Two Whimsical Halloween Tablescapes

Welcome to the 217th Tablescape Thursday!

What a night!  I had so many Trick-or-Treaters for Halloween.  Did you have many goblins and witches visiting your home last night?  Halloween is so different now than when I was a kid and out trick treating.  Back then (in the dark ages) the rule was you couldn’t start until dark and we were always out really late.  Now, the kiddies start arriving early, usually around 5:30 and it’s always pretty much all over by 8 or 8:30.  That’s probably best, especially on a school night.  There will be some wound up little ones in school tomorrow after a fun night of chocolate and candy!  That’s okay though…it’s just once a year and they are little for such a short time.  (sniff)

For this week’s Tablescape Thursday, I’m sharing two last Halloween Table Settings from my friends, Liz and Bonnie.

Liz blogs at Infuse with Liz and recently she created a wonderful tablescape in vibrant colors for Halloween.

Halloween Tablescape


Winnie Green kept watch from overhead.

Halloween Tablescape


Love the mix of purple, green and orange and the spider web tablescloth overlay!

Halloween Tablescape


Of course, I’m crazy about the cat masks!  Love those!  Ummm, those would even work for a Mardi Gras table setting/celebration, wouldn’t they?

Be sure to stop by Liz’s wonderful blog, Infuse with Liz  for more detailed pictures and information about where she found all the goodies she used to create this fun Halloween tablescape.

Halloween Tablescape


Bonnie’s Halloween Tablescape:

Bonnie doesn’t blog but fortunately for us she shares her wonderful tablescaping talents!  She recently created a wonderful tablescape in her breakfast room.  I love the black and white checkered tablecloth.   Don’t miss the shelf on the wall behind the table.  Love the mix of creamware with the white pumpkins.  The two together make such an impact in front of that gorgeous mirror.

Halloween Tablescape


Bonnie mixed checks with polka-dots and look how great it turned out!

Halloween Tablescape


Even the flatware has both checks and polka-dots.

Halloween Tablescape


Love the ghostly centerpiece!

Halloween Tablescape


Resources for Bonnie’s Tablescape:

Tablecloth – (I really wanted a checked tablecloth I saw at Sur la Table, but it was $45. Here, it was $10.59!)
Pumpkin plates – Lillian Vernon, 20 years ago.
Checked plates, Black plates – Home Goods
Black wine glasses- Target online
Polka Dot chargers – Hobby Lobby
Flatware – Home Goods
Votives – Michael’s
Ghost Centerpiece – ?, Very old
Crow S&P – Found them in a Casino gift shop

Thanks so much Liz and Bonnie for letting me share your wonderful tablescapes for Tablescape Thursday!


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  1. Gorgeous tablescapes! Whimsical and spooky. Great inspiration for Halloween decor.
    Thanks for hosting this lovely party every Thursday.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

    Happy Halloween!

  2. I love the colorful and fun tabletop created by Liz. The witch hanging from the chandy is just too cute! Thanks for hosting a party!

  3. Hi Susan!
    What a nice surprise to see my tablescape featured! Thak-you so much! I love Bonnie’s table- she made a very cheerful look and I really love her mix of dishes! Her play on the black and white patterns really turned out cute!
    I know what you mean about Halloween- we did the same as kids. My neighbor only took her daughter out to the mall for Halloween trick-or-treating. She never experienced the fun of going out at night and visiting each house! I remembering loving it as a kid! Times have changed things that’s for sure!
    Thanks again for featuring my Goulish Dining tablescape!

  4. I am so sad I have to wait 11 more months to get Halloween decor out again! So many wonderful decorations and tablescapes! I adore the witch “hanging out” above and the masks at the place settings. Today I will be putting my things away mentally planning what I want to do next year! Thanks for such a wonderful party to share inspirations and ideas.

  5. debbiedoos says

    These are my favorite tablescapes of the year. Thanks for hosting Susan!

  6. Loved the plates most of all. The masks on top of the napkins just added an additional great touch… Wonderful set-up… Thanks for sharing…

  7. Love the shelf on Bonnie’s wall! Can you ask her if she remembers where she got it? Thanks!

  8. Fun tablescapes Susan! Thanks for hosting!

  9. Both tables you’ve shared are such fun, Susan. Thank you for hosting and have a great week.

  10. “Ooooohhhh…a chocolate hangover….” The tablescapes are so pretty, too! franki

  11. Adorable tablescapes! I do appreciate you hosting,

  12. Liz’s and Bonnie’s tablescapes are so pretty and so much fun. Thank you for sharing them and for hosting. laurie

  13. Moni - Zu Haus at Home says

    Beautiful tablescapes! Thank you for hosting this great party!
    Have a great day!

  14. Beautyiful Halloween Tablescapes, both!! They’re a lot of fun too. Thank you for hosting yet, another great Tablescape Thursday. Have a happy weekend.

  15. Susan, both of these tables are darling. Each one offers up treats for the viewer. πŸ˜‰ Love a touch of purple with the traditional black and orange, and the extra details with the masks elevate this setting to a whole new level. And it goes without saying that the black and white table makes me smile. Thanks for sharing these great tables with us. ~ Sarah

  16. Oh Susan,
    I am so in love with Liz’s tablescape. Love those masks! Such a cute idea… I’ll have to file them away in memory for next year! Thanks so much for sharing my breakfast room fun! I’m a little bit sad that Halloween has come to pass, it’s one of my favorites!
    xox Bonnie

  17. Love the two tablescapes you showed. I especially love the polka dots…so cute! I noticed that Halloween was early and ended early last night as well. I’m on my own this week with my 2 kids , so we were on the late end and were some of the last in the neighborhood. Oh well, they had fun and since we homeschool, I didn’t have to worry about getting them up early. Have a great day and Thanks for hosting!

  18. Both tables are fantastic! I can’t choose a favorite. Thanks for hosting as always.

  19. Those are two fabulous tablescapes – the ladies did a GREAT job, perfect Halloween designs to be sure!

    Our weather was so cold and rainy we had nearly no turnouts – n othing like years in past.

    We discuss every year how sad it has become from 6 – 8 – we LOVED not going till dark and staying out late – but it IS better for a school night and it IS much safer – but sure not as scary- where I grew up Halloween was such a fright night, SO much scary spooky fun.

  20. His Susan, thanks for hosting and letting us see two wonderful tablescapes. I like the way Liz introduced the purple and those cute masks. Bonnie’s table so different but so vibrant, love the mix of spots and checks. Isn ‘t Bonnie the girl with the fabulous dish closet? πŸ™‚
    We only had twelve little goblins, we are a bit out of town, so never have too many. When I lived in Vancouver, they came in droves. When my girls were small, my friend and I decided to dress up too to take them around. I went as a witch with a very green face and putty, my youngest wouldn’t come near me….”It’s Mommy sweetheart” said I as she clung to her father.
    Speaking of hubby, he had one big smile on his face as he viewed all the left over candy!! πŸ™‚

  21. Hi, Susan,
    those tablescapes are quite different from each other but both sooo beautiful!
    Liz’s cat masks are very cute and I love her spider web tablecloth and Bonnie undoubtedly succeeded in mixing checks with polka dots… I love her tablescape and that shelf on the wall is amazing! LOVE it!
    Susan, is your friend Bonnie, the same Bonnie from that “Eerie Halloween tablescape” you shared with us two weeks ago? If so, I also have to say that Bonnie has beautiful chairs in every room she showed us! I love them all!
    ~Hugs to you~

  22. Beautiful! I love both of them. Viewing all of these tablescapes could be dangerous for me. I LOVE it, but I really don’t have time or energy or money for one more “hobby” and if I bring home ANYTHING more STUFF my husband will freak! And tablescaping could lead to LOTS of stuff.

  23. P.S. Susan, I love your new header!
    That pilgrim hat is too cute! πŸ™‚
    (And that turkey looks so joyous… yet… πŸ˜‰ )

    • Cecilia, you’re the first person to notice! I’m impressed! πŸ™‚

      • πŸ™‚
        Susan, normally, I am too impulsive!
        (Thank goodness, this is not against the law! πŸ™‚ )
        Every time I start reading your posts I rarely notice whatever is new and I never read the comments of the other readers, so I never know if someone did notice or write something before I do! πŸ˜‰
        What can I say? … I’m Italian… LOL

        • Cecilia, I’m the same way. I never read the comments that are posted unless I have a question about something in the post. Then I’ll read them to see if someone else already asked the question. Otherwise, I don’t read them. I’m amazed you noticed those little changes. I just wanted to update the fall header with a little touch of Thanksgiving. Emily at Emily White Designs added those for me. I found Mr. Turkey at istock. He’s just the right amount of silly. πŸ™‚

  24. It was a busy Halloween for us too. We had a little over 300 Trick-or-Treaters…They started coming at 6:00pm and
    we almost ran out of candy at about 9:30pm …The house down the street from us puts on his annual animatronic skeleton pirate show and that brings in the crowds, I love it though. My wife said next year we’ll need to buy another bag of candy, we already buy 3 fun size bags from Sam’s club and give out 2 each, next year we’ll need 4 bags.
    I love the tablescapes! Is it me, or are there faces with mustaches in the pattern of those curtains in the first display?
    Sort of reminds me of the Disney Haunted Mansion wallpaper, you can see it behind the Winnie Green witch on the chandelier photo. Very cool!
    Love your blog Susan, I noticed your new header right away, love the turkey! Have a great November.

    • Wow! I thought I had a lot of trick or treaters! 300+ is amazing! I think I had about 65. I love it, too! Would love to see the skeleton pirate show…that’s sounds like a hoot! You have to love folks who have that much spirit and are willing to do all that work to share with others. We had a house near us that did that for many years. I think they have moved away now. I had to go back and look at the curtains. With a little imagination, I think I do see the face with the mustache! I was so focused on the table, I hadn’t even noticed Liz’s pretty drapes. πŸ™‚ Thanks, Adam!

  25. What fun Halloween Tables! Thanks Susan!

  26. Liz and Bonnie both had incredible tablescapes and thanks for sharing them. Would you believe that we did not have 1 single trick-or-treater? Most of them head to our little town.

  27. Both tablescapes are just beautiful! Liz and Bonnie are the best and so creative!…Christine

  28. Where did you get the pumpkin plates asked several times on pinterest and you never answered.

    • Di, I am rarely on Pinterest. If you have a question, leave a comment here on the blog or email me via my “Contact” in the sidebar. Now to answer your question: Read the post where you left this question, it’s clearly stated right at the end of the post.

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