Classic, Traditional Design…Greenwich Style

When you’re standing in the grocery store or book store, flipping through all the latest decor/design magazines, do you sometimes wonder where they’re hiding all the homes decorated in classic, traditional style? Shhh, don’t tell anyone but just between you and me, I think I may know. They are hoarding them all up in Greenwich, Connecticut! They must be because I’ve discovered some real gems there in recent months, including the beauty I’m sharing with you today.

Ever since I add the book Classic Greenwich Style to my decor library, I’ve been intrigued with the beautiful homes in Greenwich.

Classic Greenwich Style by Cindy Rinfret


The Greenwich home we’re touring today is a newer home built in 2009, but it definitely has that “old home” charm. If I didn’t know better, I would guess that it was a much older, maybe even historic home.

Decorating in Greenwich Style


The architecture and moldings are beautiful, starting right here in the entry. This is understated elegance at its best. I love the wainscoting/paneling and the beautiful staircase. The staircase balusters and newel post are so pretty!

Traditional Entry in Greenwich


The entry leads into a lovely living room in soft, muted colors. Great wall color, would love to know what it is. Notice the beautiful coffered ceiling.

Living Room in Greenwich


Lots of great natural light comes through a wall of French doors. Love the lighting above the fireplace.

Decorating in Greenwich Style


I think this may be the den/family room. It’s so hard these days to find traditional, pleated lamps shades. When I find them, the quality isn’t always that great.

BTW, I just discovered Cree LED light bulbs in “soft white.” Have you bought any of those? They are the only light-bulb I’ve found that I like as much as an incandescent light bulb…and I am super, super picky about lighting. They also last, per the box, 20+ years!!!

I found some in Home Depot. If you buy them for your lamps, get the “soft white” bulbs because they are the closest to the incandescent bulbs, nice and warm! I like the 75 watt bulbs for lamps. The Cree “daylight” bulbs are much cooler…so probably not want you want in a lamp. I’m not affiliated with Cree in anyway, just crazy about their light bulbs so sharing the good stuff with you!

Notice the wood muntin patterns in the transom windows…love! I wasn’t sure if those were called mullions so I searched and ended up finding a site selling transom windows in all styles and types. At that site, they referred to the wood pieces as “wood muntins” and this particular style on that site was called “Tudor.”

Greenwich Decorating Traditional Living Room


This home has lots of wonderful fireplaces!

Greenwich Traditional Living Room


Beautiful kitchen!

Greenwich Kitchen


The kitchen and breakfast room have a French Country feel with the choice of fabrics on the chairs and windows.

Decorating in Greenwich Style


Love the dining room…absolutely stunning chandelier!

Greenwich Dining Room


A rich paneled study with more of those beautiful transom windows with French doors. Love that red, brass lamp.Wonder what the large white thing on the desk is? Could it be a big speaker for conference calls?

Wood Paneled Study


I have a serious weakness for blue and white rooms, especially blue and white bedrooms. This bedroom continues the French style we’ve seen in other areas of the home with its toile wallpaper and French style bed.

Blue and White Bedroom


Wonderful French doors lead out to a veranda. The more I look at this room, the more I love it! I think this is one wallpaper I would never tire of and I can’t say that about most wallpapers.

Blue and White Bedroom with Seating Area and Fireplace


Such a pretty bathroom. I wonder if the floors are heated. That would be heaven, heated floors in the bath.

Beautiful Bathroom in Greenwich


A great room for the little ones or for guests.

Greenwich Decorating


Has there ever been a window that wasn’t made even better with the addition of a window seat?!

Window Seat in Decorating


Are you up for a game of poker?

Poker Table


I think this may be a screened in porch with window inserts for the cooler months.

Screened Porch in Greenwich


A view of the back…

Greenwich Living


Here’s an overhead view of this beautiful Greenwich estate. You’ll find additional pictures of this home HERE where the pictures in this post were found.

Decorating in Greenwich Style


Did you know Ron Howard had a home in Greenwich Connecticut? I think it has sold now, but here’s a view of his home’s beautiful sunroom/conservatory. Take a tour of the home in this previous post: Ron Howard’s Greenwich Connecticut Home

Ron Howard's Sunroom, Conservatory, Conyers Farm, Greenwich, CT


After you have finished touring Ron Howard’s Conyer’s Farm home, here’s another Greenwich home you shouldn’t miss. This 1929 home is located in the historic Khakum Wood area of Greenwich.

Khakum Woods 1929 Estate


It actually has a conservatory/sunroom that reminds me a lot of the one in Ron Howard’s home. You’ll find the tour of this Greenwich estate here: Greenwich Home Built In The Style of A Grand European Manor Home

Khakum Woods 1929 Estate

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  1. I know Greenwich well. I went to boarding school there for 4 years. This house is positively magnificent!! Thanks for letting me dream for awhile!

  2. Peggy Thal says

    Beautiful home with great decor. Always thought I would be living in that area one day. So happy to be living in the South. Can not take the winters anymore! Thanks for the great tour Susan. I saw lots of great ideas.

    • Peggy, I don’t think I’d like that cold weather too much, either. It’s going to be in the mid 70’s here all this next week, even getting up to 81 for a couple of days. That’s my kind of weather! 🙂

  3. I just love every room in that house!

  4. Okay Susan,
    now this is a house I dream of every night! lol
    Very beautiful, I love especially the kitchen, the study and the staircase but I’d definitely redo that blue room… sorry Susan, but that’s too much blue for me, in just one room! Plus, you have to look twice to perceive where does the wallpaper end and where do the window treatments start… 😉
    ~Hugs to you~

  5. beautiful home, but too formal for me to actually live in that style. I was impressed with how they matched the window covering pattern perfectly with the wall paper in the blue and white bedroom.

    • Oh my gosh, you’re right. I hadn’t even thought about how beautifully they made them fit right into the pattern of the paper. It would have looked terrible if they hadn’t done that…can’t even imagine how they did so beautifully!

  6. Wow! I love this house! The kitchen is beautiful, love the colors throughout and all the fireplaces. I love the blue & white room, could see myself sitting on one of those comfy chairs reading a book or watching TV by the fire. I love the porch too especially with the fireplace, so warm and cozy. Thank you for sharing this house!

  7. Yep this is traditional for sure but I’m pretty sure I could get used to it and live with it. HA!!! Gorgeous home!!! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Ay yi yi!!! This just makes me want to sell a kidney so I can replicate the look of every room in this house! Geez….what a fabulous house! I love all the fireplaces, and the furniture placement is optimal for entertaining or relaxing. I LOVE this house! Ramon needs to step up his game so I can get a house like this!!! 🙂

  9. Wow! What a house! I am sure the bathroom floors are heated! And thank you for sharing the proper word to describe the style of those those beautiful transom windows – wood muntins.

    Have a great weekend!

  10. I could move right in – I love almost everything about this home. But, I wouldn’t be able to take the blue bedroom. Sorry, Susan. If I could wave a magic wand and change the blue to pale yellow I would love it.♥

  11. Beautiful! I know several people in Greenich, but not in houses like that. It looks very much like the estate section of Southampton. The people who live in those houses don’t worry about the winter, they leave after Christmas! Very empty out here in winter!

  12. LOVELY home, love the details…ie, next to the livrm fireplace, there is a nook, firewood on bottom, but the cool detail is the simple molding they put on the wall – it repeats the look of the paneling in the hall and the mantle, giving the room that perfect finished look, very smart designer or maybe architect. I have places in my house that i know need “something”, but alas, I cannot devote much time to that process ;( They hung curtain rods visible and rods behind the crown mould, great examples. Totally wonderful in so many respects. Since I clean my own house and have help only 1x monthly, I notice that surfaces are simple, colors are lovely neutral, furniture is comfy and inviting and someone there is happy, red and green glass on the shelves, great wallpapers…I don’t see this house as “formal”, I see fun 🙂

  13. That blue and white bedroom is my dream room, I would just stay in there all day I am so trying to get wallpaper to match my toile with no luck

  14. You’re so right about trying to find classic, traditional style homes in magazines anymore! They’ve almost disappeared. At least what I consider traditional. Seems the ones classified as traditional today always are modernized for “today’s traditional” style. Doesn’t that make it “eclectic”? I like seeing a variety of styles for inspiration but wish there was more classic traditional homes like this one to balance it out. Seems the majority of homes I see in magazines and blogland are basically the same. Enjoyed seeing this home, thank you! Made me think of the old magazine Colonial Homes…remember that one? 🙂

  15. Vicki Daugherty says

    You hit the nail on the head with this one, Susan. It’s so gorgeous, blue toile bedroom included, that I would be a happy camper living there. I couldn’t tell by the photo of the fireplace in the blue bedroom, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the tiles surrounding the fireplace are delft blue accents! This is my second favorite that you’ve shown. Thanks. Vicki in Louisville K Y

  16. “Home Beautiful Home”….it is marvelous. LUST!!! franki

  17. OK…when can I move in? This is, by far, the best house you have ever had on your blog! The only thing I would change is the blue bedroom. It made me dizzy looking at it. If I ever win the lottery this would be my first purchase. My second would be a cleaning lady! Way too much for me to keep up with. LOVE it! Thanks for showing us.

  18. crumpety cottage says

    Beautiful. I love the transom windows with their little diamond panes. The entry area with all it’s beautiful details, the wood paneled den and, well, all of it. I too was amazed at how precisely they matched the window treatments to the wall paper. Wow. That took some precision.

    That room with the bunk beds tucked into the little alcove room was very interesting. Even the manly game room was cool. Lovely place. It’s a large house but all the rooms are ‘human sized,’ so it’s warm and comfortable. I’d imagine that would cost a fortune in Greenwich. Thanks for the tour, Susan.

  19. What a fresh take on traditional style. I love that there are rooms for light and airy, in the spring/summer. And rooms (like that rich paneled den) for that cozy feel in the fall/winter. And I couldn’t help picturing Christmas in every room 🙂

  20. bobbi duncan says

    Hi, Susan. Thank you for this lovely post. What an amazing home…elegant, yet homey. I, too, love blue and white but the large platter looking pattern on the wallpaper did make me feel somewhat dizzy. I don’t know why because I do love toile on the walls as well as on the upholstered pieces….think I just don’t care for so many “platter” ovals staring back at me. Greenwich has many gorgeous homes…wish I could get inside to look at them all. Sure miss the days of Colonial Homes…it would be so nice if magazines would cater to everyone’s tastes, not just contemporary. Even the sales people at furniture stores tell us the same thing, so hope someone is listening out there. Have a great day!

  21. Yes, I love this! It is very traditional and I find that style very comforting. It’s very homey and pretty. Thanks for sharing!

  22. Live a few Town over from Greenwich in Fairfield. Can’t wait to sell this house and move south. CT has overpriced itself and out taxed almost everyone else.

  23. Colonial Homes – so glad someone mentioned it. I miss it so. Still have every copy and still drag them out to read for a colonial decor fix. This is a lovely place – absolutely lovely. Thanks for all you do Susan – you are one of the main replacements for decorating magazines, who sadly have left traditionalists like me behind.

  24. Just beautiful, Susan. I love the staircase and all the moldings. I have a bedroom with blue and white toile, but did not put it on the walls, it seemed a bit much for me, other than that, when do we all move in? 🙂
    Anyone for tennis? 🙂

  25. Wowza beautiful but too big for my taste and would not want to clean it!

  26. I am pinning away – what a stunning home!

  27. Gorgeous home, Susan. So many details to fall in love with. ☺ -Brenda-
    P.S: Re the white thing sitting on the desk. I wonder if it is an older model of a ‘neat desk’ scanner? Just a thought.

  28. Hi Susan! Oh, what a stunning most gorgeous home! I too, miss the traditional styled homes. I don’t even bother HGTV any more as all of the programs seem to be more on the modern decor side. I miss Kitty Bartholomew and Lynette Jennings! 🙂 Now to see this beautiful home decorated for Christmas would really be a treat. I hope you’re doing well!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

    • I keep hoping they’ll come out with some shows for us lovers of traditional style. Shelia, are you seeing a lot more of those sweet grandbabies now? 🙂

  29. Greenwich must be the capital of beautiful homes. Also the most expensive. Here’s a post on the most expensive home in America:

  30. I’d love to know the paint color in the living area. I’m getting ready to paint my entire home after 11 years (the home is 11 years old) and my color scheme is very similar to this home. I guess it would be pretty difficult to find this information out. Thanks for sharing this home. LOVE.

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