A Salvaged Mirror Becomes a Memory-Filled Travel Bulletin Board

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A few days ago I was chatting in the comments with Cyndi, a lovely BNOTP reader, and now friend, about how much we were looking forward to traveling again in the future. Cyndi mentioned she was so looking forward to it, she had created a “travel bulletin board for posting snapshots of former vacations to remember the good times and to encourage myself that we will get to travel again.”

I loved that idea and asked Cyndi how she made her travel board and if she could share a few pictures. She graciously sent over some photos along with the detailed steps she took to make her travel board. Explaining where she got her inspiration, Cyndi said, “I saw a cute bulletin board in Hobby Lobby that was made from the frame of an old dresser mirror (mirror removed) with batting and burlap covering corkboard. They wanted almost $70.00 and I knew I could make it for way less, so I did.”

Cyndi said, “I went to our local Salvation Army store and found an old mirror with a neat frame, even had a pineapple carved at the top.” Cyndi’s hubby removed the heavy lead mirror, then Cyndi got to work.

Convert Old Mirror into Picture Board


Cyndi said, “I cleaned the frame, sanded it down a bit, and used some leftover off white paint. Hubby suggested spray painting it, which would have been even easier, but I stuck with what I had.”

Mirror Makeover into Bulletin Picture Board


Here’s how the frame looked after a few coats of paint. I love the frame…so pretty!

Making a Bulletin or Photo Board from an Old Mirror


Cyndi said, “I used foam board as my base (it’s not as thick as corkboard and I felt it would be easier to work with) and covered it with leftover quilt batting, taping the edges to the back.”

Cyndi shared some extra details for anyone wishing to make their own picture board using an older mirror. She said, “They just have to know the measurement of the frame and make sure to buy a foam board larger than the frame. I purchased mine at Hobby Lobby and was lucky enough to get it 50% off.”

Cyndi used a black sharpie to trace the backboard onto the foam board, so she would have a pattern with which to work. Cyndi said, “Carefully use an Exacto or box cutter type knife to cut through the foam board, following your outline/pattern, so basically what you get is a foam board looking exactly like the shape of the mirror.

The next step is to create the puffiness for the bulletin board. In order to make the puffiness, I chose to use quilt batting which I had from former quilt projects, but it can be purchased at JoAnne’s–not sure if Hobby Lobby carries that. Then you have to decide what will be your cover. I chose the burlap with the gold thread running through it, but any pretty, medium-weight material will do.”

Bulletin Photo Board Made from Mirror


Cyndi shared this important tip saying, “Both the batting and the cover material will have to be a good 2-3 inches wider and longer than the foam board as both materials will be wrapped around the foam board and taped. The easiest way I found was to cut the batting larger than the foam board, lay the batting down on your workable, place the foam board on top of it, and then starting with the left side, take the excess batting and fold it over the foam board and tape it down. Then I did the right side, folding it over the back of the foam board and taping it down. I then moved to the bottom and folded the excess up and over the foam board and taped it down and then the same for the top.”

Bulletin Photo Board Made from Mirror


Cyndi said, “My top was curvy, so I found I had to make darts/tucks to make the curve tight and used extra tape. I was fortunate to have my hubby helping to hold the material down as I taped it and just used clear, wide packing tape. If you don’t have someone to assist, they could use a book to hold the batting/material down while they tape the edges.

Then you do the same process with the burlap or material of your choice, laying it down and placing the batting side of the foam board on it and then begin the taping process all over again, taping over what you just taped, making sure both sides, top, and bottom are pulled tight and tape securely. Be sure to use enough tape as you don’t want your batting or material moving and no one will see how much tape you use as the backboard will be covering this.”

Bulletin Photo Board Made from Mirror


Cyndi finished her mirror saying, “The last step is to place the covered foam board into the frame and tack the backboard in place with small tack nails. I sanded some of the edges to give it a little worn look, put the cleaned backing on, and presto my own puffy bulletin board for about $16.00!”

Travel Goals and Memory Picture Board Created from Old Mirror


Cyndi used cute ball-style push pins for holding her travel pics saying, “The cute colorful ball-like push pins added a little more bling and now I get the fun task of sorting through the various pictures for just the right ones.”

Referring to the craziness of the past year, Cyndi said, “Just another way to cope with the upsets we all have had to deal with. However, as spring draws closer, I know the vacation planning will begin.”

Photo Memory Board Made from Old Mirror


Thanks so much to Cyndi for sharing this wonderful tutorial! This is such a great project for spring and it will definitely have me eyeing frames in a whole new light now!

Looking forward to all the great Before and Afters linked for this week’s Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. Deborah D says

    Such a neat idea. Thank you Cyndi. I have a frame with no mirror and plan to get some batting and material. Thank you both for sharing.

  2. Selma C Kessler says

    Cyndi- That is such a great way to reuse an old piece and highlight photos! The frame is really beautiful, too! I want to do something like this to keep the photo cards we get from the kids…right now, I just have them stuck to our cabinets with sticky wax! Thanks for sharing Cyndi and Susan! Have a fantastic week!

    • Cyndi Raines says

      Thanks Selma! Half the fun is the hunt for the mirror. I also like the ease of changing out the pictures to keep the board fresh and exciting. Enjoy!

  3. Jackie Allen says

    Wow- I love that idea! So fun – I know I have a frame sitting in my craft room calling for me to do that. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Cyndi’s project is a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love the frame and the idea! Thank you for hosting.

  6. Great tutorial Cyndi and Susan! Such a wonderful project and so pretty! Thanks so much for sharing, and for hosting, Susan. I always love this party!

  7. Thank you Susan! Cyndi’s travel board is a cute idea!

  8. Vert cute! Cyndi could make a side business out of doing that. I bet they would sell like hotcakes! Thanks for sharing this.

  9. Brenda s. Lawrence says

    What a great idea Cyndi had! I love the idea of finding an old mirror with a great shape to make into a bulletin board. Cyndi’s looks so beautiful and how fun to place photo’s from treasured trips! I’m sure you ladies will be traveling once again soon. Hugs, Brenda

  10. This is a good idea. I have a frame and it would make a nice bulletin board.

  11. Thanks for the party Susan! Love the frame idea and hopefully we can all start traveling sooner rather than later. Have a great day. XO- MaryJo

  12. This is such a great idea and it doesn’t look difficult at all.

  13. Love the way you upcycled the mirror! That is really cute and creative too. I can’t wait to dive into all these fun links this week. Thanks so much for hosting. I hope your week is a special one, CoCo

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