Tour Martha Stewart’s Home, Cantitoe Corners In Bedford New York

Recently, we toured Turkey Hill, a home that’s well known for having once belonged to Martha Stewart. Today we’re touring a home she currently owns called Cantitoe Corners. Cantitoe is located in Bedford, New York.

The outside has a monochromatic color scheme.

Martha Stewart's Farm Home, Cantitoe Corners in Bedford
Remember this photo from the early years at Turkey Hill?

Turkey Hill Kitchen, Martha Stewarts Home

The kitchen…ย Martha has traded in her copper cookware for stainless. ย I guess stainless does look better with the stainless appliances than the copper would. Update: Amy mentioned in the comments that Martha has her copper cookware in her stable kitchen. Thanks, Amy! So glad she didn’t get rid of it!

Martha Stewart, Kitchen at Cantitoe Corners in Bedford


Love the double islands…can never have too much space for cooking and prep.

Martha Stewart's Kitchen Island at Cantitoe Corners in Bedford


Such a unique way to store spices…

Martha Stewart's Kitchen, Spice Storage at Cantitoe Corners in Bedford


Fancy set up for coffee. Since I’m not a coffee drinker, except for the occasional glass of iced coffee, I’m not up to date on coffee machines. Is this an espresso machine?ย You coffee lovers out there will have to help me out with this photo. ๐Ÿ™‚

Open Shelves in Martha Stewart's Kitchen at Cantitoe Corners in Bedford


While we’re touring kitchen’s let take a look at Martha’s kitchen in her home in Maine.

Martha Stewart's Farm Kitchen, Cantitoe Corners, Bedford


Looks like Martha knew we were coming and is busy baking us some oatmeal cookies! Her canisters look so much like the ones I purchased a while back when I was sitting up my mini version of the baking center from the movieย It’s Complicated. Remember that? If not, you’ll find that older post here:ย Kitchen Tweak: It’s Complicated Baking Center

Martha Stewart's Kitchen, Cantitoe Corners, Bedford


Another view of the kitchen showing some open shelving. The lights remind me of the lights we had in my grammar school…back in the dark ages. Anyone remember those? Google “schoolhouse lights” and you’ll find quite a few that look very similar.

Martha Stewart's New Kitchen at Cantitoe Corners in Bedford


And there’s our hostess, now. Thanks for letting us stop in today, Martha. Is it okay if we tour a few more rooms? I think she nodded and said, yes. Let’s go quickly before she changes her mind!

Martha Stewart's Kitchen at Cantitoe Corners in Bedford


Love this bed in the master bedroom from Martha’s site. It’s from her Skyland home.

Beautiful Bedroom at Cantitoe Corners


This may be my fave room of all, the craft room. What a great layout for this space with its quirky ceilings.

Craft Room at Cantitoe Corners


Martha always has some of the most beautiful cats! Don’t you love this craft space?! Actually, all this furniture is available through Home Decorators Collection online.

Craft Room at Cantitoe Corners in Bedfor NY


Hope you enjoyed this tour of Cantitoe Corners.

Check out Martha’s beloved Turkey Hill home here: Turkey Hill, The Newly Renovated Iconic Home of Martha Stewart

Photos in this post were found atย Martha Stewart dot com

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  1. Thank you so much Susan. This is such a beautiful home.

  2. Wow, really love her crafts room! Soooo cool~~preferred the old kitchen in the previous house. Because I love old stuff and COPPER! and baskets~~gotta have baskets.

    • I still love the look of the copper, too. Just watch Denise, I bet it will come back. You know how everything cycles back. Although, copper cost a fortune now so I bet a pot would be double or triple the price now. Yikes!

      • As far as I’m concerned, copper NEVER goes out of style, lol ; ) I recently bought a copper contraption consisting of a white ceramic insert pot with a copper band around it, that fits down in a solid copper pot similar to a double boiler (maybe a chocolate pot?)at a thrift store for $10 and a copper chafing dish for $10. I was dancing a jig, I gotta say~~ I have a set of Revere cooking pans and pots from the 70’s that are stainless with a copper bottom. I tell myself that ties in the two metals so I don’t feel bad about my stainless steel appliances next to my copper collection. Look out Martha….hehe

      • Rochelle says

        Just like brass in bathrooms. That is supposed to be coming back, maybe.

  3. I can’t keep up with all of Martha’s houses Susan! lol. I find myself picking everything apart, well, because she’s Martha and that’s what SHE does! I love the exterior of her home. I like symmetry, and it appears she does too, so the outside apples to me, but I can’t help but wonder what that concrete circle in the pathway is for and more importantly, I don’t care. It bothers me. And one more teensy, tiny, thing…the outlet on the island should be the same color as the island. Ok, I know I’m being picky, but after all, this IS Martha we are talking about here. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I had to smile at the old pic of her at Turkeu Hill. Her style has certainly changed. Her Bedford Home is just 20 minutes from us, but you can’t really get a good look at it from the street, so this was a great post to read.

    • Doreen, you are so funny! She has several more…one is called Lily Pond, I think. I saw a picture of a super long driveway and I was guessing that was the driveway to Cantitoe. It was beautiful! I wonder if she ever has her home open for tours.

      • That’s a good question Susan! You think I would know that though :/. I’m slipping. And if I didn’t think so before, I totally do now after reading my previous comment. Apples? Turkeu? Damn iPad.

        It should be illegal for one person to have so many homes. Unless, of course, that person is moi. Or you. I’ll give you another one too. Or maybe every home blogger should be entitled to at least two homes. We do, after all, need material to blog about. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • LOL Doreen, you are a hoot. You just made my stressful day better! lol Thanks for making me laugh! Well, while we’re collecting homes, I’d like a beach cottage a mountain cabin, please. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Belinda Manley says

      The circle appears to be an antique millstone.

  4. Peggy Thal says

    Once again enjoyed the photos of Martha Stewart’s kitchen. Not really a big fan of open cabinets. Just thinking about the dust and constant washing of everything. I have a dog . Those lower cabinets with dishes would probably get a lick or two. Can’t trust my guy. Those stools by the counters look really uncomfortable. – Great craft room! That is my favorite of all. – The bed is pretty but looks so small. I put kings in all my bedrooms. Thanks for sharing Susan !!

    • lol That too cute about them getting a lick or two. My golden retriever would have done that, too. I think after a while they might figure out they’re always empty. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Beautiful kitchen and home. I don’t know if I could live with one color on the outside of my house, but I think if I am correct that is how houses were painted at one time. Colonial Williamsburg has done more research and have recently painted a couple of the taverns and buildings true to what they were, one color. It is a bit jarring when first seen.

    As for the wall and trim paint being one color, that is how it was done in the 70’s. When my parents purchased the home I grew up in, it had been a model home. All of the bedrooms were painted a very light color with walls and trim matching.

    When I redecorated the FROG (finished room over the garage) I painted the walls and trim the same color. It is a silvery blue, and I do like it. I love Martha’s craft room! Boy, that is really nice! Way better than what I have!

    Thanks for the fun tour! I am always up for a tour! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • The monochrome look inside does give the room a look of sophistication…kind of elegant. Yeah, I have seen period homes all painted the same outside. I wonder what year Cantitoe was built…will have to look for that. It maybe an older/historic home.

  6. Rochelle says

    Very interesting, thanks for sharing. In the Turkey Hill picture Martha does have stainless appliances that look fine with her copper. Turkey Hill was busy and her current look is drab. Maybe Goldilocks could get it just right.

    • That’s true! Good eye, I hadn’t even noticed. I don’t think stainless was being used a lot back then, was it? I bet she had a “professional, restaurant grade” kitchen and that’s why they were stainless. I wonder if copper cookware is out of style now? I notice when I’m shopping, all the cookware is stainless these days. I’m still using ancient stainless cookware my dad purchased and it works great. Weighs a ton but works great. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. These are ALWAYS SO FUN!! Guess I was “just a leetle” surprised that she “mixed metals”…that kitchen is certainly silver…and that green room is certainly gold (general terms!) Her home does look much more “approachable” than many of the “stars” we get to “comment” on!! ๐Ÿ™‚ franki

    • Franki, I was thrilled to see she used different colors in different rooms and didn’t stick with a super restricted color pallet. It even showed a red room in some of the pics on her site, but I think that room was in another building on the property.

  8. I am loving this Martha series! So fun! I was such a huge fan of hers when I was younger and then her taste became too different than mine. But it is great taking a trip down memory lane. My fave is her home in Maine. I hope that one is coing up soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Since I am the Queen of Color, I do not like this at all — it’s drab and dreary to my eyes. I, too, liked Turkey Hill better.

    I had to laugh at that lampshade on the nightstand in the MBR — it looks like an English Bobby hat!

    Thanks for sharing.

    • You’re right! I was trying to figure out what the shaped reminded me of. I think I read that she designed the shade herself…pretty sure I read that.

    • Regality3 says

      You’re the Queen of Color and I’m the Quing. Drab and dreary doesn’t begin to describe it. However, I have to admit that, when she’s in the pictures, she takes center stage against the neutral backgrounds in so many of the rooms. As far as the outside, it reminds me of a cloudy, depressing winter day.

  10. Looks like Martha downsized from Turkey Hill, specially in her past glorious kitchen, but I have to say I love her new kitchen with all the White and the silver appliances. What a great tour dear Susan. I don’t like the Green color in the room, but love the chandy. Terrific craft room too! Thanks for sharing. Have a great rest of the week.

    • Thanks, Fabby! One thing about Cantitoe, apparently there are several buildings on the property. If the post hadn’t been getting so long, I would have included pics of the stables…they are amazing!

  11. Susan,
    if you hadn’t told me this is one of Martha’s houses I’d have thought the owner is a single man!
    Seriously! I miss a more… “feminine” touch in almost every room… I hope you know what I mean…
    That kitchen would make me sad and never make me enjoy any family and/or friends gathering… too “greyish”, too “sterile”, too much open shelving to dust off but nowhere flowers, paintings, romantic/floral
    window treatments? And that green/gold room either doesn’t really evoke a feeling of comfort…
    Of course that’s all IMHO and I really, really love Martha! ๐Ÿ™‚
    ~Hugs to you~

  12. I once heard a designer (I think it was on the Nate Berkus show) claim that she worked with color for her clients all day and needed to come home to restful neutrals just to relax her creative mind.
    I like Martha’s kitchen and master bedroom, but the exterior…not so much. Before it’s resurgence, painting moulding the same color as the wall was a popular design choice many, many years ago. I think it can work best in places where the view from an interior window is incredible. With so many windows from top to bottom and a wide front porch, I can understand how white trim would have made her house look like it was made up of all trim, but this particular grey is too drab for me, sad rather than wistful. A color such as BM’s white dove (grey undertones) with a bit of grey added would have been my trim choice. And would you believe I would prefer the front door to be, of all colors – green? It would look as though the landscaping spilled out from the front door, but at least there would be an architectural tie-in. For me, anyway. Thanks Susan, you really got me thinking on this one!

  13. I always love your posts, this one included! But I have to tell you this house is such a let down. I have seen a few of Martha’s past homes and they were glorious! But this one, boring. That has got to be one of the most sad kitchens I’ve ever seen. Poor layout, dusty, dirty dishes everywhere. So glad it’s hers and not mine!

  14. Kathleen Hammett says

    I prefer the old Turkey Hill to the new house, it’s less trendy. The new house looks like a Martha Stewart Store. I know grey is a really popular color right now, but I bet it’s HER brand of grey paint. The furniture in the office is probably from her collection, etc. I have her book, MS Housekeeping Handbook and it makes a wonderful wedding present for any couple. It’s like a bible of housekeeping!

  15. Not a fan of Marths’s taste. Her rooms always have a bland look as does the look of the exterior and interior of her homes. Don’t worry about dust gathering on dishes in her open shelves. She has legions of hired help to clean!

  16. This house is so dull, inside and outside! I agree with Kathleen, it looks like a store. It’s not practical either. Imagine dusting all these pots and plates etc… I would be so depressed in such an environment! Grey might be a trend and could be classy, but it needs a lot of white to brighten it, and the green room is awful.

  17. While I always love Martha’s style, I have to say I don’t like the colors she has chosen for the outside or inside. I am a fan of neutrals, but these choices are just so drab to me. I find them rather depressing. I think the home could be much more fabulous with a different color selection.

  18. Hi Susn,
    I just love all of your home tours…so fun to dream. By the way, I love those canisters that you added to your kitchen. Where did you get them?

  19. Thanks for the info. I love your home. I love your blog. Yours was the first blog I ever subscibed to. Thanks for always sharing your life with me.

  20. Her other kitchens had more character and interest. I like the open shelves on top but not the ones that are lower, esp. with the bar stools there…..difficult to keep clean. Not only dog licks but my cat would curl up in one of the bowls!!! All in all, quite sterile decor and very bland, not for me!!! I prefer copper, wood, baskets, crocks and yellow ware…….she used to have such a large collection………..the outside is very drab……

  21. I think I have seen those pictures before and I loved the kitchen with the copper pans hanging, the baskets were a bit much however I remember doing the same thing in the 80’s era, hanging all the old baskets.
    I think she is a little to plain now days I loved her old decorating ways , maybe I need to get out of the old ways and into the new cleaned out empty look?
    I always enjoy your house tours

    • I love those, too! Amy mentioned in her comment that the copper pots are now in her stable kitchen, I’m glad she kept them. Copper is really valuable now. Yeah, it’s a bit too plain for my taste, but that seems to be the trend right now. Don’t know how many folks actually live that way, though. Thanks Janice…so glad to hear that! I love doing them here on the blog. Now if we could just go do them in person! ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Amy Davis says

    Martha still has her copper cookware it is displayed in the stable kitchen on her property.
    The lily pond house is in the hamptons.
    The house in Maine is called skylands.
    Also, some of these pictures are not of the Bedford home.
    For instance, the bedroom picture is from skylands.
    Also, I think some of the kitchen pictures are actually a guest house kitchen located on the skylands property.

    • Oh, they were under the headings of Bedford and Cantitoe so I thought they were the same. Didn’t realize she had two kitchens. Interesting. Thanks, Amy!

    • At her site, she has one set of pics listed as Cantitoe Corners and another set listed as her Bedford Farmhouse…and in both sets, they have the same “double island picture” in both sets of pictures…so that’s why I thought they were all from the same kitchen. Maybe they have it mixed up on her site, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Amy, if you can figure out which is which, let me know. I think I have her Maine kitchen pics correct. I have her site up and I can see which pics are the Maine Kitchen but they show the exact same double island in two set and they are calling it Bedford Farmhouse in one and Skylands in the other. I wonder how many homes and kitchens she has…that could be a whole post right there. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the colors in the Lily Pond house…so pretty!

  23. Susan,
    Thanks for sharing so many houses with us. Originally I thought the first picture of the kitchen was showing most of the room and I was really surprised by (what I thought was) the size and also the electric stove. Very un-Martha-ish. I see the room is really much larger than I originally thought. The spice storage is visually appealing but wouldn’t work for me. I would fly across the kitchen, grab a tin and they would all tumble down and roll around the floor. After I gathered them all up I would still be missing one – probably the one I needed in the first place.
    By the way, your building skills are impressive. You like to take on big challenges. Iris

    • Iris, I don’t think I like that spice storage system either…it’s pretty though. Just not sure how it would function. Thanks! I’m having fun for sure. ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. I just wish I had 1/2 of the money that she has spent in her time.

  25. Hi Susan, I always love your house tours. Turkey Hill and Bedford are both about 15 minutes from me in opposite directions. Turkey Hill, once a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere, is now on an extremely busy road surrounded by other houses. The new house is so very much NOT a downsizing…it is part of an enormous estate very nicely restored by Martha. It looks strange in the photo all in one color but in reality it is beautiful, as are all the grounds and buildings. Cantitoe is a very old name for that part of Bedford, named after the wife of Chief Katonah, a famous and powerful Native American from the area. There are several other lovely estates in the neighborhood, including the famous Caramoor Arts Center. Martha is a wonderful steward of the land and has really made an effort to be a part of the community. Now if only she would bring back her original show! ๐Ÿ™‚ Linda

    • Thanks for all that good info, Linda! I had read that about the Chief. Love hearing more about that area and about Turkey Hill. I bet she’s glad she doesn’t live there now if it’s that busy.

  26. SharonFromMichigan says

    From the outside of her home, it does appear that she favors symmetry. However, what’s the deal with the upstairs windows to the right. If the builder was going for symmetry, he messed that one up big time. I like the “lawn” in front. Never have to worry about cutting grass again – my kind of lawn!

  27. Just as a comment , the kitchen shown in Ms Stewarts Maine house is from her Home Depot collection and is in the guest house at Skylands. The kitchen in the main house is in original condition and can be seen on her daily blog.

  28. i think Martha should buy anything she wants. She is Fabulous.
    She has worked very hard to be where she is at now.
    Everything she touches turns to gold. She is an original never to be repeated!

  29. Betty Wiest says

    I’d love to arrange a field trip for my Garden Club to Martha Stewart’s Bedford property. We just went past it recently on our way to Caramoor. The garden club is: Women Gardeners of Ridgewood, NJ. Is there any way to accomplish this?

  30. Ana De Leรณn says

    What brand are those ovens you have there. They have an “R” logo on them but can’t find them anywhere on the internet. Do they make your kitchen warm? Most commercial type ovens do. Are yours vented to the outside of the kitchen?

  31. Hello I am trying to find out if there are actual tours that you can pay for to see the Bedford New York Farm

    • Gina, I’m sorry, I’m not sure if they do that at any point during the year. You may want to visit Martha Stewart website online and contact them via their contact info to see if that’s something they offer. Would be wonderful if they do!

  32. Arlene Jenson says

    martha, I made the cup cakes in your folder cakes and cupcakes page 29 and what dezaster what is oat flour? and too runny I wish you would have recieps with ingredents we use hear. check it out and rdo it thanks

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