good one so hopefully there will be less spelling gaffes from here out. Thanks for keeping me straight!

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