Welcoming Spring with a Floral Table Setting Perfect for Easter or a Garden Party

Welcome to 545th Tablescape Thursday!

It was so beautiful out today with temps reaching into the high 60’s, I was super tempted to set a table outside on the porch. In the end, I stayed here in the breakfast room for this week. But it won’t be long before we’re out on the porch for Tablecape Thursday.

Celebrating Spring with a Spring Table Setting, 2019


I bought two Shamrock plants this week with full intentions to set a St. Patrick’s Day table, but after my shopping trip recently, I couldn’t resist putting together a spring table.

Between Naps On The Porch Spring Table Setting


Did you know Shamrock plants come in a purplish red color, too? I think it’s called a Mock Shamrock, or something like that.

Floral Spring Table, Between Naps On The Porch Blog


I tried it in the center but decided the green looked best with this setting. You may remember this post from when a mischievous chipmunk kept taking dirt baths in it when it was outside with a geranium planted inside. (Chipmunk Baths.)

Shamrocks in Floral Planter for St. Patrick's Day and Spring


Remember the floral chargers I used recently? They are making another appearance in this week’s table. I did something different this week that I don’t think I’ve done before. Instead of using the sheer napkin cover over my napkin, I actually placed it over a second napkin and inside this little napkin bundle. It sorta happened as an accident: I had placed it outside as I normally do for three of the place settings, but then accidentally layered it differently for the last place setting. I loved how it looked so went back and redid the other three so they all looked like the one that was an accident.

So below I have a solid green napkin, followed by a sheer/organza cover followed by the floral napkin you see on top. Guests would be welcome to use any or all that they wish, except the sheer napkin which would be pretty useless as a napkin–it’s really more for decoration.

Garden Party Table Setting with Floral Plates, Chargers and Napkins


Remember the plates I shared in yesterday’s post from my recent spring shopping trip?

Floral Charger Plates, Floral Bunny Salad Plates, Spring Table


I love how they look with these Spode Kim Parker floral chargers!

Spring Easter Floral Table, Garden Party


You’ll find these floral bunny salad plates on sale here: Bunny Plates. I went dark green bamboo style flatware for this spring table.

Bunny Floral Salad Plates for a Spring Table


I couldn’t make up my mind on the napkin rings. I started out with these cute beaded dragonfly napkin rings, purchased at Pier 1 many years ago.

Bunny Floral Plates, Dragonfly Napkin Rings, Floral Charger Plates



Beaded Dragonfly Napkin Rings for a Spring Tablescape


I also liked these little pink floral napkin rings with this setting. Can’t remember where I found those now, it was so long ago. It may have been Old Time Pottery.

Floral Napkins with Flower Napkin Ring


Here’s a bit better view of the dark green bamboo flatware. I love how it looks in this setting, I really should pull it out and use it more often! I couldn’t find this green bamboo flatware available online, but I did find similar flatware available here: Bamboo Flatware. I’m tempted to buy it in that color, as well.

Green Bamboo Flatware, Floral Napkin & Napkin Ring


Of course, I had to use the glasses I shared in yesterday’s post! I can tell now, these are going to be my favorite glasses for spring!

Floral Bunny Glasses for Easter or Spring


They are surrounded by a beautiful garden, these would be perfect for a garden party.

Floral Glasses for Spring Garden Party


There are even a few butterflies on one side.

Floral Glasses for Spring


My favorite part is Mr. Bunny, though. He’s the reason they had to come home with me. lol These adorable glasses are currently on sale here: Bunny Garden Glasses.

Adorable SpringtimeBunny Glasses on Sale


Happy Spring to you dear friend! I hope you are starting to see some warmer temps where you live!

Celebrating Spring with a Spring Table Setting, 2019


Looking forward to the beautiful tables shared for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. I love your new pretties! So happy! Thanks Susan

  2. Adorable table!!!Love how the plates and chargers go together. The glasses are soooo cute. One question, when you set a table is it just for looks or do you actually entertain using your table setting? Always wondered.

    • Thanks, Toni! It just depends on what’s going on at the time. If I have family here or I have friends coming over for dinner and I’ve created a table for them, I will definitely post that for Tablescape Thursday. So it just depends on what’s going on that week and what I have planned.

  3. Hi, Susan! Love this table with the all the cheerful flowers and patterns. Would be perfect for a Spring tea!! Everything coordinates so well and makes me want to smile. I haven’t been able to link up for TT because I have to go to the Apple store to help with updating my Browser (soooo technology-challenged!), but I’ll be back as soon as I can.

  4. Linda Rubin says

    Susan, so, so pretty. I love all the effort you put into all your beautiful table settings. Happy spring

    • Thanks so much, Linda! Some tables come together pretty quickly while others can take hours. You just get that feeling when you finally know it feels right. lol I’m sure you know what I mean.

  5. I love it!! perfect table setting to get us in the mood for upcoming Spring!!

  6. Oh, there are my favorite chargers again, and they look so good with these cute bunny plates and glasses. What a lovely spring table!

    • Thanks, Joy! I hadn’t expected to use them again so soon but they worked so well with these new salad plates, I just had to bring them out again. Happy Spring to you! XXX

  7. creationsbycindyphotography.blogspot.com says

    Love the table Susan. I am drooling over that pretty flatware and napkins rings. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  8. Those chargers and spring plates were made for each other. And I think that the seat cushions showing thru the glass table hint at placemats. So satisfyingly Spring.

    • Thanks, Mia! I usually try to crop the photos so the cushions don’t show since they can sometimes conflict with the table, but this time they worked okay. 🙂

  9. I have to say I like the napkins with the pink flowers facing up, especially with the bunny plates and chargers. I like the little pink flower napkin ring the best. All the touches of “spring” green in the center piece and the flatware tie it all into the perfect garden party. Now that you’ve shown all the cuteness of the glasses I can see why you bought them! They go perfect with the plates but would also dress up plain dishes. It is cold here in northern California with a bit of wind but the sun is doing its thing…very bright!

    • Thanks, Kathleen! I think I do too…like the little pink flower napkin ring best. I rarely use those so it was nice to bring them out this time. I hope you guys start warming up soon, I know it can get quite chilly in northern California. Spring is almost officially here! Yay!

  10. Sonia Martinez says

    Good morning, Susan…the purple leaf Shamrock is called Oxalis triangularis and has very pale pinkish lavender blossoms. I have one of the I’ve had for years. Love it.

    • Thanks for that info, Sonia! It really is beautiful, isn’t it! I hope I can keep the two Shamrocks I purchased alive. The last time I purchased Shamrocks, they did great for the first year I had them, then croaked on me the second year. I need to read up and figure out what I did wrong. Here’s a photo of the Purple-Leaf Shamrock. I temporarily had it in the center of the table but decided I liked the green one better for this table setting. Such beautiful flowers…love the soft lavender blooms!

      Purple Leaf Shamrock, Oxalis Triangularis

  11. Your Spode Kim Parker floral chargers go perfectly with your new bunny plates and glasses. Love the pretty Shamrock plant and the container you have it in. We’re having temps in the 70’s today. Yea … come on spring!

  12. Love the floral explosion! The napkins look like they have crinolines underneath, so cute, so old school Easter for those of us who remember dressing in our finest new Easter outfits. 🙂
    The floral napkin rings are my favorites of the two. Spring is really starting to bust out everywhere in my region, but nice and slow. I love it.

  13. Kathy Dombrowski says

    Where did you get your striped chandelier shades? I’ve been searching for ages for something different.

    • I purchased those many, many years ago in a store called Grand Harbour. The one near me closed but I just Googled and it looks like there are still a few here in Georgia in Newnan and Douglasville, if those are the same store.

  14. Oh my gosh, Susan! So cute! Those plates look like they were made to go with the bunny salad plates! I love Mr. Bunny’s expression – his smile makes me happy. Thanks for brightening my day!

  15. Beautiful as always, Susan! I think I need a floral and colorful table setting, too, ASAP: we are still in the depths of winter here… 🙁
    PS: What’s wrong with the comments section? Why do the users’ names not show up, today? How do you know who’s leaving a comment, this way, Susan?

  16. I love your Spring table dear Susan, I specially love your floral chargers, just perfect !
    Thank you for hosting this Thursday for us. I’m sharing a St. Pat’s tablescape this week.

  17. Such a beautiful table. Love those napkins and I think I prefer the dragonfly rings but both are pretty.

  18. Beautiful table setting. Where did you get the floral napkins? Love them!

    • Thanks, Kay! I’ve had them so long now, I don’t remember. It was probably either HomeGoods or Tuesday Monday…or possibly Marshalls. Those are the stores where I normally find cute linens.

  19. Love your floral table, your chargers look like they were made for your plates! I like the flower napkin ring, perfect for those beautiful napkins!
    Thanks for hosting!

  20. Cyndi Raines says

    What a happy table, makes me smile! I like both napkin rings and when that happens, I use them both, so two people get the dragonflies and two the flowers, more fun! I have the lovely purple shamrock plant and it is my pride and joy with the sweet pale pinkish lavender blossoms. My plant is very full and at times the shamrock look like butterflies. I get lots of compliments on this plant. Yes, temps are warming up here in MI, 57 today, it was wonderful, even though it rained. Happy Spring! ☘

  21. LOVE how colorful everything is!! So cheerful. The new plates are adorable. We are a long way from 60….maybe 37 today? But better than 17!! We have a real live bunny living under our deck and he has made quite the home there, developing a tunnel in the snow for a snug entrance to his lair. I will be glad to see him out and about more…even if he does eat my newly planted veggies, in the early summer…. Have a great Springy weekend!

  22. Vickie H. says

    Love this table setting! Gorgeous! So ready for SPRING over here! I noted on that Bamboo Flatware you shared a link with us on that it is 18/10 Stainless Steel….I am almost NEVER able to find that quality in flatware these days….so many have gone to 18/8 or 18/0…it is awful. I would snap up the 18/10 immediately if you haven’t already…and that price cannot be beat. Thanks for sharing, Susan!

  23. As I am just returning from Maui, I favor the pink flower napkin flowers reminding me of the exquisite colors of my trip.
    The bunny plates and glasses are adorable.
    Thank you for your inspiring posts!

  24. Darlene Gardner says

    Susan, another gorgeous table! Everything about this just speaks “Spring”. The florals are so pretty and I love your new bunny dishes! Can’t decide if I need any bunny dishware. No, wait, I KNOW I don’t need any, but do I want some – MAYBE!

  25. Sheila in Garden City SC says

    Good morning, Susan. This is such a lovely Spring tablescape and the glass top table doubles the beauty and makes it so airy. I love everything you’ve chosen! Thank you for reminding me to look for Shamrock plants when I’m out and about. Enjoy your weekend!

  26. Just LOVE this tablescape! Those Kim Parker chargers go with so much. My husband’s birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day, but I have quit buying shamrocks, because I can’t keep one alive any time. Sad. I love them. I do plant the purple ones in my garden and they are perennial. They are oxalis triangularis, or just plain oxalis. I love them! I went to your blog when I saw notice of your post today and realized I had not received notification of about 5 days’ worth of posts. I can’t have that! Enjoy your beautiful new plates. I bought Wms Sonoma’s bunnies last year and am loving them. When I buy something now, I get rid of something. I’ve reached my limit!

    • Thanks so much, Martha! I have the same problem with shamrocks, it will be a miracle if these last very long.
      So I can plant the purple ones in my garden? I live in Georgia where it gets pretty cold in the winter, wonder if they would survive our way?
      So you did get an email notice today about the new post but haven’t gotten them the last several days?

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