Happy Hollow, A Storybook Home With Beautiful Gardens

Every now and then I get an e-mail with a link to an amazing house. Recently, I got an e-mail from Pam and I could tell from the excitement in her voice, this was going to be a fabulous house…and it was! One look and I was totally smitten. So much charm and so not like the cookie-cutter homes we often see today.

This storybook home dates back to 1901 and was designed in the Gambrel style which basically refers to the style of the roof. Per Wikipedia, ” A gambrel or gambrel roof is usually symmetrical two-sided roof with two slopes on each side. The upper slope is positioned at a shallow angle, while the lower slope is steep. This design provides the advantages of a sloped roof while maximizing headroom inside the building’s upper level and shortening what would otherwise be a tall roof.”

What gives this house its storybook quality? Is it the gambrel roof, the window boxes overflowing with flowers, the rock construction, the oval window, the beautiful windows, the cupola over the guest cottage or is it everything all working together?

Gambrel Design Home with Beautiful Gardens and Landscaping 4


I love this entrance so much! Notice the dormer windows above the arched front porch with its pergola design, the fairytale cottage windows on either side of the entrance-of course sporting lots of red geraniums, the corbels running just along the roof line, the ivy growing up the rock wall and the wonderful stone path leading to the front door. Love those planters on either side of the front walkway, too. This goes so far beyond curb appeal, I don’t even know what to call it! 🙂

Gambrel Design Home with Beautiful Gardens and Landscaping 6


Here’s another charming area outside the home. Not sure if this is outside the guest cottage that’s on the property or another entrance somewhere off the main home.

Gambrel Design Home with Beautiful Gardens and Landscaping 3


Beautiful backyard…

Gambrel Design Home with Beautiful Gardens and Landscaping 7


Gorgeous gardens!

Gambrel Design Home with Beautiful Gardens and Landscaping 5


I think that may be the guest cottage we see down below with the cupola on top.

Gambrel Design Home with Beautiful Gardens and Landscaping 2


Let’s go inside and take the tour!

Gambrel Design Home with Beautiful Gardens and Landscaping 6


Just inside the front door you’ll find a multi-level staircase…love all the twists and turns. Also love that entry table! A cute little door takes advantage of the storage space under the stairs…so smart!

Entry 2


The living room…love the ceiling design and arched doorways! The charm continues inside of this beautiful home!

Beautiful Living Room


I’m not sure where this room is in the home. It has lots of cottage charm doesn’t it?

Beautiful Living Room


I wonder if this is the keeping room or hearth room off the kitchen.





This home has an amazing kitchen…love the coffered ceiling!

Beautiful Kitchen with Paneled Refrigerator


Beautiful island…love how it’s different from the kitchen counters which appear to be marble. I bet that’s a 2 drawer dishwasher beside the sink.

Open Kitchen with Large Island


Looks like the stone pizza oven is fired up and ready for action. The ceiling actually appears to be arched in this photo. Love that! I love the cabinetry although I think I’d prefer glass where they have the fabric.

Large Kitchen with Eat-in Island


The fabric looks so different in this view of the sink, maybe they changed it for a more neutral color. I like the flooring we see in the above photo, too.

Beautiful Kitchen with Paneled Refrigerator


I bet there’s a sub-zero refrigerator hiding under there, what do you think? It’s kind of designed like an old ice box, isn’t it?

Beautiful Kitchen with Paneled Refrigerator 3


The dining room…beautiful chandelier!

Dining Room


This home has 6 bedrooms and the master suite is amazing with two separate baths.

Beautiful Bedrooms with 4-Poster Bed3


Beautiful Bedrooms with 4-Poster Bed1


Another bedroom…love the high ceiling. How many times have I said “love” in this post? Can’t help it!

Beautiful Bedroom


This bathroom appeared on two sites decorated two different ways…

Bath 2


Bath 1


This is definitely one of my favorite rooms in the whole house. Wow!

Paneled Study with Window Seat 1


I love everything about it, the ceiling, the window seats of both sides of the room, the beautiful windows, the paneled walls…it’s just gorgeous!

Paneled Study with Window Seat 3


The workmanship in this home is just amazing!

Paneled Study with Window Seat 2


This must be the office for the Lady of the house, definitely has a feminine feel. Update: I missed the doggies…several folks pointed them out in the comments. Soooo cute! Love their little built-in bed and it looks like they do, too.

Feminine Office


Feminine Office


This home has a theater and can you just imagine that starry ceiling when the lights are turned down low for a movie?

Home Theater


The wine cellar…

Wine Cellar


Hope you enjoyed the tour of this amazing home.

Gambrel Design Home with Beautiful Gardens and Landscaping 1


Leave you with this image of it in winter.  ~~~Sigh~~~

Storybook Cottage in the Snow


You’ll find additional photos of this house HERE and HERE where these photos were found.

Beautiful home



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  1. SharonFromMichigan says

    Wow, this is one of those homes that you just smile and sigh when you see it. I love the curb appeal that it has; so charming and welcoming. I adore the flagstone walkways. I really love the tufted chair in the second indoor photo. It looks so comfy. Such a beautiful home! Thank you Susan and Pam for sharing!

  2. What a home and so inviting. With each photo I would think, “now this is my favorite room” or “my favorite thing” but actually could not pick one by the end. Thanks for brightening my day.

  3. Peggy Thal says

    Amazing home! Who ever the Decorator was they did a fantastic job. I even like the inside better than the outside. Thanks for sharing Susan!!

  4. Hi Susan! Oh, what a charming wonderful home! I’ve so enjoyed this tour. Can you imagine living there? The front does look like something from a fairy tale.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 🙂

  5. This is so beautiful by far .My favorite inside and out.

  6. OH MY GAWWDDDDD! This is seriously the most amazing house I’ve ever seen! There’s so much charm and superior craftsmanship in this home! Love the architecture, the furnishings, everything!!

    I think the second picture of the kitchen with the toned down fabric is probably not accurate. Looks like the white balance was off and the real color is closer to the blues in the first picture.

    (Listen to me talk about white balance as if I know what I’m talking about lol)

    Thank you for sharing this BE-U-TI-FUL home Susan :). You made my day.

  7. Andrea Campbell says

    The ultimate! Absolutely glorious in every way. This is the kind of classic, gracious and charming home I have always dreamed about. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Holy Cow!!! This place is straight out of a fairy tale. Amazing! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Carol Lee says


  10. Grandmom says

    This one’s only rival is the last Fairy Tale Cottage on a hill overlooking water. Absolutely gorgeous, inside & out.
    Wish us luck on winning The Lottery! 😉 Susan, thanks for sharing…all I could do was ooh & aah more with each progressive photo. Happy Spring!

  11. Betty819 says

    Absolutely beautiful! Can you imagine having to clean that large of a home. Living in that area, you know they are wealthy and probably have live-in housekeepers, a gardener, etc. Like Debbie said.. it’s like living out of a fairy tale. Thanks for sharing and thanks to Pam too.

  12. This is an amazing dream home for sure! I loved the beautiful gardens they have. I have to say it is my favorite you have ever had on your blog Susan. Thanks so much for sharing with us! 🙂

  13. Elizabeth Savage says

    Love it ! Thanks for sharing !

  14. Margo Kuhn says

    Susan, I absolutely love this house and the decor. It is absolutely adorable, georgeous, quaint, and just about everything else rolled up in one. Thank you for sharing.

  15. I really love your office, but those offices are giving you a run for the money. And, of course I always love the kitchen, the kitchen window, the concave ceiling, the beautiful island. oh my.

  16. Oh. Em. Gee.~~~I think I just had a housegasm! That’s right, I made up a word for it! I’m just gonna…..SPLODE! I love this house inside and out!!! Ya know, if I won the lottery tomorrow (yeah right, I don’t think you can win if ya don’t buy any tickets, right?)I would not buy a McMansion or one of those other fancy dancy places to live in. No, I would want to duplicate this house! I’m not saying it doesn’t have any fancy to it, but it is soooooo HOMEY! I could live here and feel so relaxed and just go ahead and draw me a hot bubble bath in that gorgeous bathroom….

    I’m so gonna steal that idea from the kitchen (the plates hung on the side of the cabinets over the sink) I’ve got just the plates! SQUEE! Uh, gotta go get my hammer and nails, see ya’ll later…..

  17. Wowzers! This is definitely a house to love.♥♥♥

  18. Did you see the built in dog bed on the right side of the room with the two cute dogs in it in the ladies office? Too cute!!

  19. Absolutely stunning! Worth every penny of that 5 mil price.

  20. The office for the lady of the house is my dream room for me

  21. I wonder if they’d rent me a room!

  22. ~Susan~
    Remember when grandparents would say “What was you born in a barn”? That is one barn I would absolutely love !!!
    Just beautiful !!

  23. Linda S. in NE says

    My goodness, this is truly a beautiful home. It was nice to see such extravagance while the home still looks so warm and liveable. I must say, my favorite of the rooms was the “girly office”. What put it over the top for me, was the built in dog bed with the two little Lhasa Apso’s/Shitzu’s laying in it. So cute.

  24. STUNNING!! Inside and out!!

  25. Oh My! That is a gorgeous house! Reading all the comments above and I agree with them, what more could I even say? The gardens, the home, the furnishing, the details and the architecture area all absolutely gorgeous!

  26. Absolutely gorgeous, I love every single detail!

    I can’t imagine ever having anything so grand, but I like that it homey and cozy at the same time. And all the pretty fabrics, patterns and soft colors…..oh I love it!!!!

  28. Oh my goodness…I looked at this early this morning…but am back now as I have more time to drool over the pictures….Thank you for sharing this!
    Wish there was a Book form of this house….I’d love to keep looking at these beautiful pictures…
    By the way>>
    Did anyone notice the cute doggies sleeping in the cubby of the Girly Ladies Office??? Adorable! and so smart for space…love it.
    Big hugs, Melissa

  29. yes, I”ll take it! I can’t imagine being lucky enough to live there! Simply beautiful!

  30. My mama always taught me that money doesn’t buy you happiness, but I am thinking this girl could be happy as a clam living here. Wow!

  31. Susan ~ this is my dream home. I just adore everything about it. Coincidentally, I posted about this house on April 5th of last year but you have many more pictures than I had found so I have really enjoyed seeing them. Years ago, I had torn out pages of the exterior of this house from a furniture store advertising catalog and I had held on to them all this time so I was so excited when I found it on Houzz. Thanks for the wonderful post ~ loved it!

  32. I agree with all the responses. My favorite house both inside and out. So wish it was mine.

  33. Oh…..my…..gosh. What an utterly amazing home, Susan! I can’t even in my wildest dreams imagine living in a house like that. I LOVE it ALL! The architecture, the colors, the patterns, the layout, the garden design…..it’s just perfection. Thank you (and Pam!) for sharing this with us. It’s so much fun seeing places like this!

    xoxo laurie

  34. There is no reason one person/family should have all of that! They need to share…I mean come on, I need a new bathroom or I could use part of that yard or something…give me something. LOL

  35. Jeanette Duke says

    I had pinned this house to my Pinterest board ” House of Dreams” in the event I won the big lotto! Lol!!! I never would have imagined being able to tour the inside. There are no words to say and I know we aren’t suppose to envy the things others have but I have to say this house is at the top of the list of such things. It is all I could imagine and much, much more. Thanks for the tour!! Loved it!!!

  36. This home is everything I’ve ever dreamed of! What a blessing that someone preserved the original wood trim and panelling. Far too often some designer says ‘paint out a that wood’. I’ve loved my current home since I was a child and two years ago it was for sale and I finally saw the inside and it became mine. While the previous owners destroyed the ‘English country gardens’ with ugly grey gravel, they did not paint over the original oak trim on the inside. I’m restoring the interior (horrible inappropriate wallpaper) and gradually bringing the gardens back. It is on a far less grand scale than Happy Hollow (only 2000 sq. ft.) but I believe these ‘treasure homes’ need to be protected and cherished as this one has been. It is now in my files and I will look at it on a regular basis for inspiration. Homes like Happy Hollow bring joy to my heart. By the way, does anyone out there know where I can get ‘Garnet’ shellac? I’ve only been able to find Amber. I do so want to keep any additional cabinets and bookcases the same finish as the original.

  37. **sigh**

  38. Charlene says

    The 2 pictures of the kitchen were taken at different times, note the flowers on the window sill. THis home is absolutely beautiful. I’m sure whoever owns it enjoys every inch of it!

  39. Angela Muller says

    I’m not seduced by much, but this house almost had me regretting my decision to “downsize”, until I glimpsed reality in the rear view mirror and realized it would never be mine. Loved, loved the library!

  40. Hi, Susan: I have absolutely run out off adjectives!! There’s nothing more that can be said. So, like Pamela said, “*sigh*”…….. Thanks for sharing…. Rosie

  41. This home is storybook perfect! I am an equestrian gal, so this is not a dream home for me, but anyone can appreciate how we’ll appointed and exquisite each room is. The exterior just welcomes you to the front door. Thanks for sharing such an extraordinary home.

  42. Storybook is the perfect description for this house…..it is perfection inside and out…love the gardens…so enchanting!!..My heart was skipping many beats!!

  43. I love this! The attention to detail is absolutely incredible! And I love that it doesn’t look as big as it clearly is from the outside.

  44. Linda Page says

    This is eye candy for sure. Would love to see it for real and see all of the nooks and crannies! I love the partners desk in library. That is the most beautiful one I have ever seen. It is so detailed and I love that it is curved instead if squared corners. Another great tour.

  45. I am so in love with the exterior of this home. It’s gardens makes my heart smile!!!

  46. YESSSSS!!!! franki

  47. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Susan, I’m so glad you agreed that this house and it’s exceptional little guest house were worth sharing. My goodness, I just adore that exterior picture with the welcoming drive up and all the nooks and crannies and interesting surfaces. Even the lawn is picture perfect! I grew up there in Brookline, in a house of a similar age, but it was nothing like this one! Thanks for sharing it. 🙂

  48. This is the cutest house! I am obsessed with historical homes and was so excited to find your blog. I just moved from downtown Newnan, GA where I lived in a 1910 Victorian Cottage style home, to a 1893 Folk Victorian style farmhouse in KS. I was shocked to find to see tours of my old neighbors homes on your site. It made me a little home sick. My husband and I are blogging about our journey fixing up the neglected farmhouse. We share tours of both of our historic homes on our site BryartonFarm.com I would love to hear what you think of them.

  49. Maybe someone else posted, but did you happen to see that EVEN their computers in that gorgeous office were framed??…like an old piture frame so it complemented the character of the space…I bet If I looked again and again I would find even more surprises!

  50. What a treat! I can’t imagine living in a house this beautiful. I would never leave home.

  51. donna zoltanski says

    Absolutely gorgeous and loved that last pic in the SNOW! I love it – especially bathrooms and kitchen! Stunning!

  52. Susan, that is one of the most beautiful houses I have ever seen both inside and out. It would be like dying and going to heaven. Wonder what hides in the garage.

  53. bob nugent says

    Does anyone know what the roof shingles are (brand/color)?

  54. I drive by this house on my way to work and it is absolutely stunning. It’s between Larz Anderson Park and Jamaica Pond, both gorgeous.

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