Tour Jimmy Fallon’s Farmhouse In The Hamptons

Ever watch The Tonight Show? At the risk of dating myself, I remember when it was hosted by Johnny Carson. When I was just a kid I used to sneak and stay up late, laughing at some of the skits he used to do. My favorite shows were the ones where they brought animals on. Funny memories!

I’m sure by now you’ve heard, the show’s most recent host, Jay Leno, is retiring and the new host starting on February 17th will be Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy currently hosts Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Should be interesting to see how it goes. Are you looking forward to the change or will you be missing Jay?

Ummm, Johnny, Jay, Conan, Jay, Jimmy. Guess it’s obvious why Conan didn’t work out as the host–his name didn’t start with the letter, J. 😉

I discovered recently that Jimmy Fallon has a beautiful old home in The Hamptons. It’s located in Sagaponack and is a farmhouse built in the 1800s.

Tour Jimmy Fallon's Home, Host of The Tonight Show


So much charm…love the exterior!

Tour Jimmy Fallon's Farmhouse in The Hamptons


It had me at double porches. I’m nothing if not predicatable, right? 😉

Let’s go inside and take the tour!

Tour Jimmy Fallon's Farmhouse in The Hamptons


The minute I saw the entry, I instantly thought of the light John and Sherry from the blog Young House Love added to their entry last summer. Click on their name to see their light and tell me if you think they are the same.  Pretty cool, huh?

How do you like the black treads with the white risers and stained handrail? If/when I ever add hardwood flooring to my upstairs family/bonus room, I will want to remove the carpet going down the back staircase from that room. Since the treads are pine and the staircase is all one unit, I know I won’t be able to add new hardwood treads. I’ll most likely do a runner up the staircase and paint the treads–not sure what color, though. I wonder if the treads weren’t in great shape in this home and that’s why they painted them. What do you think? Do you like the look?

Tour Jimmy Fallon's Home, Host of The Tonight Show


The Living Room…wonder what that is high up on the wall between the windows. Any ideas?

Tour Jimmy Fallon's Farmhouse in The Hamptons


Beautiful kitchen…huge fridge! Notice the horse pictures on the left, you’ll see more horsey stuff as we continue the tour.

Tour Jimmy Fallon's Farmhouse in The Hamptons


I really like this view of the kitchen. Love all the glass cabinets!

Tour Jimmy Fallon's Home, Host of The Tonight Show


A casual eating area…

Tour Jimmy Fallon's Farmhouse in The Hamptons


The family room…I like how cozy this home is. So many celebrity homes feel like show palaces. This home really feels livable, doesn’t it?

Tour Jimmy Fallon's Home, Host of the Tonight Show


The Formal Dining Room…

Tour Jimmy Fallon's Home, Host of the Tonight Show


You can tell these photos must have been taken for the original real estate listing before Jimmy Fallon purchased the home. Everything is so pristine, the way you might stage a home before listing it.

Tour Jimmy Fallon's Farmhouse in The Hamptons


Look how different this bedroom looks from this picture…

Tour Jimmy Fallon's Home, Host of the Tonight Show


…to this picture.  I think the bed looks better in the first picture with the comforter tucked in.

Tour Jimmy Fallon's Farmhouse in The Hamptons


A modern bath…

Tour Jimmy Fallon's Home, Host of the Tonight Show


Attic rooms are always one of my fave parts of any home, they just have so much personality. This room is really huge! Wonder if that furniture piece is the headboard for the bed or just sitting behind the headboard. Interesting arrangement for the furniture, huh? I like the blue and white plaid bedskirt you can just barely see on the bed. Looks like it’s the same fabric they used on the chairs.

Tour Jimmy Fallon's Home, Host of the Tonight Show


The other side of the attic room…Maybe this is a morning kitchen, although I don’t see a mini-refrigerator unless it’s behind the narrow cabinet door on the far right. Or, maybe there’s a full size refrigerator behind the door that’s cut into the wall. What do you think?

Tour Jimmy Fallon's Home, Host of the Tonight Show


The backyard…

Tour Jimmy Fallon's Farmhouse in The Hamptons


Tour Jimmy Fallon's Home, Host of the Tonight Show


A big barn for the horse lover…

Tour Jimmy Fallon's Farmhouse in The Hamptons


So how do you like Jimmy’s home in The Hamptons?

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Kirstie Alley Cape Cod Home in Maine, Islesboro Island 21


You’ll find additional photos of Jimmy’s home HERE where the pictures in this post were found.

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  1. Hi Susan! Love your blog, thought I would help you out. The “thing” between the windows in the living room looks like a Mitsubishi heating and cooling unit. They used one in the HGTV Blog Cabin. It doesn’t require ducts so is probably good for old homes.

    • My former neighbors had one of those units for heating and cooling. It is in a new sunroom they added, and is used to supplement the house’s heating system.

    • sue crawford says

      Good Morning Susan!
      Looks like someone beat me to it, but YES that’s a Mitsubishi heating system. Since I live in a farm house that’s turning 150 years this year…….I’ve researched the best systems and that’s one of them. They are quiet systems and pump out enormous amounts of heat – don’t look so pretty but that will probably come in time. Hope you are well. LOVE the past few months of blogs – really got me through a miserably cold (even colder when you’re surrounded by hundreds of acres of farms, not houses) winter! Can’t WAIT for the crocus’ to pop up!!! The first daffodil will probably bring me to my knees!! Bless you:)

  2. Roberta Lott says

    That thing on the wall is a geo-thermal heat/ac unit! We have them in our house in Louisiana! They are very energy efficient and keep us pretty warm, even with some temps in the teens recently.

  3. Hi Susan,

    I think I’ll probably miss Jay because we’ve been watching him since our son was a toddler, and like you, I remember Johnny, too. He was the best!!

    This is a gorgeous house; I really love the exterior. I would choose different furnishings, but I’m sure that’s probably a chick thing. 🙂 That thing high up on the wall between the two windows you were wondering about — I think it’s one of those Mitsubishi individual room air conditioning units. They’re starting to put those in old homes and businesses where there is no duct work or central air. My parents just put one in their new sun porch. They also heat, too.

    Thanks for the tour; I hope you have a good weekend!



  4. It’s an air conditioner, I think.

  5. What a Beautiful Hampton’s Home–and the item up high on the wall–air conditioning unit…

  6. Wow, what a beautiful house. Thank you for sharingn these great pictures. I also loved Johnny Carson. He was the best. Jay is funny, but I just appreciated johnny’s humor. Looking forward to watching Jimmy… He’s quite talented.
    I think the thing on the wall between the windows is a room-sized air conditioning unit. I think they are used in older homes that don’t have adequate ductwork for central air.

  7. It almost looks like one of the air conditioner units you see on House Hunters International.

  8. First of all, I am in love with this home, I think it was made with me in mind! Ha! And it is much larger on the inside than it looks. I wanted to mention when you were talking about the stairway you will be working on in the future, I was looking through House Beautiful magazine last night and I found that there is actually a wallpaper like product made to fit stair risers. I’ve seen some blogs where they have painted the risers or added a design or even numbers. I thought this idea was sort of neat.

    Anyway, I don’t know much about Jimmy Fallon other than he is very funny and “cool”. If he’s married, I wonder if his wife designed the rooms? Maybe he just likes the barn and horses aspect of it! lol! I do love each room. And that mysterious thing on the wall has me perplexed as well!

    I hope you are having a great Valentine’s Day. I’m half watching romantic movies on the Hallmark channel! 🙂


  9. I think what’s between the window is either a combo A/C-heating unit or just an A/C unit. They don’t need the venting a regular A/C unit does. They’re usually used in basements, extensions or,3 season rooms. I hope I’ve helped. ;-> Toni Anne

  10. Agree that it looks like air conditioning unit. I’m wondering why they didn’t choose to put in forced air when they did the original remodel? I guess it gets tricky in these older homes. Beautiful attic, though! LOVE! I like the white risers. It offsets the very dark wood on the floors.

  11. Yup. Air conditioner.
    Gorgeous house! So serene and pristine!

  12. It’s an air condition/heater for the room!

  13. Susan, I think the cabinet and sink between the windows in the attic is a bathroom vanity with mirrored medicine cabinets above. Maybe the rest of the bathroom is behind the doors. I love the attic!

  14. that thing on the wall up high between the windows is an air conditioner unit…..

  15. Beautiful home. I love most of it. My favorite part would have to be the attic!;)

  16. I think the piece of furniture at the head of the bed looks like one of those headboards where the television slides up from the base.

  17. The attic room looks like my in my dreams wanna-be office. Love all the great light. This is just beautiful. Jay’s farewell was touching. When he said he was about out of family and the people on his show had become family I got all choked up. I don’t understand why a number one show was dumped. I like Fallon and Seth Meyer, but this is a strange decision.

  18. Cute home! Really love the stable. Crazy heating /ac unit . It would drive me nuts. Sure will miss witty Jay Leno on the Tonight Show. Will give Jimmy a chance but I find him more silly. It was fun to see his home in the Hamptons. Thank you.

    • Roberta Lott says

      Actually, Peggy, that heat/ac unit is so quiet, you don’t even know it’s running. And it works surprisingly well, both for heating and cooling.

  19. It is in a lovely area, there are farms nearby and it is close to the ocean. It is not far from where I live. A lot of stars have summer homes here. Matt Lauer has a home in my community . Come summer, they are all over! I have seen VP Biden and Mass, though he just comes out for visits. I will have to keep an eye out for Jimmy!
    And yes, it is a cooling unit. Either the house doesn’t have CAC, or it is insufficient in that room.

  20. Susan,I believe the thing on the wall is an a/c unit. This is the answer to older homes where it is not possible to re-work air conditioning in the structure. The sink in the attic looks more like a vanity and as this is a bedroom, it makes sense.
    Regarding the stair carpet, in England that is how we used to dress the stairs, just a runner up the middle and either painted or stained wood each side.
    This is a cute house, do you think he would invite us over for afternoon tea and a swim?? 🙂

  21. Poussière d'Argence says

    Une très belle maison, avec une décoration sobre et douce.
    Un salon spacieux, bien éclairé par de grande baies vitrées.
    Tout est réuni pour une vie paisible et agréable.
    Je te souhaite une douce journée.
    Amitiés de France

  22. You had me at “Hamptons”!

  23. Happy St. Valentine’s Day…
    It is always delightful to follow you to a home as your pictures are so clear and love your comments on each room.
    Just a little blurb about who Dear St. Valentine really was for you dear ladies in blogland.
    Saint Valentine was an actual martyr. Here is an interesting summary:
    Valentine was a holy priest in Rome, who, with St. Marius and his family, assisted the martyrs in the persecution under Claudius II. He was apprehended, and sent by the emperor to the prefect of Rome, who, on finding all his promises to make him renounce his faith ineffectual, commanded him to be beaten with clubs, and afterwards, to be beheaded, which was executed on February 14, about the year 270. Pope Julius I is said to have built a church near Ponte Mole to his memory, which for a long time gave name to the gate now called Porta del Popolo, formerly, Porta Valetini. The greatest part of his relics are now in the church of St. Praxedes. His name is celebrated as that of an illustrious martyr in the sacramentary of St. Gregory, the Roman Missal of Thomasius, in the calendar of F. Fronto and that of Allatius, in Bede, Usuard, Ado, Notker and all other martyrologies on this day. To abolish the heathens lewd superstitious custom of boys drawing the names of girls, in honor of their goddess Februata Juno, on the fifteenth of this month, several zealous pastors substituted the names of saints in billets given on this day. (Read more.)

  24. I think Jimmy will do well as host of the Tonight Show. When you mentioned all the J’s, it reminded me. Didn’t Jack Par host the show way, way back in the day or am I thinking of someone else?

  25. Susan, LOVE the attic in this home! I think the *mini kitchen* is actually a bathroom vanity with the toilet tucked in the nearby door. At least that’s what seems to go with the bedroom. P.S. I love it when you share homes with us!

  26. Love this house, and love Jimmy Fallon. It is interesting the completely different types of humor with Johnny, Jay and Jimmy. I have loved them all.

    I do like the stairs, and I have a back stairway that I would like to do, too. Other things on “the list” ahead of that project though.

  27. It’s a great house and the unit above the window is called a split unit and very useful in adding heat and air to an existing structure. I’m not sure that the stairs are painted black-I think they are stained ebony just like the floors. The newel post and handrail are lighter than the floor and the treads. One of the mysteries of an old home!!

  28. Hi Susan! Thank you for another fab home tour! Love the house. I don’t think Jimmy’s foyer light fixture is quite the same as John and Sherry’s. Jimmy’s points appear much deeper. I do love the stairs and think they’d look great in your house. I think you got your answer about the unit in the dining room so I’ll let that go, haha! My fav room is the kitchen/family room. So open and perfect for entertaining. The house is so different then I expected from the exterior picture. I remember Johnny Carson’s show as a kid too. I love the animal shows, he was so funny with birds sitting on his head and such. Do you remember the infamous show when he was dressed as Little Bo Peep and this skirt went up in front? So scandalous! Well it’s another snowy day in New Jersey, with company coming! Enjoy your weekend!

  29. Hi Susan, I really like this house, esp. the attic room! (we have a huge attic space, unfinished, but this makes it looks like all I have to do is paint the rafters & floor! That, and get one of those supplemental htg/cooling units hung on the wall, lol ). I actually think the stair treads may be stained to match the entry floor, it may just be the way the light is hitting it to make it look darker. But the rail is definitely shades lighter (probably wasn’t refinished when the stairs/floor were). This looks almost exactly as our stairway (but we don’t have a runner). Our spindles are even the same – white, with wood-stained handrail. Thanks for the tour. 🙂

  30. Susan-we had the treads replaced on our stairs. When we purchased the house the stairs had carpet running up the middle with wood on either side(no finished wood under). We wanted all wood. Just make sure the people you hire will do things in a timely fashion. We had wood flooring installed throughout the house and it took 4 months for the work to be finished! We’d done 2 other slightly larger homes and it took 10 days. It ruined both Thanksgiving and Christmas since we couldn’t unpack. Only move out of 15 that made me cry. Those turkeys had been recommended for their skill but no one mentioned their laziness or drug issues.

  31. Mornin’ Susan,

    Yes, that looks like an ac unit in the picture you referenced and I think there is another visible in the attic bedroom
    above the sitting area. We have them in the house we are renting and they are very efficient . Of course they come in many sizes per the room’s size. Our church installed several around the perimeter. Now it is not unusual to see sweater wearers even in August.;)

  32. Beautiful home. The installation between the windows is an air conditioner. Some units can provide heat as well. Usually these units are installed in homes that are just too difficult to install all the air conditioner wires and pipes, such as in older homes with thickly plastered walls.

  33. Ditto, the ? what is that on the wall. We have two in our enclosed porch–in fifteen minutes the room can be 75 and outside it is 16 degrees…very efficient..(course we don’t test it the high but it could be like a greenhouse).

  34. It’s a Mitsubishi heating and cooling system.

  35. The ac unit was in almost all the old hotels I stayed in when I was in Italy. Now I am seeing them in the US.

  36. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Susan, I agree with the consensus on the heating/air unit, the dark treads and the bathroom vanity so I won’t add any more to that. But what really struck me with that very first picture is the ‘dead’ entry hall. There is no door at the end! The space just ‘ends.’ Arrrgh!! That would make me crazy. I would want to knock a door way into that wall if possible (and completely rework whatever is behind it to make it possible if it weren’t.) 😉 I’m actually uncomfortable just THINKING about that space. Lol. I must have flow! (It’s claustrophobic to me.)

    I agree with your favorite view of the kitchen. That’s lovely. I especially like all the glass cabinet doors that echo the windows and French doors in the dining area and family room. Looking at that picture I figured they must literally have had to mount the camera in a cabinet in the corner to get it because it shows essentially the whole height of the island. Amazing!

    I’ve never heard the term ‘morning kitchen’ before. I learn so much from you! I’m intrigued and will have to go look it up. Thanks for sharing another lovely home tour.

  37. That is a beautiful home. Looks like it might need a little more accessories to warm it up a bit. Still I wouldn’t need my arm twisted to move in! :-))

  38. Lovely home! I love the back yard in particular. And that attic…beautiful and so light filled. Definitely not your every day run of the mill attic!

    I’m not a huge fan of Fallon. And to be honest, although I liked Leno, I wasn’t laughing at his jokes that much over the last few years. Not sure if he changed or I did ;). His goodbye was touching, but I do think it was time for a change. It will be interesting to see how Fallon does. I predict he will be fine, but let’s face it, Carson WAS the Tonight Show.

  39. I haven’t seen a celebrity house I liked as much as Howie Mandel’s until now. This home is just perfect and what I would consider my dream home (Howie’s too). Thanks for sharing.

  40. In the pic near the floor there is hot water baesboard heat – no lack of radiators or hot water baseboard from what can be seen…so more than likely it is used for AC. Love the house, it has great bones!! Now about those bamboo curtains in the dining room. (Did a bachelor live here?). Please take those down Jimmy & soften it up with some shears or lace panels!!

  41. At the risk of dating yourself? I watched the tonight show when it was hosted by Steve Allen. How’s that for dating oneself? LOL

  42. Hi Susan, I told you about 3 days ago that I could not sleep because of the sleet; well, last night it was an earhquae !!! It sounded like a helicoptor had landed on top of our house and my husband and I both jumped up and looked out to see where it had gone down. It was so scary trying to find out what had happened until the BreakingNews scroll came on TV. I was so relieved to find out that it was an earthquake -4.1 magnitude. I have never thought about the noise of an earthquake but it was horrible. I live in Anderson County and the quake was in Edefield, SC. Did you feel it in Atlanta?
    Love touring all the homes. I even get ideas (on a smaller scale) from some of them. Thanks for sharing.

    • Yep, I felt it here, too…my desk and chair were shaking and the windows or something on my desk was rattling. Crazy! I went on FB and told everyone and lots of folks were on FB and Twitter talking about it, saying it’s the end of the world…an ice storm and earthquake in one week! 😉 This one only lasted here for about 10 seconds. The one we had about 5 years ago lasted a lot longer and woke me up it was violent. They sure are scary.
      Gloria, I never heard it, only felt it. So it sounded like a helicopter? That’s wild! Was it a rumble sound? Very scary! How many miles are you from the epicenter?

  43. Looks like I don’t have to tell you that thing on the wall is an air conditioner! Too funny! Gorgeous house…would be fantastic to live there, don’t you think? 😉

  44. Susan, it looks like, as the crow flies, we are about 70 miles from the epicenter. The noise was so loud and startling. It sounded like a helicoptor was atop our house for about 10 seconds; during that time there was a rumble underneath but it sounded as if the noise was above us…strange. We thought that it had to be an earthquake but until it was confirmed we were not sure of what had happened. But it was scary !

    • pam ~ crumpety cottage says

      I didn’t hear about the earthquake! Glad you all are okay. They ARE scary. I used to live in Southern California and experienced them there, but had even more when living in Alaska. It’s like the ground just moves out from under your feet. Very unnerving. Wow, Susan, Georgia really has been through it! Hopefully all of this is behind you now and things will be peaceful and … warm.

  45. Just beautiful! Susan take care and be safe and I’ll keep you in my prayers. Thanks for sharing your website with us.

  46. What a beautiful home!! I’m SO in love with the the front yard as well as, well, everything else! Keep up the great work with your homes; you take me to dreamland 🙂

  47. It is a beautiful home, and really modest by celebrity standards, but it was so cold and unwelcoming because it was so impersonal that it made me cold. I hope you’re right and those are just the listing’s staged photos. Otherwise, a robot would bring more life! Really enjoyed the sneak peak into this great house!

  48. Talk about dating yourself… the original host of the Tonight Show was Jack Paar! (another “J” ) And I remember him. I was too young to watch the show, but I remember him.

  49. Hi Susan!

    It was nice of you to tour us inside the home of a celebrity, pretty interesting to see how they would decorate their house, as I’m sure my friends from Charleston SC Contractors would think so. It will be something they could use as a point of reference to their clients, since many people would probably be interested in trying out designs favored by the famous.

    The design is elegant and classy – kind of minimalist inspired as well, with its uncluttered and spacious room arrangements, as well as the muted colors. The whole thing tells of good taste with a refined simplicity. Very nice! I also loved looking at the outside look of the place which had that old-world feel to it. From the outside, it gave the impression of an old home.

  50. Watching Johnny Carson was a nightly ritual for us. I loved the “Carnac (spelling) The Magnificent” segment. Haven’t watched much since he left. I think Jimmy’s home feels very liveable and I really like the color of the chairs in the dining room.

  51. Another A/C unit can be seen in the attic, but it is not as obvious, as it blends in well with all the white. Lovely home, probably one of the most beautiful I have seen!

  52. Happy for Jimmy, who grew up in an unpretentious wooden farmhouse in upstate NY and understands the character of old houses. This property is a gem. A classic. Just the sort of place I would want. And a wonderful place to raise children.
    Obviously the Jimster has good taste. Really nice!!

    Can I come over for a swim?!?

  53. Mary Beth Gaitskill says

    I’m trying to find a copy of the sunburst mirror above Jimmy’s fireplace. Any suggestions?

    Love everything about the house. Will begin looking for real estate in the Hamptons right after I confirm my winning Powerball ticket.

  54. Thats a bathroom not a kitchen in the attic space

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