Crocheted with Love

Welcome to the 6th Tablescape Tuesday!

A few months back, I put together a tablescape using a crocheted luncheon set created by my Mom in 1956. Gollum did a wonderful posting about it on her blog, Designs by Gollum. I thought I would post it here on my blog in celebration of this week’s Tablescape Tuesday.

My Mom crocheted this luncheon set during the period she was awaiting my arrival. Despite many forays into antique shops over the years, I’ve never seen another one like it.

Crocheted Luncheon Set

Here’s a picture of Mom (with me) taken right around the time she would have been completing the luncheon set. (Sorry about the quality of the pic…the original is this way, too.)

This vintage china with the pink band and the gardenia in the center, is made by International. The pattern is called Glenwood. Homer Laughlin also made this same pattern. I found it at a local antique shop and just loved it.

It amazes me, seeing them together.  The crocheted pieces look like they were designed to coordinate with this china. Makes me wonder what china she used with these pieces.  I’m guessing she had some particular china in mind when she crocheted them.

The placemats have a lot of intricate detail.  I love the pretty spring colors of pink and green.


Vintage Crocheted Luncheon Set in Pink, Green and White


The gardenias in the center of the table, came from a bush that grows right by the entrance to my garage; I get to enjoy them each day as I enter and leave my home. I love to bring them into the house during their long blooming season. Their fragrance is intoxicating and within just a few hours, it fills each room of my home.

Mom also crocheted pieces to go under serving pieces. You can see one of the oval shaped pieces in the pic below.

Front side of the oval serving piece…

Each piece is double-sided. Having crocheted a fair amount myself, I know how much work went into making this luncheon set. Since each piece is double sided, it’s almost like crocheting it twice.

I paired the International Glenwood china with another floral Homer Laughlin china I already had.  Here you can see a round crocheted serving piece under the bowl.

Close-up of the front…

And of the back…

Cute little doilies or hot pads…

I love the little sleeves she created for glasses…aren’t they adorable?  Can’t you just see it…ladies dining out on the porch, dressed in beautiful sun dresses and big floppy hats, drinking sweet iced-tea from glasses surrounded by delicate crocheted flowers.

My sister, Glenda, who is 10 years older than me, well remembers our Mother crocheting this luncheon set. Glenda told me she wanted the set to be perfect. As she worked, if she discovered 3/4 of the way through a piece that she had made a mistake, she would finish the piece and then give it away. If she was only a short distance into a piece and noticed a mistake, she would unravel the thread and began again.

Vintage Crocheted Luncheon Set in Pink, Green and White

I love the story behind this picture of my Mom. I’ve been told the reason it looks so worn and creased is because my Dad carried this picture with him everywhere he was stationed during WWII.


Hope you enjoyed this journey back to a time when dining was met with great anticipation and was celebrated in the most enchanting ways.


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  1. Susan,
    I just love this luncheon set… what a special treasure you have there. One can see that there was love in every stitch. She sure was a beautiful woman.

  2. RetiredAtLast says

    Enjoyed seeing this post again. The glass jackets, hot pads, and potholders certainly add the perfect finishing touch to an unbelievable luncheon set. Truly a treasure to be cherished.

  3. I have never seen anything like your crochet set, but it is beautiful and so sweet that your mom made it. Can’t wait to see the rest of the tablescapes.

  4. It is amazing how some things endure. Time has not dimmed the beauty of this set. So many memories attached to this challenging endeavor of Mother’s.
    Her hands were magical, whether she was cooking, sewing a dress, or crocheting. Even occasionally putting pen to paper to draw something whimsical. Wonder how many people remember Alley Oop. I do, because of a drawing she once did.
    Thank you Susan for this walk down memory lane.

  5. lifeinredshoes says

    Once again, it’s priceless.

  6. Hi Susan
    As usual you have a beautiful tablescape. What a treasure to have all those items crocheted by your mother. They really add that extra special touch to the table.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  7. How special and beautiful. Love the look, the history, and the presentation of it all. Just perfectly lovely in every sense of the word.

  8. Oh, Susan…the dishes are lovely, the lunchon set is fabulous and together they are MAGNIFICENT.
    Such beautiful work your mom did.
    And, you set a beautiful table.
    love, bj

  9. You are so blessed to have something so nice that your mom made. I especially love the glass cozies! I have never seen those before. I have several table runners that my GM crocheted and a tablecloth that she cross-stitched. I’ll have to post about them sometime for you to see!

  10. Susan,
    I am moved everytime I see this luncheon set, not only because of the sheer artistry and talent that went into making it, but also for the love and anticipation for you that is “seen” in each stitch.
    What Glenda said brought tears to my eyes! Your mother had so many crative and wonderful talents!

    Both you and your sister write so beautifully! 🙂
    I’ll be reading the post several times just as I did when Gollum featured it! Tomarie

  11. This still makes me cry! What love is shown in each step and the music that accompanies it…. well, you know how I feel! Love you sweet special friend! Carol

  12. I remember seeing this on RMS.

    It’s even more beautiful as I check every detail the second time around.

    What a treasure to have these exquisite heirloom pieces from your Mom.

  13. Hi Susan…Your tablescapes are always such a pleasure to see and your stories make them all the more enjoyable. I’m off to visit the other tables… 😉 Bo

  14. Susan, What a beautiful set to have and knowing that your own mother made every little thread come into a beautiful crocheted item for her table and now yours. How wonderful that you have it and use it. Your Mother was a very beautiful woman. I think someone resembles her very much!! I love the picture that your Dad carried with him, very touching. Hugs Kathysue

  15. This story has brought tears to my eyes both times I’ve read it. It is such a lovely story, and such an insight to your life. Thank you for sharing it again. Laurie (bargainhunr)

  16. Your mother was a very talented woman. Seeing the entire pieces she created has me in awe of the dedication and time it involved. It’s ironic that you have the perfect china for her heirloom pieces.

  17. What a beautiful set and tablescape! Very special to have that from your mom. I’m curious now if she knew she was having a daughter while she made that for you. Thank you for sharing.

  18. Morning friend…oh I do so love seeing this again…it is my favorite…you can’t help but get all teary eyed when you look at it…the love and the thoughts put into it…you know she must of had so many thoughts about you as she carried you inside her…her love for you..her dreams for you..oh girl..I believe you have done above her greatest imagination and you have done her proud….great post my friend!

  19. Oh this is so fabulous. I love old fashioned and what a great table these keepsakes from your mom created. Pink and Green are one of my favorite combinations. I’d love to have tea at a table set like this. happy Tablescape Tuesday to you. I’ll be back next week. I was travelling this weekend and am a bit behind in blogging :0)

  20. Debbie @ says

    Susan this is breathtakingly beautiful. Wow, I don’t think I have ever seen anything like this, it is so wonderful. Your mother was so talented, and then to make something so lovely shows how gifted her creative side was. I’m sure she passed all that down to you! It is always refreshing to come here and see what you have done.
    Come by and see my table, I had such a difficult time posting due to a storm, it didn’t happen until almost too late!
    Thank goodness there is always next week!

  21. Oh dear Susan.I tear up just looking at this set,knowing it’s you and Glendas mom.And oh,the memories behind it.I too am so amazed at how well this set has held up.Your MOM was so creative and talented.As you are too my dear.

  22. Susan, this just makes me smile. Your mother’s work is amazing, and surely you were her inspiration. You would make any mother proud.

    Your tablescape is as always exquisite. Thank you for sharing your wonderful story.

  23. Somewhere In Time- Christie (yardsalequeen) says

    Hey! I just love your blog! Your table setting is beautiful and the memories that is holds for you is priceless….what treasures your beautiful mama gave to you. Hope you have a great week!

  24. Oh Susan, even tho I have seen this At Gollum and know the story..I still sit here and tears coming down my face..what a beautiful memory of your Mama and for Glenda to remember it for you..You girls Mama had to truly be a remarkable woman..This is not only beautiful girl it is Priceless..thank you so much for sharing this great and warm story again..Hugs and smiles…Gloria

  25. I have seen these in Gollum’s blog but I love seeing and reading about them again. Not only are the crocheted pieces the most beautiful and intricate but the story behind them is priceless. You have a beautiful mother, both inside and out. Thanks for sharing again, Susan!….Christine

  26. What an amazing story and collection of love and work. Nothing could replace that!!

    I know it is a long read on my blog – but you will not believe what happened to me yesterday!

  27. Southern Lady says

    Susan, your mother was a beautiful and very talented lady who not only left you an exquisite and priceless heirloom, but also instilled in you her talent and grace.

    Your tablescape is the epitomy of southern elegance and I’m so glad you sharted it with us, because I had not seen it before. I can’t wait to show it to my mother and daughter … they’re going to love it as much as I do.



  28. What special memories! I remember seeing this before, but so enjoyed the story again. Take care, Sally

  29. decorator101 says

    I sit here crying once again… your tablescape is quite breath taking..but the story that surrounds it is even more and Glenda are both so fortunate to share in such a wonderful gift that your mother left you… Glenda for the fortitude and memory to be able to share with you..and for you, the true gift of talent and of a beautiful personality. I feel so fortunate to call you both my “friend” hugs ~lynne~

  30. Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity says

    Susan, What a beautiful tablescape. My mom had those same dishes with the pink rose in the center. I always loved them as a little girl. I love the picture of you with your mom. Your mom is beautiful!! I was born in 56. Looks as if you were born in 57.
    Hugs, Terrie

  31. I love it all! How elegant and just beautiful. And the fact that your mom made it makes it so special. The entire setting looks so tea-party!

  32. Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents says

    Hi Susan! What a gorgeous luncheon set ~ I've never seen anything like it before. My favorite piece are the glass cozies! So delicate & enchanting. Even more special because they were all made by your sweet mother!

    This makes my Halloween table look kind of silly today! LOL

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  33. sarah @ a beach cottage says

    Hi Susan

    wow what a beautiful story, thanks for sharing

    all I can say is that I am in awe of your table, I am a true amateur in this fiels, I only hope I can come up with something this awesome in the future, I’m starting to collect bits as I see them, such a good new thing to play with in my life, that may sound a little sad to some, but I love it haha!

    thanks for hosting the tablescape event too


  34. imjacobsmom says

    Oh Susan, the crochet pieces are just beautiful. Your Mom put a lot of time and effort into those. The rows look perfect! The little glass cozies are an added touch! It looks like they were made for the china you selected to display with them. (You’re lucky you got them instead of your sister….) ~ Robyn

  35. A Hint of Home says

    That is a most unusual and beautiful set of mats and glass sleeves that I have seen. How special it came from your Mom and that you still have it to enjoy.

  36. What a lovely table. It is nice of you to host this collection of great idea. Everyone is so talented.

  37. As always….a beautiful table! I was going to sign up this week, and can’t believe that I forgot about it……hope to be in by next week 🙂 I absolutely adore your luncheon set and love the story behind it, makes it even more special!!. so perfectly perfect with your beautiful china…love it!

  38. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story. When I saw the little things on the glasses, I fell in love! I remember having some similiar when I was a child and hadn’t thought about them forever. Thanks for the memories! I KNOW my Mother didn’t crochet ours, she didn’t do anything like that….maybe because she was a single Mom and worked full time. I love this tablescape. It just makes me wish though that my Mom could have had sweet tea with friends…and not had to work so hard. Hugs, Pinky

  39. Bella Casa says

    What a sweet, endearingly sweet story, I just love it. Your mom was certainly a talented crocheter, those pieces are gorgeous and I am sure she would smile at how much you love them so…it is like having a little piece of her spirit around with you, probably. I love that.


  40. Dear Susan, what a wonderful set is this. It is so unbelievable pretty and makes the whole table so cosy. Isn't that like a loving connection to your mom for all the time you have this set? She must have been an artist and I am curious to see more of her works. I am sure, you have inherited not only her set, but also some of her talents. Thank you so much for sharing this.
    Greetings, Johanna

  41. Turning the Tables says

    I think that everytime you use the gorgeous crochet mats, lovingly stitched by your mom, you honor her in the highest way. The china patterns are charming and oh so feminine. I'd also like to see the mats used in a tablescape featuring crystal/glass plates that allow the work and colors on the mats to shine through. You are blessed to have these, and use feature them well.

  42. Liz - says

    What a wonderful treasure you have there! I Love how you put it together on your table. I'm a March 57" baby!
    My Dad also served in World War II…
    Your mother sure was gifted and obviously you are too! Liz

  43. WOW! This crocheted set is beautiful! What an heirloom you have! And, great memories!

  44. FABBY'S LIVING says

    First of all…your mother is beautiful and I can imagin her crocheting this incredible looking place place mats and the other accessories. My mother crocheted me, around 29 yrs. ago a tablecloth for 12 with a runner for the table, a tray matt, a doily for the bread basket, etc. She also made one for my daughter when she got married. I love and treasure this heirlooms and I like you, I often use them. Thank you for posting it. Love U.

  45. Belle Abner says

    I know this is a crazy question…BUT….do you have any idea how to find the "pattern" book for the lovely luncheon set????? My sweet Mother In Law is looking for it for me…..;-)

    Sonya Abner

  46. This is so beautiful! I love the inspiration you have provided. We are having a luncheon for our daughter this Sunday and your tables make me want to dig all the dishes out! Love the crocheted pieces. It seems I might have a similar piece – better go dig for that, too.

  47. Your mother did beautiful work. How wonderful for you to still have them and use them. Just love your blogs.

  48. Marlene says

    What a pretty table with your Mother’s beautiful crocheted placemats and glass covers. I love the dishes you choose to use with them. I loved seeing the pictures of your Mother. Thank you for sharing…your blog is always so enjoyable to read.

  49. Terri Burfield says

    Susan, the crochet set is just beautiful, especially with the china you have chosen. I crochet too and there is so much work in making one of the placemats, let alone all the extra pieces she has done. How have you kept them so long looking as pristine?
    I have a little crochet tea set a lady made for me over 53 years ago. I never used it, my mother kept it in the original box, but it has some stains on it. Any suggestions if I should try to clean it? It also needs re-starched. I’m thinking she did a sugar starch which might be why it has some stains?

    • Thanks, Terri. I know, she must have been really determined to make the whole set to create all those, especially since they are two-sided. Can’t imagine how many hours she spent creating it all. My sister kept this set for many, many years until she passed it down to me. I think she just kept it inside a box. She gave it to me just a few years ago and I have it tucked inside a linen keeper that Anne from Queen Anne’s Place sent to me a few years ago. I can’t find the post where I posted about it…it may be one of posts that was lost when my blog was moved. But here’s her website: It is kind of scary and feels like a big responsibility, storing special linens that are irreplaceable. Here’s a post about how to clean vintage linens. It has some great ideas in it from Susan at My Place to Yours. She purchases a lot of vintage linens and knows just how to get them clean.

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