Tour Paula Deen’s Savannah Riverside Home, River Bend

Paula Deen is moving. y’all! She’s put her beautiful Savannah river home, Riverbend, on the market, saying she’s craving a simpler way of life when she’s at home.

Her home is located alongside the Wilmington River and if you’re ever in Savannah and want to catch a glimpse of it, the address is 818 Wilmington Island Road, Savannah, Georgia. I’m not sure if it’s visible from the road since the listing describes it as being “secluded.”

The home was designed and built in a style known as “French Caribbean.” It has 8 bedrooms, 9 baths, 2 guest cottages, a large barn and an 8 car garage. It also has a gourmet kitchen with commercial grade appliances (of course!) and a wonderful English style pantry.

Let’s take a tour of Paula’s beautiful river home currently on the market for 12,500,000.

Paula Deen's Savannah Riverbend Home


Looking at the front porch entry, you get a sense the home is going to have an elegant look and feel before you even step inside. Beautiful lanterns!

Paula Deen's Front Porch Entry


The flooring just inside the front door is gorgeous! I wonder if that’s wood inlaid with tile or a faux finish. It looks more like a faux finish, what do you think?

I can just make out a trifold Venetian glass mirror hanging there on the right. Notice the washed, beadboard ceiling!

You’re going to see a lot of shutter design in this main area of the home. I guess that’s part of the French Caribbean style. In a real French Caribbean home, I bet the shutters were opened and closed to control the breezes blowing through the home.

Tour Paula Deen's Savannah River Home


The living room is done is soft neutral tans, creams and aquas.

Paula Deen's Living Room, Savannah River Home


I wonder if the pedestals are made with river rock? Would be fitting for a home along the river. Every thing about the finishes in this room is soft and soothing. Even the walls have a soft treatment, almost looks like water, doesn’t it?

Love the color of the floors. Really dark stained floors would have felt too harsh for this room since it’s done in such a soft palette.

Tour Paula Deen's Savannah Home


Here we get a better view of the room as a whole. Looking at the outside of the home, you would never guess the ceilings soar upward in this way!

Paula Deen's Beautiful Savannah Home Is For Sale


Paula’s kitchen was designed with lots of custom touches including commercial grade appliances. In this HGTV interview, Paula says her show wasn’t filmed in this kitchen but was filmed in a different home.

Paula Deen's Kitchen, Savannah Home


The copper stove hood was custom-made. Notice all the different finishes used in the design of the kitchen. You have light painted cabinetry, green painted cabinetry and stained cabinetry. Ummm, on second thought, looking at the picture above and this one below, I think the cabinets that look green above are actually a cream color.

Paula Deen in her Kitchen in Savannah


This kitchen feels like a mix of old and new to me…how do you like the pot rack directly above the stove?

Paula Deen's Kitchen, Savannah River Home


The house has a Butler’s/Dish pantry and I would love just five minutes in this spot! 😉 The brown shelving piece on the left is a Swedish antique that dates back to the 1400’s. It’s held together with wooden pegs and was originally used to let bread rise or cheese ripen.

Paula Deen's Butler's Pantry & Dish Storage


Looks like she has a collection of Jadite, although that could be milk glass that just sort of looks green in the picture. The Elvis on the counter cracks me up! I wonder if he’s a cookie jar? I love a ladder in a dish pantry, such a great way to access those hard to reach cabinets. This really shows you how tall the ceilings must be throughout the home.

Paula Deen's Pantry and Dish Storage


I think Paula has a pretty impressive dish collection. You may remember this picture I shared of her Christmas table when she still lived in her previous home. Shhh, don’t tell anyone but I think I liked her first home better than her current one.

For this table setting, she covered the table in moss, creating a moss tablecloth.

Paula Deen's Moss Tablecloth Christmas Table Setting


The dishware she used is my favorite holiday/winter china by Lenox called “Winter Greetings.” Wouldn’t we love to get a peek into her dish collection!

Paula Deen's Moss Table With Lenox Winter Greetings


Okay, back to our tour, this is the laundry room. Again, I think the cabinetry is probably a cream color, though it looks kind of greenish in the picture. Wonder where the washer and dryer are…maybe under the counter we see on the right.

Paula Deen's Laundry Room


The dining room has a fireplace for cozy dining in the winter.

Paula Deen's Dining Room


Paula’s bedroom is a serene oasis.

Paul Deen's Bedroom, Home For Sale in Savannah


Such a beautiful bed!

Paula Deen's Bedroom with Silver Spool Bed


This room is just off of Paula’s bedroom. It’s a large sitting area/dressing room/office. Such a beautiful chandelier!

Paula wanted her bedroom to be her hideaway, a sanctuary. Originally her designer put a big tub in the center of the room. Since she prefers to shower, she had it removed and added a fireplace with the seating area you see below. She also uses this area as her office and the French doors open out to the garden.

Paula Deen's Dressing Room, Savannah Home


Another beautiful bedroom…the home has 8 bedrooms and 9 baths.

Paula Deen's Savannah Home Tour


Of course there’s a sweet nursery for her grandchildren.

Paula Deen's Home Nursery For Grandchildren


The entertaining areas out back are amazing! There’s an outdoor kitchen. Actually, this reminds me of one of her shows I did see. I remember Paula was cooking outdoors on some kind of grill, I think. It was for a gathering she was having with family and you could see the river in the background, as I recall. I really enjoyed that show because the scenery and outdoor setting was so pretty. Seems like I remember it being super windy that day and it was creating issues for her. Anyone else remember that episode?

Tour Paula Deen's Savannah Home


The beautiful pool, hot tub and sauna…

Paula Deen's Pool & Cabana


The gardens are just beautiful!

Paula Deen's Garden at Riverbend in Savannah


A darling guest cottage on the property…

Paula Deen Guest Cottage


Riverside dock and pier….

Paula Deen's Riverbeen Home in Savannah GA


Hope you enjoyed this tour of Paula Deen’s river home in Savannah, Georgia.

Paula Deen's Riverside Home in Savannah for Sale


It’s a beautiful home but I think I may have liked her previous home even more. It was a bit more homey, not quite as elegant as this house.

Paula Deen's Savannah Riverbend Home


See more of this home at Seabolt Brokers where the majority of these pictures were found: Paula Deen’s Savannah Home

Other pictures were found HERE and HERE

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  1. Hi Susan! Oh, Lord have mercy! What a gorgeous home. Loved the tour of Paula’s home. Hope you’re having a great week.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  2. WOW!!! I will have to see if I can find a tour of the old house if you like it better cause this one is AMAZING!!! Oh to have all that room….and someone to clean it:):) Just the laundry room and her dressing room/office made my heart flutter! Thanks for sharing this Susan.

  3. Paula’s home is over the top gorgeous…I have her book and recognize many of the rooms….I am sure the next owner will be thrilled to live in such an amazing home such as hers….

  4. Marcee ... ILLINOIS says

    Yikes. Ohhmyword. Ugh. Too much of everything. Colors are terrible. I dislike anything beige = dirty water. Goodness gracious, jeepers, creepers. How does or did PD get around this monster?? Golf cart! The continued, every-single-day cleaning, would make me insane. You must hire a huge team/company to do it. Highly puzzled why anyone needs 9 bathrooms. Are you kidding me??? Would be interested to know who will purchase. (Octomom!)

  5. This home is lovely, really gorgeous, but it looks kind of ….generic, maybe? I don’t know how to explain what I mean, because I love it and I don’t mean that it’s bland and there are lots of personal touches, but it looks like it was kind of all bought at once, or something.

    I tell you the house I really loved was the one from her very first show. It was yellow, and I believe it was actually her producer’s home. That was pretty close to my dream home.

  6. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    One day about 5 years ago I was shopping at a specialty store and kept seeing pieces with the name Paula Deen on them. Finally I asked the sales lady, who the heck is Paula Deen? She looked at me as though I had 3 heads and said she was a cook on the Food Channel, lol. I had never heard of her and never watched the Food Channel. But now seeing her house I think, wow, those chefs sure do get paid well, lol. 😀 Actually though, I don’t care for this house much at all. I do think the private spaces are more appealing than the public spaces, but it just doesn’t feel warm or pretty to me. The kitchen and laundry room particularly are rather cold and unwelcoming, to me. But hey, she must have liked them. To each their own. From the furniture line she had, I would have expected the house to have a cozier, homier feel. Maybe her last one was like that, as you said. Still had fun touring the house though. 🙂 Thanks, Susan.

  7. I agree with you, Susan — I think I liked the other house better. Does she still have both houses do you think? I’ve seen pictures of the other house because I recognize that fireplace in the kitchen/eating area, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen this current home.

    Thanks for sharing and have a great day. 🙂



  8. My favorite room? The pantry! The guest cottage looks pretty intriguing too. 🙂 Thanks for the tour.

  9. I have to come back and see what others have to say about this.

    I think Paula and her decorator have excellent taste. My boss has a house like this. It requires a “house manager” to maintain it – that is more than a housekeeper, but rather someone that manages the help to clean and maintain the house. I probably would like a “severely downsized” version. 🙂

  10. I totally agree with you. Although it is a lovely home, it is much too formal for me. I don’t feel the warmth, the coziness that Paula seems to exude. I don’t feel as though I could kick off my shoes and curl up on the sofa with a good book.

  11. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Forgot to answer your question about the entry tile … I think what appears to be wood is actually tile designed to resemble wood. I’ve seen that sort of tile and that would make sense to me.

  12. Susan, do you have any photos of Paula’s previous homes you can show us?
    I do remember that those homes were more to my liking. Many thanks.

    • I don’t but I will look for some and if I can them, I’ll do a post on it, too. My sister used to take her magazine years ago and often in the magazine, there would be pictures of her home. My sister would sometimes save the magazines for me since she knew I loved beautiful homes, so that’s where I saw it.

  13. Holy cow! Paula sure did well for herself, didn’t she? I have always admired her for pulling herself up by the bootstraps and creating her own destiny. Back in the day when she only had her restaurant in Savannah, she used to advertise on the radio that Leo worked on, and I can remember them chatting on the commercials. I thought she was a real personality back then!

  14. I love the guest house and the dock house. This house is too much ‘McMansion’ for my taste. I wonder how safe all the glass doodads are from those little grandsons :-).

    In her other house, (I also liked it better), she had an enormous saltwater aquarium.

  15. Linda Page says

    I agree with Pam ~crumpet cottage that the wood is actually tile. I have a friend that has flooring very similar and hers is ceramic tile made to look like wood, complete with wood graining. I love the floors. The house has a definite Caribbean feel to me, as opposed to warm and cozy, which is breezy and soft. The lack of personal pictures/items also keeps the rooms from looking “lived in” and more formal. But her bedroom is just gorgeous. I met Paula Deen twice in Savannah at her restaurant and she joined us at our table both times for a considerable amount of time and she was a hoot. It was like running into your college roommate that you had not seen for a long time and just picked up where you left off. She was just “one of the girls”. Looks like she is ready to downsize and get back to more laid back living. Thanks for sharing the house.

  16. Marianne in Mo. says

    I think she built this house when she got married, if I remember correctly. And I think her stylist convinced her that she needed to “up” her game to reflect her newfound status. I think she has a lot of people “guiding” her that may not do her justice. This is a decorators house, not a gal’s from the poor life she came from. Her other house was more her own. And yes, I remember hearing that her first shows were filmed at Gordon Elliott’s, the same guy who produces “The Chew”.
    I remember the episode when they cooked outside too. They also had one outside at the other house a few seasons before that. The family were all there in both shows. Bigger group at this house though!
    Having said that, about the only thing I like about this house is the outside areas, minus the fish she keeps in the pool!!! Yuck!

  17. Susan ~ Her kitchen looks so much like the former one I can’t tell them apart! There’s the table instead of the island and the cabinets may be a different color but looks the same. I definitely prefer her former home, where it looked like a home!

  18. OMGOODNESS!!! This house is stunning, right up my alley, just what I would have if I was a mill, lol !!!
    Well…I’m going back to stare at each pic again.
    Hugs and thanks. I’m pinning just in case I win the lotteri…heheheheeee


  19. Oooh, and Paula looks so pretty with her weight lose…she looks perfect for the gorgeous home!


  20. thanks Susan, I really enjoyed this tour~ my favorite part is the wall color in the main room, simply stunning! I’m wondering if she’s downsizing due to her recent financial set backs?

    • From what I hear, she’s doing really well. Her magazine subscriptions have risen over 40% so she still has a lot of fans.

  21. Susan, I think I was mistaken about the aquarium. I thought it was in the white house she lived in before she built this one. I worked for a company that rented the piece of equipment used to set it in place. I remember the guy who did the job commenting on the size of the garage. He was very much impressed by that.

    I have also heard she is moving to New York and keeping a place here in Savannah. Not sure if that is totally accurate. I just can’t see a Georgia country girl being happy there!

  22. Charlotte says

    I am with you Susan, I liked her other house better. It was much more homey. This one is beautiful, just a little over the top for me. I do think the foyer floors are real, wood & travertine tiles and the pedestals look like oyster shells to me. Thank you for the home tours, I love them!

  23. I don’t think Paula Deen is hurting appears to me she’s just free of the food network…leaving her with more options and not so many ‘strings attached.’ She does not need them at this point.
    Thanks Susan for sharing these pictures and info

  24. Hi Susan,

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful home! I wouldn’t want to live in it, but I certainly can appreciate the talent it took to design it and its fabulous architectural details. It’s really fun to be “voyeur”! Would give my eye teeth to see the inside of that cottage!


  25. The picture of Paula standing in the kitchen is a different kitchen…..look at the hardware on the cabinets….different than the other kitchen plus the orientation of the island/sink area she is leaning on. Simply STUNNING home….I could SO LIVE there!

    • That is weird. Except for the island, everything else looks the same. Same copper hood, same pot rack, etc…I wonder if that island is movable and they moved it there. Or is that the kitchen she cooks in for the show? It looks the same except the island.

    • Maybe she had an island in the kitchen initially and took it out to put a table in.

  26. Marlene Stephenson says

    It is beautiful.but i truly would not want to live there it is just too much for me,i want a place where my grandkids can run and play, warm and homey. She has always seemed so down to earth,who knows.Your house is just right.

  27. Charlotte says

    Love her bedroom. Too many neutral colors in the rest if the although I like it a lot, I’d add a few soft dusty rose colors. That’s just ME though. It ‘s a gorgeous house. Do you have pictures of her previous home?

    • Charlotte, I remember seeing it in one of her magazines years ago. If I still have any of those old magazines and can find them, I’ll scan some of the pictures in and create a post about it. I need to see if I still have them.

  28. The house is beautiful, but it’s decorator beautiful, not live-in beautiful. Of course, when you are as wealthy as PD is, you don’t decorate your own home, someone else does it and it ends up being their taste and not yours. You asked the question, “what do you think of the pot rack over the stove?” and I think it’s also gorgeous so long as no one is using the stove to cook on. You would have to wash every one of those copper pots after every use of the stove if they actually hung there all the time and not just when photos were being taken. I doubt that celebrity homes are used as ours are – they’re just window dressing. And it’s too bad – all of that beauty and the money it takes to make it that way is just for show.

  29. Charlotte MacDiarmid says

    Thank you for sharing these pictures of Paula’s home. I sure do miss seeing her cooking shows on the Food Network. Her home is gorgeous and she has come a long way. Too bad about all the troubles she’s had.
    I’m so glad I found your spot. Am enjoying everything you share.
    Have a great Memorial Day weekend.
    Charlotte in Va.

  30. First, I also liked the other house MUCH better. This one is not my taste, at all, too pretentious. It doesn’t reflect the Paula Deen I have met on two separate occasions or the things she talked about being important to her. It would have been more interesting to tour the guest cottage, it looked like it would have been more her style. BTW…if your designer puts a bath tub in the middle of your bedroom, it’s time to get a new designer. LOL 🙂

  31. Mary from Virginia says

    Oh my, I must be really out of it, I thought her TV show kitchen was this house and the house shown in some of her book, Savannah style. I see a lot of your readers don’t care for this style. Part of me agrees, but the other part of me feels the name alone “French Caribbean” sounds fine to me! 😉 I love the kitchen and pantry, and the large dining hall is what I would love to have. It is crowded when we all gather to eat at my house. So yeah, I’ll take Paula’s house! Great post. Would LOVE to know more about where she is going and her old house. I hope she isn’t down sizing because of all the media hype, and her loss of the Smithfield account. 🙁

  32. Those jardinieres by the pool…I DIE!! Just gorgeous. I hope she finds her “special” downsized home…guess we all get there sooner or later. Thanks for the wonderful tour/narrative!! franki

  33. Susan, I would never have put Paula in this house. I have never followed her, but have seen the odd program.
    The best things are, the outside, just love that, the laundry room and the dish pantry.
    I find the house to be a little blah, although the bones are good.
    She created her wealth from nothing and I do admire her for her tenacity. Hope she picks a sunnier house next time.

  34. I so agree with some of the other comments that this home doesn’t seem to reflect Paula at all. She is so vivacious and full of color herself that I would think this house would be depressing in all its neutrality! I much preferred her house that was published in Southern Lady a number of years ago. That one was full of color and style, and I specifically remember a beautiful green velvet sofa that I still drool over and long for.
    As for the pedestals you commented on, I believe they are covered in oyster shells, very apropo for the area.

  35. Oh I love this house and her first house. You would definitely need lots of help keeping it clean and the grounds tailored.
    I think her first house is more her personality . It seems more like a house you can really live in and enjoy.
    I am still upset about Paula’s brother Bubba causing all of her pain and loosing her status on Food Network over His wrong doings. I know she loves her brother and he should kiss her feet everyday for supporting him at the cost of her show

  36. Rosalie Robertson says

    I liked the other house better. It was warmer and more down to earth, the way Paula was before. The new house seems like a hotel/resort. Not family oriented. You changed, Paula, and unfortunately it wasn’t for the best. I still love you though. I stopped my subscriptions to your magazines, but had second thoughts and just renewed them because I miss you. Good luck with whatever you do. I’m just in Jacksonville, so maybe one day I can meet you.

  37. Found more pictures here: Shows a creamy colored kitchen instead of green as in your picture (I actually prefer the green), and Jadeite dishes on a small table so the dishes inside must be Jadeite, too. I love so many elements of this house! Thanks for posting, Susan.

  38. nancy Harris says

    Beautiful home however too much clutter (decor) for my taste.

Leave a Reply to nancy Harris Cancel reply