Stalking a Darjeeling Limited Safari Bag & Sweater Weather

Several years ago I came across the blog(s) of Kiel James Patrick and Sarah Vickers. Their fashion style always features tried and true classic clothing, and I love it! I’ve always been drawn to the classic (some would say “preppy”) clothing style.

Though a big fan of Sarah’s blog, I can’t always stretch my budget to purchase the clothes/shoes/handbags that she features on her blog, but every once in a while I’ll save up and splurge for something I just can’t get out of my mind.

One such item that I have seen featured for many years in her posts and on Kiel’s Instagram is a whimsical, leather, duffel bag with a safari motif. I fell in love with that bag long before I ever had the opportunity to actually go on a safari.

You can see Sarah’s and Kiel’s safari bags in this photo below from Kiel’s Instagram. As if the bag isn’t already awesome enough, it’s also monogrammed. Arggg, love it so much!

Safari Luggage Seen on Kiel James Patrick, Instagram

Photo from KJP Instagram:


I can’t count the number of times I’ve lusted after that bag on their website and on Instagram. It was a lot! Sarah and Kiel travel a good bit and this cute bag almost always makes the trip.

Fortunately, Sarah always links out in her posts to where she finds things, so I was able to locate the source of the bag at a website called, Very Troubled Child. I’ve literally been stalking this bag for years, but have always delayed purchasing it since it was a bit of a splurge due to its limited production. When an item is produced in limited quantity, it will understandably always cost more than if it’s mass produced.

Kiel James Patrick's Safari Bag from Very Troubled Child

Photo from KJP Instagram:


The Design

The concept for the bag goes all the way back to 2007 when a similar set of luggage was featured in the movie, The Darjeeling Limited. You know how I’ll sometimes post a movie house tour when the home in a movie is so amazing it ends up being another “character” in the movie? (Think Home Alone, Something’s Gotta Give, Under the Tuscan Sun, The Holiday, etc…)

Well, that’s what happened with this luggage in the Wes Anderson movie, The Darjeeling Limited. It’s in pretty much every single scene of the movie and almost steals the show!

Louis Vuitton Luggage Designed by Marc Jacobs for movie, The Darjeeling Limited


From what I’ve been able to find, the luggage in the movie was designed by Wes Anderson’s brother, Eric Anderson. Then Marc Jacobs, the artistic director for Louis Vuitton at the time, oversaw the making of the luggage. So, Louis Vuitton actually made all the luggage that was used in The Darjeeling Limited.

Infamous Louis Vuitton Luggage in Movie The Darjeeling Limited


In the movie, the three Whitman brothers (played by Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody and Jason Schwartzman) travel across India via train with 11 pieces of this luggage in tow. The luggage holds a lot of meaning for them because it belonged to their now deceased father with whom they had a somewhat strained relationship.

Safari Luggage in movie, The Darjeeling Limited


During the course of the movie, the brothers work through a lot of their issues, and right toward the very end of the movie (spoiler alert) they finally ditch their baggage luggage as they run to catch another train. That scene in the movie is quite powerful as there’s no missing the symbolism that the luggage held.

Ditching the Luggage at the end of The Darjeeling Limited Movie


Apparently, Louis Vuitton passed on a big marketing opportunity. From what I’ve read, EVERYONE was talking about the luggage after the movie was released and wanted to know where they could get their hands on a set.

Unfortunately, LV only made one set, the one used in the movie. It was placed on display in the Louis Vuitton store in New York at the time of the movie’s release, and four of the eleven pieces were ultimately sold at auction. The money from the auction was then donated to UNICEF to help the people of India. Wonder what happened to the other seven pieces? Ummm.

The luggage takes quite a beating during the course of the movie. I wonder if it was refurbished before it went to auction, or maybe the buyer preferred it in its original movie state, scuffs and all. lol

Louis Vuitton Luggage in Movie, The Darjeeling Limited

Source of photo unknown


Very Troubled Child Answers The Call

Alberto Favaretto, seen here in a photo from his website, Very Troubled Child, loves to travel and is a huge Wes Anderson fan. After seeing the movie he got the awesome idea to produce luggage that would appeal to fans of the movie and the Louis Vuitton luggage that was such a big part of the movie. Now fans could have their own safari luggage!


As mentioned, I’ve been stalking this bag for several years. Every so often I would stop by Very Trouble Child to drool over it. A few weeks ago I stopped by and had a little panic attack, the luggage was gone! What???!!! Oh, no! I had waited too long!

Well, there’s nothing like scarcity to finally make you get your tush in gear. I e-mailed customer service at Very Troubled Child and asked if they still had any of the the No. 4 safari bags left like the one Kiel and Sarah own. Then I held my breath and waited for a reply.

Kiel James Patrick's Safari Bag from Very Troubled Child

Photo from KJP Instagram:

The reply came: the one like Kiel’s had been discontinued, but yes, they had a few pieces left, but not many. Yipee! After a few e-mails back and forth to clarify the monogramming details, I finally stopped my procrastinating and ordered the No. 4 bag.

When placing an order for a bag, there are choices to be made. A bag can be customized with a monogram as seen in the movie, or left un-monogrammed. If a monogram is desired, it appears the most common is either two or three letters, but I did see one bag online that had four. VTC will even monogram the letters in a color like gold, red, yellow or blue, upon request.

Photo from


You can also specify if you want a period after each letter. I agonized over that. The monogram does have periods after each letter in the movie, but it looked a bit busy to me. Honestly, I like it either way, so it was a tough decision. You can see how it looks without periods on Kiel’s bag in the 2nd photo up above.

Can you guess which route I went? What would you have chosen?

Infamous Louis Vuitton Luggage in Movie The Darjeeling Limited


My bag arrived last Thursday, only a couple of weeks after I had placed my order. It would have arrived even sooner, but the monogramming delays the delivery by a week or so while one of their Master painters monograms the bag.

Tucked inside the box (along with my bag) was this large shopping bag! So cute!

Very Troubled Child Shopping Bag


I was delighted to see that the bag came with a dust bag, too. It’s those little details, ya know!

Very Troubled Child Dust Bag for Darjeeling Limited Safari Bag


Inside I found this gorgeous bag, and my heart skipped a few beats. Oh my gosh! All I could think was, “Why did I wait so long?!” I’ve said that so many times the last few days…that, and “I love this bag!”

Safari Duffel Bag by Very Troubled Child


Unzipping the bag I located the shoulder strap inside.

Strap for Darjeeling Limited Very Troubled Child Bag


Green is my favorite color so I absolutely love that VTC lines their bags with this gorgeous, emerald-green material. There are two pockets on one side, and though I didn’t photograph it, there’s a big zipper pocket on the other side.

Green Interior of the Darjeeling Limited Safari Bag by Very Troubled Child


I would love to have had this bag on my safari trip to Kenya back in 2015, and on my recent March trip to Morocco. It would have been perfect for the small plane we took into the bush in Kenya to reach Mahali Mzuri.


And it would have been perfect for the three nights we were glamping in the Sahara Desert in Morocco where we had to leave our big suitcases on the bus and could only use our carry-on bag. Oh, well–I have it now and it will be great for trips to see my grandchildren and future travel adventures.


Here’s how it looks with the strap. That will come in handy when traveling.

Very Troubled Child, Darjeeling Limited Safari Bag


Did you guess right about the monogram? I decided to go with no periods because that’s typically the way a monogram appears on most things. The periods just made the monogram look a bit too busy for my taste, although if one is being truly authentic to the movie, periods would be the way to go.

Darjeeling Limited Luggage Customized with Hand-painted Initials, by Very Troubled Child


The bag came with a really nice lock. I left it on for these photos, but removed it afterwards since I don’t plan to ever lock it. I was worried about leaving the lock on the bag, worried it could scuff the bag over time. Not sure if it would do that, but felt safer removing it.

Detail Photo of Darjeeling Limited Safari Duffel Bag


Here’s the little key that opens the lock. The bag also came with a nice, leather luggage tag. Everything about this bag says, quality!

Detail photo of Darjeeling Limited Safari Bag


The design is so adorable with little animals embossed all over the bag. There’s giraffe and zebra…

Darjeeling Limited Safari Bag with Hand-Painted Initials, Very Troubled Child


…elephants and cheetahs…

Darjeeling Limited Safari Luggage with Embossed Animals


…rhinos and antelopes. Love the palm trees that are sprinkled all throughout the bag. One of these days I’d love to visit some of the coastal areas of Africa.

I just realized, I never took a photo of the other side of the bag. It looks exactly the same as the front, minus the monogram.

Embossed Safari Animals on Very Troubled Child Darjeeling Limited Safari Bag


Just for fun, I styled it with a few of my favorite winter sweaters since fall is here. The green, leaf sweater was a clearance find last year from Talbots. The white snowflake sweater is a Ralph Lauren sweater I’ve had for many years and the red sweater is one I bought during a sale at J. Crew last year. You may remember when I shared it here on the blog.

Favorite Sweaters for Winter & Darjeeling Limited Bag by Very Troubled Child


I have this thing for snowflake sweaters, I’m always on the look-out for them during the fall/winter months. If you love snowflake sweaters, a great place to find them is on eBay. I’ve purchased several there over the years and you can save a bundle. Ralph Lauren produces a new one almost every year, so I almost always search for his when I shop on eBay.

No. 4 Darjeeling Limited Safari Duffel Bag Holds a lot


The wool snowflake sweater on the left is another Ralph Lauren sweater, found a couple of years back on eBay. I love it because it’s nice and long, perfect for wearing with leggings.

The other sweater is my latest sweater purchase from L.L. Bean. It’s still available here: Fisherman Cable Knit Sweater.

Weekender Bag, Darjeeling Limited Safari Bag by Very Troubled Child


Another sweater I purchased recently from L.L. Bean is the navy and white stripe one on the top left. It’s still available and currently on sale here: Navy/white Stripe Sweater. I love navy and white! It’s also available with a hood and pockets here: Navy/White Sweater with Hood.

The navy sweater with pink detailing is from Talbots last year, as is the cream sweater below.  I don’t know if they are still available or not, but if they are, they would most likely be among their sale sweaters, HERE.

The other snowflake sweater is another Ralph Lauren sweater that I’ve had for many, many long I can’t remember now where I purchased it. It’s still in great shape despite wearing it to death every winter!

The navy cardigan at the bottom was a purchase from the Blarney Mills during my recent trip to Ireland.

Favorite Winter Sweaters, L.L. Bean, Ralph Lauren, Talbots and Aran Knits


If you’re interested in your own Safari bag, you’ll find VTC’s website here: Very Troubled Child. At this point I’m not sure how many they have left, but it never hurts to ask.

(This isn’t a sponsored post, by the way–and I paid in full for my bag.)

Safari Duffel Bag by Very Troubled Child


They do have a new Safari bag line called the Savanna Bag, and it features African animals, too. I love it, as well!


I would love one of their Seafarer Bags, would be perfect for beach trips! I love anything nautical!


For the bird lovers, they have the “Birds of a Feather” bags. I’d like one of each, please! Arggh…they are all so pretty! You’ll find all their bags here: Very Troubled Child.

Birds of a Feather Bag by Very Troubled Child


I can’t wait to share the major makeover the Belleek Castle Lamp (posted about recently) got this past week. Oh my gosh, the difference a shade makes! It’s quite the change! I’ll be sharing that for our next Metamorphosis Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend, dear Friends!

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  1. Ginger Perkins says:

    Love the bag! I remember about 18 years ago I was on my annual trip to London when I went into an antiques market on Sloan St. in Chelsea. There I spotted some Louis Vuitton trunks that were just beautiful with little compartments inside and eye-wateringly expensive. They wer emonogrammed in gold (no periods) EJ. They were Elton John’s. I would have killed to own one. Oh, well… So I know what you mean

  2. The stuff I learn from your blog! You find such interesting things and provide wonderful detailed information about each item. Very interesting, I had never heard of these bags. Enjoy your new purchase!

  3. Oh no you don’t.
    Not this time Susan.
    Have been keeping a keen eye on this set of luggage for years, but I’m luggaged out. I’ll just travel with you so I can carry yours.
    Hope I’ll be able to sleep tonight without dreams of traveling with your luggage.

    • lol I had no idea if anyone else even knew about the luggage since the movie came out so long ago. Where did you first see or hear about it, Kem? Can you believe, I just now finally got around to watching the movie, watched it during the time they were making the bag.
      That sounds like a pretty nice dream to me! 🙂

  4. What a perfect piece of luggage!! If you ask me, I think you need to plan a trip just to celebrate your new purchase! “Take it for a test drive,” if you know what I mean! Thank you for sharing this adventure. I can tell you are thrilled with your decision; as you should be!

    • That sounds like a great excuse for a trip, Rosie! 😉 Thanks, I am! I’ve stalked it for so long, I still can’t believe I finally have one.

  5. rebecca dexter says:

    Adore the sweater you bought in Ireland…I don’t wear tan or cream colors…(they make my skin look green) so it would be perfect. When my husband went to Ireland many years ago he bought me an ivory fisherman’s sweater…beautiful but I never wore it…sad. Luckily, my daughter is a blond like her dad so she loves it!. Sure would like that navy one. Becky

    • Rebecca, I know what you mean, cream isn’t the greatest color on me, either…I’m too pale. But I think I can get away with it since I plan on pairing it with a colorful shirt, so the collar will be out around my face. That’s how the model is wearing it online, so I’m hoping that works since I love the sweater so much. Glad it worked for you daughter! I’ve been wearing so much navy the last few years, I have really come to love it, as well. Becky, check out Aran Sweaters…here’s the link:
      I get their emails and they have some of the most beautiful sweaters you could ever imagine. And the prices are very reasonable! I think I’m going to order a sweater from them this winter. The item I’ve been eyeing lately is this wonderful wrap:
      It just looks so cozy.

  6. Cyndi Raines says:

    I like the “Dr. Bag” look. Very rich looking. I agree with the comment above, you will need to take it on a special test drive/trip. ♥ Love all the sweaters also, but due to hot flashes, I dress in layers for the quick peel-off and fan yourself trick! Lol Have a wonderful Sunday! Can’t believe it’s already October 1st tomorrow!

  7. I love all the great things you purchase and enjoy your descriptions of every detail. Susan you would be so much fun to shop with, you’re my kind of lady. My husband doesn’t like to travel but I certainly do. I travel with my lady friends and we have such a great time. You would fit right in Susan. Thank you for sharing your lovely new bag.

  8. Oh, my goodness! Your bag is just the most awesome thing I’ve seen! I’m so delighted that you’ve treated yourself with it! I love all the other versions as well.

  9. So glad you finally got something that you really wanted!!!! Feels so good!!! Love that bag and the monogram is perfect, they way its supposed to be….. Now you need to take a trip to test it out!!

    Love your sweaters……I dress the same way, classic, up here we call it the “Ivy League” look……..

    • Thanks, Cleo…for confirming that! I really agonized over which way to go. I googled trying to find info about monograms, though I was strongly leaning toward no periods. I found an article that said way back in the day, I think during the Victorian era, periods were usually placed after each letter in a monogram. The article said that style fail out of favor long ago, though and that’s not how it’s recommended now. I bet a lot of folks go with the periods because that’s how the luggage was in the movie.
      Oh, I like that much better…Ivy League! Preppy sounds so childish. lol
      There’s a book called (I think) Ivy League Style. I purchased a copy for a friend last year. I didn’t get one for myself since it appeared to mostly feature men’s clothing styles, but I think I may order one.

  10. Elizabeth Roderick says:

    How exciting! Now you simply must take another trip soon.

  11. MaryEllen says:

    Absolutely beautiful luggage! I can hear your excitement through the words on the page. Isn’t it fabulous when you do locate that item that you have procrastinated over!

    Now we can recognize you at the airport if we should ever be in the same airport. This is assuming it will be a carry-on. Enjoy!

  12. Squeeeeeee! That nautical version just stole my heart!

  13. Susan, seems like everything you hoped for and more. Excited for you and slightly envious. What are the numbers for ?

    • Thanks, Myrna! In the movie, every piece of luggage has a number on it, so I think that’s why Very Troubled Child made it that way. I don’t remember if they ever say why it’s all numbered in the movie. I don’t think they do. I need to watch it again and see. lol

  14. The bag is absolutely beautiful! There are a few pieces I’d enjoy possessing. Enjoy!

  15. I love your unapologetic love of “stuff”! That bag is super. I know the weight of leather and size would be too much for me and my neck, but I love it all the same. That navy sweater from Ireland…..lust.

    • I’m am very picky about what “stuff” I love, but when I love something, I fall hard! lol
      Rita, check out the website, Aran Sweater Market:
      They have some gorgeous sweaters! I have ever ordered from them but I love everything I see on their site. I’m thinking of ordered a sweater and one of their merino wool wraps this winter. I could use a wrap right now, it’s finally feeling like fall here this morning.

  16. Lorraine Balfe says:

    Hello from Liverpool (Home of J, P, G & R!), UK. I have to tell you that I’ve been trying to resist buying ‘more stuff’ to fill up my already-full-of-stuff house near Penny Lane…..! But…..the safari leather bags are making me covet ‘stuff’ I never imagined I would covet….I’ve already gone & ordered the Darjeeling movie from Amazon as a result of reading your blog!!!! You should earn a % as a result for indirect advertising! Now, the Beautiful Bag? well, I can dream can’t i…..hmmm….

    • Lorraine, it’s funny, I didn’t expect to like the movie because I read that Wes Anderson also wrote/directed, The Royal Tenebaums, and I didn’t care for that movie at all. I was much younger when I saw it, so maybe I just didn’t “get it.” lol
      But I did like The Darjeeling Limited. It’s quirky, so not my usual kind of movie, but I loved seeing in the inside of the train (it’s filmed on a real train) and loved seeing all the amazing scenes/life in the country itself. That may be because it reminded me so much of parts of my trip to Morocco this past March.
      I hope you like it! It’s different, so be prepared. lol
      What is J, P, G & R? I know I’m going to slap myself in the forehead when you tell me! 🙂

      • Lorraine Balfe says:

        Ok Susan, get ready to ‘slap’ yourself on the forehead….J, P, G & R? Penny Lane? All clues….The Beatles!!! I know you really knew that!!! Looking forward to watching the movie now on your recommendation. I agree with you: I just didn’t ‘get’ the a Royal Tenanbaums at all despite some good actors within the cast. I will let you know what I think of the Darjeeling. Really nice to get your response. Oh and before I tootle off, I’m very glad you enjoyed Ireland: home country of my Dad, whose a Dubliner through & through! Happy Blogging! Lorraine 🙂

        • lol Ohhh, gotcha! I had forgotten they were from Liverpool. 🙂 Yes, Ireland was wonderful…beautiful country! Since my DNA showed I’m mostly Irish, I had to visit there next. Would love to go back some day!

  17. So glad that you finally got the bag. Somehow I knew you would choose the monogram without the periods. I am sure that every time you see and use your bag you must with great joy! It’s a beauty!! And I love “Classy Girls Wear Pearls”. I love wearing my Mokimotos with jeans! I think my favorite “movie house” is “Something’s Gotta Give” with “It’s Complicated” a close second.

    • Thanks so much, Shirley! Oh, love pearls and jeans…the best! Ohhh, Mokimotos! I’ve heard they are wonderful! I should put those on my “someday” wish list! 🙂
      Shirley, do you remember that photo I posted hiding under the cabinet in “The Christmas Story” house? lol Well, the pearl necklace I was wearing in that photo was a KJP necklace…the one with the anchor and ribbon closure. (You can see that photo here: )
      I remember someone mentioned in the comments that they liked that I was wearing pearls with a casual outfit, or something like that. Pearls really do go with everything!

  18. Tigers, zebras and palm trees, OH MY!!! It is most definitely an heirloom treasure!! franki

    • Thanks, Franki! You know, before I ordered it I was thinking about that and wondering if my son or dil would use this bag one day after I’m long gone. It made me wonder if I should not monogram it.
      But this bag is really meant to be monogrammed, it’s almost blasphemy to not monogram since the inspiration for the bag comes from the movie. And I do love a monogram! lol
      Maybe my son, dil or grandsons will still enjoy it anyway one day, monogram and all.

  19. Oh my…..a beautiful bag! ☺ ❤❤❤

  20. I am happy you were able to find your bag, I know how fun it is to find something you have been searching for. So….do you think you will use it as a carry on? I would of course worry something so special to me would be lost somehow. ( Weird that way I guess…hope not to sound negative…when we went to England someone in baggage took items I had placed in the outside zippered pocket. Felt I was a little dumb to do that, guess it is common)

    • I completely agree…I’m the same way. I think I will use it as a carry-on for some trips…definitely won’t check it because the airlines destroy luggage! I have a feeling I’ll use it more for road trips when I visit friends or family, though.
      That’s awful that someone did that! 🙁 I hope they catch stuff like that on camera and fire those people.

  21. I love the bag! I remember seeing it in their travel photos. I also love following Sarah and Kiel. Her blog is always so much fun with such stunning photographs. I love following and supporting young people who have worked hard to build a thriving business. Especially, one that produces and also promotes quality items that become family heirlooms (the preppy creed.) I’ve bought several of their bracelets for my grandchildren. I highly recommend the World Traveler’s bracelet which can be engraved with the latitude and longitude of a favorite travel site. My grandson has been invited several times to train with the FC Barcelona team and I gave him one for Christmas with the location of the soccer training camp. He was so touched that I would put so much thought into a gift for him. I highly recommend KJP for accessories and special items for humans and dogs.
    I didn’t mean to make this sound like an ad for KJP but I really like these young folks and admire their hard work. I also am quite envious of your beautiful new bag. I hope you enjoy it for years to come. It will be an awesome item to have passed down through generations.

    • Their life is a dream, isn’t it? I love following along. I know, it’s amazing what they’ve accomplished. They have opened up an actual store now and I think may be about to open a second one. I’ve seen that bracelet…such a great idea! Would make a wonderful gift for anyone, especially the traveler.
      That was such a thoughful gift for your grandson, Vicki!

  22. Just noticed the spooky blog header. Did September even happen?!

  23. Vickie H. says:

    Ok I love this bag so much and am so envious of you I can’t type anymore words. 😉

  24. Wow I thought I was super lucky to buy the bag 2 years ago, I did the same thing you did after seeing it drop from the website, so I consider you extremely lucky! Congrats on the bag!

    Now I wonder if I can get the full luggage set from him with the print!

    You should def check out the PJs and the Robes he has now, they are super cool!

    • It doesn’t hurt to ask. I emailed a few days ago to ask if they had the matching passport cover or the No. 8 bag. I was thinking of adding those to my collection. I never heard back from Anna on those, so I guess I need to email her again. The PJs and robes do look really nice. Sabtain, how do you use your No. 4 bag, is it your carry on when you travel? I definitely will never check it, the airlines are so brutal with luggage!

      • It is in fact my carry on when I travel, I take it with me all the time and it gets a lot of attention.

        On the rare occasion that it happens I am asked to check the bag in at the gate, I definitely protest. I always ask if they’ll let me try to find space in overhead compartments, and I always have! Otherwise, I just make sure I am at the airport on time and board as early as possible.

        Here’s a pic of mine while I was waiting for my plane at LGA:

        I’ve taken the bag now to Istanbul, Pakistan, Australia, China, Hawaii, and all over the continental US, and its taken a lot of abuse and has held up quite well. Its still got a long long way to go!

        • Oh, I love it! Great picture! Such a special bag and what memories your bag holds! I think I would cry if they forced me to check this bag. I need to measure it to see if it meets Delta’s requirement for a carry-on, I think it probably does. I almost always fly Delta since I live 30 minutes from the Atlanta airport. It’s such a unique bag, I bet it does get a lot of attention. You definitely won’t see yourself coming and going with that bag. 🙂

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