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Recently I shared a little passion of mine, collecting Hermes perfume atomizers in pretty colors.

Hermes Perfume Atomizers, Perfect for Carrying in Handbag


In that previous post, I also shared the perfumes I have inside each of the atomizers. (Find that previous post here: My Hermes Perfume Atomizer Collection and the Perfume They Hold.

In that post, I mentioned my collection was mostly complete and that the only other colors I would love to find were a pretty yellow and an Augusta green, the green associated with Augusta National, the big golf tournament held here in Augusta, Georgia each year.

Hermes Refillable Perfume Atomizer, Perfect for Carrying in Handbag


Shortly after writing that post, I called the wonderful Sales Associate who always helps me when I’m shopping in the Atlanta Hermes store to see if she could find a pink atomizer for my daughter-in-law, Nancy. She found the exact one Nancy and I had been hoping to find–the pale pink one called Eglantine. It’s the third one over from the left in the photo below.

During that call, my SA told me something very surprising and disappointing. She said Hermes was discontinuing carrying the atomizers in all their colors except three: chocolate brown, orange and another brown color called, Etoupe. What?! Why would they do that?

I mentioned to her that I was still hoping to find one in a grassy green color and pretty sunny yellow. She looked in their system and though she didn’t see any green atomizers, she did find one in a yellow color called, Soufre, which I think means sulfur in French. I went ahead and ordered that one for myself, in addition to ordering the pink one for Nancy.

Hermes Perfume Atomizers, Perfect for Carrying in Handbag


A week or so after that call, I decided to search online one last time for a green one. The only one I saw was a light green. I decided to order it thinking that was as close as I was going to get to Augusta Green.

Green Perfume Atomizer


I was shocked and delighted when it arrived. Apparently, the seller had really blown out the photo because the atomizer was the exact color of green I had wanted. Yay!

While I had been searching for the green, I also came across one that was very inexpensive from the eBay Europe site in a pretty purple called, Iris. I added it and one more color, a pretty teal blue called Blue Paon, from an eBay seller I had purchased from before. Both the Iris and Blue Paon were listed as brand new. The green one was listed as Like New or Barely Used or something like that. When it arrived, it appeared to be brand new, also.

At this point, I consider my collection complete. There are no other colors that I really want/crave. (Famous last words!) I hadn’t really planned on creating another blog post about my Hermes perfume atomizer collection, but it fits in with what I really wanted to share with you today–and that’s something new I just started.

You may know Between Naps On The Porch is on Instagram and there I primarily share posts that have to do with beautiful old homes, decorating, gardening and travel. (Find Between Naps On The Porch on Instagram here: BetweenNapsOnThePorch.)

Once in a blue moon, I share something fashion related on the Between Naps On The Porch Instagram, but I’ve noticed those posts aren’t as popular, probably because those who follow me there are expecting home-related posts since that’s mainly what I post.

New Instagram: Under Moonlight and Magnolias

A couple of days ago, I decided to do something I’ve been thinking about doing for a while: I created a new Instagram account for sharing posts related to fashion, handbags, jewelry and perfume. There may even be a  few makeup related posts there on occasion, too.

Hermes Perfume Atomizers, So Colorful


I’m not the greatest at naming things, have even struggled with coming up with clever names for my pets over the years. The only thing I could come up with for this new account/feed was my old “handle” I used to post to under at “Rate My Space” back in the day: Moonlight and Magnolias. Of course, that was already taken, so I added the word Under in front for, UnderMoonlightAndMagnolias.

The account name may change one day if I can come up with something better but in the meantime, if you would enjoy following posts about fashion, handbags, jewelry, perfume, etc… you’ll find Under Moonlight And Magnolias at Instagram here: UnderMoonlightAndMagnolias.

There are only four posts there so far since the account is just a few days old, but I’ll be adding to it a few times a week. I have so many goodies and ideas to share there! Can’t wait to share some of the fun things that just didn’t fit on the Between Naps On The Porch Instagram feed.

Under Moonlight and Magnolias on Instagram


Hope you enjoy this new account! I’m looking forward to sharing a lot of things I’ve never shared before!

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  1. We all have our needs that say “Now”. You obviously need your Hermes “Now”. So much fun when we have the full monty. My question to you….are these easy to refill and approx. how much do the hold? If you mentioned it I didn’t read that far. 🙂

    • Yup, they are really easy to fill. You can either pour the perfume in or spray it in. They each come with a little metal funnel. I’ve found spraying the perfume in is the easiest way. You just spray it into the funnel and it drains down into the vial/bottle. There’s virtually no waste. I don’t like pouring it in because it’s so easy to miss.
      They hold 10 ml or .33 fluid ounces. I’m amazed how long it lasts. The first time I filled one up with one of my fave perfumes, Chanel Chance Eau Tendre, I thought I’d go through it pretty quickly. I’ve used it sooo many times while traveling and when I leave home and realize I forgot to put on any perfume…and there’s still a lot in there. So it holds a good bit. Of course, you don’t have to fill it all the way up, just whatever amount you wish. Hermes also sells refills of some of their most popular perfumes. I’ve bought a couple of those over the years.

      • Susan, curious about the used atomizers you have purchased. Apparently they clean well? Just wondering about the old/existing perfume mingling with the new scent you are adding. Thanks.

        • All the ones I’ve collected were brand new. The only one that was listed as not brand new was the green one and it appeared to have never been used. You could tell the vial had never been filled…it was brand new too with no scent at all. If I purchased one in the future that had been filled at some time, I could probably remove any lingering scent with a solution of water and vinegar or something like that. I wish Hermes sold just the empty vials but I don’t think they do.

        • Also, the vial feel like they are made of glass, not plastic. So that’s another reason I think the scent could be removed with vinegar and water if the vial had previously held perfume. I prefer to buy them in “new” condition more for the exterior…just want them to be pristine with no scratches. I’m picky that way. lol

  2. I LOVE your fashion posts! In fact, I love everything you post! I always feel like I learn something valuable or at least interesting. You’re kind of like the big sister I’ve never had. Keep sharing all your interests and I’ll keep reading here and on Instagram.

  3. Hi Susan,
    Love your collection, almost as cute as the duckies.
    What I did want to tell you is that there was an article on the BBC saying that the Christian Dior exhibition you went to while you were in London was the most attended and successful the museum had ever had.
    That makes you part of something special in the history of the museum, how good is that.
    Have a lovely weekend.

    • Wow, that’s awesome! Thanks for letting me know, Jann! I’m not surprised because it was an amazing exhibition. Word must have gotten around how wonderful it was!

  4. Susan,

    You are so creative! You’re like my big sister too!!


  5. Jean Sprimont says

    Yikes Susan, Say it isn’t so! Do I understand that we who follow your Naps will be no longer receive your fashion posts??? Oh please no. They have added the charming variety that is so welcome. Could you put this to a reader vote?

    • Jean, sorry to scare ya like that. I’ll still do fashion posts here from time to time as I do now, I just created an Instagram page where I can share things on the spur of the moment, as well. So, the Instagram page will be an addition. I’m so glad you enjoy those blog posts, they are a lot of fun for me to put together since I love fashion!

  6. Noooooo, I don’t have or want Instagram!!! (Pitching a hissy here.). I’ve always enjoyed EVERYTHING you’ve posted here.

    • Lol that’s okay Marge, I’ll still be posting about fashion here from time to time, just as I always have. But for folks who enjoy Instagram, the new Instagram account I created is just a way to share some additional things a bit more spontaneously. But nothing is changing here with the blog, so don’t worry.

  7. Brenda Lawrence says

    Your perfume atomizers are so beautiful Susan. I love things like this and wish I had one of these myself, must less all of them. lol They just look so beautiful but how fun to have so many to put all different types of perfume in. Following both accounts of yours on Instagram as I love everything you post. I live for beautiful things through you. lol Hugs, Brenda

  8. Great name and dripping Southern. I love it. Went to Instagram and followed. Thanks for the heads up. Your photos are stunning. Best wishes on the new site!

  9. Cyndi Raines says

    So glad nothing is changing with BNOTP! Also, I like that you put the shortcut to the new fashion Instagram account at the bottom of this post, hope you keep it there so I can pop over to view that too after reading this one. Thanks Susan. You go girl!

    • Thanks, Cyndi! I also added a link in the sidebar…not sure how visible that is if viewing on a phone, but if you’re viewing via a laptop or desktop, you’ll see two little Instagram icons in the left hand sidebar.
      The first one is for the BetweenNapsOnThePorch Instgram and second one is the new UnderMoonlightAndMagnolias Instagram page.

  10. Bonnie Gutierrez says

    I can hear your enthusiasm about your new Instagram and I am looking forward to hopping over there!!

  11. Franki Parde says

    And, that’s a wrap!! Good finds!! franki

  12. I’m so glad you started the new Instagram account – I love everything you post here, and it’s fun to see the perfume/jewelry/etc photos on IG as well! LOVE both your platforms! Thanks! 🙂

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