Tour Blaine Trump’s Greek Revival Millbrook Home

I’m always on the look out for truly special homes to share with you. This 1860, Civil War era, Greek Revival home in Millbrook, New York made the cut. Though the exterior is grand, the rest of the home is cozy and beautiful. I will eat my hat (my imaginary hat since I’m not wearing one) if Mario Buatta didn’t have a hand in designing the Master bedroom. If he didn’t design it, he surely must have been the inspiration behind it.

Blaine Trump's Greek Revival Millbrook Estate Linley House


At one time the home belonged to Blaine Trump, the sister-in-law of Donald Trump. She put it on the market a few years ago, so she doesn’t live there today. Is that a “haint blue” ceiling, I see? I think it might be! The home is located in Millbrook, New York and sits  on 198 acres in the Hudson Valley.

Blaine Trump's Millbrook Home with Mountain Views


The entry is very much what you might expect to find in a historic home. I wonder if the topiary trees normally live out on the porch. They seem a little too big for the entry and block the light coming in through the windows. Maybe the rug was fading and they placed them there to block the light on purpose.

Traditional Entry with Topiary Trees


The living room has two fireplaces! Can you imagine having both of them blazing away during a party. I’ve seen really large rooms with fireplaces at either end facing each other, but I think this is the first time I’ve seen them  in this configuration. If this room had been a bit wider, it would have made a wonderful ballroom back in the day.

Elegant Living Room in Blaine Trump's Greek Revival Home


Plaid! If you’re going to do it, then do it big! I’m pinning this to my “plaid/tartan” board on Pinterest! Check it out if you love plaid, too!

Decorate in Plaid


Love the kitchen! Notice how they used a combination of wood and marble for the counter tops. They also added in touches of blue which ties in nicely with the sunroom we see through the doorway. Gorgeous floors!

Blaine Trump's Kitchen with Blue Accents


A bay area with a window seat and table for dining.

Blaine Trump's Kitchen with Marble Countertops and Plank Flooring


This may be a hearth room or keeping room since it’s immediately off the kitchen, but I’m calling it a sunroom with all these glorious windows. This room could have made it into Carolyne Roehm’s book, A Passion for Blue and White.

This is one of the things I love about this home, the decorating isn’t wishy-washy. They went all the way with the design they chose for each room as we saw in the tartan/plaid room. Blaine must be a collector of antique blue and white porcelain.

You’ll notice wood stacked in almost every room which makes me think the wood-burning fireplaces were used on a regular basis. (Scroll back up two pictures to see the fireplace in this room.)

Blue and White Sunroom


The formal dining room is surprisingly understated. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to dine here in the winter with a crackling fire nearby.

Millbrook Historic Greek Revival Home, Blaine Trump


This is one of my favorite rooms in the home. It’s just so, so cozy! I would live in the wingback chair near the fireplace, perfect spot for reading each evening. I like the mix of floral fabrics (draperies, sofa) with plaid (chair, pillow). Okay, let’s check out the master bedroom that has Mario Buatta‘s name written all over it!

Cozy Den in Blaine Trump's Millbrook Home


What do you think, did Mario have a hand in this? In love! A bed like that is on my fantasy wish list. Such a beautiful room!

Did you notice this bedroom has a “mystery” chair? If you’re wondering why there’s a chair at the end of the bed facing back toward the bed, check out this previous post, especially the comments on that post: The Mystery Chair. If I had a mystery chair in my bedroom, it would look like this, piled high with books!

Blaine Trump's Canopy Bed and Master Bedroom


Okay, so we know the origin of the mystery chair. I have another mystery for you. Check out the unique furniture here beside the bathtub.

At first I thought that was a chair frame, but it has a shelf built into it. Have you ever seen a piece like that? It appears to be there for holding towels. I don’t think it’s a chair that someone converted for this purpose because the legs are too low for it to have been a chair…unless they cut the legs down. What do you think? In all my historic home tours, I’ve never run across one of these.

Pretty Bathroom with Fireplace


This home has 7 bedrooms and 10 baths! This was the only other bedroom included in the listing. That beautiful window with the plush window seat looks like something out of an imaginary dream home, or a set for a movie. Sooo beautiful! We should be including these special little niches in all the homes we build today, they give a room so much warmth and personality!

Guest Room in Blaine Trump's Historic Millbrook NY home


I think this may be a back hallway which means this house has a back stairway, too! Love those in a home!

Notice the antlers and antique rattan fishing creel decor. This just feels like a home you could really live in and enjoy.

Blaine Trump's Historic Millbrook Home


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You’ll find more information about the home featured in today’s post here: The Wall Street Journal

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  1. gayle jolluck says

    Don’t believe Mario did that room…a wanna be perhaps…scale is off on accessorizing//just lacks the Mario magic….

  2. Betty Hill says

    How funny, my mom and aunt( my mom is 83 and my aunt is 88) were talking one day about haints and I had no idea what they were talking about. When I asked my mom what she meant by haints, she said they were referring to ghosts. Evidently this is a term used in the South. Loved hearing about the porch stories, what a beautiful home.

    • Thanks, Betty! I first heard about haint blue while touring old homes. You see a lot of homes with blue porch ceilings in Savannah, Charleston and New Orleans.

  3. Could the chair by the tub be designed so you could sit on the top part and put a foot on the bottom one while you did your pedicure? Sorta like the way I sit on the stairs to do mine, but way more elegant!

  4. My great grandmother had a similar chair, she called it her step-stool chair. She used it to step up into her high bed and as children we used it to get into her high claw foot tub. Its the only other one I have ever seen and don’t know what the official name is.

  5. Marlene Stephenson says

    It is very homey, makes you want to crawl up anywhere and read a book or just cook something sit down and eat. It is a wonderful place,thanks Susan.

  6. Absolutely my kind of home. It’s gracious and welcoming. Yes, that master bedroom looks very Mario to me too! Thank you for sharing this lovely house with us.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  7. Wow, you found another gorgeous house for us to tour, Susan. What is interesting about the decor is that each room stands alone. You don’t get that “flow” that is so often heavily emphasized. In my opinion, it makes it much more ‘homey,’ like a real, honest to goodness, lived in home. Not one that is staged. I love that if someone has a penchant for blue and white, but also loves plaid, they are both represented.

    There are too many beautiful features to mention. The exterior shot is gorgeous, and I love that study with it’s the deep green walls. You’ll only get that wing back if you get there before me. 😉 And yes, the bedroom definitely feels like a Mario room. So beautiful! I do feel a bit sneezy though, whenever I see a heavily curtained bed like that. I’d love to try sleeping in one though.

    Did you notice the fat pink chair in the living room? So funny! All the fireplaces are so wonderful. There’s even one in the bath! I also noticed they block off some doors as though they are just walls. I guess they don’t use them. I also love that back staircase and hall. Very cozy. Very much a lovely home for a large family.

    Thanks for sharing it, Susan.

    • Pam, I forgot to mention in the post, but I think the house was built elsewhere and moved to that location. Can you imagine moving that house! I wish we still had a fireplace in every room. How much fun it would be to have that many to decorate throughout the year! Yeah, I saw the chair. I wonder if it’s that fat in person or if they were using a wide angle lens that sort of distorted it. I liked the color of it! That’s one of the things I like about having “walls” in a house…you can really fit in more of the different colors/decor you enjoy…plaid in one room, blue and white in another and soft pinks for the master bedroom. I love having different rooms with different “atmospheres or feelings”…some warm and cozy, some sunny and bright.

      • pam ~ crumpety cottage says

        Oh my gosh! No, I can’t imagine moving it. It’s so large. What an undertaking that would be! Well, whomever did it must have known what they were doing, because it sure wasn’t obvious and it looked so at home and so planted in it’s location. (That’s a concept I don’t think I’ve ever thought of before ~ is a home at home in it’s location?) I’m tired. I guess I’m starting to think crazy, lol.

        I love wood burning fireplaces and would have them in every room if I were to build a house. But I think I’ve decided I’d need a few permanent helpers to keep things running smoothly in such a large house.

        I agree with you about the different rooms with differing atmospheres. It makes sense to me because we all (particularly women) experience different moods and it’s nice to have rooms reflect what we’re feeling at the time.

        Anyway, really gorgeous house. 🙂

  8. What a lovely home. I kept going back to it as I would find something I had not noticed previously. It is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Diana Butler says

    Thanks for sharing this lovely Trump home–not what I would expect but quite lovely and very comfortable. I loved all the blue and white and that pot rack with all the copper in the kitchen–Want! About the two fireplaces in the living room–I am betting at one time this area was two separate rooms–the front and rear drawing rooms–one for the gents and one for the ladies–I bet the doors in the middle are where the wall originally was. Ladies and gents retired to different rooms after dinner to do lady things and gents smoked cigars and drank bourbon and whiskey! Thanks for sharing–as always.

  10. This is a beautiful home, I especially love the kitchen. And the scenery…breathtaking.

    Very few large homes like this have the cozy feel this one does. I’m not all over plaid on walls but it works amazingly well in that room. Very pretty house, thanks for another great tour Susan 🙂

  11. Oh, gosh, this home is definitely on my favorites list!!! So warm and inviting…..friendly I think….. Love the dining room, not pretentious or stuffy……very welcoming!! Yes, I also think there was a wall separating the living room into 2 rooms, common for the age of the home. Love the master bedroom and the bath…..the vanity in pale blue is stunning!! I also agree that it is wonderful to have each room different according to its use and exposure…….not following some one else’s rules for ‘feathering your nest’ !! It looks like a real family actually lives there……..great tour, thanks Susan!!!

  12. chatlotte says

    LOVE LOVE THIS HOUSE! The master bedroom is perfecto and that bathroom you showed is so cozy. Everything is lovely & divine. And sitting on so much beautiful.

  13. This home is stunning.
    Grand as well as stunning.

  14. I imagine the chair is used to prop a foot upon to dry little tootsies. That’s what I’d use it for.
    I revisited the mystery chair conversation and have decided that I’d use it for storytelling or reading. I love having stories read aloud. When I was a little girl, my mother would peruse magazines that her sisters sent her from back home, and she’d tell me about them: “Here’s an interesting story about a lady whose dog….” I would love to have someone sit where I could see their face and listen to a wonderful tale.

  15. LOVE the caned cornice boards in the dining room. The craft and art of caning is disappearing, as many of us who need furniture re-caned are discovering. When I was a young girl, I remember my grandmother telling me that at schools for the blind, they taught them job skills that required touch,not sight, and caning was one of them. Our best “caner” just passed away recently, and not long ago, he told me that he began looking 20 years ago for someone to train, no takers on that deal. I watched him work over the years for my mom and then me. It’s tedious and demanding! Parents don’t urge trade schools any more and I get that, but it makes me sad to see that artistry disappearing.

  16. This was SO FUN!! Thanx for ALL your efforts!! franki

  17. The step is used for balance getting in and out of the tub or step to get into bed

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