Frances Schultz Decorated Bee Cottage and Herself Back To Happiness

Welcome to the 337th Metamorphosis Monday!

When Frances Schultz, a contributing editor for House Beautiful, purchased a little cottage in East Hampton, she knew it had great bones, but it hadn’t been updated in a very long time.

Frances Schultz's Lovely Bee Cottage Home in East Hampton


Frances herself had been going through a rough patch, having been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004, followed by her mother’s passing a year later. Frances threw herself into the renovation of her home and in doing so, healed herself and her sweet cottage that she affectionately named, Bee Cottage. Is that not the cutest name for a cottage!

Frances Schultz's Bee Cottage Home, East Hampton


Frances went on to incorporate a little bee design into many areas of the home, including this cute gate in her back yard. If I ever buy that cottage I’m craving, I’ll have to think of a really cute name for it. How about Dragonfly Cottage? Too long? 🙂

Gate with Bee Cutout at Frances Schultz's Bee Cottage Home


Here’s how the exterior of Bee Cottage looked when Frances first purchased it. I see hedges like that a lot in some of the neighborhoods in my area. Eventually, they just get too tall and leggy and it’s time to pull them out and start anew. That’s exactly what Frances did.

Bee Cottage Exterior Before Makeover


And a storybook cottage was born! By the way, this is kind of what I have planned for my front yard foundation plantings. I’m planning on using lots of boxwoods. I love the simplicity of this and especially love that it will be just this beautiful all winter long.

Unfortunately, when I priced the boxwoods I want to use, they are super expensive and I need a good many. I’m determined to get it done, though. Soon! I’m saving this picture as inspiration, absolutely love how this looks!

Let’s go inside and see what Frances did to the interior of Bee Cottage. The “Before and After” pictures are nothing short of astounding!

Exterior of Frances Schultz's Bee Cottage Home after Makeover


The rooms in Bee Cottage are modest in size as you might expect in a cottage home. The ceilings are a normal 8 foot in height. This was the living room before Frances worked her magic.

Frances Schultz's Bee Cottage Living Room Before Makeover


How this for a beautiful transformation! I love, love, love this color of green! So beautiful!

Frances Schultz's Bee Cottage Living Room, East Hampton


This room in the home was referred to as the Garden Room.

Frances Schultz's Bee Cottage Garden Room Before Makeover


Here’s how it looked after its makeover. At first I thought the sofa was the same as the one in the living room, but they are different styles. It looks like Frances may have used the same fabric, though. I’m guessing these rooms are visible to each other and that may be why they coordinate so well together. That sofa looks so comfortable…like you could just sink into it!

Frances Schultz's Garden Room in Bee Cottage


One look at the kitchen and you can see it has great potential. Just look at all that natural light pouring in! I love all those windows! So what did Frances do with the kitchen?

Kitchen in Frances Schultz's Bee Cottage Before Makeover


Wow! Such a big improvement!

Frances Schultz's Kitchen in Bee Cottage After Makeover


There’s even room for a little breakfast nook in one corner.

Frances Schultz's Bee Cottage Breakfast Area After Makeover


This really is my dream cottage, it even had a Butler’s Pantry! Unfortunately, the pantry had been turned into a laundry room so it wasn’t really being used as pantry.

Frances Schultz's Bee Cottage Butler's Pantry Before Makeover


Here’s how the Butler’s Pantry looked after Frances got hold of it. Fabulous! Look at those beautiful wood counters and the wonderful blue ceiling! What a great room! I wonder where the washer and dryer ended up.

Butler's Pantry in Frances Schultz's Bee Cottage


The dining room before its makeover…

Dining Room in Frances Schultz's Bee Cottage Home Before Makeover


And here’s the After! Bright and beautiful! Let’s go upstairs and check out the bedrooms!

Frances Schultz's Dining Room in Bee Cottage


Great built-in storage here in the upstairs hall.

Buiilt-in Storage Drawers in Frances Schultz's Bee Cottage Home


This was how the Master bedroom looked before Frances gave it a makeover.

Frances Schultz's Master Bedroom in Bee Cottage Before Makeover


Notice how she camouflaged the slanted wall behind the bed. That’s a bee motif/design on the coverlet…so cute!

Frances Schultz's Bee Cottage Master Bedroom, East Hampton


Frances included a little reading corner in her bedroom. I like the tiny shelf built in to what is normally dead space. Love the window seat!

Frances Schultz's Bee Cottage Master Bedroom Window Seat and Reading Corner


I’m not sure what purpose this little niche here in the master bedroom served in its previous life.

Frances Schultz's Bee Cottage Master Bedroom Niche Before Makeover into Dressing Table


Frances put it to work as a vanity/dressing table. Brilliant!

Master Bedroom Niche in Bee Cottage Becomes a Dressing Table


The guest room got a bold paint treatment using a gloss paint to catch and reflect the light.

Guest Room in Frances Schultz's Bee Cottage Home


The guest bath…

Frances Schultz's Bee Cottage Guest Bathroom After Makeover


The back of Bee Cottage is just as adorable as the front! And look at that beautiful cottage garden!

The Backyard Garden of Bee Cottage


Frances has written a book about her journey renovating her home and how the process brought her back to life. I have the book and it’s a wonderful, heart-warming read. You’ll find it here: The Bee Cottage Story: How I Made a Muddle of Things and Decorated My Way Back to Happiness

The Bee Cottage Story by Frances Schultz



Exterior of Frances Schultz's Bee Cottage Home after Makeover


All the pictures in this post were found at House Beautiful online.

Looking forward to all the fabulous Before and Afters for this Met Monday!

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  1. How charming! I love that front yard garden too!

  2. Susan, thanks for hosting. I LOVE this cottage! What a wonderful renovation. I’m intrigued to learn more about her, and will probably order the book!

  3. Susan, thank you for the tour of this delightful cottage and thank you for hosting the linkup.

  4. {sigh}. I am so in love with cottage living. This is beautiful, a dream come true with that butler’s pantry, garden room and garden. What more could one want? Looking forward to your review of the book, Susan.

  5. I have seen the Bee Cottage featured many times and have yet to buy the book…I need to put that on my list for the Amazon Prime day!…Love Frances’ style and the gorgeous greens in those rooms. I also love the way she use the very tall lamps that give you a sense of being a floor lamp!…Thanks for hosting Susan…have a great day!

  6. Cynthia Crisp says

    Good morning Susan,
    I just love BNOTP and I’ve saved many (most) of them in a folder so I can go back and enjoy them again. “Bee Cottage” is absolutely adorable and I can only imagine that when the day comes and you have your own cottage, it will be equally as beautiful. As far as the name “Dragonfly Cottage” being too long…just shorten it to “Dragonfly”!! The decorating possibilities would be endless!!!
    Thank you for a sharing…

  7. What an adorable story book cottage, and a happy ending to her story! Thanks for sharing this and for the Monday party Susan!

  8. What a lovely cottage! She did an amazing job restoring and decorating her little spot. Thanks for hosting, Susan! Have a lovely week ahead. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  9. I admire people that can take on a project while dealing with health issues. My house would be askew and I can’t imagine what colors I would choose. I love the couches. The second one looks like a good place for a nap.

  10. What an inspiring story! My favorite…her butler’s pantry. Thanks for hosting, Susan! Hugs…Debbie

  11. oh, it’s adorable from the front! thanks for hosting.

  12. What a pretty home. I adore that green! I actually have a porch to share with you today. It’s not nearly as large as your grand space, but it’s cozy. Thanks for the party, Susan, have a great week!

  13. Sherry Stuifbergen says

    I just ordered the “Streisand” book you reviewed. I loved this metamorphis! I will look on Ebay and Amazon for THIS book too. This shows how therapeutic taking pride & beautifying & creating your “nest” is! It is MY constant hobby. The search is fun for just the right accessory (antique) for the seasons.

  14. What a beautiful cottage to enjoy with my morning coffee. Thanks for sharing it and for hosting such a lovely party each week! Hope you have a great week.

  15. What an adorable cottage Susan, I adore the name! I put the book on my wish list, thanks for letting me know about it 🙂

  16. Susan, thank you for hosting!

  17. Sherry Stuifbergen says

    I noticed that when she renovated her kitchen, she did not put up monotonous rows of kitchen cupboards. I, myself, think they are redundant & boring as well. Yet she is lucky to have the b. pantry for storage. I love the open shelf concept in kitchens for pretty dinnerware, bringing out a color scheme, taking pride in table settings. I wonder if this is a trend? I built my house in the ’90’s and I have very little cupboards, a concept alot of people could not understand. I built my house to look “old” and vintagey. No carpeting, old, recycled woodwork. “Odd” to most by-standers.

  18. Oh my……..I love Bee’s Cottage too! I will look on Ebay for her book too. The book should be fascinating! I love working on my home and I am always changing things around for a fresh new look. Thank you for sharing. I love your blogs!

  19. Gorgeous home, Susan!
    Thanks so much for hosting another fun party!
    I hope you have a great week,

  20. Such a sweet transformation. I so enjoy reading about the fixer uppers you share with us. I love what she did with the living room and the dining room! Regarding your search for affordable boxwood. Last summer I was at Home Depot – they had really nice boxwood’s on sale – like $15.00 each! I bought 2 and planted them in containers for my deck. They have done great. Keep an eye on those big box stores and make friends with the nursery boss. Maybe you can get them to give you a text or call when they get in their boxwoods next spring. Are you aware of the smell that English Boxwood can give off? Here’s some info on that. “Evergreen boxwood (Buxus spp.), with its dense leafy growth, is grown for its beauty and utility as a garden plant, especially for hedging. Some species, especially English boxwood (Buxus sempervirens), which grows in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 5 or 6 through 8, depending on variety, feature leaves that exude a strong scent, especially when the sun shines on them. Individual senses of smell differ, but many people think English boxwood smells similar to cat urine. Other boxwood species are less malodorous and can be substituted for the English type.” Mine have the cat urine smell. I love them just the same, however, I can’t imagine a hedge at ones front door would be inviting – just saying. Vikki in VA

  21. Jean from Georgia says

    Thank you so much for featuring such a precious cottage. For several years I have searched for just the perfect little cottage to renovate and this posting rejuvenates my desire to restart my search. So much fun she must have enjoyed renovating this sweet home.

  22. What a gorgeous metamorphosis! I truly enjoyed checking each before and after picture, just amazing! Thanks for sharing Susan!

  23. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!! I love everything about this home! Thank you for sharing.

    Have a great week Susan!

  24. Thanks for hosting, and for sharing this cute cottage! Love it!! Tons of inspiration to glean from it. Liz

  25. What a wonderful and inspiring story! I’m looking forward to reading the book. Thank you for hosting and have a great week!

  26. love this cottage. I find it nicer than some of the mansions! And I love the cute green living room. Bold…but so pretty. Thanks for sharing Bee Cottage.

  27. Love love love!!! The living room and kitchen are fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

  28. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    What an adorable cottage! I’m so glad Frances was able to throw herself into this beautiful project and help herself heal. What a transformation. She has reason to be proud. I love the greens in the living rooms, so calming. The kitchen is a wonder. And that butler’s pantry! Most much larger homes don’t have such a sensible and convenient space! I also love architecture of the back of the house; and the garden. Lovely. Thanks for sharing this, Susan.

  29. Fantastic post! I have been a Bee Cottage fan since the first time I saw it years ago. I had no idea she had a book…or a blog! thanks for that info. I have always wondered if she updates it with today’s trends or not. It is the quintessential cottage. And her story is very heart warming.

  30. Love this cottage and I just reserved a book at my local B&N. THank you!

  31. What a beautiful cottage! She has done the most wonderful job and I’m sure it is her haven! Gorgeous!!

  32. Hi Susan! This is truly a sweet little gem.

    On my blog today I am talking about hedges. Including why they get “leggy” (lack of proper care, soil nutrients, etc) and how to propagate boxwood which might be a good solution for you in terms of expense.

  33. Hi Susan! What a gorgeous little cottage! I love her work and she has really made this a doll house. Thank you for sharing this with us.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  34. She renovated all the charm right back into the cottage. So well done. And many villages in England have a “Lavender Cottage,” which has 3 syllables like Dragonfly–so it’s not too long!

  35. Adorable
    Maybe you will buy a condo on a lake & call it Susan’s Seaside Suite.
    I love alliterations so i call my tricked out tool shed “Faucett’s Folly”. Faucett is my DH’ s last name.

  36. Hey Susan! I loved this post! I had seen the famous living room many times but never knew where the room lived. She is very talented and has wonderful taste.

  37. Absolutely adorable, except for the green wallpaper, could not live with that. How lovely to have a butler’s pantry, the closest I got was in my last house with a walk-in pantry.
    The bedroom is lovely and loved the niche in the wall. The gardens are so beautiful.
    Now, Susan, you have me wondering what on earth that opening in the wall was. Was the room you can see through it, a dressing room? Maybe it was a nursery? Enquiring minds want to know!! 🙂

  38. On more *reflection*, pardon the pun, I realised that there was a mirror and plugs set in that niche and the reflection was the room we were in. Perhaps it was meant to be a dressing table.
    Now I have talked myself into an answer, I am happy! 🙂

  39. Yes, yes, yes. I need to do this. So therapeutic.

  40. Thank you for hosting the party, glad to join with my post on DIY your perfect Grey & Greize (frugally that is!).

  41. Thanks so much for hosting and for sharing this wonderful cottage transformation with us!!


  42. Linda Page says

    Well, looks like this posting was a huge hit!!! This is about the cutest cottage that I have ever seen. Just adorable! This little cottage had great bones and Frances did a splendid job of turning those bones into a serene, light, soft cottage that just tickles your fancy. Every room is beautiful. I love the plate rack in the kitchen. I was immediately reminded of the home in New Orleans (can’t remember the name but the bank was in front…you posted pictures of it) where there was a plate rack in the kitchen where the platters were displayed. The butlers pantry is wonderful. She transformed it into a very useful pantry plus office area. Love it. In the master bedroom, I think the alcove might have held an armoire or chest of drawers. I have seen that in houses before. Making it a dressing/makeup table was genius. I think when you get your cottage it should definitely be called Dragonfly Cottage! I think that is the perfect name! Love this post today. Thanks for sharing.

  43. I needed a shot of whimsey today, Susan. This blog post hit the spot. 🙂

  44. Marlene Stephenson says

    Lovely cottage and she did a great job redoing the rooms.

  45. I love the Bee cottage! Sher did an amazing transformation! That little niche I thought right away was a dressing table. Love that she did just that. Thanks for sharing this and for hosting. Have a BEEutiful week:):)

    PS, All my info used to fill in automatically, now I have to fill it in each time? Do you have any idea why?

    • Pinky, do you mean in order to leave a comment or do you mean in order to join the party with InLinkz? Are you using a different browser? Ummm, I hope it’s not doing that with everyone. No one has mentioned it so far.

  46. Loved this beautiful post and Frances is as beautiful as her home! Thanks for hosting, Susan! Have a wonderful week!
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  47. BOBBI DUNCAN says

    This cottage is just too precious! The French bee design has a very personal meaning in my life, so I love the name Bee Cottage. This is the name I chose for my cottage years ago, but written in French script. The fact that renovating the cottage helped with Frances’s healing goes to show how important our homes are to us; a safe haven against the stresses of everyday life. I love how cheerful Frances made her home, and that butlers pantry/office space is wonderful…great storage. The little kitchen dining space is so sweet. I read about the odors given off from boxwoods and had to chuckle because I know they have a unique smell, but I’ve always loved it lol!. I love they way they look, and the smell always reminds me of when I lived in Colonial Williamsburg, where that smell is everywhere. I guess the fact that I enjoyed living there makes me associate the smell as being a nice one. Thank you for sharing this lovely cottage, Susan. It seems like quite a few people are thinking of going to smaller homes, yet incorporating all the lovely details you can have in a larger home. It makes so much sense as we get older, being able to spend more time enjoying our homes rather than maintaining them, IMHO. Every time I clean, which is often since I am a clean freak (ug!), I think about that dreamy little cottage. Hugs!

  48. I love this cottage, my favorite is the butler’s pantry, I have always loved butler pantry’s, have to check out the book

  49. I just fell head over heals in LOVE! The Bee Cottage photos are absolutely wonderful! I pinned most of them. I currently have a 1970’s cottage by the sea in Santa Barbara and it needs a lot of TLC. Frances has given me hope that I will one day have the cottage of my dreams. I cannot wait to read the book. Thank you for sharing this feature.
    Michelle from

  50. What a charmer! I’d love to cook in that kitchen! —- Amy @

  51. I loved seeing this cottage!!! That cottage garden is perfect!!!

  52. I love this little house, especially the green rooms – I’m a sucker for green! Thank you for sharing it. I just purchased a used copy of the book from Amazon and can’t wait for it to arrive. My husband and I looked for quite a while for the perfect little house to be a weekend getaway for us and eventually our retirement home. After searching and searching (and finally finding it), we decided to name our house “Questover”, because the quest was finally over.

  53. What a treat it was to meet Frances Schultz last night at Q44 in Quogue, NY. Frances was there for a book signing for her new book “The Bee Cottage Story.” She was gracious and fun and the atmosphere was perfect given the story behind this wonderful book. I’m so glad to now have my own signed copy of her story, and love affair, with this lovely home in the Hamptons. Thank you, Frances!

  54. Dear Susan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh my heavens what a joyful surprise to discover, even at this late date, your wonderful blog and wonderful you and your wonderful readers. What a lovely post you have written and what a huge compliment to Bee and me. Thank you. I am flattered and honored. And a big hug to each and every one of your readers who took the time to comment so graciously. Thank you, thank you, and blessings, Frances … Please send me your address so I may send you another copy to give as gift or giveaway. Would be my pleasure. 🙂

  55. Cathie Mangano says

    Love this cottage…..what’s not to love about a cottage…..Thanks for sharing!! How about “Dragonfly Manor” for your cottage ?!? :-}

  56. Nancy Reed says

    Susan, thank you for hosting and sharing the transformation of this beautiful cottage. Such insight and good use of space and square footage. Amazing re-design and amount of drawer design. Look at that birdcage lighting fixture! The table is still a good size. She covered the radiator with the lovely “Window Seat”, clever and useful. Only one word could describe the person who made “Bee Cottage” her own, that would “BEE” Charming.

    Best Wishes, Nancy

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