Two Beautiful Historic Homes: Take the Tour

I occasionally get emails from Oldhousedotcom, with information about historic homes that have recently come on the market.  This big, 1905 Victorian in Newnan, Georgia caught my eye.

Porch with Haint Blue Ceiling


Love how the porch ceiling is painted haint blue!  No need to worry about evil spirits finding their way into the house. 😉 You can read more about haint blue and see samples of some haint blue paints for your porch ceiling in this post:  Haint Blue for the Porch Ceiling   Wonderful porch, but wait until you see the dining room!

Porch with Haint Blue Ceiling


Here’s the room that made my heart go pitter, patter.  This dining room makes me dream of wallpapering mine all over again.   Wish my dining room was this large.  Lovely room!  The only thing I’d change/add is a big, beautiful chandelier over the table.  Can you see it?  Would be stunning, wouldn’t it?  Love the mirror!


One more home fell into the drool-worthy category.  This 1912 Georgian-Federal home located in Manning, South Carolina has curb appeal to spare.  I wonder what’s upstairs in the attic.  Think it’s a room or just an attic?  I always wonder about those attic spaces.  I imagine a hideaway spot just right for penning a wonderful novel or with the perfect light for drawing or painting.  Yes, I know…I”m a hopeless romantic.

Love that big rocking-chair front porch!  Let’s go inside.


Beautiful entry with a wonderful staircase leading up.  That’s mahogany inlay there in the floors.  Gorgerous!


The dining room with built in cabinetry has “original glass” windows overlooking the back yard.  Wait until you see the back yard!


A first floor bedroom…


And now for that backyard view…this looks pretty wonderful on a hot July day, doesn’t it?  What a great place to entertain!  The view across the street is of a beautiful historic church.  You can just see the spire peeking over the trees.


To tour more beautiful historic homes, click on the category Home Tours and then, Historic Home Tours at the top of BNOTP.

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  1. That is a nice big dining room, perfect for entertaining. I really love the doors on the far wall – the one on the left looks like a built-in cabinet and the one on the right looks like an actual doorway. The attention to woodwork detailing in older houses is inspiring. Love that pool in the last photo!

    Thanks for the tour.

  2. I wish I had those columns in my entry way.. love those

  3. Valerie Emling says

    Wow! Love the porch ceiling color, what a refreshing idea.

    The columns, oh my! We do have one in our theatre (basement turned theatre) but would love to have one in our entryway. Those are absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Michele from Finch Rest says

    Seems like that last one should be a B and B with that large pool!

    AWESOME homes, they are absolutly gorgeous – esp that first porch, it is TO DIE FOR…and that humungous dining room – WOW!

  5. What great tours! I see many homes in my area that I would love to knock on their door and ask if I paid them, could I have a tour? These are just so over the top amazing! Thank you for the tours!!

  6. Oh how I wish front porches and dining rooms were still that large – can you imagine the entertaining possibilities? Stunning spaces.

  7. Love the columns.

  8. I thought the reason for the blue ceiling was a deterrent to wasp and mud daubers. I heard the blue fooled their eye into thinking it was the sky.
    These are such beautiful homes. Who would not want to live in any of these homes?

  9. Oh, Susan!
    These are such beautiful homes! I love both of them!
    And the price from that 1912 Georgian-Federal home is amazing! Now, I know what I’m gonna dream tonight…sigh! Thanks for sharing! Susan, did you get my e-mail? I hope, so.

    • Cecilia, I believe I did. I’m way behind in answering emails from all this categorizing. But it’s all done now. Yay! Just a little tweaking and tidying here and there. I am going to be returning emails tonight and tomorrow. Thanks, Cecilia!

  10. Susan, the Georgian house knocked my socks off when I saw the price. I COULD BUY THIS ONE!! 🙂 That is, of course, if we moved to S.C. I am constantly amazed at the difference in prices between the U.S. and Canada, hmmm, did we emigrate to the wrong country?
    Thank you for these tours, I enjoy them immensely, I love looking at people’s houses! This one is a keeper.

    • lol You’re too cute! House prices are a lot less here in the southern part of the U.S. than in some other areas of the country. Also, sometimes these historic homes are located in very small towns, far away from the bigger cities, so those are always a lot less, too. I dream of moving to a little historic cottage, far away from the city…but then I’d probably have major withdrawals…not having so much right at hand. Glad you enjoy this one, Megan. I love touring houses from the comfort of my chair. 🙂

  11. THAT WAS SUCH FUN!!! Thanks! franki

  12. Micki @addhousewife says

    Ohhh now I need to paint my front porch ceiling haint blue! I have to see if it’s on the approved color list for our historic district! 🙂 I look at these homes and feel so inspired. We are on year one of the 10 year plan to restore our home and are still working on the fixing and not so much on the WOW. The WOW will come soon… I hope LOL

  13. Susan, Thanks for sharing these beautiful home. We just bought an historic property in SC with a huge front porch and I can’t wait until the weather cools down so I can paintt the front porch ceiling.

  14. What beautiful homes! I wish SO much that we were going to have a LARGE dining room but just the opposite:( I love to entertain but will make it work. These 2 homes are GORGEOUS!!!

  15. Fun, fun, fun! Love that Federal home. I can’t wait to paint my porch ceiling haint blue….to keep the wasps away! 🙂

  16. I’m in love. That simple. Give me either one. I’m not picky 😉 Drool……

  17. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Susan, I love your trips to Newnan, (even online 😉 )they always result in great home tours. 😀 I looked for it on a map and didn’t see it. Is it near Atlanta? Is Newnan one of those towns that is sort of well known within the state? I’ve seen several references to it here on the blog so I wondered. These are two beautiful homes. The size of the dining room in that first house is swoon worthy. But then, so is the porch. And honestly, looking at it from the ‘street view’ picture, it doesn’t look like it would be all that colossal! I like big spaces like those because then you can fit lots of wonderful people into them. 🙂

    • Yup, Newnan is about 45 minutes outside of Atlanta. It’s not that big but the population is growing pretty fast, just like all the other cities around ATL. It’s nickname is the “City of Homes” because it didn’t suffer a lot of damage during the civil war so it still has lots of gorgeous old homes. The best home tour I ever went on with the Georgia Historic Trust was in Newnan. A lot of the old homes we toured were the kind that set back on several acres, so you don’t even know they are there. I wish I could take that exact tour again…it was that good. Usually when I go on an historic home tour, there will be a few WOW houses and then a lot of really nice houses. Every house on that tour blew my socks off…they were all WOW houses!

  18. I would love to know the shade of blue on the ceiling of the featured porch as well as the gray on the porch floor please.

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