Tour “Love It or List It” Jillian Harris’s Vancouver Home

Do you ever watch the Canadian based home design TV show, Love It or List It with Hilary Farr and David Visentin?

Love It or List It


How about the spin-off Love It or List It show filmed in Vancouver with Jillian Harris and Todd Talbot?

Love It or List It Vancouver


Most of us know that to a certain degree both of the Love It or List It shows are staged/fake at times, but they are still a lot of fun to watch. I do sometimes wish they would break away from the set “formula” they follow for every single show, it’s just a little too predictable.

I was excited to read that Hilary and David, the stars of the original Love It or List It show, are filming in the United States now. This season’s Love It or List It is actually filming just a few hours away from me in Raleigh, North Carolina.

One of the main reasons I enjoy watching the Vancouver Love It or List It with Jillian Harris has nothing to do with houses or design. I always love to see what she’s wearing. I love her style, she always wears the cutest clothes.

Jillian Harris


I wasn’t one bit surprised to find out her home is just as cute as she is. It has a very feminine feel which makes complete sense because she dresses that way, too. I wonder if it’s possible to predict how a person’s home is going to look based on how they dress? Wouldn’t that be an interesting study! I bet someone has done that study somewhere!

Jillian Harris’s Laneway Vancouver Home

Jillian lives in a type of home I’d never heard of before. Have you ever heard of a laneway house? Apparently, Vancouver is super populated and housing can be hard to come by, particularly if you want a detached home as opposed to living in an apartment.

Laneway houses are small homes that are usually built on pre-existing lots, sometimes in the backyard of another home or along a back lane. I guess that’s where they get their name. They are mostly popular in Vancouver but they are starting to appear in other highly populated Canadian cities.

The “City of Vancouver” website, describes a laneway home as “a smaller detached home located where the garage would normally go on a single family lot.” They can also be a good alternative for seniors who are thinking of downsizing but want their own space as opposed to living with family. Interesting concept, huh?

Laneway House Vancouver

Photo from City of Vancouver website (not Jillian’s house)


Jillian’s laneway house is darling…let’s take a tour! You’ll see lots of mirrors throughout Jillian’s home. The living room feels feminine in its design with colors of pink,white and soft gray.

Jillian Harris's Feminine Style Home


I like how she mixes rustic pieces like the coffee table with more elegant furnishings.

Jillian Harris's Living Room, Vancouver Home


This little stool adds a touch of whimsy to the living room.

Jillian Harris Decorates Her Vancouver Home


If you read Jillian’s blog, you know she loves pillows! Notice how she completely transformed the look of her living room for Christmas by swapping out the pillows on the sofa.

Jillian Harris Lives in Vancouver Canada


I noticed a few different places where Jillian used a long, floor length mirror in her home. Here she has it resting behind a table. I never would have thought to do this but it’s an interesting idea!

Jillian Harris Love It or List It Vancouver Home


The kitchen in her laneway home is small but efficient. I guess that’s the refrigerator/freezer we see below. Jillian is single although seriously dating someone (she may not be single long) so a small refrigerator is probably all she needs.

Jillian Harris's Kitchen


I love her dining area! Look at all that great dish storage! I wonder if the table was a desk in another life? I love the drawers, great place to squirrel away the flatware, napkins and napkin rings.

Love It or List It, Jillian Harris's Dining Room


Jillian put together a beautiful table for Christmas! I’m guessing this area is open to the living room, notice how she stayed with green for the decorations. Beautiful!

Jillian Harris's Christmas Table Dining Room


I think this is probably the master bedroom.

Love It or List It, Jillian Harris's Laneway Home


I know Jillian must have additional storage somewhere for all the beautiful clothes she wears.

Jillian Harris's Fashion Style


Jillian, inquiring minds want to know…where do you store all those gorgeous clothes? Be sure and check out her fashion section when you visit her blog. She has links at the end of each post sharing where she found the clothes she’s wearing.

Jillian Harris's Closet and Dressing Room Vancouver Home


I’m not sure where this space is in her home, but it appears to be an inset sleeping area…maybe a place to curl up with a book or magazine that also doubles as a guest bed when needed. Love the paint color!

Sleeping Area in Jillian Harris's Vancouver Home



You’ll find additional pictures of designer, Jillian Harris’s Vancouver home at her blog here: Jillian Harris.

Pssst: Jillian has a wonderful Easter table setting posted on her blog now! You’re going to love it!

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  1. She’s a “Bachelor” Nation favorite. I’m glad she found a TV home. She’s cute and talented and deserved to be discovered!

  2. Any info on the blue and white dress floral dress Jillian Harris is wearing in the above picture (sitting on a table holding books in her lap). I love it!!

  3. I used to watch that show, but as you mentioned the formula was getting way too predictable. (In general, HGTV has gone downhill the last few years). Now that I got that off my chest…

    Sometimes when a TV personality has a show, their clothing is stored on location. At least that’s the way it was when I was a star ;).

    The laneway homes are called ‘flagged’ homes here in the northeast. Typically they’re harder to sell, but I kinda like the concept. Definitely gives you more privacy if that’s your thing.

    • I’m sure you’re right. I wonder if she wears her own clothing for the shows or if they provide it and she gets to keep it. Flagged homes…interesting! I don’t think we have those here or maybe we do and I just know about it.

  4. Very cute house!
    I have 2 of those mirrors.. one in my master bedroom walk-in closet and the other in my guestroom.. they’re HUGE.. 36″X78″ and VERY HEAVY but look great once you get them to where you want them.
    They are the Songe mirror from Ikea and I think quite reasonably priced at $149

  5. LindaSonia says

    Is this the same Jillian that was on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette?? I remember her being an interior decorator. Personally, not a fan of her style, but that’s just me.

    Have never seen her HGTV show – will have to look for it.

  6. I agree about the format of the shows. Even my FAVORITE, Fixer Upper is starting to all look the same. GORGEOUS b ut the same. Cute house for a single person.

  7. I also watched the Love or List It show until I just couldn’t stand the predictable conflict any more. Watched the spin-off once. I guess true reality must appear boring since all the “reality” shows always have to stage conflict. The house had some cute features, my favorite was the boxer dog.

  8. Just adorable! I love it. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Great post, Susan. The Love It or List It which aired earlier this week was filmed here in Durham. My cousin used to own the third house David showed the couple. She and her husband lived in it while they built a custom home on the next lot over. They actually showed her house in the outside shot of the home. My cousin spoke with the film crew when they were filming the episode.

  10. everything is lovely, but I hate that hideous coffee table.

  11. Susan – I love your website- I found it a few years ago when looking for screen porch decorating idea’s. (which I still haven’t got the way I want it). You are so inspiring nonetheless!!! I have a “bug” similar to your’s – I hope you are feeling somewhat better. I feel like I’m down in a well with my ears full and a cold that brought on the ear problem. Started on antibiotic’s today- somehow it’s consoling to learn other’s have been sick, too:) (Then, I know it WILL go away). Thank you again for your daily treat!! It’s truly therapy for the soul ::))

  12. These are called flag properties in New York because, what else it looks like a flag.

  13. Susan, I believe that Jillian has another home in Canada and the one in Vancouver is for when she is working on the show. I am sure I read it somewhere. She was a designer before the show Bachelorette aired, she used to design restaurants.
    She is as cute as a button and like you, I love to see what she is wearing. I also agree, that the format of *something is wrong and we haven’t the money in the budget to fix it*, wears a little thin.

  14. I love her style and have always admired the way she dressed ever since I saw her on the Bachelor. In fact, I was happy when she became the Bachelorette just so I could see her outfits! Actually, she seems like a doll as well and my kids and I are big fans of Love It or List It Too. But I also agree that the whole “I don’t have money in the budget to do this…” really gets annoying! Thanks for sharing her lovely home!

  15. I love her house and she is beautiful.

    I did go to her website and as soon as I started reading about her Easter tablescape I noticed she spelled dining wrong. Oops! Anyway, you are right, her table is awesome and is very inspirational!

    • It’s probably typo. I reread my posts a gazillion times and still miss stuff. Cringe every time I find a typo days after a post has been published. I need a proofreader big time! 🙂

  16. She and her house are cute, but not cute enough to watch that show! I hate both of the love it or list it shows! Such a waste.

  17. What?……Hillary and David are in NC? That’s my neck of the woods! I too wish the shows were not so predictable. Love the spin off show with Jillian! Thanks for sharing her home.

  18. LOVE the show Susan, both versions, and even my husband likes to watch it~yeah, the formula is predictable, but I love it anyway, especially when the clients get mad! Thanks for sharing all this fun info and Jillian’s laneway house, I had no idea she had a blog, will definitely be checking that out!

  19. This is just horrible….but I had never heard of this woman you featured or her show. Yikes! I need to get with it as I absolutely adore her work, blog, and style! Thanks for exposing her to us all! Really appreciate you and wishing you a Super Great Thursday!

  20. Fun home! She is charming on the show. Her home is charming too. We call them flag lots out west – original lots were huge so that people could have large gardens or even animal rights but now people are squeezing homes in there.

  21. Susan, I love HGTV, too, & like you find that many of the series are too predictable, especially Love It or List It. Another thing that they do is show different segments of the same show all afternoon. The other day, you mentioned quite a few of the HGTV shows that you like but I don’t think you mentioned the new one, Fixer Upper. The husband & wife team on there are cute to watch. Flip or Flop is another good one.

    • Linda, I don’t know if I’ve seen Fixer Upper. I have seen Flip or Flop. I try not to watch the beginning when they are going through the house because they are so yucky sometimes. The stuff they find in those houses grosses me out! lol I don’t think I could live in it knowing what it looked like before…would be wondering what else was in those walls!

  22. Even though I’m 12, Jillian Harris inspired me to be an interior designer.

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