What I Couldn’t Pass Up At This End-of-Season Clearance Sale

I’ve been shopping the “end of season” clearance sale that’s going on right now at Talbots and found a pair of jeans I can’t resist. Currently, everything that’s on sale is an additional 60% off! That’s my kind of sale! One of the first things that caught my eye was this pretty zipper jacket that’s all cotton. I’m a cotton snob, but you already know that about me. It’s gotta be cotton or linen for summer! This is the perfect jacket to transition into the cooler evenings that are soon coming. You’ll find it on sale with an additional 60% off the sale price here: Jacket for Chilling Evenings.


I am definitely getting these jeans. I have similar pair of blue and white toile slacks that I’ve almost worn to shreds. I find patterns like this to be super flattering on–not sure why but they always seem to have a slimming effect. These are sooo pretty with the butterfly design! Love them! You’ll find them on sale with an additional 60% off the sale price here: Blue and White Butterfly Toil Jeans.


This pretty top with eyelet sleeves is available in 4 different colors. I love the ruffled collar…so pretty and feminine! It’s on sale with an additional 60% off the sale price here: Eyelet Top in 4 Colors.


I’m very tempted by this maxi dress. It’s all cotton which I love so should be super flattering. I really don’t like maxi dresses with spandex or any stretchy fabric because those tend to cling and can be so unflattering. That should not happen with this dress and it looks so cool and comfortable!


It would be perfect to wear out to dinner while on a beach vaca, or really anytime. I love the colors and the pretty design. It’s currently on sale with an additional 60% off the sale price here: Summer Maxi Dress.


I have so many of these linen tops and love them. They are so cool and comfortable for summer and very flattering since they come down a nice length in back. They are available in several colors and are currently on sale with an additional 60% off the sale price here:  Linen Tops.

Aqua Linen Top


This beautiful sweater would be another great transition piece as we head into summer. It’s the perfect sweater for spring when the temps are still a bit chilly or in later summer/early fall when the evenings are starting to feel cool.


It’s available in quite a few colors and is on sale with an additional 60% off the sale price here: Open Weave Sweater.


I was so surprised to see a fall/winter item on sale! This gorgeous 100% Cashmere sweater is available in 5 different colors and is currently included in the sale, so it’s a great time to snag a fall piece for an awesome sale price. It’s on sale with an additional 60% off the sale price here: Cashmere Sweater in 5 colors.  You’ll find everything that’s included in this end-of-season clearance sale here: 60% Off End of Season Clearance Sale.

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  1. Love the maxi dress. I was laughing because the ads today were for washers. Did you have a microwave installed yet ? I have a serious AC leaking problem. Two companies have been here and I am disappointed. I called the office of the last company and told them “If I have to buy a new system, it will not be from you” I don’t feel like they know how to talk to single women and assume we are stupid and want to intimidate us. It was more about selling a new system than what are we going to do about the issue at hand. I felt the last older man was dishonest, so a letter will go to his boss and I put in a Yelp comment. The first time I used this company, there were no problems.

    • Too funny that they are for washers. I’m so sorry you are going through that Myrna. I have to say, I’ve had similar experiences when trying to get estimates. I had one company say they wouldn’t come out to give me an estimate unless my husband was present, too. I canceled the estimate right then. Some companies are completely clueless. I hope you find a good, honest one!

  2. Well, my mother will soon be the proud owner of the blue and white butterfly pants. Thank you for showing us all the good deals!

  3. Great finds at Talbots – there clothes are great. Love the blue and white pants…happy shopping !

  4. Hi Susan! Thank you for sharing your favorites and what is on sale. I purchased the White Butterfly Toile slim leg jeans. They arrived today and fit like a glove! I have several tops that will pair with the jeans perfectly.

    I walked into the Talbots store in Scottsdale last week to browse around. The sales lady who greeted me was wearing the same jeans. I thanked her for modeling the jeans for me. We had a good laugh.

    • Yeah, I’m so glad they worked for you! Mine just arrived a few days ago–love that design! They feel so well made, too! That’s too funny that she was wearing them. lol Seems like every time I shop there, I’m almost always wearing something that I purchased from their store.

  5. Love love love Talbots! Most of my wardrobe comes from Talbots. They understand and provide the classic traditional well made clothing that American women want to purchase. (I don’t really understand why their ads are photographed mostly outside the U.S.A. in the past few years. Seems it is Gr Britain, Paris or the Islands instead of our own beautiful Country. I suppose they are building and going for a different market nowadays. I have heard many French women are buying from them now.)

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