The Colorful Home Of Annie Potts From Designing Women

Annie Potts, does that name ring a bell? It sounded so familiar to me when a friend sent a link to her adorable Spanish Hacienda-Style home located in Tarzana, a neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, California. The home is currently on the market for $6.459 million dollars.

In case your memory is a little fuzzy like mine was, Annie got her first big break as the hilarious receptionist in the movie, Ghostbusters. She is also well-known for her role as Mary Jo Shively in the popular TV sitcom, Designing Women. (In the picture below, Annie is the first one on the left.)

Designing Women


The very first thing you’ll notice on a tour of Annie’s home is this is a woman who isn’t afraid of color. And surprisingly, the bold colors really work in this casual, happy home.

In this photo showing the front of the home, the front door is located just to the left of the green bench. It’s kind of hidden behind a column.

Annie Potts Spanish Hacienda-Style Home In Tarzana, Los Angeles, California


Loved this view of the front porch area…soooo pretty! Let’s go inside and take the tour!

Annie Potts Spanish Hacienda-Style Home In Tarzana, Los Angeles, California


The arched doorway beautifully frames this entrance to the living room. Notice how you can see right through to that large wall of windows, and on through to the outside! What a stunning view!

Annie Potts Hacienda-Style Home In Tarzana, Los Angeles, California 21


In addition to an obvious love for color, Annie isn’t afraid to mix patterns, either.

Annie Potts Living Room Tarzana, Los Angeles,


A colorful kitchen works well for this Spanish Hacienda-style home. I bet she uses Fiestaware dishes…would be perfect for this kitchen!

Annie Potts Kitchen, Spanish Hacienda-Style Home In Tarzana


While doing a little research for this article, I read when Annie was overseeing the renovation/restoration of her home, she made sure every single detail was done exactly as it should be…down to the last screw and nail.

She was quoted as saying, “I’m a deeply demented person and I had to do that.” lol I love that quote because it hits close to home. I’m sure some of the folks I’ve hired over the years to work in my home would describe me that way! πŸ™‚

I wonder what kind of stove/oven this is here in the kitchen. I’ve never seen one like that. It doesn’t really appear vintage but it looks like it should be vintage, doesn’t it!

Annie Potts Kitchen, Spanish Hacienda-Style Home In Tarzana


A view looking across to the hearth room or keeping room. What ARE we calling the hanging-out spot that’s just off the kitchen these days?

Annie Potts Kitchen, Spanish Hacienda-Style Home In Tarzana


Love the dining room! What a fabulous chandelier!

Annie Potts Dining Room In Home In Tarzana


A cozy home office! Hey, I think Annie has the same little organizer I have…see it there on her desk on the left.

Annie Potts Home Office Tarzana Home


What do you think? Are they the same? If not, I think they are very close. I still haven’t changed out the pictures on the front of mine…need to do that! (Home office can be viewed here: Organization & Storage For The Home Office)

Craft Office Organizer


Annie Potts’ home is light and bright. Even the bedrooms have an open, airy feel!

Annie Potts Bedrooms In Her Tarzana Home


Nothing feels matchy-matchy, Annie’s home feels as if pieces were collected over time and she filled it with treasures she discovered and has loved over the years. I always prefer that style of decorating because it feels so real and yes, that much over-used word…authentic.

Annie Potts Bedrooms In Her Tarzana Home 4


Another fun bedroom. This one may have been a child’s room…I see trophies on the bookcase.

Annie Potts Bedrooms In Her Tarzana Home 2


Hey, I know those pillows on the bed!

Annie Potts Bedrooms In Her Tarzana Home 3


They are the same ones I have on my porch swing! Looks like I’m not the only one who likes to shop at IKEA for their down-pillows. πŸ™‚ Β (Sprucing Up The Porch For Spring)

Wicker Swing with IKEA Pillows 3


Have you noticed the mix of antiques throughout Annie’s home? You can tell this home was put together with a lot of caring and love. I don’t know Annie personally but in seeing her home, I have a feeling she is someone who takes the time to carefully choose every piece of furniture and decorative piece for each room.

Annie Potts Bedrooms In Her Tarzana Home 5


You also get the feeling this is not a “show” home but a real home where real people live and enjoy life. Love the floor in this room and the view is gorgeous! Let’s go outside and check it out!

Annie Potts Pool Room, Tarzana, Los Angeles Home


Shhh, l think it’s siesta time!

Annie Potts Spanish Hacienda-Style Home In Tarzana, Los Angeles, California


Wow! What a great outdoor kitchen! Notice how the breakfast room opens up to this outdoor area. Beautiful with all the fairy lights!

I’ve seen the Moravian Star pendant lights in several stores online…this one looks right at home in this outdoor space. I didn’t realize they could be used outdoors. Maybe this is a special outdoor version of the light.

Annie Potts Outdoor Kitchen Los Angeles, CA


Wow! Okay, this is where you’ll find me all day!

Annie Potts Spanish Hacienda-Style Home In Tarzana, Los Angeles, California


Everything becomes more magical at night, especially when twinkle lights are involved! Now if I could just get the dastardly squirrels who live in my backyard to quit chewing through mine!

Annie Potts Outdoor Dining Area, Hacienda-Style Home


A view looking back toward the home…this is paradise, isn’t it?

Annie Potts Pool in her Tarzana, Los Angeles home



Hope you enjoyed this tour of Annie Potts’ Tarzana home! Here are couple more you may enjoy:

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You’ll find many more pictures of her home where I found these pictures here and here.

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  1. Wow! Susan, thanks for sharing this lovely home. What great color. I don’t know about you, but I’m curious as to what kinds of books she reads. She has some wonderful looking bookcases that just are calling out, come look at me! Thanks again, fantastic colors

  2. Vicki Daugherty says

    I was thinking the exact same thing, that this looks as if she decorated it to suit herself and her family. Not that I have anything against decorators but it’s refreshing to see a home that looks like a home! (Does that make sense?) Speaking of which, in Oct.’s edition of Traditional Home magazine, there is a tribute to Charles Faudree. He’s my all-time fav. Vicki in Louisville KY.

    • Vicki, I so agree! I really don’t like the homes that look so sterile and a little too perfect. Thanks for letting me know, I need to get that issue. I took Traditional Home for many years until they started mixing in homes that were a bit too contemporary for my taste. I noticed that every two years they featured him. It was a regular thing you could count on…every 2 years there would be a Charles Faudree feature showing his latest work or sometimes his own home. I coveted those issues so much. I had them all pulled out separately from all the other issues and had his article bookmarked in each one. So glad you told me, I will definitely buy that issue!

  3. It isn’t me, but I really do like it!! It is cool that, as you said, she isn’t afraid of color.

  4. I live in Southern California and the Spanish Hacienda-Style is my favorite. So glad that you share a diverse style of homes.

  5. You know..that looked “normal”…how refreshing! franki

  6. Thanks for sharing with us. She does have a beautiful home but like someone else said, it just isn’t me. I’m more of a Charles Faudree kind of person. However, it was fun to look at and admire.

  7. Double Wow! Of all the homes you’ve featured, this is my favorite!
    Love the Saltillo tiles with the high-gloss finish. Love the fact that there are no crown moldings in the bedrooms. I especially LOVE her kitchen….. Those tile countertops are to die! So refreshing to see someone who hasn’t fallen for the “granite-countertops-stainless-steel-appliances” ubiquitous look. This is clearly a home meant to be enjoyed and not designed with reselling in mind. Bravo for Ms Potts!

  8. This home is like those I have seen in Spain and Mexico, it looks so cheerful and not matchy, matchy. Would love to hang around that pool and listen to the crickets at night.
    I used to watch Designing Women all the time, Annie is so cute.
    Well Susan, if she has your pillows and desk organizer, I think that gives us an *in* for a visit!! What do you think? πŸ™‚

  9. I love that she has all this color! It’s a little overdone but I would much prefer this to all the neutraliness (is that a word?) that you see. I loved watching her on Designing Women. Many many years ago we went by the house where it was supposed to be filmed at and I sat on the porch. There’s a photo somewhere around here proving it!

  10. I love it! Thanks. The kind of home I love…A home that looks lived in.
    The kitchen made me cry. πŸ˜‰ I’d kill for that oven/cooktop. ha.

  11. Linda C in Seattle says

    How warm and colorful at the same time.
    This is a house that you can
    really take your shoes off relax and enjoy.
    I’d be in the patio area all day too.

  12. crumpety cottage says

    This house definitely has the California feel. The outdoor spaces are my favorite – love that bright green roof on the front porch and the cozy back porch. Even the outdoor kitchen is beautiful! That wall of windows in the pool room is very cool as well. I don’t think I’d waste that room on pool! (They probably play a lot.) For some reason I found it funny that she lives in Tarzana though. Not sure why. It just seems to “un” Hollywood.

  13. Wow Susan!
    And I thought I loved colors! lol
    Seriously, if I had to describe Annie’s home I’d say it is … “eclectically” unique! And I mean it in the most positive sense of the word! πŸ™‚
    ~Hugs to you~
    PS: Susan, whenever I buy a triple picture frame that I like very much I usually print out three letters chosen at “random” (cough… cough… and which always happen to be a “U”, a “S” and an “A”… I really have no clue why this happens every time! lol) and place them in it… Just as suggestion for your organizer caddy… πŸ˜‰

  14. Hi, Susan,
    That’s funny you have the same pillows. I think your organizer is a tiny bit different (going by the sides) but still very much alike. I really enjoyed this tour. She does have an amazing home.

  15. I agree with everyone else. This does look like a home to be lived in. So many houses we look at are drop dead gorgeous but don’t seem to be suited for “normal” life. Thanks for featuring this.

  16. Hi Susan, thanks for sharing this home. I think the home looks like it really would fit Annie’s personality. I loved her in designing women. I love all of her use of color and I love the Spanish style–the loggia/covered walkway into the front of the house are exquisite! When I first looked at the kitchen, I had the same thought as you–I love that stove! I am a big color freak too so I loved all the brightness she has choses–especially the blue kitchen. I have had tile counters and they are a pain to keep clean but here they look so good! The tile floors are great in the CA climate I’ll bet–the floors in the “sun room” almost look like leather. Thanks for sharing–still enjoying your post.

  17. What a great home! I love all the colors she’s mixed together. California homes always appeal to me with the light and outdoor spaces. I wonder why she’s selling it. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

  18. I’ve always loved Annie Potts, ever since she began starring in L.A. Law years and years ago. Jimmy Smitts was on that show to along with a lot of today’s stars. It’s no surprise to me that this gorgeous home is hers!!! LOVE all the colors!!! Very happy and welcoming. Yes, authentic is right, she is true to herself!!

    She was also in another series with an African American actress…….it took place in the south and the two girls were best friends as children and all through school and so on. It was a wonderful show with the two of them solving problems and mysteries. Very heart warming. She is such an original!! Thanks for the tour……

  19. That was fun..touring Annie Potts’s house. Yes, she’s definitely not afraid of color. It’s so nice to see that her home is very personal and inviting. Thanks for the tour.

  20. This would be my absolute perfect forever home! Thanks for sharing…

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