Whimsical Ideas for Spring Tablescapes

Welcome to the 448th Tablescape Thursday!

Happy Spring! My friend, Marie, had a big family gathering this year for Easter. She decorated and set her tables well in advance, but with my trip to Morocco, we could never find a good date to get together for photos. Just before I left to travel out of state to see family for Easter, I was able to stop by Marie’s home to take photos, but unfortunately she couldn’t be there that day. So, I may not be able to tell you where everything you’ll be seeing is from, but I’ll share the source for those that I do know and recognize.


The main table in the dining room was set with delightful cabbage plates.


You’ll find Cabbage dinnerware on sale here: Cabbage Plates.


These adorable bunny salad plates were a find this year and you’ll find them on sale here: Bunny Plates and here: Bunny Plates.


I really like how Marie used different colored dinner plates for some of the place settings. It adds so much interest to the table than when everything matches exactly. The beaded napkin rings are from Pier 1 HERE, but I don’t think they are still available now.


These carrot glasses stole my heart…so fun! 🙂 You’ll find them available here: Carrot Glasses.


Marie’s grandchildren have all grown too big now for the little children’s table, so they dined at the breakfast table this year for Easter. The little Peep boxes in the center of the table were gifts for them this year and Marie made them part of her centerpiece.


This bunny plates crack me up! I think they were a find at Pier 1 a few years back.


Sooo cute!


They remind me so much of the plates I used in this table setting a while back: Dapper-Dressed Animals Gather.


They have them in again for summer. I think I need some of these! lol  You’ll find them available here: Summer Dining.


Notice the adorable bunny glasses!


I always love to see how Marie has decorated the white tree in her breakfast room that she changes throughout the year depending on the holiday and season.


It’s a joy to see and always makes me laugh! Marie finds the cutest decorations!. Can you just imagine how much her grandchildren must love this!


Thanks so much to Marie for sharing her delightful Spring Easter table settings this year! Easter may be behind us now but we are just really getting into spring, and any of the beautiful collections we saw today would work great for spring decorating and dining. So love this time of year!


Looking forward to all the tables linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!


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  1. Marie’s tables are always wonderful, and I love seeing them. Those sweet baskets of flowers on each end of her dining table stole my heart. And aren’t those bunny plates on the children’s table adorable. Thank for sharing these fun tables.

  2. Wow, that tree is something else. I do love those bunny plates! Thanks so much for the inspiration and sharing such lovely tables!

  3. Cynthia Raines says

    Love the Lilly bunny plates – too cute. Thanks for sharing.

  4. THAT TREE…honestly, I couldn’t bear to take it down…just fantastical!! As far as I went this year was…faux grass (LOWES) and cut to fit my oval dining table…the scattered Jordan Almonds were the first to go….franki

  5. Such fabulous tablescape ideas!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  6. Always adorable decor. The Easter tree is spectacular!

  7. Peggy Bostic says

    Love all of the décor! Where did she get the Easter Crackers? Everyone loves the crackers. I always use at Christmas and have found some for Thanksgiving and Halloween but never have seen the Easter.

  8. Oh my, some really adorable rabbit plates and accessories.
    Thank you for sharing Susan.


  9. Whatever happened to your friend Cornellia, I loved her very old world elegance, European tablescapes with amazing exquisite china.

  10. Mina Flor Teatime & Garten says

    I admire your friend Mary so much! Where does she get so much energy to do all these beautiful decorations? Does she have some “minions” to help her? And where does she keep all the decorations for Christmas, Valentine, Halloween? Congratulations to her! Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos!

    • She does have amazing energy! She has someone who helps her with heavy decorations, especially the outdoor ones, but she does most of it herself. She stores them in her basement.

      • Katherine says

        I was wondering exactly the same thing! I’m running out of storage in my home and can’t help but marvel at people who have so much decor for every holiday. I LOVE seeing Marie’s decorations! The peeps on the chairs at the kid’s table were so cute!

  11. I always enjoy seeing Marie’s tablescapes. She must be a fun grandmother! I admire all the attention she gives to celebrating holidays and life.
    I have a set of the cute bunny plates that she used on the children’s table. They are some of my favorites because they make me smile. 😉
    Love the Peeps table! Do you know where she found the large stuffed Peeps in the chair? Adorable!

  12. Your friend Marie has a knack for setting the perfect table. No wonder the two of you are friends!

  13. Beautiful tables, love the basket center pieces. Her home is so fun, her Grandchildren must really love spending time there.

  14. Linda Page says

    Marie’s tablesettings and seasonal decorations are always such a delight to see. I wish I was a friend of her’s and got invited for lunch once in a while!!! How fun would that be!

  15. Amy Gardner says

    The beaded carrot napkin rings also came from pier one this year. I bought 12. I just had to have them! I love Marie’s decorating.

  16. Oh my goodness!! I want to be one of Marie’s grandchildren!! How fun!!

  17. Everything looks so adorable. I can just imagine how much work Marie puts into all of these. I get tired just looking at them, lol….Christine

  18. Antoinette says

    Hi Susan, your friend Marie has outdone herself ONCE AGAIN! The tables are soooo charming with the bunny theme! Her meticulous decor truly shows that’s she’s certainly detail oriented, it’s obvious that she really gets into it and everything just looks so perfect. She must have a huge storage space just for all her seasonal decorations!!! Just like a previous reader, I was also wondering, does she have help or does she do it all by herself? Thank you for sharing photos of her lovely home!

    • Thanks, Antoinette! She has someone who helps her with the heavier, larger decorations and setting up her trees, but she does the majority of the decorating. She stores the decorations in her basement.

  19. Thank you to you and Marie for sharing her tables, they are always beautiful! I LOVE those bunny plates in the dining room and may just have to get some too! The carrott napkin rings are beautiful, too bad the carrott wines are sold out:( Thanks so much for hosting, I still love tablescaping!

  20. PS, I wonder where she finds the tulle like napkin wraps? I would love to have some, I only have a gray set and a rusty colored set.

    • Pinky, I was talking to Marie about those a while back. I had found a website online that had them in all colors but had never ordered from them. I think she bought them from that same site. I’ll see if I can find it again and I’ll ask her if that’s the site where she purchased her’s.

    • Pinky, I was just looking and I came across this site. I’ve never ordered from them but it looks interesting. https://alwayselegant.com/organza-napkins.html
      I’ll check with Marie to see where she orders the ones she uses.

  21. Susan, Do you have any idea the source of the carrot napkins? Thank you for sharing Marie’s tables, they are always a visual treat. MM

    • Amy Gardner says

      the carrot napkins came from pier one I believe. I got the carrot napkin rings but not the napkins. I’ll regret that down the road.

  22. Everything Marie does is over the top cute and fabulous, I’m so glad you got to pop in and share it! Thanks for the party Susan

  23. I am always amazed by the decor Marie does for her family and friends. It is clearly a work and offering of love. I enjoy doing a lot of decor, but could never summon her vast energy! I really admire her spirit. Yours too. It helps inspire and get me going. Re: organza napkins, I found them on etsy, all colors.

  24. bobbi duncan says

    Thank you for sharing Marie’s lovely Easter décor–just beautiful! Like you, she has boundless energy and everything is always put together so perfectly. That tree….oh, my! The spring wreath that I intended to make never did get made (just used one I had). Could not find any quality peonies to use. I’m hoping Randi will let me know where she found the ones for her gorgeous wreath because I love peonies and would really like to duplicate hers. Everything is in full bloom here. Longwood Gardens is on our list for this weekend. Can’t wait. Hugs!

  25. Both tables are beautiful and well thought out. Thank you for sharing and inspiring.

  26. When it comes to creative tablescapes, you gals are definitely kindred spirits. A big thank you to the both of you for sharing. -Brenda-
    P.S.: Does Marie take reservations as I would like to reserve a seat at the children’s table for next year? The peeps, the bunny plates, the tree …. all such fun memories!

  27. Beautiful tablescape. I especially love the tree. Thank you for sharing.

  28. Judy Hubbard says

    Susan: Marie’s Tablescapes are always fabulous and “over the top.” I just love all her seasonal decorating. I think a lot of her pieces from Pier One.

  29. Marie always sets such beautiful tables, and her holiday decorating is really over the top! I love the Easter tree so heavy with decorations, and I’ve seen it on here decorated for various occasions. Does she leave it up year round? She seems to have the perfect place for it. I’m sure her guests had a wonderful time there for Easter. Thanks for posting the pictures, I really enjoy them.

  30. Kathleen Lazarski says

    Count me in on the bunny plates. Adorable! The shark in the swimsuit ain’t bad either!

  31. Love seeing Marie’s seasonal decor!
    Have you seen Turtle Creek Lane’s blog seasonal decor?
    It looks like a magical place.

  32. Ruth Lemke says

    Hi Susan, I want you to know that you have inspired me in so many ways. I cleaned out a dresser to use for table linen storage as a results of something I read on your blog. And, I am now on the look out for table goodies at thrift stores. I love your blog, especially since you are a similar age to me. You are easy to relate to and have a very pleasant manner. I know a blog is a lot of work. Please keep writing.

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