Tour Kirstie Alley’s Maine Home on Islesboro Island

Are you a lover of the color pink? Does your decorating style lean toward the feminine side? Has your hubby ever complained that your home has too many floral fabrics, ruffled trims and tole chandeliers? Show him this post and he will hush!

Kirstie Alley has a beautiful Cape Cod-style home in Islesboro Island, Maine. It’s wonderfully private, situated on 16 acres with beautiful ocean views.

Kirstie Alley Cape Cod Home in Maine, Islesboro Island 07


Her home definitely has a feminine feel with lots of the color pink. Let’s go inside and take the tour.

Kirstie Alley Cape Cod Home in Maine, Islesboro Island 15


Love the chandelier and those high ceilings!

Kirstie Alley Cape Cod Home in Maine, Islesboro Island 20


The furniture has that English Country Cottage feel. Lots of pillows for cushy comfort. We get a hint of the amazing view in the shot below.

Kirstie Alley Cape Cod Home in Maine, Islesboro Island 24


Kirstie Alley Cape Cod Home in Maine, Islesboro Island 01


There are many painted pieces throughout the home.

Kirstie Alley Cape Cod Home in Maine, Islesboro Island 13


I wasn’t kidding about the pink! Have you ever seen a pink kitchen? I kind of like it, especially the pale yellow refrigerator.

Kirstie Alley Cape Cod Home in Maine, Islesboro Island 17


I’m not sure about the sink. I think a big white farmhouse sink would look great in this kitchen.

Kirstie Alley Cape Cod Home in Maine, Islesboro Island 18


Cute shelves!

Kirstie Alley Cape Cod Home in Maine, Islesboro Island 19


The curtains look so soft and pretty. We see another tole chandelier.

Kirstie Alley Cape Cod Home in Maine, Islesboro Island 16


A few more glimpses of that amazing view!

Dining Room in Kirstie Alley's Cape Cod Maine Home


Another room with an cottage feel. I wonder if this is the Master bedroom? Love the rug, the desk, I even love the wallpaper! The rug looks like it could have come from the beautiful “frozen in time” Parisian apartment we toured a few days ago.

Kirstie Alley Cape Cod Home in Maine, Islesboro Island 21


Lots of room for guests. This would be a great girlfriend retreat, wouldn’t it? Just imagine the parties and sleep-overs!

Kirstie Alley Cape Cod Home in Maine, Islesboro Island 03


Love, love, love a fireplace in a bedroom! Can you imagine how beautiful this must be in person.  Gorgeous floors!

Kirstie Alley Cape Cod Home in Maine, Islesboro Island 02


A bathroom…Bath in Kirstie Alley's Maine Home

You would never guess from the outside that this home has such high ceilings, would you? Look at the stair railing through the door. Would love to see a better picture of that!

Kirstie Alley Cape Cod Home in Maine, Islesboro Island 04


Love the floors!

Kirstie Alley Cape Cod Home in Maine, Islesboro Island 23


Another bathroom…

Kirstie Alley's Home in Maine


I’m not sure what this space is but to me, it looks like a place to create floral arrangements. The shelves are filled with lots and lots of vases. What do you think? Is this a garden shed or potting room?

Kirstie Alley Cape Cod Home in Maine, Islesboro Island 06


There are lots of fabulous outdoor spaces.

Kirstie Alley Cape Cod Home in Maine, Islesboro Island 10


So serene and so beautiful, I could just sit and stare at this view all day!

Kirstie Alley Cape Cod Home in Maine, Islesboro Island 09


A view of the back of Kirstie’s home…

Kirstie Alley Cape Cod Home in Maine, Islesboro Island 14


The amazing view from the deck…what a gorgeous property!

Kirstie Alley Cape Cod Home in Maine, Islesboro Island 11


I love that Kirstie decorated her home to suit her style, not worrying what others might think.

What were your favorite parts? I loved the flooring, the tole chandeliers, the high ceilings and many of the fabrics–and of course, all those wonderful outdoor spaces.

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  1. I love the warm cottage feel of her home and the view is amazing. I think the pink kitchen might be a bit too much for me. xo Laura

  2. Peggy Thal says

    This home is a surprise on the inside. Amazed at the high ceilings! Everything is a little too femme for me. I could not live with all the pink. Beautiful property and view. Thanks for sharing it is a fun house to see.

  3. It has a very storybook look to it. Those pictures would be cute done in an animated look. You could imagine a cute story to go along with it. I definitely love the outside views and the property. I think she missed the mark big time on that sink for that kitchen. It’s a very comfy cottage styled home but I’d love to see a lot more blue in there and less pink.

  4. I loved the pink kitchen…think the high ceilings etc helped a lot with that but I am not creative so pretty sure someone could make a small one look great in pink also…love that shade of pink. Love the yellow fridge also

  5. WHOA! That is way to much frilly pink for my taste. My mother-in-law actually had a pink and brown kitchen. The appliances were even pink!

  6. My great-aunt Violetta and Kirstie could have been friends. My great aunt Violetta LOVED pink. She had a pink kitchen that included a pink sink, pink cabinets, pink walls. I wish I had taken pictures of her kitchen. As a kid I was always fascinated with her love of pink. I inherited her pink floral sofa and matching chair. The fabric is a tapestry with lots of grays and greens.

    I really liked the sofas in Kirstie’s house, and the painted tea cart. It is sad that pink is always thought of as so girly. To me, pink is a calming color. I also loved the ornate mirror over the bathroom sink.

    Thanks for the fun post!

  7. OMG!
    Susan, can you tell Kirstie is a romantic (and shabby-chic and ruffled) soul? 🙂
    I bet she made the quote “My home is my castle”, did she?!
    If so, I absolutely agree with her! 🙂
    If pastel colors, ruffles, flowers and tons of other feminine and romantic knick-knacks make her happy, I am with her! To feel good and comfortable one MUST be surrounded by people, items and colors one loves, so… well done Kirstie! I love her home and the outside is TDF! I only wonder if Kirstie is married.. 🙂
    (I remember her at the “Cheers” and am just picturing that very masculine and virile “Sam Malone”/Ted Danson entering that house for the first time, to spend some “romantic” hours with “Rebecca”! LOL)
    ~Hugs to you~

  8. Love the front view of the house with the wonderful garden, love the views from the decking, but the inside is OTT for me. I lived in an English cottage and I certainly didn’t have any floral wallpaper or prints, but each to its own. Kirstie and her family obviously love it and it is probably very refreshing, luckily we all have our own personal ideas on decoration and furniture. As I have got older I have gone more plain and minimalistic. Thank you for showing a Brit how an American decorates their home, I know I follow your designs too which are lovely.
    Have a great weekend, love Jackie in Surrey, UK.
    OTT – over the top!!

  9. Anne McLeod says

    Pink kitchens were all the rage in the 1950’s. My grandmother had one. She loved pink, too – for home decorating, for clothes, for nail polish . . . In fact, my children’s name for her was “Pink Grandma.”

  10. I love everything about it. Could move in and be happy with the inside and out. I will look at it again and agin.

  11. I loved looking at this post. You need to go back to each picture more than once. Each time I saw something I had missed before. Susan, did you noticed the puppies on the mantle in the 4th inside pix? Don’t they look familiar! I love the painted floral screen used as a headboard in the bedroom with 3 beds and the fireplace. I love that entire room, not to pink or frilly with a “quiet” wallpaper. I think the room with all the vases must be where Kirstie does her cut flower arrangements. I’m lusting after the unframed picture of the pigs (at least they look like pigs to me) above the sink. So adorable. The outdoor spaces are amazing. Happy New Year to you ~ Vikki in VA

  12. Wow, that’s a little too much ruffling fabric for me! I love the color palette though, so bright and pretty, and I would live on that porch! Thanks for the tour!

  13. ~Susan~
    What a girlie girl home !! What a beautiful home on the outside , but a little to busy for me on the inside. I do love the fireplace in the bedroom, marble countertops, pretty flooring, and the outdoor living space with that view WOW. Maine is a very pretty state.
    Have a sunny day 🙂

  14. SharonFromMichigan says

    Oh, I just love it! I am a big fan of pink and pastels. I love the feminine decor with all the softness. The pink kitchen is a surprise, but I think they used the right shade of pink. Oh how I needed this eye candy after digging out over a foot of snow and coming out of freezing temps! Thank you for the lovely “brain vacation”!

  15. I love the exterior of her home…and those views! The high ceilings are great…but, that’s where the love ends. Too frilly and pink for me…but then….I don’t live there. Thanks for the tour Susan! 😉

  16. Love reading your blog Susan as I learn from you. I have a beautiful Italian floral chandalier (tole) and always just referred to it as the floral chandalier and didn’t know tole was its style. I always thought of tole as tole painted objects like trays, boxes, etc., usually wood or metal. Thanks for the education. I love Kristie’s home and could be very comfortable there!!!

  17. Hi, Susan,
    Thanks for such an interesting post. Kirstie’s home is a bit too pink for me, but it does look to be a warm and welcoming space. I often wonder how celebrities with multiple homes decide where they will spend their time? Are the extra houses just locked up and frozen in time until they return? I know their production schedules determine where they’ll be, but it would be fun to think, “Where do I feel like living today?” Are there wardrobes in each house suited to that climate? Such a conundrum! Rosie

  18. Completely charming. Love the skirted furniture, the handkerchief comforter/quilt on the big bed, the open shelving in the kitchen and would adore having a flower arranging room like hers! It feels like the perfect dollhouse and would be a super fun vacation home. I actually have seen a pink kitchen in Ohio back in the 70s. The mother in law of my friend had this amazing vintage kitchen with modern (for the 50s or 60s)pink appliances. Even her dishes were pink. She raised a pack of boys so I guess she had to get her feminine self in there somewhere 🙂

  19. The property is absolutely off the charts amazing…the decor leaves me feeling like I need some insulin…WAY too sweet. I LOVE the home tours, however!!

  20. That is the prettiest home I’ve ever seen that belongs to a celebrity! It’s so homey and comfortable. I love the pinks, floral designs, and painted furniture. It’s so romantic and feminine. LOVE it!!

  21. Renee' Martin says

    I have always loved everything about this home!!…So pretty! I love pastels…

  22. Is the green striped cabinet in sitting room the same one in guest bath?

  23. Color me amazed. I would have never guessed that she had a love of pink, shabby and country. From watching her on TV talk shows she strikes me as a very earthy woman…invoking reds, bronzes, etc. Perhaps this home is her way of showing herself love and comfort. She talks often about finding someone to date so maybe this is her comfort home. Regardless, that’s quite a house and the views are beautiful. Great tour.

  24. Jackie from Pittsburgh says

    I’ve never written before, but I just had to comment on this house. Absolutely love it. I could live there in a heartbeat, except where it’s located. I live as far north as I ever intend to live. LOL
    I love all the pink, but the prints on the furniture are a bit much. Maybe some white slip covers with print throw pillows would give the eyes a rest. I really like the pink dishes in the kitchen. I’ve always wanted to live in a cottage. The grounds are fabulous. Thanks for the tour, Susan.

    • Thanks, Jackie! I love so many things about the home, I even like that wallpaper in the master bedroom. But not sure I could live with that much pastel. I’m totally with you on the living further north thing. I wonder how many months she gets to enjoy the outdoor spaces. Maybe she has another home further south where she heads for the really cold months. 🙂

  25. Whoa! Who would have “thunk it!!” franki

  26. I think Kirstie might be my long lost sister – LOL! That is one of the most beautifully decorated homes I’ve ever seen!!! LOVE everything about it. That’s exactly the look I want for my home, but alas, I rent, AND, I don’t think I have quite the resources that Kirstie does 😉
    Lovely lovely lovely!!!! I’m a huge fan of soft pastel colors and all kinds of pattern. I know it doesn’t suit everyone’s taste, but makes me happy just to stare at those pictures.
    I adore those pink walls in the kitchen and that awesome butter yellow fridge.

  27. Love Maine, the landscape and architecture, don’t love the inside. Way too busy and way too much fabric!! Resembles a very modern Victorian parlor if there is such a thing. I can see why it appeals to her though…she is a fun-loving romantic.

  28. poussière d'Argence says

    J’adore, je suis émerveillée.
    Merci pour ce beau partage.
    Excusez moi mais je ne parle pas anglais heureusement les images sont universelles.

  29. I’ve seen these pictures before and I feel the same way seeing them again today …reminds me of an old doll house I once owned.

  30. There are parts of this house that are wonderful and some that look very young. It would be interesting to know when she decorated this house. I think I would have enjoyed it more 20 years ago. I think it could be “fixed” with a little less pink paint, but she has some furnishings I could be very comfortable with.

    Great post.

  31. Shelly Powell says

    Love it sooo much!!!! I am not so sure about the pink ceilings, and I agree with you on the kitchen sink. I wonder if she picked out everything herself or if a decorator did all the decor? I would love to have a place like this, all girly with such a beautiful view!

    Thanks Susan! 😉

  32. This is one of my dream homes–the inside more than outside. Enchanting and comfy and colorful. ♥

  33. Way back in he 80’s, pink was in. I even had a pink and white living room. I prefer her outside settings, too busy inside for me, there again, I do not have to live there, it is her choice and I admire her for not listening to *what is au current* in the decorating world. I did like the bedroom and this looks more like English decorating i.e. Laura Ashley style.
    I wonder if somewhere in her childhood, she missed out on a *pretty room* and she is making up for it with her house. This was a totally surprised look at her personality and I wonder if her male aquaintances would *run for the hills* seeing all that pink!!!

  34. I like the high ceilings and the pretty, cottage feel of the home, however, I would have to agreee that it is
    a little over the top with its feminine character. I would have painted the kitchen a salmon pink to keep within
    the pink family.

  35. LOVE the pink kitchen – it would feel relaxing to me! Agree with you on the sink, Susan…

  36. Think Pink! I had a Sunday school teacher in the 50’s who only wore pick, her house was pink and white adn her son had to wear pick…to a point. I was always amazed at her singlemindedness and individuality. Who could resist those big skirts wiht lovely petticoats? I really like this home. It looks real and livable. I don’t care for SO MUCH pink but it is inviting especailly if you mentally wash out the pink. Thanks for sharing.

  37. Did you know they are asking $2,350,000 for it? 3,371 sq ft with 5 bedrooms and4.5 baths. I love the view and the pretty yards but guess I’ ll have to past with a price tag like that.

  38. Love the architecture of the house and the property. However, the decor just isn’t my style. It’s a little too feminine for my taste. I like a more warm toned home with darker furniture and accessorize with pops of color that coordinate with the seasons. I’m always switching things up.

  39. In the top living room picture….I have that SAME sofa! It is by Century. Alas, mine is in a different fabric and I am desperate to have it recovered or slip covered.

    I love pink, I love painted furniture, I love tole chandeliers. Some of this is just too mixed up while some of it like the bedroom with the fireplace, is perfect.

    Just last month, I painted my master bedroom pink. It is “Malibu Coastline” by Behr, all the furniture is off-white and the curtains are grey linen. No, my husband doesn’t mind.

  40. Patty S Wells says

    Here is a translation of the comment which was in French:
    I love, I am amazed.
    Thank you for this beautiful sharing.
    Excuse me but I do not speak English happily images are universal.

    As for myself, I think Kirstie’s home is a lovelly, warm and heartfelt home. Most of her home could be easily changed to meet a new owner’s color preferences, except for the kitchen sink, refrigerator, and the blue sinks in the one of the bathrooms. Luckily, our homes are where we can express and please ourselves and we do not have to meet anyone else’s expectations but our own. I do like pink, but use it as an accent in accessories and flowers.
    Best regards, Patty

    • Thanks, Patty! That was so nice of you to post that. I checked it with Google Translate to make sure if was okay before I approved it to post, but didn’t think to post the translated comment, so appreciate you doing that! It’s dearhearts like you that make blogging so awesome! I so agree to with your comment about decorating our homes to please ourselves.

  41. One thing you may or may not have heard: Kirstie used to be an interior decorator before she became an actress. I remember an interview with Barbara Walters where they talked about this. This house definitely looks like a Summer house, probably closed up in the Winter. Therefore, the decor might not have been revamped a lot, the way those of us who live in the same house all the time might do. I think it is pretty cute, but I think small doses of so much pink would do me!

  42. A tad too pink for me but I do like its ‘softness’. Not knowing Kirstie personally, I am totalling guessing this is probably a retreat or an escape for her to touch base and experience tranquil moments far from the influence of Hollywood. (Thanks for sharing it Susan.) -Brenda-

  43. Linda Mazzei says

    I love it, my favorite is the location, Maine is a beautiful state! I can just imagine how fun it was to buy all those accessories! I love the pastel and pink splashed everywhere. It checks a few boxes for this girlie girl! I could live in that potting shed! Thanks for sharing!

  44. For some reason, I was surprised that this house was Kirstie’s. lol I just adore the house and gardens and setting. Just beautiful! However, I don’t think I could live with that much pink and that many ruffles. I do love my pink….just not that much. I would definitely bring in a few more rustic pieces to “ground” the rooms a bit more. But it is very very pretty!!! Thanks for sharing this, Susan! It was fun!

    xoxo laurie

  45. I absolutely love it, pink kitchen and all. Thanks for sharing the pictures – lots of inspiration here!

  46. Oh wow, I’m amazed at all the pink, I would have not imagined her with so much pink!!! I love the house though and the pretty decor. I too not like the black sink in the kitchen, I’d love a White vintage kind as you say. Love all the gorgeous chandys around the house. Thanks for sharing dear Susan. Have a nice January weekend.

  47. Kay Brodine says

    Love this home! Love the pink! I agree the sink in kitchen should be a white farmhouse sink. Was surprised Kirstie would like so much frill. It does look so cozy and comfortable. Now if there were pink roses all around, it would be perfect!

  48. I absolutely love the house. I don’t think I could live with all those patterns, but I love, love, love looking at it!

  49. What a fun post! I love her home, it’s almost magical look! I was never a fan of pink until I had granddaughters! I’m into pink now and I love Kirstie’s home, it’s warm and inviting! Never seen a pink kitchen in a real home, but I think it’s sensational!

  50. Thanks for sharing this home. I have always wanted a pink kitchen. Now I just need the courage.

    • I say go for it! I was reading all the comments on the BNOTP Facebook page about this post, some pro and some con. It got me thinking, I have a yellow kitchen, my walls are painted a pale yellow. Well, who is it to say that yellow is okay but pink isn’t? It’s just color, right? 🙂 We have to surround ourselves with the colors that make us happy. And if you paint a wall pink and decide you don’t like it, it’s easy to paint over. You know what would be gorgeous, but would never work in my house since I don’t have that color anywhere else, is a beautiful aqua. If I ever have a beach house or cottage, I’m going to have to paint a room in a soft pretty aqua. 🙂

      • I was also thinking about the aqua – how if you swapped out the light pink for light aqua, the look would be just as soft and beautiful without quite so much storybook sweetness. I’m a pink girl, myself, but if I could have this house with aqua instead of pink, I don’t think I would mind a bit. I confess, I love her living room furniture; I saw a similar couch one day while furniture shopping but the hubby was horrified. I’m still laughing, remembering his expression.

  51. When I got to the outdoor pics at the end I actually breathed a sigh of relief…hadn’t realized I was holding my breath until then! I guess living with a husband and three boys for the past 18 years has pulled most of the pink right out of my girly girl soul. 🙂

    I do love the little cylindrical blue lamp in one of the bathrooms. Does anyone know what that style of lamp is called?

  52. I think this would be a great retreat for a bunch of girlfriends, don’t you? I love the floors, the ceilings, a lot of the girly touches, and of course the view, but I couldn’t ask my husband and boys to live in it!

  53. I like the ceiling beams and the floors..the decor was a little much for my taste, but if Kirstie invited me to stay in that guest bedroom with the fireplace, I wouldn’t say no! The outdoor spaces are glorious!

  54. In my “dream house” folder (pre-Pinterest!) I have a ripped out article from “In Style Magazine” many years ago of Kirstie Alley’s house in Maine. I’m not sure it’s this exact house, but it’s decorated in a similar style. Kirstie was a decorator before she was an actress and it shows – kooky but beautifully styled.

    As to the flower room – Love that room! I want one. It reminds me that I saw her in an interview once say that when she quit cocaine she vowed to spend the money she’d spent on cocaine each week on flowers instead. I remember it was $400 (a week or a month? I don’t know…) but she committed to spending a lot on fresh flowers… hence the flower room!

  55. Juanita in OH says

    I would feel like Alice in Wonderland here. I would have tea parties every other day. I LOVE the way she has tables everywhere, tea can be had in every area even the hallway upstairs. I am completely captivated by the colors and furniture. I think it is a flower room because of all those vases. I wonder why she is selling such a darling place? If I owned it I would never leave, absolutely never. TFS.

  56. Sheree Cloyd says

    Susan- loved the tour! Remember Nate, Oprahs designer friend? Well he did a redo on Kirstie’s kitchen. They
    Showed the after w Nate. He changed her pink kitchen to bright green. He tiled all the back walls in green tile.
    Maybe we can find that post.

  57. ummm.. hmmm.. Why do I have this urge to brush my teeth.. like i just ate 10 confetti cupcakes covered in pink frosting…lol
    While I do like some of the colors and items… overall it’s just too frilly, shabby chic and pastel for my taste but to each their own.
    It’s a lovely home and the grounds and views are amazing.
    Thanks for another fabulous tour Susan 🙂

  58. Rita Oliveira says

    I just love the shelves in kitchen.. anyone know where to purchase them?

    Thanks again Susan…

  59. Pink is my favorite color and I do have a pink dining room with lots of roses, but the black sink would never be my choice for the kitchen…The pink and pastels did wear on me after a while, but it is a cottage, I imagine that she has another bigger home somewhere else…loved the views and the landscaping. My favorite thing would be the kitchen table with the layers of fabric…it was arranged in a unique way and I may steal the idea!

  60. So incredibly beautiful. The exact home I want. Too bad we can’t afford it. I can dream though!

  61. While I could not live with this, I do really really like it. The comment of it being a storybook house was right on. It is a pleasure to see. The one thing that bugs me are all the white curtains on the main floor. It is private there and the views could be a bigger part of the rooms, as well as there is already so much busyness going on that plain windows would enhance the decor.

  62. Jane Maxwell says

    I love everything. I would move right in. Before Kirstie was an actress, she was a contestant on “The Match Game” She gave her profession as an interior decorator (or designer I forget which)

  63. I love it all, so inviting and relaxing !!

  64. Susan Burneister says

    I want to move in, my total dream cottage. The colours, the lay outs, and spirit of pure fun. Frilly is so me!

  65. Billie Kirchenbauer says

    Love , love love it!! You can never have too much pastel pink, white woodwork and chandeliers in every room. My sweet husband has allowed me to do just that, and it makes me happy to live in such a sweet , soft romantic home. I wouldn’t change a thing. “Live with what you love”. Oh yes, and my little Yorkie, Ellie makes it even sweeter!

  66. Kirstie recently revealed she actually does her own weekly floral arrangements as a gift to herself to celebrate sobriety! So that room may just be a floral arrangement/potting room 🙂

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