Tour Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban’s Bunya Hill Home in Sutton Forest Australia

Nicole Kidman and her husband, Keith Urban, a well-known and talented Country Singer/Artist, have a home in Tennessee. Did you know that? I never realized that until recently.

But where do they live when they are at home in Australia? Today we’re taking a little tour of Nicole and Keith’s wonderful home in Sutton Forest, Australia, located in the New South Wales precinct. Their home is a true historic treasure!

Vogue Magazine has a cute series where they videotape a celebrity as they ask him/her 73 questions in a rapid-fire succession. Have you seen one of their videos? I love watching them whenever a new one comes out because they normally take place in the home of the celebrity.

The other thing I really like about the Vogue interviews is how the celebrity being interviewed often comes across a little vulnerable, like you or I might sound if we were suddenly being asked a gazillion personal questions, one after the other.

I’m sure the celebrities are probably given some of the questions in advance because they come up with their answer very quickly. But occasionally a question seems to take them off guard so I don’t think they are given all the questions in advance. That’s just a guess, though

Nicole Kidman was interviewed and I couldn’t wait to watch it having just posted about the movie, Australia where she starred with Hugh Jackman. They ask Nicole about Hugh Jackman during the interview and her answer didn’t surprise me one bit. Apparently, Hugh Jackman is just as lovely in real life as he seems in his movies and in interviews.

When in Australia, Nicole Kidman and her husband, Keith Urban, live in this wonderful, historic 1878 Georgian home. It has an interesting history having been leased during the colonial period during the 1880’s to Lord Augustus Loftus, a governor of New South Wales.

Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban's Home Bunya Hill in Sutton Forest Australia

Photo from Drew Lindsay Real Estate


The pictures I’m sharing are captures from the video so excuse the wonkiness of some of the pics. This beautiful, historic home has wide sandstone verandas, pressed metal ceilings, 10 marble fireplaces and a gorgeous carved cedar staircase. Such a treasure, a home like this!

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban's Home In Australia


Our first view of Nicole is as she is awaiting her interviewer on the steps of her home. I really loved this interview because in the past when I’ve seen Nicole Kidman being interviewed, she always came across as very reserved and a bit guarded. I’m sure I’d be exactly the same way if I had paparazzi chasing me down on a daily basis.

Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban's Bunya Hill Farmhouse in Sutton Forest Village, Australia


In the interview, Nicole is playful and very real. I felt like her answers to the 73 questions came from her heart.

Nicole Kidman's Home In Australia 03


The dress she is wearing throughout the video is gorgeous! I would love to have a copy of it, it’s just so feminine and so pretty. I love that Nicole takes her hat off as she enter’s her home.

Nicole Kidman's Farm in Sutton Forest Australia


There’s that beautiful, carved, cedar staircase!

Nicole Kidman Entry Australia Home


During the Vogue 73 question interviews, we are almost always given a little tour of several of the rooms in the downstairs of the home of the celebrity being interviewed. After getting a glimpse of the entry, Nicole briefly shows us their pool room as she continues answering the rapid fire questions, one after the other. My only complaint about this interview is that the lights were off in several of the rooms so you don’t get a very good view of a few of the rooms.

We find out during the interview that Nicole is a bit of a pool shark! lol Would you have ever guessed that?

Pool Room in Nicole Kidman's Australia Home


The library is definitely my favorite room in Nicole and Keith’s home.

Library in Nicole Kidman's Home In Australia


Such a cozy, wonderful room! The leather sofa look so soft, like you melt right into it.

Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban's New South Wales Australia Home


The living room is a dramatic contrast from the library and the pool room, much brighter.

Nicole Kidman's Living Room in Australia Home


This is the best view we get of the kitchen, wish we could have seen more.

Nicole Kidman's Kitchen in Australia Home


The dining room is simple, light-filled and lovely.

Nicole Kidman's Dining Room in Australia Home


In this room Nicole trips over a toy and it’s kind of startling, but she recovers beautifully. The mark of a good actress, never let ’em see you sweat! 🙂

Dining Room in Nicole Kidman's Home In Australia


I wonder what that is in the left hand corner of the dining room? I’m guess it’s a toy. Notice all the beautiful silver pieces along the mantel.

Nicole Kidman at Home in Australia


We get a brief glimpse of a patio area as Nicole takes us to her guest house and her hen house. My favorite part of this scene was seeing her two daughter’s toys, really makes it feel like a home where a family lives.

Nicole Kidman's Family Home In Australia


One of the most touching parts of the interview to me is when the interviewer asks Nicole how she’s feeling these days. She asks, “Honestly?” Then she goes on to give a very open answer saying, “Raw. I’ve been through a lot.” It left me wondering what she was talking about, what had happened recently to leave her feeling this way.

Nicole Kidman Interview for Vogue 73 Questions


If you would like to watch the interview, it’s only 8 1/2 minute long and can be found here: 73 Questions With Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban's 1878 Georgian Australia Home


Take a tour of the home in the movie, Australia, with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman here: Australia

Faraway Downs in Australia, Movie with Nicole Kidman & Hugh Jackman

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  1. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Hi Susan. Looks like a lovely place. I like that aerial view because it shows that their home and surrounding buildings are ringed with trees. I bet it looks very pretty from the ground and gives a sense of privacy. Now I wish you could find some pictures of their Nashville home! It would be fun to see if it’s similar or very different.

  2. Love the living room. It definitely has thst Australian look on the outside I also like aerial view. A beautiful home!

  3. The “raw” comment may be referencing the sudden death of her father a few months back–just guessing. Lovely tour–thanks for posting.

  4. Linda Page says

    OK, that was the cutest interview ever!!! She was so adorable, frank and real. I loved her answers, especially about the two pink lines that said she was pregnant. How great is that!!! Loved her house and grounds. Thanks for sharing. I did not know about the Vogue 73 questions but now that I do, I am going to watch a bunch of them. Good post. You are one smart chickie!!

  5. I, too, loved this interview! Susan, you come up with the most interesting videos and pictures for us to see. Nicole recently lost her father very suddenly, so I imagine this is why she is feeling this way. I lost my father suddenly, and “raw” was the best word to describe it. I also wanted to tell you that yesterday I received a book you recommended quite a while ago, The Winter Home. I have had a very strange day for me today. After returning from an exhausting, yet marvelous trip from New England, I have had a “pajama day!” Unheard of for me! But so needed, and guess what I spent the afternoon in the sunroom with? Cups of coffee and Kate Moss’ wonderful book. I have days of entertainment left from that beautiful book.

  6. So different than what I would expect from watching RHOMelbourne. Or seeing pictures of theAustralian outback. It’s like living in the hills of Hollywood or Malibu. If you didn’t say Australia I wouldn’t have known.

  7. I just love Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. They are such a cute couple. If you ever go on Facebook, Keith does little chats after his concerts and such. Nicole is in several of them and shows her cute personality.

  8. What a beauty of a house and, that staircase is magnificent! Such a fun interview! Thanks for sharing, Susan! Have a lovely Sunday. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  9. I just wrote a shop the video post about this interview as well, and said the same thing about her genuine responses. So lovely.

  10. Oh also, the dress is Alberta Ferretti! It doesn’t seem to be available any more.

  11. This was a very lovely post! I just love to go “peeking in the windows” of all the beautiful homes you show us. Thank you, Susan. I thought it was so down right homey of them to have the children’s play kitchen set up in the dining room, and the toys scattered out on the dining patio. I did find it a bit odd though that with all the outside living spaces there isn’t much furniture set up to enjoy those gorgeous grounds. Anyone else notice that and feel the same?

    • I wonder if there’s an area in back that’s where they spend more time. I noticed in these interviews that go inside the homes, we never get to see the upstairs or the bedrooms. I would love to see those rooms, too but I guess they want to keep some areas private.

  12. Nicole is naturally gorgeous and the dress she’s wearing matches her taste. Remember way back we were at The Four Seasons in Santa Barbara. She was at brunch and in line right next to me. Talk about stunning and tall. It was within hours of her and Tom Cruise break up. She was with another guy (prob a friend) who was also gorgeous!

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