Tour Beautiful Brookfield Plantation, There’s Even a Party Barn!

Welcome to the 580th Metamorphosis Monday!

I was hoping to share a little cabinet Before and After with you for this week’s Met Monday, but as usual, there was some kind of glitch with the delivery. CabinetGate continues.

I never even got to see and reject the chipped and broken pieces this time. After staying home the entire day to await their arrival, they never showed up despite tracking showing they were, “Out for Delivery.” When I checked the UPS website the following day, tracking showed this below. Grrrr.

I’m guessing they were damaged again for the millionth time. I can’t imagine the shape they must have been in this time since in the past UPS delivered them no matter how badly broken up they were. ~~~sigh~~~

If you would like to read a bit more about this never-ending issue, check out this previous post: CabinetGate: Progress Has Been Made.


Historical Brookfield Plantation

So, how about a beautiful home tour instead?! Brookfield Plantation is an 1875 Victorian Italianate Estate surrounded by 16.78 acres, located in Griffin Georgia. In addition to the main house, there’s a party barn, horse stable, two guest cottages and “the Old Mills Smoke House.”

I love this view of the home…just look at all that gorgeous molding! The wide cornice with brackets is one of the main features of Italianate Architecture. It makes me think of a beautiful, multi-layered wedding cake.


Brookfield Plantation is listed on The National Historical Registry. Let’s go inside and take a tour.


Such a beautiful entry!

Beautiful Entry, Southern Home


Looking back the other direction, you can see that the home has both a front and back entrance. Reminds me so much of the beautiful historical homes I’ve toured along the James River near Colonial Williamsburg. Those homes needed two “front doors” since they also received visitors from the river side of the home.

Staircase with Newel Post, Historic Home


Here’s how that second entrance looks. It’s just as pretty as the front entrance!

Back Entry, Southern Historic Home


Just look at those gorgeous heart pine floors. So beautiful!


I love the 12-foot ceilings throughout this beautiful home!

Dining Room in Southern Historic Home


I noticed the home also has plantation shutters throughout. I love those so much and have added those throughout my own home.

Notice the dining room chairs with their beautiful needlepoint seats. That’s an old southern tradition, having needlepoint seats for your dining room chairs. I remember my mother-in-law had beautiful needlepoint chairs in her dining room, I think done by her mother-in-law.


Love the fireplace here in the kitchen!



Don’t you just love when the refrigerator is hidden from view! The cabinetry reminds me of those beautiful heart pine floors we saw in the other rooms of this home.


There’s a butler’s pantry!


The master bedroom is located on the main level of the home. Love this gorgeous antique 4-poster bed. It reminds me of Bunny Williams’s bed in her book, An Affair with a House.  If you don’t already have that book, order it! You will love it!

4 poster bed in beautiful southern home


Let’s head upstairs and check out the other bedrooms.

Staircase with Newel Post, Historic Home


This home appears to be in such beautiful condition. I love that the heart pine floors haven’t been covered up with carpeting.


Another cozy bedroom…


I wish bedrooms were still this size in homes today.


The other thing I love about old homes is how there are always windows on two (sometimes three) sides of the room. I guess they were designed that way to create nice airflow since the homes weren’t air-conditioned back then.

These gorgeous floors are killing me! I would buy this home just for the floors! Seriously! Have you ever seen more beautiful floors?!


There are a lot of buildings on this property, including two guest cottages and this wonderful party barn.

Party Barn


Can you imagine all the fun parties this barn has seen!

Create a Party Barn for Entertaining


There’s even a built-in kitchen!

Kitchen in Party Barn


This is one of the guest cottages, both cottages are adorable!


If you would like to tour the two guest cottages and the other rooms inside the main home that weren’t shared in this post, you’ll find many additional photos here: Brookfield Plantation.


Looking forward to all the wonderful Before and Afters linked for this week’s Met Monday!

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  1. Thank you Susan, and wow, thanks for the wonderful Tour!

  2. What a gorgeous manor! I love these tours – I could look at houses all day! Especially ones with stunning wood flooring and fireplaces! ❤️ I had thought about being a realtor, but since they have to be on call weekends and evenings, I guess I’ll just be a TV home-show host or something instead! 🙂

    Thanks for the great tour – hope you have a lovely week!

  3. Hi Susan,

    No worries if you don’t want to approve this message for your site, but my husband calls gorgeous home layouts: “porn for women.” 🙂

    Wendy in Suwanee

    • lol Too funny! I could look at them all day long. That’s the way I used to get my house fix before the days of home tours online. I had a couple of favorite real estate sites that I would visit because they had the biggest photos (though they were tiny by today’s standards) and showcased the most beautiful homes.

      • Me too! I had to stop looking at Zillow b/c it was breaking my heart to see the beautiful homes. I’m always ready to move. 🙂

  4. Really enjoyed the mansion, but why are those lights strung around the picture over the mantel in the kitchen? They really detract from the look of the kitchen.

  5. Gordon W Subject says

    This is an awesome home. Those floors in each room sets it off. It’s the focal point when you walk into the room. Those large windows allow lots of sunshine plus fresh country air. I wish our homes today have some of these great features of these homes from our past. Please keep featuring these styles!!! Thank you, Gordon Subject

  6. Imagine a weekend invite…
    You’d enter through the river side because you arrived by river! Then settle in to either a large comfy bedroom or one of the cottages. Meet up with the host/hostess and other guests, then proceed down to the party barn for festivities. And so forth…

  7. So sorry to hear about your “cabinetgate” problems. Maybe I missed seeing something on the “Return Receipt” but there’s another possible reason that UPS is returning your cabinet. The shipping label might have the wrong address on it, or the driver tried to deliver it to the wrong address but the label was correct. The people at the wrong address might have refused delivery and the driver never checked the label to see if he had tried delivery to a wrong address. The house tour is beautiful, as all your house tours are.

    • I doubt it’s that since I’ve ordered from them before. The last time I purchased these cabinets, UPS destroyed them repeatedly on three different delivery attempts. My UPS driver said they didn’t have the proper equipment to move them around in the warehouse and that’s why they were being broken up in the boxes. One time he actually delivered a cabinet with box leaning and broken almost in half.
      I finally got them by ordering them via Walmart and having them delivered to the Walmart Mkt where I picked them up one at the time in my SUV. This time that option wasn’t offered when I was checking out. I don’t know why. I was hoping they had solved the delivery issue over the last two years, but I don’t think they have. I bet they were just broken in half again or damaged so badly they returned them. There’s been zero communication from Walmart other than refunding my money, so not sure.
      So glad you enjoyed the tour. There are so many more photos at the website, I wanted to include them all in this post.

      • It’s so disappointing to have things broken in shipment. I feel your pain, since I’ve also experienced bad packing and careless handling. Good luck with your next try on ordering.

  8. I can’t imagine what it must cost the company to have product repeatedly destroyed during delivery and have to replace it with new product. You would think that by now they would have found a suitably equipped delivery company. Enjoyed the tour. Thank you for sharing it.

  9. Thank you for taking us with you on your tour! Absolutely gorgeous!!

  10. Incredible home. Thank you for sharing the tour.

  11. Thanks so much for hosting each week!

  12. Brenda Lawrence says

    And so the saga continues with these cabinets for your garage dishes….sigh. I sure had hope these would come without issues, but I guess not. Why break tradition?! This was a beautiful home tour Susan, I so loved this home and surroundings. Southern charm all the way! I too, am in love with the wood floors, so warm, so cozy are they. I can just imagine padding across them barefooted. What dreams are made of hummm?!

  13. Anne C Lovell says

    I’ve had an item returned to sender before. Please, if you haven’t, make sure you get credited for the return!! I had a heck of a time and we really wanted the item, they put it back on the shelf and then sold it!!! We finally got the credit.

  14. Yes, beautiful home with GORGEOUS floors!

  15. What a lovely tour!

    Thanks for hosting!

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