Tour Fox Hill, A Beautiful “Southern Living” Home

Whenever I hear a Southern Living Idea home is being built anywhere within driving distance, I get excited and can’t wait to see it! Their homes always feel so livable and often have special features that you don’t find in other homes being built today.

In recent years, we were lucky to have a couple of Southern Living homes built here in Georgia. I’ll link to a tour of one of those at the end of this post in case you would like to tour it.

Recently, I came across a really great home. After touring it online, I wasn’t surprised to find that it was designed and built using a Southern Living plan called the, Fox Hill. It has so much personality and tons of great porches. We can see two already in this photo of the front of the home.

The Fox Hill, Southern Living Plan


Another one of the things I really love about this home is that the rooms are not too huge, but because of the high ceilings, the room don’t feel too small. I love the cozy feel of this home. Let’s go inside and check it out!

Front Door, The Fox Hill, Southern Living Plan


The entry feels very traditional with large windows on either side of the front door and transom windows overhead letting in lots of great light.

Entry, The Fox Hill, Southern Living Plan


Notice the high ceilings in the living room and the doors on either side of the fireplace leading out onto a porch. At first I thought that might be the side porch, but based on where the columns are, I think that’s a third porch.

Living Room, The Fox Hill, Southern Living Plan


The kitchen is the first room that really got my attention. I absolutely love this big bank of windows! As long as there’s plenty of storage space in other areas of the kitchen, I would so love a kitchen with windows like this! Can you imagine cooking and baking here with that view!

Kitchen in The Fox Hill, Southern Living Plan


I don’t think this home has a formal dining room, this was the only dining area that I saw and it’s  directly across from the kitchen. So, if you’re someone who doesn’t want both a breakfast room and a formal dining room, this would be a great house plan to consider.

Though the rooms are not that huge, they don’t feel cramped or small due to the all the high ceilings.

Dining Area, The Fox Hill, Southern Living Plan


Did you notice this built in cabinetry in the picture above? This is the kind of feature you would expect to find in an older, historical home.

Built-in Cabinetry in Breakfast Room, The Fox Hill, Southern Living Plan


This home also appears to have a butler’s pantry.

Navy Blue Butler's Pantry, The Fox Hill, Southern Living Plan


This may be my favorite room of all.  Love a paneled library!

Library, The Fox Hill, Southern Living Plan


Paneled Library, The Fox Hill, Southern Living Plan


Each of the bedrooms has a cozy dormer window. Dormer windows give rooms so much personality!

Bedroom, The Fox Hill, Southern Living Plan


I think this may be the master bedroom because…

Bedroom, The Fox Hill, Southern Living Home


…it has a fireplace. Is that the side porch we saw earlier?

Master Bath, The Fox Hill, Southern Living Plan


There are 4 bedrooms and 5 baths in this home plan! I’m not showing all the rooms because this post would be way too long, but I’ll link to where you can see the others at the end of this post.

I love this cute bunk room, perfect for the kids or grandkids.

Children Bunk Room, The Fox Hill, Southern Living Plan


This plan also includes a nice size mud room!

Mud Room, The Fox Hill, Southern Living Plan


Okay, I changed my mind, this is my favorite room! What an amazing view!

Porch, The Fox Hill, Southern Living Plan


And it includes an outdoor fireplace! Yep, definitely my favorite room of all!

Porch with Fireplace, The Fox Hill, Southern Living Plan


I absolutely love all the porches on this home! I really like the metal roof, too…so practical and beautiful, too!

If you would like to see more of this home including the other bedrooms and baths, you’ll find additional photos here: Southern Living Plan: The Fox Hill. You’ll find more information about the Fox Hill plan here: Fox Hill

Patio & Porch, The Fox Hill, Southern Living Plan


Tour a beautiful Southern Living Idea home that I had an opportunity to see here: Southern Living Idea House

Southern Living Idea House in Senoia Georgia

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  1. Southern comfortable and so chic!! franki

  2. oh my… heaven.. I’m in love!
    What a beautiful warm and inviting home.. it’s just perfect.
    Was just taking a break with a cup of tea and this was a lovely bit of eye candy to dream about. 🙂

  3. Oooooh…What a great way to end the day viewing your
    blog with the coverage of this very special home!
    Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

  4. Love love this house,kitchen,master& outside living are my favorites.Thanks.I always enjoy your tours.

  5. It’s such a gorgeous house, that kitchen is total perfection…..
    I really enjoyed the tour thank you….

  6. Love the metal roof, porches, and dormers. Cozy and Classic!!

  7. If this is the house outside of Charlottesville, Va., and it certainly looks like it, I have to say that I toured this home along with my sister. We were completely underwhelmed by it. It was a disappointment to us for many reasons, too numerous to mention here. However, I will say the outdoor spaces were wonderful. The one thing that I absolutely loved was the outdoor sink on the covered porch next to the garage, what a great place to arrange flowers or simply cleanup before coming inside.

    On another note, I enjoy your blog and your home tours, so please, carry on!

  8. I love this home; at so many levels. My only criticism is that the banks of windows, particularly in the kitchen, have no option for covering whatsoever, and that would bother me at night. Am I being too much of a nervous nellie? Rosie

    • And I’d have to wear sunglasses in the daytime. It all depends on the aspect. North light might not be so strong.
      Rosie, it looks like this place is way out in the country and so unlikely to have any visitors except maybe a deer or two…LOL But I’m thinking this is a model house and the new owners get to hang whatever window covering they like?
      It’s the roof that bothers me. I’m old and remember when every break in a roof (and this has plenty) had the potential for leaking sooner, rather than later. Maybe they are built differently now?
      This is classic mid-atlantic genteel on the outside, with larger than classic ceilings. Come to think of it, I prefer colonial New England houses w/ low ceilings…economical to heat and to cool…..but were I able to afford this place, I guess I could afford the cost of heat/AC, but would Mother Nature like it?????……sorry, can’t help myself…I go off on tangents….pretty picture, but not my cuppa tea……..LOL

      • lol about the sunglasses! That’s so true about which way it faces and tree canopy nearby. It would be wonderful to wake up to light streaming in, in the morning.

    • You could do those remote controlled shades/blinds that you just lower and raise as you wish. It may be so private, nothing is needed. That would be nice!

      • Good idea for most people. For me, remote control, nah. I have a hard time with the remote on the dvd/vcr. A tv remote would give me a hissy fit!!!! One reason I’m not a blogger. Just this week texted for the first time!

        • Well, MJ if you makes you feel any better, I don’t like texting either. I haven’t master the two finger method of texting yet, so it takes me forever and I’m forever hitting the wrong keys!

          • Doesn’t make me feel much better to know someone else also is not in the 21st century, but at least it’s nice to know I’m not alone in this!!!

  9. Susan,

    I got to tour the Southern Living home last Fall. Here’s my post, with some candid shots.


  10. That cute Carmel cottage, and now this cozy, country home–guess it’s fortunate that I can’t afford either, so I wouldn’t have to choose 🙂

  11. What a lovely home! love the room with the 2 built-in beds with oars!!!

  12. Totally love that porch with the view and the fireplace. And that sunny kitchen seemed lovely too. I’m imagining an island with a sink nearby. @ Rosie M I think a motion detector light outside is all you would need to shake those jitters.

  13. I think the house is so lovely! Especially that porch. But maybe being named ‘Rosie’ makes us concerned about the kitchen windows! 🙂 I wondered about the sun streaming in with no way to stop it! I just have a small kitchen window, and when the sun hits it, the room becomes SO warm…and this is in MINNESOTA! LOL I LOVE large windows, but always struggle with how to keep things cool at the same time.

  14. Scrumptious!

  15. Susan, on a completely unrelated note, I now have four pair of comfy, beutiful TEVA booties. Amazon had the ones you linked to on sale (I got one pair for under $40) and I found a cute pair of “summer” ones that are perforated. What a horrible influence you are…keep it up! 🙂

    • lol I know, isn’t that such a great price! I have them black, bison and just bought another pair of black ones because I was worried when my current black ones eventually wear out, I won’t be able to find them again…and I wear the black a lot! I had also purchased them in the taupe color but I gave those to my dil when she was hear for Christmas since I had never worn them and she loved that color. lol I’ll keep up my bad influence! 😉

  16. I love it! sheila

  17. I toured this house in October, and it is so much more perfect than photos can show! Don’t forget that it was decorated by THE Bunny Williams, who is a master of comfortable, traditional style, IMO. To the other poster who was worried about privacy and all those windows, you’d have to see how well sited this home is in the landscape, and how private all those bare windows really are.

    • Oh, I didn’t know Bunny Williams did the decor…that explains why it feels so warm and inviting. I love her work, especially her own home!

  18. So many beautiful details here, Susan! Those reclaimed floors are gorgeous, and the nod-to-historic built-in is perfect for that space. The Fox Hill is over twice the size of the farmhouse we’re designing, but I have been toying with the idea of a bank of kitchen windows. Gorgeous… just wonder how often I’d have to clean them. 🙁

  19. I loved the kitchen, library, butler’s pantry and dining area. But they lost me at the instant I read outside fireplace!!

  20. What a beautiful home! I love the brick. And the kitchen looks so pretty and sunny. I think I’d like have a formal dining room if it was left up to me. 🙂

  21. bobbi duncan says

    This home has many great features that keep it cozy and inviting. It resembles the many stone homes we have up here in the Brandywine Valley. I am a windows girl…makes everything appear brighter and larger when your eye can see long-range views , especially if you’re lucky enough to have great ones like this home has! I, too, find Southern Living to have many lovely home plans…I’ve stolen ideas from several to incorporate into my dream cottage that, hopefully, will get built one day. Hugs!

  22. What a charming home. I love how the tall ceilings add to the volume and make the rooms feel larger. Love the windows in the kitchen- I’ve always thought that would be a nice feature. I like the metal roof on it too.

  23. What a great home! I am still swooning over that amazing wall of windows in the kitchen, alas, my home will never have that! That butler’s pantry is stunning with that navy painted cabinetry. Thanks for sharing this, just beautiful inspiration!

  24. As I’m in the market for window treatments, I’d love it if someone can comment on the drapes/curtains – curtain rods in the living room?

  25. PS I went back and took another look – seems those curtain rods and curtains are in more than one room. 🙂

  26. I love that mud room. That type of set up is my ultimate goal. Pottery Barn sells all those units. One day….

  27. Just lovely, thanks for sharing.

  28. Love this house. My front door is in desperate need of new paint,but I was having a hard time picking a color. Think I just found it! Any chance you have the name of the color in your notes anywhere?

    • Unfortunately, it didn’t say the color. Benjamin Moore has some dark green exterior paint colors though. If you save the photo to your computer, then email it to yourself, when you visit a paint store, bring up the photo and show it to them and I bet they can steer you toward a paint that color. That rich green is a popular color for shutters and doors so they should be able to help you find one that looks like it.

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