The House Facebook Loved

Yesterday I shared this home from House Beautiful on the Between Naps on the Porch Facebook page.  I’ve posted some pretty awesome houses on Facebook before but they usually don’t get seen by that many folks since Facebook has such a complicated algorithm for sharing.

Well, I’m not exactly sure what happened yesterday, maybe the FB share-blocking-machine temporarily broke down because this beautiful blue home was shared over 1,690 1,900 times, at last count. Wowza, that’s a lot of sharing! With that much interest in this stunning home, I knew I had to give you a tour of the inside.

This house looks like it belongs seaside, doesn’t it? It is on water, but not the ocean kind. This wonderful home is actually located on Lake Michigan and though it may look old, it was built just six years ago.

Let’s go inside and take the tour. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the exterior color is a Pittsburgh Paint color called, Citadel Blue. Such a pretty color! It looks like the color of the sky, doesn’t it?

Beautiful Home on Lake Michigan


The Interior Designer for this home, Martin Horner, wanted to give the home a one-of-a-kind look so he incorporated design ideas from many different countries and cultures. He was greatly influenced by a trip he had taken to Morocco so you’ll see a lot of Moroccan influence throughout in the way of pattern, decorative tile and dark wood.

Beautiful Home on Lake Michigan


In an interview with the designer HERE, Mr. Horner said, “In Michigan, people are expecting boats and buoys, and then they walk in and say, ‘Wow.’ Here are all these treasures — handwoven fabric, exotic tile, ebonized furniture inlaid with mother-of-pearl. It’s as if the clients came back from a trip to the Orient with all these artifacts and incorporated them into the house.”

The Marlin hanging above the fireplace was caught by one of the owners during a family fishing trip. The tile around the fireplace is kaleidoscope Moroccan tile from Urban Archaeology.

Beautiful Home on Lake Michigan


In the library you’ll find a Fortuny light, wood columns that were carved in Bali, throw pillows made from Japanese orbis and a vintage American flag.  Each room is filled with lots of pattern but it all works together per the designer because “the palette is so consistent.”

Beautiful Home on Lake Michigan


Mr. Horner said in the interview, all the pattern and texture throughout the home works because everything is in shades of blue and cream.

Beautiful Home on Lake Michigan


Love all the flow blue and blue/white transferware! It’s so pretty contrasting against the white of the cabinet.

Beautiful Home on Lake Michigan


I really like the blue mercury-glass pendants. Even the ceiling got a special design.

Beautiful Home on Lake Michigan


A close up of the backsplash tile…

Beautiful Home on Lake Michigan


Wow, look at that amazing view! Do you like the dark ebony island in the kitchen? It provides a nice contrast, doesn’t it?

Beautiful Home on Lake Michigan


Would you be brave enough to mix this many patterns together in one room? You have to really be fearless and go with your gut. I count 9 patterns: wallpaper, chest, rug, chair, top of the seat at the foot of the bed, pillow shams, medium size pillows in front of shams, small darker blue pillows and whatever the item is in front of the small pillows. Looks like there may also be tile on the top of side table by the chair…that would make a 10th pattern.

Beautiful Home on Lake Michigan


There are two more patterns on this side of the master bedroom, the fireplace tile and the stool, bringing the count to 12 visible in just these two photos.

Mr.Horner said he chose a softer and more soothing color/pattern for the tile around the fireplace in the master bedroom since it’s a bedroom.

Beautiful Home on Lake Michigan


This wall of the master bath was tiled, kind of hard to see in this photo. Again we see the ebony-stained woods coming from the Moroccan influence.

Beautiful Home on Lake Michigan


A blue and white wallpaper for the master bath…

Beautiful Home on Lake Michigan


I love the nautical influence in this room. The 3 1/2 inch plantation shutters are so pretty for this space.

Beautiful Home on Lake Michigan


You’ll find additional photos with more information about light fixtures, furniture, fabrics, etc… in this article at House Beautiful where the above pictures were found.

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  1. The house is stunning. I love all of the beautiful tile work throughout this lovely home. I hope you stay warm and cozy in your house today. My car has been in the driveway running for ten minutes trying to get it warm enough to get to work this morning. To cold, and to much snow today.

    • Wow, wish you could just home today, Candy. All the schools are out here and there are cars parked all up the road behind me. I think they got stuck and couldn’t go any further. Hope it all melts today.

  2. OH MY WORD, love this house! and the answer to your question about mixing patterns, yes! The mixing of patterns is wonderful, and in this house, it is perfect; just like your Judge’s paneled room with your mixed fabrics, it works!

    I am glad you showed the inside of this house, and yay for mention of the outside paint being a Pittsburgh Paint. I rarely hear about them. When we moved into our home in 1996 there were two unopened cans of Pittsburgh Paint left in the garage. It was an interesting gold color, so I painted the kitchen cabinets and trim work in the family room-(all one room) and the Colonial Williamsburg look was still big in our area of VA. To this day if paint gets gets chipped in the door way the paint only chips to the gold color-THAT never chips. Same with the Master Bedroom, occasionally there will be a chip and I can see the first home owners choice of a Williamsburg Blue for the trim work. We must sound like we are running into every door frame in the house! I promise we aren’t that clumsy!

    Thanks for the view of the pretty home on this very snowy and cold day in VA!

    • lol You are too funny! I know what you mean about the chipping! You don’t hear much about that paint. I love that blue color though. It’s crazy here today, Mary. People slept in in drug stores and grocery stores…a winter folks won’t soon forget!

  3. Thank you so much! This is so inspiring! I just finished having the interior of my home painting Blue Willow, Twilight Gray and Darkening Sky and it is calm, beautiful and peaceful! I love your blog…you are totally awesome!

    Pamela Graham, Hill Country Texas

  4. The exterior of this home is pure perfection, and while the interior is beautiful, I would not have chosen the Moraccan influences for this style of home. It does look lovely though, and it’s extremely well done and tasteful. Mixing that many patterns successfully is a sign of a true professional!

    (When I first saw the picture it reminded me of some of the homes in Cape May, albeit a little larger than most.)

    As always, you’ve picked yet another winner Susan!

    • Doreen, that def was a bold choice for the designer. He and his clients travel a lot and he said they (the clients) have eclectic taste so they loved the Moroccan influence. I’m boring and predictable…I love the typical beachy/nautical look. Although, I wonder if folks who live on the water get tired of that look after a while?

  5. What a gorgeous home Susan! I adore the outside with it’s beautiful exterior color and architectural style. The interior is very unique. I can understand why it was shared so many times.

  6. ~Susan~
    Love the kitchen and what a view !! We love Michigan she is a beautiful state, going up the west side there is so many quaint little towns and of course there is Mackinaw Island!! A must stay at the Grand Hotel is a dream come true. No I have not stayed there, but have had lunch there many times and it was wonderful !!
    Have a super day 🙂
    p.s what would you recommend for quaint towns, shops, and eateries in your state?!

    • Any of the small towns in Georgia are great. I don’t know about eateries in the small towns. Usually when I visit one, I just stop in at a local antique shop and asked where the locals all go.

  7. Oh how gorgeous! I could move in and not change a thing. I really love the second sink in the kitchen, right across from the range!

  8. Guilty of sharing over here 😉 So gorgeous!! I shared the link to the tour today too, however, I did not tag you in hopes it would be seen by a few more people that way. lol. Always trying to outsmart that darn FB!! Enjoy your day. Shannon

  9. That is some house! I wonder where it is exactly on Lake Michigan. No expense spared I will say! I like a lot of things in the home and that is has an unexpected look to the inside. I’m not too keen on the Moroccon influence he brought in, but he does mix and match things very nicely! Love the kitchen and the blue flo-thru dishes.

  10. Oh, good!! House Tour…love these!! franki

  11. It is gorgeous, I can see why it was so popular on FB…or anywhere for that matter! I love the decor, my style kind! The house is decorated exquisitely with so much blue and White and dark Wood, the combination is perfect. The moroccan style fits just perfect here.
    Thanks for sharing, it’s very inspirational Susan.

  12. This house is truly a work of art – it’s so, so amazing!

  13. SharonFromMichigan says

    Wow, this is a beautiful home. I adore the rope covered chandilier. I might have to give that a try on a flea market chandy! This looks like the type of home that might be around Traverse City.

  14. This is a beautiful house. Since these deep blues are trending so strongly, it is no surprise to me that FB blew up with this post! (Although it is as inscrutable a the sphinx sometimes, isn’t it>)

  15. Oh yeah, shared it here as well. What a beautiful place and you are right, it looks like it should be set on the ocean but that view from the kitchen window is awesome! What a place that is for sure, thanks for sharing. Have a great week. 🙂

  16. Love the exterior, the interior, not so much.

  17. Love the windows and the light. I bet it is cold there today.

    I just heard on the news that the National Guard are bring MREs to those people stuck on the highways – not sure if it is on your highway. It must really be a mess.

    • Yeah, this turned out to be an insane storm. I’m so glad I stayed home and didn’t got anywhere yesterday morning. There are cars parked along the road behind my house where folks got stuck and couldn’t get home. Many folks spent the night on business floor in drug stores and such…they just couldn’t get home.

  18. Hi Susan, it is indeed a beautiful home for the right person, unfortunately and unusually, not me. I find it way too busy except for the nautical bedroom. I could not relax in that house. It has some lovely features, but I think they are overshadowed by the multi coloured tile, etc.
    I was quite ready to go ooooh aaaah when I saw the outside of the house, but the inside did nothing for me.
    Thank you anyway for showing us.

  19. I was especially intrigued by the pillows made from Japanese obis. I love textiles, especially ones not widely used in home decor. In case you’re not familiar with them, an obi is a wide, cloth belt. If you type in “Japanese Obi” on Pinterest you’ll see tons of beautiful examples. They come in floral, geometric, and nature designs (like birds) to name a few.

    I also found a book on Amazon called “Design with Japanese Obi” that covers several ways you can use them in home decoration. Here’s the link:

  20. In my comment about Japanese obis, I forgot to mention furoshiki, which is Japanese cloth used for wrapping gifts or carrying bundles of clothes. According to a wikipedia page on furoshiki, a similar cloth is used in Korea and is called “bojagi”. Might be another interesting thing to use in home decorating.

  21. They say it’s what’s on the inside that counts 😉 personally I don’t like it at all. But that’s just me. I would love to redecorate it though,not with buoys and cheesy things but not Moroccan either . They should collect snow globes or something instead of all this stuff. Haha sorry just not what I would expect. Sarah Richardson could fix it in a jiffy I’m sure. Cheers Frances

  22. Linda Leyble says

    Hi Susan…I saw that bedroom on Pinterest and knew it was from HB but I didn’t investigate the entire home. It is so beautiful! My bedroom is in blues…and I would like to take some cues from this room.

    Did you interview the designer? He is really talented.

    Stay safe with the weather you are having…

  23. Doreen Krajzel says

    Hi Susan;
    All I can say while I sit and drool over this house both inside and out is Beautiful- Absolutely Love it- and would I ever love to live here! Living about 50 miles from Lake Erie, and going up to the lake often in the summer I have to say any of the Great Lakes are wonderful. Most have swimming beaches (Yep, even Erie) and Lake Michigan is one of the prettiest and most enchanting! Love and Hugs, Doreen

  24. Wow…1,800 shares? I can understand why…I love this house…swooned over it when reading my magazine..the house and views area phenomenal…

  25. I believe that blue and white “wallpaper” in the bath is actually amazing tile work? Love all the blue patterns in this home! Thank you for sharing it:)

  26. Great house! I love the blue and the way is contrasts against the white. I especially love how elegant the patterns mix in many of the rooms. Great post!

  27. There are lots of patterns here and they all get along so well! Don’t know if I would have enough nerve to do that now, but hopefully one day I’ll be ready for it. I must find out where in Michigan this beautiful home is so we can see it in person.

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