A Waterproof Wicker Outdoor Lamp For The Porch

Welcome to the 370th Metamorphosis Monday!
When I added a screened porch onto my home in 2008, I knew I wanted to light the porch at night with just lamp light, no overhead lighting. I love the ambiance lamps give to a space. Once the porch was complete, I ran around the house borrowing lamps from various rooms until I could purchase lamps that felt suited for a porch, particularly a porch with white wicker furniture.

Screened Porch Lit at Night with Lamps


Back in those early porch days, whenever I was out thrifting/antiquing, I’d keep my eye out for inexpensive lamps that would work with wicker. One day while antiquing I came across the little wicker lamp you see below. It was only $18 and it worked great on the porch for a couple of years, but eventually the paint began to flake off.

Screened Porch With Sheer Curtains


Apparently, it had been a dark-brown wicker color originally and someone had painted over it. It wasn’t the greatest paint job, thus the $18 price tag. I could have repainted it, but it was a bit smaller than what I really wanted for that table. Plus, it didn’t give out very much light through the dense wicker design.

Wicker Lamp 1


I donated the little wicker lamp and replaced it with a lamp  found in Tuesday Morning for $49.99. It’s visible in the picture below.

I get a lot of questions about how the lamps on the porch hold up to the weather. The only lamp on the porch that is near a screened window is this lamp. The porch has a pretty big overhang so during normal rains, it doesn’t get wet. If it’s a severe blowing rain, like the kind we sometimes see with tornadoes, it does get wet, but the lamp is never on during those times. That lamp is only on when I’m home and happen to be on the porch after dark, and I don’t typically sit on the porch during big storms. Well, there was that one time. lol

Build a Screened Porch


I have two more lamps on the porch: this one here on the hutch…

Porch Hutch Decorated for Summer


…and this one on a side table.

Green & White Porch Decorated in White Wicker


Both of those lamps are far away from any windows and have never gotten even slightly wet. (Read more about the addition of this lamp to the porch here: Porch Lighting: Create a Cozy Atmosphere with Lamps)

Green Painted Lamp With Square Shade


A few days ago I was in the guest room dusting and I noticed the glass lamp beside the bed had a big crack in the glass.

Blue & White Guest Room


This lamp was used on the side table right after the porch was first built and I think I recall knocking it over once when I was carrying something large through the porch. I don’t remember seeing the crack at that time, I think I was more worried about the shade back then.

Lamp with Crack in Crystal Base


After noticing the crack last week, I thought about the lamps I already had that could possibly work in the guest room. I decided to use this lamp from the porch, so it’s now in the guest room.

Growing Herbs in a Tabletop Greenhouse 2


To replace the lamp I stole from the porch, I ordered a lamp that is actually made for using on porches. Back when I first added on the porch, all the “outdoor” lamps I came across then were really ugly! I mean seriously ugly! Since then, lamp manufactures have come out with some much cuter designs!

Here’s how the lamp arrived. The directions were excellent and it only took me about 5 minutes to put it together.

Waterproof Outdoor White Wicker Lamp


After I put it together, I took it into the guest bath downstairs, closed the shutters so it was nice and dark and turned it on. My first thought was, “Oh, no…this is going back.” The reason I thought that was because when I first turned it on, it was pretty dim. It didn’t appear to put out much light as seen below. As I stood there lamenting the fact I was going to have to box it back up and return it, something magical happened.

Outdoor Wicker Lamp, Dim When First Turned On


It started to get nice and bright! It took it about 30 seconds to go from dim to bright. Then it hit me, the reason it did that is because of the bulb. It came with an energy-efficient bulb that (per the packaging) costs around $1.97 a year to run.

They’ve now come out with bulbs that are super efficient and are fully bright the moment you turn them on, but this bulb is one of those that takes about 30 seconds or so to fully brighten up.  I was so happy when it did brighten up because I like the look of the lamp a lot. It has a bamboo designed base and a wicker style shade, perfect for my porch that’s furnished with lots of white wicker.

Outdoor Wicker Lamp, Bright


So here’s how it looked on the porch late in the day.

Outdoor Wicker & Bamboo Lamp for Porch


Here’s how it looked as dusk was settling in.

Outdoor Wicker & Bamboo Style Lamp at Dusk


And here’s how it looked at night. See what I mean…plenty bright!

Porch Lamps, Waterproof


The shade is a vinyl type material so it will definitely hold up to the weather.

Outdoor Wciker Porch Lamp


Plus, the base of the lamp is super heavy. I guess they made it that way so it could stand up to high winds on a porch. I’ve never had a lamp turn over on the porch, but I am glad this one is designed that way.

Bamboo Style Lamp for Porch, Waterproof


It also comes in a floor standing model. I’m tempted to buy one of those, as well.  If you’re in need of a cute bamboo and white wicker style table lamp for your porch, you’ll find this one here: Waterproof Wicker Table Lamp

Waterproof Wicker Bamboo Lamp for Porch


If you need an outdoor floor lamp, you’ll find it with a birdie finial here: Waterproof Wicker Floor Lamp. If you prefer the natural/brown color, you’ll find that style here: Outdoor Wicker Floor Lamp in Natural Brown Color

Outdoor Wicker Style Floor Lamp, Great for Porches


Here’s a close up of the shade on the floor lamp. I love the cute bird finial!

Outdoor Wicker Style Floor Lamp


I’m really pleased with this one and though I’ve never had any issues during the last 8 years having a regular lamp here on this table near the window, this lamp is perfect for being near a window on a porch or in an outdoor room.

Here’s how the switch looks that turns it on and off. The switch is protected from the weather with a rubbery type covering that presses in to turn it on or off.

Porch Lamp, Waterproof


I need to get out here and wash the bottles on the bottle tree. I think I’ll wait until the spring pollen season has passed first, though.

Happy Leap Day!

Outdoor Wicker & Bamboo Lamp for Porch


Looking forward to all the wonderful Before and Afters for this Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. Perfect addition to your porch, Susan. It really does put out a lot of light.
    Well done. Thank you for the linky.

  2. I have a pair of these table lamps in the darker color (my wicker furniture is dark brown). This will be my sixth summer to have them. I have a covered patio (wish it was screened but it’s not). They have worked well for me. I need the floor lamp!

  3. The lamplight looks so wonderful at night on the porch!! Thanks so much for hosting Susan:-)

  4. Hi Susan! Porch is lookin good! I’ve been eyeing up the outdoor lamps at Plow & Hearth, so was pleasantly surprised to see your Amazon link was a Plow & Hearth item. I’ve looked at the white one in the store last year & made a mental note to get one this year. I receive their catalogs & there is usually a coupon on the back, which I’ll be using towards the purchase of said lamp! Just a little FYI for your readers to save a few !
    P.S. I have a friend who is celebrating their anniversary with a month long stay in Australia! I’ve forwarded her all your helpful travel links, especially the one on the travel crossbody.

  5. Susan, your porch is always such a romantic spot! Every single one of us wish we had a porch just like it! I love your attention to every detail and all the fun you have changing it for every season. Your new lamp is perfect.
    Thanks for hosting!
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  6. That’s a cute lamp and it fits in just right. The height is great and knowing it’s a safe lamp for outdoors makes it even better. I bet the lamp from the porch looks good in the guest room. Too bad about the cracked crystal lamp. That’s one thing you can’t fix with those.

    • I know, it’s a shame that happened. At least it wasn’t an expensive lamp. I remember the pair were very inexpensive when I bought them. I think I may need to change the shadd on the one in the guest room now, it’s looking pretty rough. They put the cheapest shades on lamps these days, nothing like they used to be.

  7. Julia Monroe says

    Your porch is really sweet. So glad you found your perfect lamp. Can you please share some details about the tin pails. I would just love to purchase some. And if not the exact ones something similar if you can make a few suggestions. Thanks

  8. Susan, your lamps are all lovely, but that guest bedroom is just dreamy!!! Wow.

  9. I love your porch! I am so envious.I am lamp crazy. My daughter says I collect them. I purchased a new little accent lamp Saturday, for my kitchen, the base is a kitchen grater and the shade is a colander.I’m in need of a couple of lamp shades. Would you gave a good online source you would recommend? Hope you have a great day and enjoy that beautiful porch!

    • Phylis, you and I would get along great because I’m pretty lamp crazy, too! lol
      I need to replace a shade or two, also…was just thinking about that last night. I’m not sure where to recommend, it’s so hard to chose a shade online without seeing it on the lamp. Lamps Plus has them, but again, hard to choose online.
      I think I’m going to google for local companies and take the lamp I have that could use a new shade, with me when I go there. It’s about the only way to know if it will look right and not be too big or too long, unless you can find another shade the exact dimensions of the one you currently have.

  10. I love your new lamp, Susan! My daughter’s ceiling fan lights do the same thing with the increasing brightness…weird! Thanks for hosting! Have a great week! Hugs…Debbie

    • My garage lights do that, too. One just died even though it was supposed to last for a gazillion years and I replace both with normal bulbs again. Just didn’t like having to wait for it to fully brighten when I’m searching for something in the garage. Tell your daughter, they’ve come out with some now that are energy efficient and light up quickly, so if/when her’s quit working, she may want to look for those. I figured I’d be using mine in the garage forever since they were supposed to last many years. I’m kinda glad one died so I could get rid of it. lol

  11. Thanks for hosting! I’ve never had a lamp for outside, but have seen them advertised. Great idea to have one on your table… much safer… even if the other one wasn’t on in the rain or moist air, there is electric that goes all the way up to the switch, unless it was unplugged.

  12. That is such a cute lamp! I’ve picked up all the lamps for my porch from thrift shops and have never had a problem with them getting wet or blowing over either. Last spring I was scrubbing at one of the shades with a Magic Erase, and thought “this is dumb, just go buy a new shade!” Is anyone having trouble making the new LED light bulbs fit in smaller lamps…especially ones with harps?

    • Roxanne, I know recently Cree (which is what I have now in many of my lamps inside) has started making their awesome LED bulbs a lot smaller so they will fit in a smaller lamp. You can find those at Home Depot. They may sell them online, too. I guess it’s like so many things, they just keep getting better and better. 🙂

    • I especially love the Cree bulbs because they are bright from the moment you turn them on.

  13. Susan, I like your new lamp. You should order the floor lamp too. It would be perfect on the porch. I’m curious about the wicker table with the wood top. How do you keep it protected? It looks like it is in the elements next to the rail. Do you have a special finish on the top? Have you had to paint your wicker in the years since you’ve had your porch? You might have shared this already, but is your wicker waterproof? And do you store your cushions or leave them out all the time? Any issues with squirrels?
    I know, lots of questions! ‘-)
    Enjoy the week. Bunnies are beginning to hop about here this week.

    • I’m super tempted to order it. I think it would work in the corner behind the swing. It would also work behind the chair that’s near the door where I normally have a plant stand, but I already have a lamp on the table so it’s not really needed there. So, the corner behind the swing would be the best place.

      About that table, I just polyurethane the top every couple of years. It’s starting to show a bit of wear. I need to re-poly the top again this summer.

      The wicker seating group and the swing are all outdoor wicker so they don’t ever need painting. The table and chairs are regular wood/wicker so I’m sure they will need it eventually.

      I leave the cushions out all the time. I should probably bring them in during the winter, but we have so many days during the fall and winter that are great for enjoying the porch, I just leave them out. Yesterday it was 69-70 degrees on the porch. Today it’s supposed to get to 68 and it’s February!
      That’s the crazy type weather we have here in Georgia, so I leave them out year around and just vacuum them off when they need it.

      No, no issues with squirrels. The only time I ever had a problem was when I foolishly left a bird feeder full of seed on the porch floor. A squirrel chewed through the screen to get to it and I found him pigging out the next morning. I should never have left it on the porch. You can read about that here: https://betweennapsontheporch.net/two-mysteries-houdini-squirrel-and-every-word/

      Now, if I bring a feeder in, I take it all the way into the house! lol It was easy to fix the screen though. They are just screwed in so I unscrewed it and took it to a local shop where they rescreened it for me.

  14. Your porch is so welcoming. It does this Southern girl’s heart good.
    I have a lamp in my living room just like your cracked one, sad that it broke.

    • Thanks, Claire! I know, I’m kind sad about it, too. If I turn it to the wall, no one would ever notice. I’m tempted to keep it and just do that.

  15. Thank you for the party Susan, I envy the fact that you can successfully keep so many indoor things on your screened porch, I would love to be able to do that! It is hard to get used to some of these new bulbs, and the lamp is very versatile, it could go anywhere

  16. So pretty Susan !
    I wonder why they didn’t add the bird finial to the smaller lamps as well ???
    Thanks so much, as always, for the party – hope you have a great week !
    ( it’s so miserable here in Montreal – I need Spring asap )

    • I thought the same thing, I love that little bird finial. The table lamp is designed in a different way where the shade is attached to a ring thing that sits down over the socket deep down inside the lamp. Then the bulb goes in with the glass globe over it. So, it’s just a whole different design. It is interesting that the floor lamp has a finial, so it must be designed in a different way, I guess.

  17. You really know how to shop for lamps, they’re beautiful and perfect for the porch! I see a bunny out and about. 🙂 Can’t wait to see the porch all decorated for Spring and of course Summer!

  18. Thank you so much for the party Susan! I like your new lamp on the porch, very pretty:). My kids and dogs always knock over our floor lamps so I am not a huge fan of them but it’s always nice to have matching lamps. Have a great week and take care, Tara

    • Well, if this outdoor floor lamp is anything like the table lamp, they’ve have to work hard to knock it over. lol The table lamp is very heavy! I guess to keep winds from blowing it over. I bet the base of the floor lamp is heavy, too since it’s designed for outdoor spaces.

  19. I have had the same problem! I searched and searched for lamps for our porch. I found one that I purchased and really like it. The problem I have is the wind. We are not known for windy weather. I guess the way our home sits on the land somehow opens us up to strong breezes. This past summer, after buying all new wicker and benches for the porch, we would find throw pillows blown around and on a few occasions the one lamp that I do have would be blown over. Fortunately it is made of wood, and I think it is pretty heavy but it stills gets knocked over. We brought it in for the winter, along with the throw pillows. We did leave the cushions on the furniture and they are fine. Our porch is not screened so maybe that is the problem. We do get wet on either end depending on how the wind blows. Anyway, I am still looking for another lamp. The last one I ordered came damaged and they did not have a replacement. My husband has suggested glueing heavy washers to the bottom but of course they would have to be perfectly even and very heavy. If not, I guess we will just move it to the floor if a storm is coming! Glad you found one, I am afraid that would topple over in no time on our porch.

    • Mary Anne, this one is super heavy, no way the wind is knocking it over. It’s designed for outdoor spaces so I don’t think the wind will knock it over. It would take a hurricane. lol

  20. Thanks so much for hosting!!


  21. It’s a BEAUTY!!! franki

  22. bobbi duncan says

    Love your new lamp and I think a floor lamp would look great behind the swing. Wish we had a screened porch (sigh). Our deck is tiny, tiny.

  23. I love the version with the birdie finial. I think that would be perfect for my 2nd floor porch that overlooks the neighborhood. I agree about overhead lighting, just doesn’t work for me. Thank you for another inspiring post!


  24. I love your green lamp!

  25. Enjoyed the lamps travelogue. That lamp is so perfect for that spot, and it seems the companion floor lamp might be handy to move lighting around as needed for porch parties, say with lots of groupings. (hint, hint ;))

  26. love your new lamp. you’re right the combo of bamboo & wicker is perfect. well done! thanks for hosting. xo- maryjo

  27. Susan~

    The lamp is adorable!! I love those light bulbs, we have them in our bathroom which is wonderful for early mornings !! I found them at Lowes about a year ago !
    Glad March is
    marching in !!!

  28. Penny Ziegler says

    Your porch is lovely:) I always enjoy seeing how you decorate it throughout the year. I have a question … if you remember, would you mind sharing the color on your hutch? The color on that hutch is a perfect all year around color. Thanks in advance!

    • Thanks, Penny! I had it custom matched to a green napkin that I liked. You’ll find the info about it and the formula for the pain in this post: https://betweennapsontheporch.net/painting-furniture-a-china-hutch-transformation/
      The guy who mixed it at Home Depot told me he had to cut the formula by 50% to mix it in a quart size since I think the machine at Home Depot calculates things based on a gallon. If you take a photo of the formula in that post with your cell phone, or save the picture to your computer and then email it to yourself, you can take that with you to Home Depot and they should know how to mix it. I wrote the part on the can that says, ‘Paint for Hutch” but the guy who mixed the paint at Home Depot wrote “50%” up in the corner of the label to indicate he had cut the formula by 50%. It will make more sense after you read that post.

  29. BamaCarol says

    Thanks for the link to the floor lamp with the bird finial. I just finished ordering that for my screen porch. It reminds me of the floor lamp in our sun room. I can’t wait to get it and use it on the porch! Next purchase is a nice rug which will be used to cover some stains on the floor that unfortunately won’t come out from where my husband grilled on the porch for several years. I told him not to worry, that a new rug would cover that right up!

  30. It looks like you found the perfect lamp for your porch. Thanks so much for hosting and I hope you have an awesome week!

  31. Hi Susan! I have three of these lamps, two table lamps and one floor lamp, and have been using them on my screened porch since we built it in 2012. They are very durable and have never blown over during a storm. It’s still too cold here in Pittsburgh to set up the porch but hopefully it will not be too much longer. These lamps clean up easily, just a quick wipe with some soapy water and your ready to go! I have vintage white wicker furniture on my porch and these lamps fit in beautifully. Enjoy!

  32. Beautiful! I love the look of white wicker like this, especially for outdoors. It almost has a nautical sort of look to it.

  33. Martha Henegar says

    I like your lamp. I keep lamps burning all the time. Cozy! Where did you get your rabbit sitting on your table on the porch?

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