Tour Downton Abbey’s Byfleet Manor, The Grand Home of Lady Violet Crawley

Are you a fan of the British drama, Downton Abbey? Though I don’t watch it as much as I did in the early days, I was sad to hear the 6th season will be its last. I guess they want to go out while they are still on top.

Downton Abbey, Highclere Castle

One of the characters we’ll all miss is the sassy Dowager Countess, Lady Violet Crawley, played by Maggie Smith. Just as the show is approaching its last season, the Byfleet Manor, the grand house that Lady Violet calls home on the show, has gone on the market for sale.

Lady Violet; Dowager Countess of Downton Abbey


You too can live like the Dowager Countess if you have 6 million to spare! Byfleet Manor really does look every bit the grand manor, doesn’t it?

Tour Byfleet Manor Home of Lady Violet, Downton Abbey


The home is located in Surry, just outside of London. I love how they describe its location in the listing as being an “idyllic location at the end of a winding country lane.”

The history of the property dates back to the 7th century but the first records for the home indicate it was built around 1686. The manor home sits on 19 acres, has 8 bedrooms, five baths and four reception rooms.

Downton Abbey, Byfleet Manor, Home of Dowager Lady Violet


Here’s a floor plan of Byfleet Manor.

Floor plan for Lady Violet's Byfleet Manor on Downton Abbey


If you saw the 2014 musical, Into the Woods, Byfleet manor was also featured in that production.

Byfleet Manor, Home of Dowager Countess Lady Violet


After seeing all the gigantic rooms and extraordinarily high ceilings in Downton Abbey, I was surprised by how much more normal size the rooms are in Byfleet Manor.

Byfleet Manor for Sale, Home of Lady Violet


Byfleet Manor, Home of Lady Violet, Downton Abbey


Beautiful clock!

Tour Byfleet Manor, Home of Dowager Countess Lady Violet


Notice how the ceiling is wallpaper here in the breakfast/morning room. I guess they wanted to make it feel more homey and cozy and there was no way to wallpaper the walls.

Tour Byfleet Manor on Downton Abbey, For Sale 03


The formal dining room is wallpapered with a pretty damask paper. Beautiful chandelier! I love how this room opens up to the gardens.

Byfleet Manor, Lady Violet's Home on Downton Abbey, For Sale


This bedroom, one of eight, is modestly furnished. I wonder where that little hidden door goes…maybe a closet?

Downton Abbey's Byfleet Manor is For Sale


I wonder if copper tubs hold the heat well when filled with hot water?

Tour Byfleet Manor on Downton Abbey, For Sale 11


You’ll find additional pictures of Byfleet manor at the listing here: Savills. Thanks so much to Linda for telling me about this fascinating listing!

Downton Abbey, Byfleet Manor, Home of Dowager Lady Violet


Take a tour of Highclere Castle (Home of Downton Abbey) and meet the owners in this previous post: Tour Highclere Castle, Home of the British Drama Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey Highclere Castle


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  1. OH, this is “so timely!!” We just returned from “a perfect” two days at the “Biltmore Estate.” The parallels of Highclere and Biltmore were very…clear! The exquisite exhibit of original costumes from “Downton Abbey” were wonderful! The rhododendrons are are in their full regalia. *sigh* franki p.s. Maggie Smith must be a size “0”…just sayin…

  2. Thanks for sharing. I’m a fan of the show.
    My guess about the little door, since it is waist high, a dumbwaiter. A tray could easily be lifted out at that height.

  3. That little door might be the dumbwaiter ….just a thought

  4. Oh wow, I would buy it if I could spare me some 6mil, lol…
    I love all the rooms and it’s gorgeous grounds. Lady Fiona is like any regular person, which always surprises me cause the stars of the show are so very perfect for the part.
    Thanks for sharing, I totally love DA TV drama and I am sad it’ll be over soon.
    Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing. I’m pinning it.

  5. Susan ~ That door really showed how high the ceilings are! Unless it’s a tiny short door that is! Oh I love that show and I hate that there is just one more season. Maybe there will be more shows like it, you know how our networks like to copy something until that’s all there is. Reality television for example, ugh!

  6. Dear Susan, I have to hold you responsible for getting me hooked on Downton Abbey as was unaware of it until you mentioned it in one of your postings …. ☺ …. so am sad to hear that this coming up season will be their last. (I even purchased all the DVD’s.) On the subject of this home; I appreciate the tour and will add, ‘they certainly don’t build them like they use to’. Re the little door, I too like the other commenters think in all probability it is a ‘dumb waiter’ as doubtfully they had laundry chutes back then. The house that my girlfriend lived in had one located in the Master Suite of her parents which led to the kitchen and if I recall correctly operated on a manual pulley system whereas the home I grew up in had the latter located on the 2nd and 3rd floors and the chute itself lead to the basement. I haven’t thought about it until now but remember we use to have fun tossing marbles down it. -Brenda-

  7. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Hi Susan, I don’t watch Downton Abbey so this house doesn’t mean a lot to me in that respect, but I can say I LOVE the doors going out to the patio from the dining room. Those are particularly nice. Also, in the room with the tall grandfather clock, just to the left of it and hanging on the wall, is what appears to be an adorable tiny painting in a ginormous frame. Lol. That made me smile. The canvas is so tiny and the frame so wide. Very amusing. 🙂

  8. I love the copper tub, and after an internet search it seems copper does retain heat. However, that marble floor would be frosty in the winter unless it is heated.

    I will really miss DW. I am looking forward to the new series with Shirley Maclaine. Sort of DW goes American.

  9. Correction. I will miss DA !

  10. Pretty spectacular isn’t it?
    Although I’m personally more sad that Mad Men is ending ( I don’t know that I’ve ever been so invested in characters on a t.v. show before but that entire series represents my childhood – it’s so familiar to me ! ) I’ll also be sad to see Downton Abbey come to a close too 🙁

  11. A DREAM HOME for sure!!! The entire estate is awesome. Loved seeing this post. Good job, Susan. I would say this would be a dream come true to have such property. I like the way the front grounds are leading into a gated lawn with outstanding manor. AND then there’s the character Violet…i love her character. Will miss her when the series ends. British programs on PBS have so much more style and class than american programs that play these days. The Waltons are long gone. Downton Abbey, Call Of The Midwives, Mr. Selfridge, etc. is my cup of tea.
    Blessings to you and may you have a wonderful day,

  12. Good job, Susan! This post was great. A dream house for sure. I like how the grounds lead up to a gated property with such a lovely manor. The much loved Downton Abbey series will be greatly missed and Violet is such a character. Love her!

    All the best to you,

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