Tour Heidi Klum’s Beautiful Home With To-Die-For Views & Gardens

Heidi Klum, the beautiful model and a current host of the TV show, America’s Got Talent, is selling her home in Brentwood Estates. Brentwood Estates is located near Los Angeles in California.

I was astounded by the beauty of the property, it truly is a paradise!

Heidi Klum's Brentwood CA Home


The gardens surrounding the home are just gorgeous!

Heidi Klum's CA Home for Sale


The entry seems a little plain but I’m sure they stripped it of any real personality and staged the home to feel neutral. Wouldn’t it be nice to see how a home really looks when a family is living there? Would there be toys strewn across the floor? A coat or sweater casually tossed on the settee?

Entry, Heidi Klum's Brentwood Home


Every room has an amazing view! Notice the gorgeous chandeliers, too.

Music Room in Heidi Klum's Brentwood Estates California Home


The kitchen…Notice the refrigerator! Looks like a Subzero with the glass door.  Or perhaps it’s a Traulsen or a True refrigerator. Which do you think it is? Wonder what that is next to it on the left?

Heidi Klum's Kitchen in CA Home

This is the formal dining area, again with stunning views. Since Heidi had already moved, I wonder if some of the furniture was brought in to stage the rooms.

Dining Room, Heidi Klum Brentwood Home


Another living room.

Heidi Klum's Brentwood Estates California Home 12


Imagine working in this study and gazing out at those views each day! This would definitely be my favorite room although it would be hard to focus on work with those views. We’ll be going outside in just a sec and it’s gorgeous out there!

Study, Heidi Klum's Home


The bedroom is very peaceful, I do love the soft colors in this room.

Heidi Klum's Brentwood Estates California Home


I would need to buy a few more clothes to come close to filling up this closet! Models and TV stars do need a lot of clothes so I’m sure a large closet is a necessity. I bet they rotate out their clothes for new things pretty often. Wonder if they get attached to that favorite sweater or pair of jeans like we do?

Heidi Klum's Closet in Brentwood Estates CA Home


The bathroom…

Bathroom, Heidi Klum's CA Home


I think this is the library but I’m not really sure. At first I thought it might be a theater room and perhaps the lighted cabinetry was for displaying awards and memorabilia. But then I discovered the real theater room, so this is not it. I think those are books we see on the shelves.

This is definitely the most unusual or unique library I ever seen in a home. How do you like the lit cabinetry? The cabinets have a “secretary” design to them.

Heidi Klum's CA Home


And here’s the theater room.

Heidi Klum's Brentwood Estates California Home 06


The gardens! The view! Wow!

Heidi Klum's Brentwood Estates California Home 14


Feels like an exclusive resort, doesn’t it?

Heidi Klum's Brentwood Estates California Home 11


Imagine swimming laps each morning in this beautiful pool with that view! What a way to begin the day!

Heidi Klum's Brentwood Estates California Home 19


At night…so beautiful!

Heidi Klum's Beautiful Brentwood Estate


A view from above…

Heidi Klum's Brentwood Estates California Home 13


You’ll find really LARGE photos of this estate where I found these here: Heidi Klum’s Home For Sale

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  1. Susan, those look like law books to me so it must be staged. It is a gorgeous house.

    • 🙂 Good point! I love how it’s on a hill…the views are just amazing and I love the gardens! I guess with so little rain, they could enjoy the pool every day.

  2. Linda C in Seattle says

    i love the style of this home with all the balconies for outdoor dining .
    Wouldn’t it be fun filling up the closet. ? lol
    Magnificent views included.

    But …..After viewing the link
    No pictures of the kitchen, I’m sure there must be beautiful cabinets, professional range and butler’s pantry.
    I’m a lady who needs to see the kitchen before any other room.
    If you can purchase this home maybe it comes with your own professional chef

    Thanks for the tour Susan again a lovely home.

    • Linda, I forgot there wasn’t a picture of the kitchen at that site. I do remember noticing that. I found one on another site and just added it to this post. I wonder what the appliance is that’s next to the refrigerator…can’t figure it out. LOL Like the chef idea! 🙂

  3. Oh My Gosh, just stunning

  4. Charlotte says

    What a beautiful house! The views are just stunning. I think the “fridge” next to the fridge is a wine cooler, I have seen smaller ones that fit under the counter. I love the Library “Secretary” shelves, I have never seen that before and it is beautiful.

    • Ohhhh, that’s probably it. From a distance it looked like those big baking racks in a bakery. I bet you’re right! That was really unique, the secretary design all the way around.

  5. Hi…..seems we left the south of France from yesterday…to Tuscany today..all in all…I’d take Fallon’s house over either of the other 2..don’t get me wrong the are both Gorgeous homes…but the size isn’t anything I’d be interested in…give me a cottage any day..actually..I’d like Heidi’s yard with Jimmy’s house…that I would call perfect.!!

  6. Pat Cobb says

    I love everything about it!

  7. I can only imagine that this house is staged because the owner has left…but do you notice that there is an orchid arrangement in EVERY SINGLE ROOM! Now, I love orchids, but I think they over did it. Are roses and tulips out of vogue? I guess i’m just jealous…the house is beautiful.

  8. Peggy Thal says

    Just gorgeous! I really love the urns all around the pool and of course the great view. I think in the kitchen that is a wine cooler. A very huge one. Such a beautiful home.

  9. That first picture of the entry? My living room is the size of the area next to the staircase, or even smaller. I too would hit that pool everyday with those stunning views. Thanks for taking us to fantasy land again!

  10. Beautiful home and the gardens/views are stunning.
    My clothes/shoes would look so sad in that closet. 😀

  11. Susan, love the gardens, pool and views, but the house left me a little cold. Not sure why but you have shown us so many more beautiful homes inside than this.
    I guess because we have so many on *the list*, that I am getting picky!! 🙂

  12. I love it, but I would NEED it close to the Ocean with major ocean view. 🙂

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