Sewing Velvet: Are My Curtains Sewn Backwards?

Greetings! How was your day today? Hope it was a great one!

Today has been a pretty productive day around here. I have a little update for you about the velvet drapes I recently purchased for the living room. I also have a question for you!

You may remember last week I draped the velvet panels I purchased over the tops of the shutters in the living room to give you a little idea how they might look with the judges paneling and furniture in this space. I only had three panels at the time and was awaiting a fourth panel.

Green Velvet Drapes for Cozy Paneled Room


I have the fourth panel now and thankfully they all match! (If you missed the mismatched panel post, you’ll find it Velvet Drapes for the Living Room.)

Velvet Drapes


With all four panels here, I went shopping for curtain rods today. Last time I bought draperies, I searched all over the place before I found curtains rods that I really liked.

Check Curtains Draperies with French Pleats and Grosgrain Trim


I decided to go back to Lowes where I found them the last time. They still had the cute artichoke finial rods but I wanted something a little different for the living room. (See previous dining room draperies post here: Dining Room Check Draperies)

Check Curtains Draperies with French Pleats and Grosgrain Trim


I purchased these today, but now that I have them home, I think I’ve changed my mind.

2016-01-19 16.32.36


I don’t think I want metal drapery rods in this room. I’m starting to think I should use wood rods with wood finials. What do you think?

Green Velvet Drapes for Cozy Paneled Room


You may remember, these curtains have little hooks on back through which you place curtain drapery pins.

Green Velvet Drapes


They are designed so they can be hung with regular clip rings by hooking the pins through the ring as shown below.

Hanging Curtains with loops on back


Do you think a wood rod would look better than a dark metal rod? I would need wood rings, too. I guess I could spray paint the metal rod I purchased with a metallic brown paint, although it might be hard to match to the brown color of the existing finial…but maybe not. The curtains would be hanging in between so if the finial didn’t exactly match, I think it would be okay.

2016-01-19 16.32.36


The curtains won’t be opened/closed. They will just hang on either side of the window since the plantation shutters provide privacy and sun control when needed. So I wouldn’t have to worry about the rings scratching up the rod if I did spray paint it. I could use brown/bronze rings if I spray paint the rods. Ummm. Anyway those are some of the ideas going through my head. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Green Velvet Drapes for Cozy Paneled Room


How Do You Cut Your Velvet?

I found a place locally that I think I’m going to use for the hemming since velvet can be so difficult to sew/hem. They’ve been in business over 50 years. I don’t have the special tools/cutting board needed for velvet so I’m leaving the hemming up to a professional. I took a panel to them today to get an estimate and they quoted me $65 per window. I have two windows.

While I was there, the seamstress I was talking with said something that really worried me. She was holding the drapes and running her hand over them and suddenly she asked me where I had purchased them. I told her I had purchased them from a Ballard Designs Outlet.

The next words that came out of her mouth stunned me. She told me that they were cut the wrong way and that’s why they were for sale in the outlet. She said that velvet is supposed to be cut with the nap going downward. You know how you can run your hand over velvet and it feels soft and smooth going one way and kind of rough going the other way. She compared it to petting a cat as she described what she meant.

My velvet draperies are cut where when they are hanging, the nap or direction of the fabric will be pointing upward toward the ceiling, not downward toward the floor. I told her that I at least hoped they were all going the same direction since I knew the panels wouldn’t look the same when hanging, if they weren’t. As soon as I got home I checked and they were all cut the same direction with the nap of the fabric going upward. Whew!

Next I Googled to see if what she said was true about how the curtains were cut the wrong way. Here’s what I found at the first site Google sent me to which was


Info from

I was greatly relieved to read that because I’d prefer my curtains look darker than lighter, so I think I’m glad the nap will be going upward when they are hanging. I won’t have to worry about wear because this isn’t a dress or an article of clothing that will see a lot of wear. They are drapes that will hang stationary, all the time. I guess the only negative is they might be prone to catch dust more easily with the nap running upward. Ummm, what do you think about all this?

Switching gears, on the way home today, I stopped into a Tuesday Morning. I haven’t been in one in a bazillion years so thought it would be fun to look around. I didn’t buy anything but look what I saw. Did you know Waverly makes cookware, and you can buy toile pans now. 🙂

2016-01-19 15.27.10-2


Before I close out this post, I wanted to share this in case you are interested. Remember the black boots I purchased that kept my feet dry in some of the downpours we encountered in Italy? Last night I discovered they are on sale half price.Teva Boots in Black


I ordered another pair, this time in this rich brown color called, Bison. I love these boots! I am pretty much living in them this winter. I was wearing the black ones the night my car got stuck in mud and I just knew they were going to be ruined since the mud and water was so deep it flowed inside them. Nope, got home, washed them off and they look as good as the day I bought them, which is amazing since they are suede!

You’ll find them on sale here: Teva Boots or on Amazon here: Teva Boots. I purchased them in 1/2 size bigger than I normally wear because I like to wear thick socks with boots. I paid full price ($120) when I purchased my black pair several months ago so the sales prices are awesome!

Teva Boots


I was thinking today, whenever I come across something I love that I think you might want to know about, especially an awesome sale, I’ll tack it onto the end of a post like I did this time. If I wait to create a “shopping” post of great finds, something I usually only do a couple of times a month, chances are the sale will be over or the item will be sold out. Since I just ordered them in brown last night, they should still be available, although I noticed the sizes are starting to close out as they sell. They have them in three colors right now: Black, Brown and Taupe.

Okay, let me know what you think about the velvet dilemma, are my curtains sewn backwards? lol Is it okay that the nap will be going upward and not downward when they are eventually hanging?

Also, do you like the idea of wood drapery rods for this room or should I just spray paint the ones I purchased, brown?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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  1. Definitely would se the wooden rods. I have a question for you…Im buying a new home and would love to use toile in the den. Do you think its out of style?? I thought it was classic, but comment by a friend has me questioning my judgment!!

  2. It seems counter intuitive to cut drapes with the nap going up, but that is what I would do. I also love the richer color, and that’s how I was taught to do it. (Former Home Ec teacher here). Clothing is another story…nap going down. It really depends on the look you like as long as it all goes the same way.

  3. I don’t really think it matters, if you like them! I have purchased velvet clothing in the past that ran that way & I though it was cut wrong also, but then now that’s all I see. Nope, done think it will get dustier faster because of it either, just vacuum upwards!
    Also, I like the wooden drapery poles best. My two cents..

  4. eowana jordan Manassas va says

    Look for wood rods.. as long as all curtains have velvet nap going the same way it is okay. I love velvet drapes.. bought green ones at Pier One on sale years ago.. but eventually tired of them and bought some brown subtle figured tapestry ones.. for family room.. Shame Expos are out of business.. They had wonderful things!! The hunt is the best part.. so enjoy!!!

  5. I think wooden rods are the way to go. That being said I very much enjoy reading your blog. It’s like reading the story of a friend. (Also, your home is lovely).

  6. I would definitely use wooden rods. They just look so much more elegant. I wouldn’t worry about the velvet nap going up, it will give a much richer look to the drape. They will be beautiful!

  7. If you love the color the way they are use them!! I don’t think the nap matters since they will just be hanging:)

  8. I have a friend that is a great seamstress that always cuts the velvet with the nap up instead of smooth. She says it gives a richer look. I vote for up. 🙂

  9. Susan-drapes and velvet will b fine I think…no one but you would even notice the nap once on your windows–Home Ec teachers know their stuff! I feel your pain with rods–I like the darker color as they are now-contrast w/panels–if you paint them they may not be as distinct! Are they black or brown now?? Remember they will b high-up-will it make a huge difference in the overall impact you want?? I know the devil is in the details but not sure when walking into the room or sitting down it would make an appreciable difference to justify so much work….I do like the idea of metal against the panels-and the velvet…

  10. Cynthia from San Clemente, CA says

    I guess I’ll go against the trend and say I’d go with metal rods because you have so much wood in that room, I think you need something a little different. I’d use a metal color that is similar to the darkest wood furniture in the room. As for the drapes, as long as they’re all cut the same way, I’d keep them. They will look lovely.

    • Carole Hoffert says

      I agree with Diana and Cynthia, you need the texture of the metal rod since there is so much wood in the room.

      If the drapes are all the same color, no one will be the wiser about the nap, very few people other than my mother feel other people’s drapes! 🙂

  11. Old rules about nap direction have changed for both velvets and corduroys. As long as they all run the same way, color should be consistent, and your drapes will get minimal wear. Main thing is that you like the color.

    Curtain rods……i have seen unfinished rods and rings at big box home stores, and you could stain to match your panelling, or contrast as desired. Or paint. Just an idea, and do your finials to match or not. Even antique doorknobs can be adapted as finials. Have fun!

  12. I like the rods you bought. The woven leather is very appropriate for that room.

  13. For my two cents….go with the wood rods! Hang the draperies with the nap running upside down ….sit down with a nice glass of wine and enjoy!!! Life is too short to sweat the small stuff! They will be lovely and perfect touch
    of change to your room. Once a year I take down my lined draperies, toss them in the drier ( no heat) to fluff and dust and hang them right back up
    for another year. Don’t forget the wine; its part of the process!

  14. I really like the rods you got at Lowe’s. I like the metal with the wood. Love those Teva boots. Vikki in VA

  15. Cheryl Ann says

    You will choose the perfect rod all on your own…you do good work! Your home is beautiful! Thanks for the heads up on the boots too.

  16. I like the metal with the wood, I also like the richer look of the velvet.
    Thanks for the heads up on the boots, I just ordered a pair!

  17. I like the contrast of the rods as you bought them. I noticed the contrast in the frame to the right of the window. I think I picked up on black touches in the border of the rug. Also spotted contrast in several of your furniture pieces. All this led me to think that I’d go with the existing rod. The one you have seems very fitting for the room. I would encourage you to not second guess yourself. I especially like the knotted design in the finial. The contrast of the metal rod also seems very appropriate because the room already features a lot of wood. The velvet…I don’t know why one would be any better than the other except for one possible thing. If you vacuum the drapes from the top to the bottom, a backward nap would be very noticeable afterward. That might or might not bother you, and you get all the votes in my mind. Whatever you choose is going to look wonderful. It’s a great room design, and your touches to freshen it up will be perfect! You have a good eye, and you’ve done a good job!

    • I noticed the same contrast Entertaining Women discusses. I, too, think the contrast would be nice considering the wood presence in the room.

  18. Jane Franks says

    Hi Susan:

    RE: the drapes. I’d go with the metal rods. I think the metallic brown would look elegant, a nice contrast from all the wood in the room and great with the velvet. I have wood rods with some Ralph Lauren plaid window treatment and looks very nice and “horse country”, but I see your room as more traditional, and I think the metal would do well with that setting. As far as velvet, I was interested in your seamstress’s comment and even before you mentioned Googling it, I was going to write that you will definitely like the nap up, because they are going to be much richer. I sewed with velvet several times when I was young, (clothes), and the pattern always stressed that if you wanted a rich look make sure the nap was up. Down nap will get shiny and washed out looking in time. You can always shake the dust out or vacuum them, but definitely I think you will like the nap up. RE: the boots, I LOVE Teva and those boots! I’ve had Teva sandals and wore them out! I wore them year round (socks in winter); they were sooo comfortable. I’m assuming the boots are, too? I may have to get these! A great deal!! Do they run small or normal? I’m between 8 and 8 1/2. Thanks for all the great tips!! Jane xo

    • I think they are pretty true to size but I bought a 1/2 size bigger because I wear pretty thick/fluffy socks in the winter. I normally wear a size 7 but the 7 1/2 has been perfect in these with my thick socks.

  19. Diane Edwards says

    The link for Teva didn’t work

  20. Draperies: I think they will be fine with the nap going up. The only difficulty I can see is if you vacuum them, you’ll have to vacuum from bottom up.
    Drapery rods: I love the one you chose and think it’s perfect as is. I think the metal adds another dimension to your room instead of fading into the woodwork (no pun intended). The metal and velvet will be wonderful together and the leather finial is an added bonus.

  21. I like the rods you bought and think wooden ones would be too much wood. I love the boots and just ordered them in brown. The code worked and gave me another 20% off! Thanks for the info!

  22. Well…I luv that brown/bronze paint…that’s the color we did our doors, island, etc. Your drapes will be “just right” for you!! franki

  23. I would not use any rods that would show at all. Your walls are beautiful, have the drapes hung from clips that gather the fabric into folds on rods at each side of the window.

  24. Re: Nap. Doesn’t matter as long as they all match. They are beautiful no matter what. I would use the black metal rods. I was always taught that every room can use a touch of black and I think it would be a wonderful contract to all the wood. I used bronze metallic in my house and love the look.

    The Teva boots. They did not have my size on your site but just for grins I went to Amazon – since almost everything I buy comes from there, why not shoes? I found my size on sale; black for 39.31, brown for 47.87 and something called black/olive for 58.34. So of course I ordered all 3 colors and will pick when they come in (Prime shipping is free and so are returns). I also found a bootie they called a ‘sandal’ that I ordered. Unfortunately not on sale but beautiful and I have been looking for some perforated booties. Here is the link:
    Love the drapery look in your room. I have an ‘interior’ room with windows. It used to look out onto a deck but we converted the deck to a sun room years ago and left the windows in place. I’m wondering if I could put up the stationary drapes to add some color and pattern to the room or if it would look stupid to have drapes on an interior wall even though it appears to be exterior. Like you, I would not cover the window but just have one on the outside of each window on a short rod. Seems like I am always thinking of things to do to the house.

  25. I really like the rods that you bought. You have a lot of wood already in the room, and I think these rods would be a nice contrast. I’ve sewn velvet drapes before, and as long as the nap is the same for all of them then it shouldn’t be a problem. Can’t wait to see them up!

  26. I was taught that the nap went down on clothing. The drapes should be fine. I would like the richer look to them too. I’m torn about the rods. Love the ones you got. Would just have to see how they looked in the room compared to the wood. Just might be enough wood all ready and need the little change.

  27. Betsy Gordon says

    I live in Atlanta area (Marietta) and I think that price you were quoted is extremely high. I can have a single drapery panel made for that dollar amount (if I provide the fabric and lining). I think your velvet draperies are lined, so it really shouldn’t be more than 20.00 a panel to hem your velvet panels. Even dry cleaners hem draperies. Happy to pass along a few recommendations of places.

    I do love the look of the velvet draperies in this room. Looks like a nice addition.

    Betsy Gordon

  28. I had wood rods and it was a pain. Had to cut the rod and somehow they were joined in the center and It is a long story, but I didn’t like them, and wished I had stayed with metal. I really like the ones you have chosen, and like the contrast with the wood you have, which, by the way, I love!
    My thoughts about the draperies is that you are blessed that all the panels are the same, and it will be fine. Relax and enjoy them.

  29. Claire Hallman says

    Hemming two panels with a lining at $65 sounds a pretty good price to me.
    I agree with everyone about using the dark metal rods you have chosen and that the nap of the velvet is not important. If it was a problem the person hemming them could rework and turn them and do the shortening from the other end.

  30. A post here on the Teva De La Vina Ankle Boots. I was able to use the link and the code (20% off!). I got a confirmation on my size and color, but states not a guarantee they have it in stock…I guess with sales they have to say that. Anyway, hope I get them as comfort is about my most concern, but these are really cute! I also went through Ebates which will give me another 2.5% cash back as well…I saved over $68. Thanks for the tip, Susan!! PS…don’t ask me about curtains or curtain rods :/…sounds like you got some great advice!

  31. I love those rods. And adding a little metal to that room will create a little contrast.

  32. Velvet drapes are a heavy, substantial material so i would go with the wooden rods. Too bad yo dont live close. I have some beautiful wooden finials from last house in the attic. All you need are the wooden rods to screw them into. I got mine at bed bath and beyond and custom cut the rods.
    I dedust my drapes in my LG dryer. Works great on air fluff. Expect to do it often with velvet.
    I had deep red velvet in my study….loved them. Your room is very pretty by the way…..i vote for wood.
    As for toile, it is essential French Country classic. Been around forever and fits in the most discriminating room to shabby chic boutique. Would go great with your french chef pig in your kitchen. That said, i buy pots and pans for function and if i like the look of them, all the better.
    Love the boots but since i am over 65 and evolving into a decrepit ol lady, my life revolves around tennis shoes. I even have velvet, rhinestone neiman marcus tennis shoes for wearing with black velvet evening pants……got them at NM last call. Love them. Lol

  33. Susan, I’m like you in that I like the wooden rods the best. I might invest in wooden ones even though you don’t plan on closing your drapes. When dusting your shutters, you might over time scratch the metal rods. Just my 2 cents for what it’s worth. I think the direction of the nap is preference. I think you’ve made a wonderful choice in drapes.
    Thank you for sharing all the things you like and enjoy! I just ordered some black boots. It’s perfect timing for our cold wet weather in Arkansas

  34. I think with all that wood, the metal rods would be best. Are you going to even see them if you go with wood rods?

  35. Chiming in with a vote for the metal rods; like the contrast in texture with all the wood in the room. Nap-up adds even more richness to velvet (which is why you bought them, no?) so sounds like one of those happy accidents. Can’t wait for the reveal!

  36. susan hatfield says

    My family has been sewing for many generations and yes your velvet was cut incorrectly but I wouldn’t worry about it if you are pleased with how they look. I would go with the wooden rods.

  37. I agree that so long as the nap is the same for all then you are good. But you may find when you go to hang them and fuss with the folds that you will need to be careful not to accidentally create steaks by running your hands down the folds to straighten. Hope i am explaining myself accurately.

  38. Thanks for the “heads up” on the Teva boots! I ordered the black and the bison-colored pair! Anxious to receive them!

  39. I agree with the majority that the nap doesn’t matter. I also think I like the look of the rods you purchased or a darker bronze type metal rod/finial for contrast to all the wood. It would seem that the right bronze finish would look rich with the velvet. I however wonder about just short rods on either side of the window with the panel as opposed to long rods as you said you intended them to remain stationary. Probably either is fine.

  40. The drapes are gorgeous with the nap going up! So rich! I think the metal rods you chose are perfect. As has been said, I like the contrast. I think wood is beautiful but there is plenty of beautiful wood in the room. Of course, you have to love it! So go with what your gut, always. You have a lovely home and certainly have great style!

  41. I feel like the velvet drapery panels were made that way on purpose. As long as they’re all the same that’s what really matters. I guess the only way to know is to go to a Ballard store and see how they are shown in person. I had a wood rod (longer than what you’d be using) that would bow in the center. I had to turn it every so often and then it would correct for a bit. I like the rod you found but you can also go to Lowe’s web site and search rods and there are a lot more to pick from. I ordered mine that way and they came in fast.

  42. If the drapes are not going to function why not consider short rods on either side so you won’t have the rod going across the top of the window? We have velvet drapes in our home and instead of vacuuming them I toss them into the dryer on air with a clean towel . Your taste is wonderful and I’m sure whatever you choose will be terrific.

  43. I’d opt for the metal rods for contrast, too, as many others have said.

    Everything you found confirms what I would say about velvet. (I’m a sewer!) For draperies, the thing that would matter is that they are all cut the same. Downward nap is preferable, but perhaps the draperies were cut the other way in order to deepen the color?

    The room will look lovely, no matter what you decide!

  44. Susan, I did know that about nap on velvet, as I used to sew a lot. I think you’ll be fine with the richer look of the reverse nap of yours, and the dust catching was the only thing I was thinking as a drawback. You can nip that by shaking out once or twice a year, no big deal. For the rods, I think I would stick with wood to blend with your plantation shutters (although I do like the finials on the ones you chose). I think you’ll be happier in the long run with the whole wood look, and avoid the paint job. The difference in price for the rods vs the value of your time – priceless.

  45. I don’t think the nap will matter as long as it is all the same and you like it. There are no drapery police. Have you considered hanging your drapes at the ceiling as you did in the dining room. It seems designers all recommend it for a long elegant look. I have chenille draperies in my living room hung just on the sides of my windows on small wooded rods with finials. That way no bare rod runs across the window to distract from your lovely paneling. I bought the rods at Bed, Bath & Beyond, along with the draperies, and may have cut them to fit, can’t remember. Thinking the chenille might stretch over time I left them long and puddled. I have been very happy with that look. Whatever you decide, enjoy it.

  46. Jean Waldrop says

    Wood for certain. Elegant velvet requires an elegant rod. I know you are near Lewis and Sheron Fabrics, which carries beautiful wooden rods and finials. Have fun

  47. Goodness, you’re probably even more confused than ever, but you certainly got a lot of great opinions! It sounds like everyone agrees the curtains are a keeper with the nap running up, myself included. I also like the metal as a bit of textural interest against the beautiful judge’s paneling. I did a quick Lowes check and they have a finish called “auburn bronze” which is very pretty if you are truly unhappy with your purchase. And remember, once your curtains are hung, not that much rod will show anyway. People will notice your finials, not the rod, and I love the ones you chose.

    I love your idea of sharing great sales finds too. Winter has finally arrived in the South, so boots and thick socks are very appealing!

  48. Rose Ann Bacher-Giallombardo says

    Hello Susan, This lovely room of yours doesn’t need those dark, heavy drapes! The Plantation shutters should be all that you need on your windows. The drapes make the room too DARK!

  49. I have the same Sage green drapes from Ballard Designs and I love them! I wanted them for a few years and finally broke down and bought them. I think I would go with the wood rods if I were you with all the wood paneling.

    • Ruth, In case you’re wondering, too…I was so curious, I just now called Ballard Designs 800 number and talked with one of their drapery specialists. She said they have their velvet drapes cut with the nap going upward intentionally because they want that richness and depth of color you get when they are cut that way. Glad you love yours, I can’t wait to get these up if I can ever decide on the rod. 🙂

  50. I vote for the metal rods and finials. The metal finish will provide a beautiful contrast to all your wood.

  51. With the nap going down it is easier to wipe/vac of dust and stuff later on. Going up is a problem with both. SO think about cleaning.

    But my question is why put hooks if using those rings that have clips. Just put clips on the very top of velvet and hang on rod. Or is it that you don’t want any light to come through the top part. Just wondering

  52. I wouldn’t worry about the nap of the velvet. All that matters is uniformity.
    Who’s going to know anyway? (Except us, of course!) 🙂 I can see by the variety of answers that you are just going to have to go with what feels comfortable to you. If it were me, I would go with wood. Although rods can make a real statement, I don’t think drapery rods are a place to add texture or variety in a room like this. You’ve provided that within the room and your shutters already make a wonderful statement. The draperies themselves are going to add another layer of texture. What I would look for is seamlessness. Your room is elegant and has an air of quality. I would be concerned that metal would look a little “cheap” against the judges panelling and subtly bring the rest of the room down. But that’s just me. I can’t wait to see where your own instincts take you!

    • Thanks, Yolie, appreciate that so much. I was worried about that…if the metal would look cheap against the wood, especially since the pole isn’t that terribly thick. I normally just want my curtains rods to blend in and let the draperies be the focal point. Appreciate your thoughts!

  53. Mildred Hoppe says

    You’re room is beautiful, rich and large. I’d go with wooden rods, the biggest in diameter(at least 2 inches) you can buy, with big, beautiful finials. Everything in the room big, the drapes are velvet, long and heavy. The rod needs to be big to go with all that’s going on in there. There are some gorgeous finials out there. If you have to spray them to get the color you want, so be it. You were going to spray the metal ones anyway. Big rods, big finials, and rings….it would be Amazing!
    I sew. It doesn’t matter the drapes are cut with the nap going up, as long as they are all the same. You’re not going to wear them(unlike Scarlett O’Hara). The $65/window is a great price. I wouldn’t do them for that!
    Thanks for the info on the boots. You’re TEVA link is sold out in my size, but trusty Amazon has them and I’m ordering 2 colors.
    Good luck and love your blog.

  54. Hi Susan
    I would stay with the rods you bought. Who is going to get up and close to see if they are metal or wood?
    There is already a lot of wood in room, so a small amount of metal would add a different texture in a small way. Go metal.
    As for the drapes, I like the fact that the nap will go up. In drapes FINE.
    Hang them up once hemmed and enjoy.

  55. Selma Kessler says

    1) Thanks for the Teva link! It was to Sierra Trading Post, and I ordered a pair of boots in my size!
    2) I like the idea of using metal curtain rods in your room. You have beautiful paneling there already, using metal would be a nice, clean accent. From a design standpoint, it is always great to have a mix of materials that work together. Then again, I’m a civil engineer, not an interior designer! (Part of why I enjoy your posts so much, you have completed some great design projects! Well done!) Whatever you go with, your home is lovely!

  56. I think the metal rods because of all the wood you already have in the room. I was taught to sew nap down but, just about every curtain I see is nap up. I don’t think nap up will show as much if you brush against it whereas nap down has more sheen and shows every place the nap is disturbed. I think the choices you have made are lovely, stick with them!

  57. Love those boots, and glad you share good buys with us!!

    The rods: I like the ones you have purchased, the knotted finial is really neat and the metal adds another dimension to your room, which is so beautiful by the way…… There’s already enough wood in there……

    The drapes: lovely color, the nap should be running downwards, but you get a richer color with it going upwards. It will be a pain to vacuum and clean, but you need to have it look the way you want.

    You’ll figure it out and you always make amazing decisions!!! xoxoxo

    • Thanks, Cleo! Appreciate that so much! I called Ballard Designs 800 number today and talked to a supervisor who told me that Ballard Designs actually specified that they be cut and sewn that way, with the nap running upward when hanging, so they would appear richer in color. That made me feel better, knowing it was on purpose. She said the standard way in going downward but that they take on a sheen and don’t appear as luxurious. 🙂

  58. I personally like the metal rods AND I have the boots (Black) and purchased them based on your recommendation…love, love them!!

    • So glad you like them too, Michele. Today I ordered another pair in black. My current black ones still look brand new, despite all they’ve been through this fall and winter, but I was worried when they do eventually wear out, I won’t be able to find them again. Teva did good when they made these boots! 🙂

  59. Susan,

    I too like the metal rods you have already purchased!! Does anyone really notice if you have wood rods or not?? Its for your own personal taste. You have a pretty room with many focus points, and I do not think someone would even notice curtain rods.

    Paula 🙂

  60. bobbi duncan says

    Hi. As long as the nap runs the same way on all panels, I feel the choice is yours. I don’t think THAT depth of nap would catch much dust, but the fabric may wear better if you don’t vacuum against the nap. I would prefer the wooden rods with the velvet. You are so sweet to think of us when you purchase items…thank you so much! I love both colors of your boots, and the style as well. I could really use some new shoes as a few of my summery ones are not real comfortable. They feel fine when I walk around at the store, but not when they’re worn for longer periods of time… AFTER I’ve paid for them (ug!). My GA friends said they are expecting a couple inches of snow tonight. We’re expected to get some as well, but from a different storm.,,..and so it begins (brrrrr!) Hugs!

  61. KathleenfromCA says

    Re boots: Love the style and thank you for suggestion. Found them on Amazon for $61 with free shipping and returns. Did not notice they have a side zipper. Amazon offers another Teva same style waterproof boot that doesn’t sit at the ankle and even “cheaper” depending on color choice.

  62. Trish Euler says

    Hi Susan,

    Re the rods: I think iron or metal rods provide a nice juxtaposition to all the wood in the room…..UNLESS you WANT them to blend in. And I like the black against the wood…..very rich. Just my humble opinion as a former designer.


  63. My library in my old home in Va. had a look very similar to your room. I used wood rods and rings. They were very appropriate and lovely. I think the nap will be good if you want a darker look.
    I just ordered the boot, I like your sale info idea!

  64. I would have no idea how to work with the velvet, but people seem to have lots of good suggestions here. Hope you can get it to work out, because they are a lovely color! Also, those pans look amazing! I need them!

  65. Anna Starner says

    I was shocked at the quote to simply hem your drapes. I would check around and make sure they know you only want them hemmed. Your drapes will look just fine the way the nap is running. If they were running the other way they would have an almost silvery cast to them. I love the rods you chose and agree with the ladies that said you have so much wood in there already.

  66. I am a little late getting to this post. I think the curtains are fine, I think the color is great for your room. I wanted to tell you, I am a Realtor and yesterday was holding a house open and noticed she had used copper pipe for curtain rods – yep, right from the hardware store! It was beautiful! She had plain black brackets holding up the pipe and copper caps on the end of the pipes with just plain cream grommet curtains, but the copper just added to it without jumping out at you. You had to move the curtains to see the brackets. She had different metals in the same room too and it all worked great together. Just another idea!

  67. I bought them in bison, can’t wait to get them. It’s very rainy here so I’m anxious to try a suede that will survive!

  68. Since you are putting up new rods, consider mounting them higher and eliminate the need to hem the drapes. They are beautiful and look very rich.

    • Wish I could but they 109 inches long and I only have 8 foot ceilings. Wish they had been shorter but they only had that length. I was thinking of getting them hemmed with a very deep hem, but if I ever move and have higher ceilings, I’m guessing the previous hem would probably show if Had them let out.

      • Susan, may I make a suggestion. Be sure to ask for the fabric that they have cut off as one never knows if or when you might need or recycle it. (i.e.: In event of damage to a panel and required for repair or perhaps recycled for use as a welting, colour co-ordinating etc.) -Brenda-

  69. I just want to lay on that couch with the fire going. That’s it.

  70. Susan, with respect to the metal rods (for what it is worth) personally I would opt for them as ‘metal’ is making a statement this year in interior décor plus I feel they will add a tasteful contrast to the wood mouldings etc. already in the room. As for the nap on your curtains running in the wrong direction, I would not be too concerned as unlike for a garment there is no issue of wear on the fabric. (i.e.: For example on the derriere when you sit or bending the elbows. ) Actually as you have discovered it can affect the colour but there are a number of other yard goods which can come under a similar umbrella re how its woven and choice of preference. (Years ago when I made my own Wedding dress I intentionally used the wrong side of the peau de soie fabric since I preferred it. One upholstered headboard that I made in suede, I chose to have the nap run horizontal rather than vertical.) Looking forward to seeing your curtains hung as I am sure they will be another wonderful addition to your now already beautiful room. -Brenda-

    • Thanks, Brenda! Exactly, don’t have to worry about wear since they’ll just be hanging. That makes sense about clothing. It would feel weird to have your arm brush your dress and feel the nap poking you, and as you said, would feel strange when you sat down. So that makes perfect sense for clothing. I called Ballard Designs 800 number the day after I wrote that post and they told me that they are all cut that way…that they requested them to be cut that way so the drapes would have a richer look and not the sheen you get when the nap is going the other way. That made me feel better, knowing it wasn’t an accident. That is so amazing that you made your wedding dress and that you made it the way you wanted it. I love that! Thanks for all these great tips and info!

  71. Cyndi Raines says

    Hi Susan, getting caught up on the blog as this was a very busy week. I think they are beautiful and the nap won’t matter as they are all going the same direction. I’m torn about the rod, love the metal finial, but also like the idea of going wooden. Tough decision, but whatever you decide will be lovely. Like the boots too. May have to order a pair. 🙂

  72. Hi Susan, I love this post 🙂 I have sewn for 20 years and still am never quite sure of “the rules” But like so many already said no one will notice or care. They will just think, wow these are pretty. As for rods, again I don’t think there is a wrong way here. Both will likely produce the same feeling/effect- beautiful. If you do spray, I have found rust oleum makes some nice browns. If you change your mind on the metallic but still want a rich color without the typical orangey undertones try “dark walnut in Rust oleum 2x”. It’s a nice dark brown. Whatever decide to do, I am pretty sure it will be gorgeous. -Jenny @paintyourselfasmile

    • Thanks for that tip on the paint…appreciate that! Yeah, I think you’re right. As long as the nap is all going in the same direction, I think the drapes will look fine. 🙂

  73. Hi, Susan, I ‘do’ window treatments for a living. I design custom window treatments and have them installed by my installer. You are correct in that it is personal preference as to which direction the nap faces. The rules are not as rigid as they used to be; it’s not surprising that Ballard would choose to do the nap layout ‘up’ to “look” richer and a deeper color. (It just may catch dust a little more.) As for the rods, usually with heavier draperies, I use a heavier rod (custom) because the illusion is that rods get smaller the higher they are on the wall. To use a heavier rod balances out the draperies better but you could just paint the ones you bought. Just telling you what custom treatments would have. It looks like you may not even need finials-does the wall bump out around the windows? Without the finials, the drapery can go flush to the bumped out wall and no exposed wall around the window will show. You may like putting the last drapery ring on the far side of the bracket on each end. Hope this explains, message me if I’m unclear. Hope that helps.

    • Rebecca, thanks for that tip about the higher up drapes are hung, the smaller the rod appears. I hadn’t thought about that. No, the wall doesn’t really bump out. There’s some picture molding on the walls but I think there’s a space above the picture molding and below the crown molding that will be a good spot for hanging a rod.
      I haven’t taken the rods I purchased out of the box yet. I may stay with a metal rod but look for one that’s bigger around and more of an antique or burnished bronze color, instead of the ORB/black color of the rods I purchased. I’m just worried that the black will really stand out against the wood and that’s not really what I want. I’m also reluctant to go with wood rods because I think that may be just too wood and may look bad against the wood walls.
      I think I’ll look around some more this weekend and see what I can find.
      Thanks again for your thoughts, really appreciate that.
      Yeah, I felt a lot better about the way the naps was running after Ballard Designs told me they cut it that way on purpose. I’m surprised that the professional seamstress I took it to wasn’t aware that stores sometimes do that now. It really surprised me that she thought they were for sale in the outlet due the way they were cut/sewn.

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