Why I’m No Longer Posting on Facebook (at least for now)

Update: I’ve had a few readers email me indicating they thought I was saying in this post that I would no longer be creating posts here on at the blog. Don’t worry, I have no intentions of stopping blogging, you’ll continue to find new posts here several days a week. I just won’t be always be stopping by Facebook to link my blog posts there. Please read on for the reason why I’m making this change.

Just a quick post today to let you know that if you’re following Between Naps On The Porch on Facebook, you won’t be seeing many posts from me there for a while. I don’t plan to post to Facebook anymore unless something dramatically changes with their algorithm and how they share the content there with those who graciously follow.

Between Naps On The Porch has over 57,000 followers, it has been that way for several years, but take a look at how many of those lovely people are allowed to see a BNOTP post.

For this May 7th post, Facebook only shared it with 169 BNOTP followers.


This May 8th post was shared with a few more– 1,303.


This post on May 9 was shared with a mere 650 BNOTP followers.


744 were allowed to see this post.


And 518 for this most recent post. How do you feel about Facebook refusing to share posts from those you have chosen to follow?

I often get messages from those who follow on FB asking if I’m still blogging because they haven’t seen a post from me in months/years. If the only way you follow a blog is via Facebook, you will never know when they post, that’s the sad truth. Facebook controls everything, including what they allow you to see there.


If you are someone who follows BNOTP on Facebook, please consider subscribing for post updates via email. It’s completely free. The way it works is whenever I publish a new post here at Between Naps On The Porch, you’ll get an email letting you know, with a link you can click to view the post.

If you would like to subscribe, you can do that easily here: Subscribe for Post Updates. Please know, your email will NEVER, EVER be shared with anyone. Subscribing for post updates just lets you know when a new post is available here at BNOTP. That’s it.

If anything changes with Facebook and they decide to start sharing posts again, I’ll start adding photos and posts there again, but for now it just doesn’t make sense to waste time posting there when so few folks are ever going to see it.

I’m truly thankful that I have a way to communicate with you via email…thank goodness for that because social media accounts are not anything we can really rely on.

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  1. I rarely see posts from friends anymore. Didn’t know if they left Facebook or just weren’t interested in staying in contact with me. So this explains a lot.


      Me too. I have noticed that I constantly miss posts by people on my “Friends List” on FB and had no idea why. I can’t even remember when I last saw any posts from BNOTP – so this explains a LOT! I was wondering if I was doing something wrong. FB really needs to get it together…in this day and age, this kind of problem is just unacceptable. Glad I read your comment!! 🙂

  2. I have read that a blogger’s email list is the only thing he/she owns for sure. I think it also helps not to put all your eggs in one social media basket. Before I bought my own domain, I only shared my blog on FB. Then, someone hacked me and my account was frozen for 6 months. That’s when I began using Instagram and Twitter, and realized the truth of what you’re saying.

    • Instagram is owned by Facebook.

    • Facebook is certainly not what it used to be! Too many security concerns makes one afraid to open stuff up or look at messages on Messenger. Also, you do not see many posts of your friends. They have data mined our info. I think it is slowly dying a slow death. I have always enjoyed your posts.


    • Pam, that’s so true…I’ve read that also. You sure can’t count on FB, Instagram or even Pinterest to share what you post. That’s horrible about getting hacked! I have two-step verification set up on Facebook, Gmail and Instagram to try and prevent that. I think I have it on Twitter, also.

  3. So DONE with FB and some other social media. D O N E……

  4. Margaret says

    Facebook has, what they call, insight from and to the public. Hurrah for them…blah blah blah.
    Your post are a highlight of my day. Thanks

  5. Joy Jerger says

    Well, I suppose they think you are discriminating against those of us who don’t have a screened porch?

  6. I have never had an account on Facebook as I do not want my information sold to other companies or my life monitored by this company. I have advised my family to do the same. The email posts are definitely the way to go.

  7. Carol Sferra says

    I left Facebook years ago….it was stealing my joy.

  8. Anne Shaheen says

    I stay away from it too!

  9. LindaSonia says

    Yes have noticed this happening and it frustrates me no end. I’ve always followed your blog so I haven’t missed anything of yours, but as far as other FB pages I follow, it’s anyone’s guess what I’m seeing and what I’m issing. I’ve started initiating searches on particular pages to see what the posts are firsthand, but it’s annoying to have to do that. Aarghhh Facebook!

  10. Patty Aslin says

    I am NOT on Facebook, but if I were I would unsubscribe ASAP! I get your site via e-mail…works perfectly. Facebook, Twitter,
    u-Tube and Instagram should be shut down until they can get their act together and be fair across the board! There is something seriously wrong going on with social media

  11. I have become disillusioned with Facebook and the way they share content. I like the email notification best anyway.

    Susan, thank you for sharing so many great ideas!

  12. Grace K White says

    I hate how controlling Facebook is. Don’t blame you for not posting on Facebook. It is their loss, but also a loss some of your followers.

  13. Never been on FB. Aren’t people leaving it?

  14. I thought I was seeing less and less of your posts on Facebook but luckily I had subscribed so got the emails. Why would Facebook do this? Seems like it would harm them as well as you. Strange.

    • They want bloggers to pay them to “boost” posts. It would cost me approximately $800 a week to boost my post so all 57,000 followers of BNOTP on FB would see the posts I link there.

      • That’s obscene! I guess the owner of Facebook doesn’t have enough $$$. Beat them at their own game. Just post what you will be talking about on the blog like you just did without the link and people will find you.

  15. I’ve never been a Facebook fan, but I love getting your posts via email. Thanks for sharing this information. It just gives me another reason to stay away from Facebook.
    That was a cute comment from Joy! Porch envy.

  16. I understand her frustration with Facebook, Susan. I never get a notification of anything you put on Facebook. I follow your blog faithfully and get my notifications through my email. I don’t see a full half of my friends’posts, because Facebook has got me on that algorithm that prevents me from seeing what they post. This, along with the amount of time I spend there, and Facebook’s sins of omission and Commission in keeping our information safe are about to make me leave it. And to think that bogus posts there can influence our election progress access boggles the mind!

  17. Janet Zaritsky says

    I refuse to go on fb. I tell my kids to send pictures and stories directly to my phone or email. I don’t want some arbitrary person or algorithm to decide what I should or shouldn’t know. The stories that are of a liberal nature get much more leeway than those of a more conservative nature.
    Good for you for taking a stand!

    • That’s so smart, Janet! I don’t use it for personal contacts, only for linking blog posts. I’ve never enjoyed keeping up with friends or family that way, just not my thing.

  18. Mariellan Morris says

    I think you are smart to do this! I got off of FB about 2 years ago when it was reported that my “likes” and “dislikes” might be used to project what people would want in a political candidate, etc … plus all this stuff about Zuckerburg not cooperating fully at the Senate hearings. I just got sick of all that. I did have people tell me I shouldn’t delete FB… that I wouldn’t know whats going in, etc. Somehow, I am surviving! Imagine that! I think you are brave to do this. I live your posts and your good ideas. Keep up the good work.


    • And here I thought I was the only one with that feeling. Good to know I am in good company.

    • I prefer email, too. I have no fear of missing out by eschewing most forms of social media. Mostly, I seem to miss out on fake family drama and intrusive hacking…no loss.

  20. Kimberley Bercaw says

    Round of applause!
    I am not “on” Facebook.
    I refer to it as, Up in your Facebook.

  21. I don’t blame you a bit! I have been on your email list for quite a while, thankfully.

  22. Facebook has been censoring whatever they deem “inappropriate”, especially if it’s a conservative viewpoint, for a long time.

    • Yes they do. I was actually shadow banned from Twitter. Seriously. I’m just a normal person who is tired of paying thousands of dollars for health insurance and I talked about it and I was banned. I’m not on TV. I don’t have a radio show or a column or a huge Twitter following. Just a couple of kids, a house and a husband, LOL. But apparently twitter felt threatened by my truthful words!

  23. I have seen every one of these posts lately and enjoy your blogs so much. Will really miss following you each morning, but I do understand. Just cannot figure out why I am one of every one of those numbers and so many have dropped off or have not been allowed to view. Really a shame!

  24. Just tried posting this comment and was unable to do so: I have seen every one of these posts lately and enjoy your blogs so much. Will really miss following you each morning, but I do understand. Just cannot figure out why I am one of every one of those numbers and so many have dropped off or have not been allowed to view. Really a shame!

  25. A week or so ago, I notified my Facebook followers (and I don’t have anything near the numbers you do, having just started my blog 1 1/2 years ago) that as of June 1st I would be taking down my Debbee’s Buzz Facebook presence. And, if they wanted to continue to follow to subscribe to email. My reasoning is different than yours. I worry about security, sharing of sensitive/personal data, and hacking of not only my info but those of my followers. Too many, continued reports of more “opps!” by Facebook.

  26. I prefer to follow via email, I never cared for Facebook. Drop Facebook, it is no great loss.

  27. Carol Norton says

    I prefer emails, rather than FB, as someone else mentioned. I don’t think I’ve ever visited your FB page, since I get your notices here–it’s more fun!

  28. Nancy Guerra says

    You’re 100% correct. It’s the reason I closed it.

  29. Sorry to hear this, Susan. I didn’t even realize you posted on FB as being spied on via them, google, alexa et all is not my idea of liberty. These big tech companies are in for a world of hurt with the censorship they are enacting. Sure, you can get hard core porn on twitter or beheadings on youtube, but you better not dare sound remotely patriotic or you’ll be shadow-banned.

    Actually, I’m glad this happened because I think it may open some peoples eyes about what is going on. I sincerely wish you would watch this 10 minute video (a Ted Talk by Sharyl Attkisson) on how tech/media/corporations/politicians and so forth use the internet to gaslight, gaslight, gaslight. I’m a little ashamed to admit how naive I was before I saw this. If you’ve ever heard the phrase about ‘being red-pilled’ (from the Matrix movie) this was my red-pill moment and boy am I thankful I stumbled across this video. It was eye opening, to say the least. Honestly, it changed my life. That’s how significant and important I think it is. I hope you’ll watch it. In the meantime, we’ll find you here. 🙂


    • Dianne Kropp says

      Sadly, we are losing our freedom of speech and it is being replaced by an agenda that a certain mindset wants us all to fall in line with. I for one have noticed that my list of friends seeing my FB posts has diminished. I think it’s time to start writing letters again to keep in touch with friends That way no one can censor our thoughts. Thank God for your emails, because I never miss one.

    • I only link blog posts there, I do use it personally at all, prefer to keep up with family and friends via telephone calls or email.

  30. I subscribe to your e-mails, they are a great way to let me know you have new content on your blog page. I’ve also “liked” you on Facebook, along with many other museums, businesses, etc., more to show support for the business/organization than anything else. As a business owner, I use FB, Twitter, Tumblr, etc., as a marketing tool, but tend to lure people to my website, which I spent a lot of money paying a professional to design and maintain. It has a blog page that is quite capable of hosting the content I would normally post on FB. Quite frankly, FB has jumped the shark.

    Keep up the good work, and I’ll look for those e-mails! 🙂

  31. I subscribe to your emails, but also follow you on Facebook. I see all of your Facebook posts because I have you set to “see first.” It’s a shame more people don’t know about this option on FB.
    It’s simple, under the blue “like” thumbs up on your home page is a gray box with three dots. Click that and you’ll get a list with “following” at the top. Click that and choose “see first.” I use this option so I don’t miss posts from friends and favorite bloggers.

    • I wish everyone knew to do that…I didn’t know about that myself until just recently when I read something about it. Thanks so much, Mary for that information!

  32. I have never been on FB. I don’t like being controlled by unknowns. I don’t feel the need to share what restaurants I go to or who I hang out with to the world. Ive always aid it was going to be the downfall of our society.
    I always read your posts thru email and glad to tell you I’ve never missed one post!!!

  33. Gayle Kesinger says

    I am so glad that I have subscribed to your blog via e-mail. I do subscribe to FB but not for the blog content that I want to be sure that I receive. Thanks for giving us the heads up.

  34. Bonnie Gutierrez says

    Ditto! I also have noticed That I only see a small fraction of the friends there. Frankly , I never comment on the posts that are obviously politically polarized and are attempting to antagonize and sway opinions (left AND right).

  35. Linda S. in NE says

    I will also give you a round of applause for leaving FB. I have always refused to be sucked in to all the popular social media sites. In thinking I was signing up for a group of fans that sell, buy, and search for items from a very popular stamp/papercraft website that I love and frequent, I was so disappointed, even alarmed, to find out I had signed up for a FB Group. I immediately tried to “unsubscribe”, and for the life of me, could not figure out how to do it. I finally got so tired and frustrated by my attempts, I just gave up. I do refuse to respond to any notices of “friends” or a business wanting to contact me via FB. I know they already have my info., but if anyone can tell me how to permanently disconnect, I would be grateful!
    ps I like that “Up in your Facebook” comment!!

  36. I feel the same about Facebook and Instagram, a complete waste of time. I concur with with a comment above said, the only thing that you own is your mailing list as far as social media is concerned. I follow by email and love seeing your posts.

    • That’s true, I’ve always heard that, too. You can’t count on any social media platform because they are a business and want you to pay to reach those who follow.

  37. Thank you for letting me know because I had no idea that they could do that! That’s totally messed up. I’m sorry ☹

  38. Brenda Lawrence says

    I don’t like FB and rarely get on it. I do go to private groups for my crafting once in a blue moon but that is about it. So I avoid FB. lol I prefer Instagram much more, but subscribe to your blog so keep up to date Susan. That works for me the best. Hugs, Brenda

  39. I’m one of the happy ones who receives your blog via email. I have 2 FB accounts, a personal one and one for my business. Prior to January, all my sales came from my FB biz page; however, I have noticed that people are not seeing my posts so I moved to Etsy where there is more competition, but at least there are no restrictions. I know several of the wreath makers I follow and learn from have moved from FB Lives to YouTube (unless you are a paid subscriber). And so many people are complaining that they are being placed in FB “timeout” without an explanation. I really need to wean myself off FB, but it will take time.

  40. connie Keys says

    I am not a blogger, just a regular FB user. About 3 friends and 7-8 family who regularly see my posts. Nothing I can do about it. I have to say honestly that I’ve never seen any of your FB posts. I follow you on your blog. Much better!

  41. Michele M / Finch Rest says

    I have not, shall not and do not have FB – it violates what my mind deems as entirely too invasive – so I am sorry, Susan. But I always read you – though I don’t comment as often as I’d like cuz my pc time I am trying to lower a bit – life is passing me by and I don’t want to waste this precious life too much – so I only list a few things for sale now versus hundreds a few years ago – and haven’t posted a blog post in half a year – yes I missed my gorgeous fall and holiday decor and even Easter – had it gorgeous, just didn’t want to take the time to post about it – so sad. Even have done a much of pretty need renovating – gosh I used to post almost daily then a few times a week – and I just kept lessening it as time went by. My grand daughter will be THREE in July – any time I have I want with her – so I hope my readers forgive me.

    As for YOUR awesome posts – I get them through email so I never miss em.
    You were my very first blog I ever read and I love ya deeply. Hugs. Sorry about FB they stink – it makes zero sense. Maybe those silly Kardashians are taking up all their bandwidth with all those ridiculous selfies I hear they post, haha.

    • Thanks so much, Michelle! You are a love and I appreciate you so much! Love ya right back!
      lol about the Kardashians! That totally made me laugh. I’m sure it’s their fault…let’s blame it all on them! 🙂

  42. Dorinda Selke says

    Wow Susan I am surprised at how few subscribers are allowed to see your posts on Facebook. I have been following you (you were actually the first blog I ever followed) on the email option. So that is where I will keep watching for your posts. Hugs, Dorinda

    • Dorinda, notice at the bottom of last screen capture I posted…it says if I’ll pay them $30 to “boost” my post, they will let 8,600 people see my post. So, at that price, I guess I would have to pay them around $200 per post to get them to show a post to all of the folks who follow on FB. So glad you are following via email! I feel so bad every time someone messages me on FB asking why I no longer blog, when I’ve never stopped. They think I’ve stopped blogging and it’s just FB isn’t showing them any of my posts.

  43. Susan,
    I have you amongst the 8 most important websites (to me) that automatically show up, when I turn on my laptop; I only need to click on the mini-me of your header and… voilà! 🙂 You know, I am not on FB (hahaha) and since I don’t use Outlook every day, I don’t know if I’d get a notification anyway, every time you post something… I mean, I get a notification whenever you reply to my comments, and I can read it without opening Outlook, but I’m not sure about your posts… Anyway, my method works perfectly for me! 🙂
    Sorry, you have to

  44. Whaaaat?! Who hit that “Post Comment” button?
    I meant to say: Sorry, you have to deal with that!
    But at least, you know, who you can be mad at!
    On Thursday, someone stole my bike, in front of our church, and there’s no witnesses, of course! Arghhhh!

    • What? Man, that’s stooping pretty low to steal bike in front of a church. 🙁 I wonder if the church or any business nearby had a camera mounted outside.

      • Thank you, Susan!
        I know! That’s what’s driving me nuts! I can easily cope with the loss of a bike (although I loved it!) but not with that lack of respect for the sacred place where it happened! It is so morally wrong to steal anyway, but even in front of a church AND a graveyard that’s really shameless and brazen-faced!
        Unfortunately, there’s no camera that records that area of the churchyard, in order to protect the privacy of those who visit the graves. I bet the thief knew that and is proud of his/her “cleverness”!
        My pastor said, we need to pray for his/her soul.
        I said: “Sorry, not sorry to be honest, but I’d rather kick his/her a§§!”
        (I am pretty sure, now my pastor prays for my “vengeful” soul, as well! lol)
        Thanks again, Susan! Luckily, I have a beautiful sign that says: “Keep calm and listen to the Bee Gees” and you know what? It really helps! lol Seriously, I’m going to buy a nicer bike very soon and all’s well! I am not the one who has reserved a place in hell! 🙂

  45. I am not a fan of Facebook. Kudos to you for saying “no” to them!

  46. I’ve been following your blog via email for many years, but have never seen BNOP on my Facebook feed. I must be one of the hundreds & thousands that they think do not need to see it. I’m so over FB as any type of tech communication since it has proven to be so controlled. Ugh…

  47. I have a hate/love relationship with FB. They disabled my old personal and blogger pages last November saying for security reasons I could not access my sites until my photo was verified. That never happened for whatever reasons, so I lost everything – my photos, friends, blogger page, etc. They wiped me out as if I never existed and with no other explanation. I’m just a craft blogger with no political or hateful affiliations. I had to start all over again because the blogging groups and link parties I belong to all use FB to get their messages out.

  48. Libby wedtcott says

    I first subscribed to your blog years ago and love that I can get ALL your updates via email. Since I don’t spend a lot of time on Facebook I never miss any of your blog posts, which I probably/obviously would if I counted on Facebook to keep me updated. Thanks for all the fun and interesting content, photos, trips, helpful hints, shopping suggestions and for introducing me to the Peloton! I ride it every day at the gym and just love all the scenic rides I’ve taken around the world. I haven’t done a class yet but will soon. ‍♀️ I look forward to hearing from you often and what you have to share with your BNOTP readers! Have a great summer!

    • Aren’t those scenic rides a blast! I sometimes wish they would pan the camera around, I want to see more! lol I’ve always wondered if they are actually on a bike…especially on the rides that are along the beach. I wonder if they are in a dune buggy or something similar. And then there are those super rocky, super narrow paths only hillsides. I’m thinking they may be walking on those and then just speed up the footage so that it feels the same speed as if you were biking it.

  49. FB has become too full of themselves. I once had a FB account that I rarely used. One day a year or two ago I got an email from FB indicating they had locked the account because they didn’t think the name on the account (a nickname) was real. They actually had the audacity to say they would only unlock the account when I provided two forms of official identification with that name, plus photo ID! Can you believe that ?!?! (Although reading through the comments here, I see a similar thing happened to someone else.) In a very unladylike manner, I took great pleasure in responding to FB by telling them to “F” off and that it would be a cold day in h-ll before I sent them any of my personal identification! Who needs FB anyway?

    • Wow, that’s crazy! Almost sounds like scammer got hold of the account and were hoping to steal your identity. Glad you didn’t respond!

  50. I subscribe via e-mail & have seen your posts on FB, but not all the time. However, FB wants you to pay for posting your information. It’s all about money. It’s a shame!

  51. Congrats, Susan on leaving FB! I abandoned FB 6 months ago due to security/privacy concerns and definitely feel better not being subjected to “the FB effect”. The final straw was the shock of reading very raw personal details a friend posted about herself. Oh my!

    Your BNOTP blog is at the top of my internet Favorites list & I visit it 3-4 times a week. I don’t use Instagram since it is owned by FB, but do check out Pinterest a couple times a week.

    Thank you for all the effort you make maintaining your blog! Yours is my favorite.

  52. I have never joined FB and don’t feel I’ve missed anything. FB and other tech companies have become very powerful and controlling. I’ve always enjoyed reading your blog posts, Susan, and look forward to getting them in my email inbox, as usual!

  53. Your post is interesting and a confirmation why all my blogs are on my email only. It saddens me when I cannot respond because sites require you use Facebook or others and not by email. Thank you. I enjoy your blog and happily have received them since I signed up.

    • I agree, Janette. Because of Susan’s link parties, I sometimes click on other blogs to check them out. I’m amazed at how many will only let you comment if you have a google account. Ick! Thataintgonnahappen as I detest all things goo–gle. But I wonder if the bloggers even realize what is happening. Often they have no comments, or just a couple. Probably lots of people like me simply refuse to bow to the evils of google in order to leave a comment.

  54. Wow. I don’t use Facebook and glad to receive your blog by email. Maybe if your 57,000 all called their Senator and said “What good did it do for Mark Suckerburg to testify before Congress it FB has actually gotten worse?” maybe something will happen. People tell me I would sell more if I had a FB account. I don’t want to go that route.

  55. Linda Palmer says

    I already get notices of your posts via my email. I just click on the email message and your blog opens. However, I did sign up again for receiving via email before I thought about that I already do.

  56. Cyndi Raines says

    Wow, how informative. I’m not on FB and don’t intend to, but have gotten chided by friends for not being on it. After reading all of this, I’m glad I’m not. Love getting your blog and it’s through my email. Thanks Susan for informing us of really wants going on.

  57. Good for you Susan! I feel the same as both a page owner and a FB user. My FB page posts are hardly seen and the posts of the people I follow are hidden.

    I am sick and tired of the FB censorship, data gathering and domination anyway, so your post is a little reminder that I promised myself to check out the MeWe alternative.

    Apparently Mark Zuckerberg does not like to talk about that competitor, so maybe that means it’s actually good?

  58. Elizabeth says

    Congratulations on this decision. My husband spent his entire career in safety and security. When My Space was developed then Facebook he commented at that point that we should never, never, never, ever have a profile on either. Many of the reasons he gave me for his comment are now beginning to be known by those that were unaware. Folks, if you have a Facebook page, set all security settings at the highest level and if you do not, my advice is to not develop a Facebook page and profile. Another piece of advice is to use a browser that does not track you like Google does. I am a member of our local woman’s club. My fellow members look at me like I am crazy when I tell them I do not have a Facebook page….I seem to have lived for years without it before it was developed and continue to do so. Think hard before you load an app to your phone also.

  59. Thank you for a very informative post!! I have never been a big facebook follower, simply because I don’t have the time to keep up with everyones life details. I too receive your blog updates via email. This is easiest for me. Why is it your posts have differing reach numbers? Are they being filtered somehow?
    Also…I noticed while reading through the comments many of your followers have businesses or interests they are involved in. I would love to somehow find out more if that is possible. I clicked on one of your responders names and was linked to her website…that is great!! Since we all enjoy your blog, we probably all have similar interests.

  60. Claudette says

    I have been a member of Facebook for years. It is a great way to connect with my many cousins that I seem to only see at family funerals now. Plus I have high school friends from decades ago that I can catch up with. What do I hate about it? People who use it as a political platform, and ads. I want my page to be filled with positivity. I just get rid of everything else.

  61. Glinda Lathan says

    Susan, this may be a dumb question since no one else before me has asked it: How do you know how many people FB has allowed to see your posts? I’m just curious because I wonder many times how many of my “friends” on FB see my posts. I love reading your blog via email, so fortunately, this won’t change anything for me. Sorry you have to deal with this! Thank you for your fun blog!

    • Thanks, Glinda! I’m not sure if that info is visible on regular/personal FB accounts but on “pages” which is what blogs often have, it’s visible at the lower part of the post. Look toward the bottom of the pictures in this post and you’ll see the number of folks who were allowed to see my posts on the BNOTP FB page. I never use my personal FB. Unfortunately, FB forces you to have a personal FB account in order to have a FB “page” for your blog, but I never post on mine. Honestly, I would not be on FB at all if I weren’t a blogger, but it works great for sharing links to blog posts…when FB actually does share them with my blog followers.
      I just looked at my personal FB account/page and it doesn’t appear to show how many folks the posts there were shared. Most of the posts are from others since I never post there. So I guess FB only shows you how many followers were “reached” as they call it, on pages…like those for blogs and/or business accounts.

  62. Karenann S. says

    Facebook has definitely fallen out of favor for me. I rarely if ever post anything on it. I only keep it for my friends and family who reach out through their posts. I am so sorry you have had so much trouble with FB. I far more enjoy Instagram, but I have even cut back dramatically on Instagram as well. Social media just takes up too much time to devote to each post. I love your blog, and read every update!

  63. Couldn’t agree more — glad to have you in the club!!

  64. I’m not going to.miss any of your posts because I read them.on email, and have for years. I have never been on Facebook. My friends tell me all the time I should sign up so they can keep up with me. Personally I don’t want everyone keeping up with me, I have gone this long without it and have not missed much at all. I really enjoy reading your blog on email and I will continue to do that. Thank you for sharing and for keeping us up to date on email and not Facebook, or else I would have missed a lot of interesting and fun blogs from you. You go girl!!

  65. Shsarona says

    Good to know how these things are currently working (or not)!

  66. YES ! GOOD FOR YOU ! ITS DISGUSTING HOW FACEBOOK HAS DECIDED tO CONTROL THOUGHTS ! POLITICAL VIEWS ! CONTENT ! ETC ! VERY SCARY ! I thought we lived in AMERICA !! Guess NOT when twitter and Facebook control who sees WHAT ! SO WRONG !!

  67. FACEBOOK and TWITTER think they can CONTROL US ! Sooooooo wrong as they TRY TO CONTROL OUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH !

  68. Kathleen says

    I didn’t know you were on Facebook! I subscribed via email and enjoy getting my note from you when you have a post. I mainly play games on Facebook. Also, what was that pay $30 to get a boost. Is that what they’re trying to do? Generate money?

    • Yup, ever since they went public/became a stock you could purchase, they have been trying to get blogs with Facebook pages to pay money to get their posts seen by their followers. Based on the figures they are quoting, I would need to pay over $200 per Facebook post in order for all 57,000 followers to potentially see my post. I normally post 4-5 times a week, linking out to my most recent blog posts at BNOTP, so I would need to spend $800-$1000 per week to have all my posts visible to my Facebook followers. Obviously, bloggers can’t afford that kind of fee.
      Facebook is a business and like all businesses, they started out free and everyone loved it. Then they became a stock and they have to keep those stockholders happy. In all fairness, I’m sure it costs them a good bit to run FB. There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

  69. I completely understand! I don’t get any of the blogs I follow in my daily feed. I have to search them out if I want to see if they have posted. They want all of the blogs and other pages to pay to have their posts in the feed of their followers. I have to post my art studio page to my personal Facebook page so that my friends, at least, can see when I post something new.

  70. I have noticed the same thing with my flower business. I do a lot of prom work, and the parents send in photos so I can post, I have noticed that if I want to BOOST my post for $33.00 then 700 people will see. At one it was that over a 1000 plus would see for free. It ticks me off, but Facebook is basically my way of getting my business name out there for weddings, parties and proms.

    And yes it is true that unless you have loyal folks sharing your post, it sits with little contact. Don’t get me started on Instagram either. UGH…

  71. In our area, there is a Marketplace where people advertise items they want to sell & that is through Facebook. Lately, the the majority of posts that come to my Facebook are Marketplace. I have no interest in those but that is about all I see. It’s really a waste of time to go to Facebook anymore.

  72. Never was on Facebook and never plan to be Susan .. ☺ … as what immediately turned me off about them was their control. Do I sound like a rebel? Hope not as understandably rules and regulations are a must however feel there should be limitations as to the tentacles of Government infringing upon our ‘freedoms’ of thought, opinion and speech’ for those of us who live in a democratic society; otherwise IMO we might as well be living under a dictatorship. To conclude, hopefully you will continue doing what you are doing (blogging) and not be dissuaded.

  73. I despise FB. My mother has very low vision, and can’t see to type, but she did very much enjoy seeing pictures of family and friends. Because she is unable to interact with people, they no longer show her updates from anyone. Unspeakably arrogant of them. I never had an account, which I regret because I’d love to have been able to tell them what I think if their controlling ways.

  74. Facebook wants you to pay for ads. This is just proof that they basically brute force you into doing so. What a crappy platform. I 100% ignore it when it comes to my blog.

    • That’s what I’m pretty much doing, too. It’s crazy what they want bloggers to spend to reach their followers on there.

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