Plaid, Paisley and Velvet For Valentine’s Day

Welcome to the 333rd Tablescape Thursday!

This week I’m sharing a Valentine’s Day table setting that’s a little different. I experimented around with mixing different patterns including plaid, paisley and velvet-edged napkin sheaths with a burlap-like look. The overall result is a Valentine’s Day table setting with a bit of a masculine feel.

Valentine's Day Table, 2015


Valentine's Day Table With Masculine Feel


A red lantern worked well as a centerpiece.

Red Lantern for Valentine's Day Centerpiece Table Setting


Plaid plates are great any time of year but they are especially nice during the winter months when we could use the rich colors to warm things up a bit.

Valentine's Day Tablescape In Paisley and Plaid


The salad plates are heart plates I found several years ago in HomeGoods. They are by American Atelier at Home and the pattern is called Oregami Red. Yep, it’s really spelled that way on the back of the plate. Wonder if that was a typo.

Valentine's Day Table Setting


This is a Valentine’s Day tablecape that’s romantic but without feeling too feminine or too sweet. The velvet-edged linen napkin sheaths are from Pier 1 several years ago. The napkins have a paisley design. I can’t remember where I bought those, I’ve had them so long. I think I found them in HomeGoods or Marshalls.

Valentine's Day Table with Paisley, Plaid and Velvet


The last time I used the paisley napkins was in 2011 in thisΒ Christmas table setting with a Colonial Williamsburg style, Lemon/ Lime tree centerpiece.

Christmas Table Setting with Lenox Winter Greetings and  a Coloniial Willamsburg Lemon, Lime Tree Centerpiece

I thought I’d be using the heart plates with white dishware when I first purchased them, but they didn’t look so great paired with white dinner plates.

Heart Plates for Valentine's Day


So I went a completely different route. Plaid isn’t just for Christmas. Valentine’s Day is a winter holiday so have some fun and bring in the plaid! Plaid has a way of warming everything up. I do love it!

Valentine's Day Tablescape with Heart Plates



Pottery Barn Tartan Plates in a Valentine's Day Table Setting


Tartan dinner plates are from Pottery Barn this past winter and are the same pattern as my winter bedding seen here:Β Dressing the Bed in Tartan for Winter.

Heart Plates for Valentine's Day


Looking forward to all the beautiful tablescapes posted for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

Valentine's Day Table, 2015


Lantern: Old Time Pottery (I think), years ago
Rattan Chargers: Pier 1, 2-3 years ago
Tartan Dinner Plates: Pottery Barn, Winter 2014
Salad Plates: HomeGoods, 3-4 years ago
Stemware: French Countryside Ruby Goblets, Mikasa, several years ago
Flatware: Pier 1, 2-3 years ago
Napkin Sheaths: Pier 1 2-3 years ago
Paisley Napkins: Ralph Lauren, HomeGoods or Marshalls…forgotten which, 3+ years ago

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  1. Love the plaid for Valentine’s Day Susan and your sweet bird napkin rings too!

  2. Hi Susan, thanks for hosting!! I love tablescaping and look forward to your party each week:)Have a great day!

  3. Oh, how I love Tartan with anything! I think it is nice to add a little masculinity to a Valentine’s Day table. Also, I think the napkins are wonderful – great combination with the “rustic and refined” look. I hope that you and your Valentine have a wonderful day on the 14th, Susan!

  4. The table is beautiful, Susan. I particularly love the lantern and the salad plates….Christine

  5. This is such a pretty change of pace from the usual Valentine’s Day tables! This confirms my theory that Tartan goes with everything. The little birds on the napkin rings are perfect, the shadow they cast across the napkin in the sunlight is stunning. Beautiful Susan, simply beautiful.

    I found the same napkins but trimmed in green velvet at Pier 1 last year. I bought twelve of them at 90% off the original price. I guess the green must have been a slow mover. I will be using them for Saint Patrick’s Day.

    • I love it, too. Candy, have you ever visited Scot Meacham Wood’s blog? It you love plaid…it’s tartan heaven over there. πŸ™‚ I don’t think he posts as much as he used to…he’s working on some other projects. But I love to peruse his archives, occasionally to get my tartan fix. Here’s a link to his blog:
      I love those napkins, too…just use them as sheaths since I’m not sure how the velvet edge would look, if washed. Have you washed yours? Did they hold up okay?
      I love the idea of using them for Saint Patrick’s Day, brilliant idea! The only time I’ve used the green one’s was in this table setting where I turned them over. I was trying to keep the table setting more rustic, so I played down the velvet edge:
      Wow, you got a great deal on those! Good going!

  6. pam ~ crumpety moor says

    I love the way the plaid and paisley look together. Who would have guessed? (Well, you, obviously.) πŸ˜€ Those two and the reedy/rattan look of the chargers is just great.

    Well, we were supposed to get snow last night. Woke up, no snow and now it’s bright and sunny! Those weatherpersons!

  7. Your #333 was “right on”…plaid, paisley & Velvet!! franki

  8. Susan, I always look forward to your table settings. They are so neat, coordinated, and colorful. Your photography is great also. Thanks for giving us ideas and for us who do not blog nor do tablescapes, the pleasure of just admiring your lovely work. It lifts my spirits just to see what other people do with dishes since I am also a “dishaholic”. Thanks again.

    • Thanks, Gloria, appreciate those sweet words! My first pics were pretty sad because it was getting dark out but I replaced them with some daylight shots. Well, you are definitely among friends here…all dish lovers for sure. πŸ™‚

  9. Oh so pretty! The plaid and paisley work very well together thanks for the inspiration and another great party!

  10. I really like this table setting–for any holiday or any time. It has a slightly more masculine feel to it which is great for a man-friendly meal/celebration.
    “Sophisticated-casual”. Love it. I might try this and add some fisherman’s stuff at another time.

    • Thanks, Julie! Love your idea for a different twist on it! BTW, have you ever heard of the book, “The Angler’s Life” by Larry Sheehan? I discovered Larry Sheehan when I purchased the book, “Living With Dogs.” Later, I found he had also written about birding (The Birding Life) and it’s one of my favorite, favorite books! Since then, I’ve purchased several of his other books and though I don’t fish, I like his books so much, I purchased The Angler’s Life. If you love fishing, I bet you would love that book. It’s pretty awesome!

      • I had not heard of the author/books–will check into that. My grandparents had a famous resort in Wi. in the 30s and 40s, built their reputation on Muskie fishing and great eats from the dining room, so even tho’ I don’t fish, the culture and decor’ is in my blood. πŸ™‚ thanks for the ideas. JW

  11. Your setting is beautiful! Can you tell me what is on the bottom of the candle in the lantern? You always have such cute and simple ideas for your center pieces. I have a similar lantern, I would like to put the same base for my candle…. Have a great day!

    • Thanks, Elena! It’s funny you ask about that because I had the table set and was starting to take pictures when I realized how bare it looked around the candle inside the lantern. I was trying to think what to put around it. In the past for beach-themed tables, I’ve used shells and/or sand. I’ve also used confetti around candles, the kind you buy in party stores.
      I wasn’t sure what to use for this table since I didn’t have any confetti, then I remembered, when I purchased all those tartan tablecloths a few months ago to use the fabric for a bedskirt for my winter bedding, the seller I purchased the tablecloths from on eBay sent them all wrapped in tissue paper. Inside the box she had sprinkled a bunch of shiny red tinsel…like the kind you drape on a Christmas tree. I remembered where I had packed it away since I have just finished reorganizing all my Christmas storage (see this post for that: so I headed upstairs and retrieved it from the attic eave space where it was stored. I’m glad I saved it! πŸ™‚ So, long story short, it’s just shiny red tinsel, the kind you decorate with at Christmas time.

  12. I love the Valentine setting you have put together. I had a lot of fun putting my post together and almost borrowed one of your settings in your beautiful dining room for the post! But I didn’t want to push my luck! All in fun! Monday is my birthday so I may not be posting. Have a great weekend!

  13. Beverly Cook says

    I guess I’m just an old-fashioned romantic at heart, but I just couldn’t see Valentine’s Day in this tablescape. Guess I’m just more about flowers and lace and hearts. I love my plaid dishes for Christmas, but I switch to the floral china for Valentine’s Day. Nicely done, though. The combinations and textures look terrific together. πŸ™‚

  14. Susan, your table is so pretty. Love the heart plates and also the mix of the napkins.
    It looks as though you have sunshine (not us) as your cute birds throw a shadow. ( Does it count for birds as well as groundhogs?) πŸ™‚ This has certainly been a *tartan year* for you!! πŸ™‚

    • Megan, I hadn’t noticed the shadow…good eye! I guess those are love birds since this is a Valentine’s Day table. I do love plaid…love using it all fall and winter.

  15. Lanita Anderson says

    Hi Susan,
    Love your Valentine tablescape! I have all guys at my house and am always looking for good ideas that are not to feminine – this is perfect! Thanks for sharing.

  16. Aren’t you smart to create a Valentine table that’s masculine! Great idea, and sometimes it’s easy to get tired of all the pink and frills~ love the plaid, I’ve always thought plaid goes with everything! Thanks for the party Susan~

  17. Lanita Anderson says

    Hi Susan,
    I love your Valentine tablescape….. I have all guys at my house and am constantly looking for ideas that are less feminine and more masculine. This is perfect! Thanks for sharing!

  18. Your table is beautiful and inspires me to get my plaid plates out! Love those napkin sheaths too. The red lantern is fabulous. I don’t have an actual table SETTING linked but rather a kitchen bar vignette, hope that is OK. I don’t mean to break any rules:) Just didn’t get a new table set this week and wanted to play:):)

  19. I’ve never even heard of a napkin sheath.

    • I hadn’t either until I purchased six organza sheaths at a local antique shop. That’s what they had them labeled. You see dresses made with an overlay of organza and it’s often referred to as a sheath, so I guess that’s why they called them that. A sheath is often just a decorative overlay. I like how they add another layer to the table and how they fatten up the napkin, giving it more presence on the table.

  20. Very pretty, creative and unique. I love it. Thanks again for hosting Tablescape Thursday parties, they’re my very favorite day on BNOTP. Have a wonderful day. :0)

  21. Very beautiful and very different! I love the plaid plates totally for every occasion and for Valentine’s is just as great! I’m so glad you chose the look and if I ever get some plaid plates I will use them for any theme.
    I went with pink although we’ll be two couples.
    Thank you for having me at the greatest ‘tablescape party!’
    Hope you are feeling more strong these days after your lose, dear Susan.

    • Thanks so much, Fabby! It wouldn’t be a party without you here! Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day…sounds like you have a great evening planned.

  22. Susan, I love this “thinking outside the box” tablescape for Valentine’s Day! Your imagination continues to amaze me in how you combine elements that wouldn’t seem to go together, such as plaid and paisley and the patterned heart plate. Another winner! I have a question to ask you. Do you put flatware such as this shown in this tablescape in the dishwasher or do you wash it by hand?

    • Thanks, Mar! I’m so glad you liked it…I love trying new things, mixing it up a little. πŸ™‚ No, I always wash this type flatware by hand. The only thing I put in the dishwasher is just flatware that’s all stainless. It would probably be okay if washed on a cold cycle and then allowed to air dry, but I think really hot water and heat might fade or crack it with time…so I just prefer to wash it by hand.

  23. I’m so late for the party. But this is too cute.
    We sold napkins like that. Hopefully we get them in next year as well.

    We also got more of the cutest napkin rings in… little bird’s nests with eggs in them.||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-NoMerchRules

    I can’t wait to see what you do for St. Patrick’s and Mardi Gras.

    I need to shop in Home Goods, Marshalls and TJ Maxx more. Like on a weekly basis to keep up with you?

    • Jeri, those are so cute…I really like the bird’s nest napkin rings.
      lol I don’t do that much shopping now, I have enough to mix and match pretty well. It took me a lot of years to get to that point, though. Now something has to really capture my heart for me consider buying it. HomeGoods, Marshalls and TJ Max do have amazing prices, although I think they went up a little a couple of years ago…but they still have some good bargains.

      • How did you buy everything? Like 4 plates here, napkins there? That’s my future plan.

        • It was totally random. I had a few sets of china before I began blogging, including Christmas china. Occasionally, I would stop by HomeGoods or Marshalls and if they had a really good sale, I would pick up 6 salad plates.
          I’ve also found dishware in local antique/flea markets that were super well priced. Once I found 21 pieces of a pattern…the pattern that’s on teh Tablescape Thursday button for like $14 or something that. Then I filled in on eBay. Another time I bought an entire 6 place settings for $35 on eBay and that included shipping. I’ve found gorgeous chargers in Marshalls for $2 a piece. Same thing for Hobby Lobby…found some great chargers there for a few $ each. I’ve been collecting dishware for 35 years, as I come across it for great prices while shopping/antiquing so it adds up.
          If you’ve got a few different patterns of salad plates, you can create lots of different settings…see this post for more about that:
          You can find salad plates for $3-4 each in HomeGoods or Marshall for each of the holidays…buy 6 for $18-$24 and have a whole new table setting if you pair them with white dinner plates.

  24. So pretty, Susan. I love all of the textures and pattern mixture. Those napkin rings are great too. Your collection of napkins must be huge. I don’t have any sheaths, but I’m not sure where I’d store more napkins, so I’m going to have to get rid of some, so I can get some sheaths. Thank you for hosting.

    • Thanks, Laurie! It’s really not as big as it seems, I just mix and match them a lot. I look for sales on those when I’m out. HomeGoods has awesome prices on napkins…great place to look!

  25. bobbi duncan says

    Susan, this is such a lovely and unique table setting…leave it to you to think out of the box! I love tartan, and the way you incorporated it with all the other plates is divine. I get that excited feeling many times when I open your e-mails because you will have combinations that look so great together…ones that I would not have thought up, and I just think ” WOW!Look how fabulous that goes together”. You are truly ” The Queen of tablescaping” ( is tablescaping a word? lol!). BTW, I did look through my 2014 books read list, and after getting everything typed up late last night and ready to submit, POOF!, it just disappeared from my screen. I thought that, just maybe, it went through, but I checked your blog tonight and saw that it didn’t. That was weird. Anyway, I promise I’ll send it over tomorrow as I’m fading out and need to hit the hay.

    • Thanks so much, Bobbi…you are a love! I wonder what happened to your comment. Every once in a while, the plugin I use to prevent spam comments from posting goes crazy and puts perfectly a good comment in the spam file. Hope it didn’t do that. I’d love to know what books you read…I’m going to go through all the comments and look for some of those on Audible this year. Love the suggestions!

  26. OH! I realize I do have Larry Sheehan’s The Sporting Life—adore the photos!

  27. Tartan for Valentines Day wins my heart! Great combination, Susan. Loving the paisley and velvet too. You know just what makes a fabulous setting. A+++

  28. A very sweet table for the season. Love what you’ve done with the napkins.

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