Celebrating the Winter Blues

A little birdie told me you had the winter blues…

So I was thinking…since Old Man Winter is here to stay for while, instead of fighting those winter blues, why don’t we just embrace them.

Come on over here; I have the perfect spot for you…a comfy blue chair…

And a nice, hot cup of tea, served from a Blue Willow teapot…

How about a fluffy, soft pillow…

Blue and White Check Chair, Blue Willow Tea Set

With a pretty, blue wreath design…

And of course, you’ll need a great, blue book to go with your hot tea. Here’s one of my favorites, Winter House by Charlotte Moss. Amazon says, “a Winter House is a place to recharge your body and your spirit….the perfect reference for creating your own winter sanctuary.”

Winter House is full of beautiful pictures that will warm your soul…like this one. ~~SIGH~~

So, here you are…relaxing with your Winter House book…in your cozy, blue chair…

In the warm glow of a blue candle…tucked into a little blue candle holder…

With a little, blue birdie resting sweetly on some lovely, blue doilies…crocheted many years ago by my Mom .

I’ll just tip-toe out now…enjoy those winter blues!

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  1. Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity says

    You are so.. right!! I really don’t mind the snow. It gives us time to enjoy relaxing in our homes. I am kind of tired of below zero temps. But, we’ll be in the
    30’s in a couple of days. I am looking forward to the heatwave.I want to go shopping. It just isn’t safe to leave the house right now. I have been enjoying my tea, little accent lamps, candles, throw and cozy chair.
    Hugs, Terrie


    Awe, I’m so comfy over here, and you forgot the lovely music too! Your little birdie is adorable, and I love Blue Willow China! What more could a girl want….


  3. Meadowsweet Days says

    Hi Susan,
    Yes, a nice hot cup of tea, a comfy chair and a lovely book would just hit the spot. We are in a deep freeze here in New York and expecting more snow over night~ Spring can’t get here soon enough for me! Stop on by by blog~ I’m having a giveaway!


  4. Light and Voices says

    “Constant Comment” Bigelow tea is my very favorite in the whole wide world. Pour me a cup, please.

  5. jan/jjlmnaz says

    Now I am just loving that throw to cuddle up with! hot tea, comfy chair, a book…… heaven.

  6. Oh, Susan, how delightful! I love this post – the comfy blue chair, throw, my Blue Willow :), tea and the little birdie.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia πŸ™‚

  7. Happy To Be says

    OK pour me a cup…I am so ready for it Susan..this looks real warm again another great post…hugs and smiles Gloria

  8. I adore your blue check chair….I want one.

  9. Ahhhh, this is so perfect! β™₯

  10. Glenda/MidSouth says

    You are not kidding – it is cold outside and getting colder – just don’t let us get any frozen precip. Your tea set and comfy chair look so comfortable. Love your little bird. πŸ™‚ Stay warm.

  11. Dixie's Whimsey says

    Susan… what a sweet post… we think it’s winter here when the temp drops to 35-degrees.

    love the chair, tea cup, pot, blankie, pillow, bunnie and candle… and I adore the little birdie made by you mom.

    but I covet that book!
    stay warm and cozy… Dixie

  12. This is so soothing! I love it. I can just see myself cuddling up with a book there. Question: Does your Mr. Linky disappear once it is not longer Tuesday? I am falling behind on blogreading and did not see the links to check others who had posted for Tablescape Tuesday. Just curious….

  13. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Hi Linnea, Mr. Linky apparently has been experiencing outages all day…the Tablescape Tuesday links have been disappearing, then reappearing and then disappearing again….very frustrating. πŸ™

  14. Hi Susan…

    Ohhh my…I think you are just what the Dr. ordered for me…hehe!!! It’s snowing like crazy at my place…how inviting that beautiful blue checked chair looks…love that pretty wreath pillow!!! Oh yes…I will have a cup of hot tea…what a kind and gracious hostess you are!!!

    Thank you, my friend…
    Love ya,

  15. Awww, nice cozy spot, just what we all need from time to time.
    I might need mine with lemon and honey though, I think I am catching a bug, yuk!

  16. Gah…seeing that book makes me want to go shopping! But, it’s too cold! Hmmmmm….eBay, maybe?

  17. Oh that is just perfect, Susan, so cozy and warm…throw in some bins and boxes full of Christmas waiting to get lugged to the basement and it will feel just like home!
    Beautiful post!

  18. Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) says

    What a perfect spot for me to curl up in. Now, girlfriend.. I don’t have this book..:-( . And that is not a good thing. So, off to Amazon I go. I love all the blue..
    hugs ~lynne~

  19. prof en retraite says

    Oh Susan..looks so cozy and warm! I hope you actually sat down in your comfy chair and had that cup of tea after you took these pretty pictures! The only thing missing is Max!!! Stay warm the next few days!…Debbie

  20. Why simply enchanting…I would not mind a spot of tea…thank you ever so!

  21. I love the blue and white, my mom collected it and when she passed I got several teapots ect..I really treasure them and seeing your post makes me want to get them out again! Thanks!!!

  22. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post today. All the little details are soooo cozy and beautiful!!!

  23. I was organizing my different teas, thanks to Janice, and just ran across my Constant Comment again. Planning to have that in the morning with my biscotti.

    You really set up a comfortable place to enjoy a warm, snug, and cosy evening. You thought of everything.

    We must be on the same wavelength. I lit a ginger scented candle today and burned it for several hours. The aroma was delightful. Tomorrow I may try spiced pear.

  24. Linda/ "Mom..." says

    “Divinely comfylicious”, SS! XOXO

  25. Valerie@travelingthrough2 says

    Oh that is so nice, very calming. It is 29 degrees below zero here and has been a rather trying day. So thank you for the beautiful post!

  26. I just love your blog, the way you make a feast of ever occasion

  27. Linda/ "Mom..." says

    P.S. Can’t get to/find TT pics~~~is there someplace “special” to go now?(OOOOOPS! Just saw answer above~~~ shall we just keep checking back? …I don’t know how to do that Mr. Wiggly-Giggly thing or “whatever”!!!…)~~~ Thanks, SS! XOXO

  28. What a beautiful spot to curl up with a book and relax. I don’t think I would leave until spring! Kathy

  29. If we could just have a snow day and snuggle up for a day. The Winter House looks like a perfect snowy day read.

  30. Kathleen Grace says

    Your blog is so beautiful! You should be writing a decorating book of your own! I love it here:>)

  31. Terri and Bob says

    You have made me glad it is January! I am going to have to find that book in the library and set up my own winter retreat day!

  32. Thank you, dont mind if I do!

  33. Ma'dame French says

    I don’t have time to write a long reply I am on my way over;) French

  34. laurie @ bargain hunting says

    Susan, this is so cozy and inviting. I love your tole tray and your tea set. Sure makes me wish I could stay home and cuddle up with a book instead of heading out to work in this cold! laurie

  35. Good morning Susan…I really think your photographs should be on the cover of that book! You do have the knack for making anything seem special… πŸ˜‰ Bo

  36. Pat@Back Porch Musings says

    Oh this post is absolutely beautiful. I love the chair and ottoman and the tray and dishes and that book!!!

  37. Amongst The Oaks says

    What a great idea! Thank you for the cozy little respite. I love everything about it.

  38. Kathleen Ellis says

    What a tempting invitation! May I have a piece of pie with my tea as I cozy up with this beautiful book in this lovely cozy chair, I’m thinking I need a little snack!
    ; D

  39. 9405018--Pat says

    Hi Susan,
    Yes, a nice hot cup of tea, a comfy chair and a lovely book would be perfect today…

  40. What a warm and inviting spot! I just placed a hold on a Charlotte Moss book. The library didn’t have the one you showed.


  41. santamaker says

    Howdie neighbor,
    Mmmmmmmmm…I think I’ll just sink down into that comfy chair and take a snooze. Everything is impeccably beautiful as usual… especially that lil birdie ! he he

  42. How pretty – your pictures always draw me in!! What a lovely spot to just sit and enjoy the day!!

  43. The Bliss Journey says

    Hi Susan,
    I’ll be right over. Leave the back door open. When we finish our cozy little visit, let’s go over to my house and sip some peach ice tea by the pool. I’ll leave the lanai door open for you, just come right on in.

  44. Beautiful,absolutely gorgeous.Warm and sweet…Ann

  45. Love to decorate says

    How did you know orange spice tea was my favorite. Thanks for the comfy chair and the good book. It is so cold here. I enjoy the warmth of your home.

    Marge in Mid Michigan

  46. Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage says

    Susan, I could fall in that sweet spot and stay all day! Such warm and cozy photos! Have a wonderful weekend!


  47. Just what the blog doctor ordered.
    Wow this just warmed me right up and the tea looks so delicious.
    I’ll just stay a spell until I finish the book. The blues are gone!

  48. Lady Katherine says

    How inviting! I do love the blue dolies, your Mother made. It reminded me a have a blue and white one packed up. Your chair looks so comfy, with the tea tray and throw! In my remodel zone, it sure looks peaceful!

  49. cedwards55 says

    Just perfect Susan! It’s a whopping -10 here today. Freezing even with the heat cranked up. Think I’ll just curl up here for awhile. What’s for lunch? The tea is one of my favorites from childhood. I keep forgetting to ask if you also crochet like your mom did? Her work is beautiful! You’re so blessed to have all of those treasures. And—great music.
    love ya!

  50. Hum nice pictures , so sweet and warm athmosphere!

  51. Raggedy Girl says

    Hold on for a minute I am running to get my Jane Austen book. OK now I am ready so go ahead and pour my tea with a splash of cream please!
    Roberta Anne

  52. texasdaisey says

    Your winter blues really do help the winter be brighter. Loved the post. What a neat idea.

  53. I’m all warm and cozy now!! Such a beautiful picture post! I just love your blog…

  54. Consider me there – in mind and spirit!

  55. You sure made me feel welcome and comfortable. In fact, I even took a short nap.

    My mother’s favorite tea is Constant Comment.

  56. The Quintessential Magpie says

    Sounds like a plan! That nook is very inviting. And I love that book by Charlotte Moss. I’ve enjoyed it thoroughly… and aren’t those painted glasses and horn-handled silverware wonderful? Oh, how I love it all!

    Sheila πŸ™‚

  57. Oh Susan, I sure wish I had seen this earlier cause I would have rushed right over and put my feet UP!!! Becaue….today I was putting Christmas away and stubbed my toe and it is broken I am sure. It is now all black and blue and swollen and HURTS!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED that chair and a cup of tea!!! So, I do have my foot up here at the computer now, on my little leopard footstool…. GEESH! I sure wish I hadn’t done
    this but your BEAUTIFUL pictures have made me feel SOOO much better. Hugs, Pinky

  58. I have always l.o.v.e.d that chair anyway, so I probably wouldn’t even need tea to come and sit in that beauty for a while! But everything looks wonderfully inviting.

  59. Susan, what an absolutely SWEET post!! :-))))))) L~

  60. Melissa Miller says

    Very nice. I gave the teddy a hug and had some tea. Thank you…. πŸ™‚

  61. I love the blue and the way you set the tea tray up. I could use a warm cup of tea right now. Have a good evening of tea sipping and reading.
    Jean in Virginia

  62. Sandra~Romantique Inspirations~ says

    Yes Susan I have the winter blues. The only problem getting comfy in here, I know I would have to walk out and face reality of three more months to go. Here in michigan, april doesn’t sometime look that good either..But I guess I should look at it by knowing we’re coming out of winter, and not going into it.

  63. This post almost made me forget it is -30 outside..thanks!!

  64. at the cottage says

    Awww thanks so much Susan. Now I feel all warm and cozy. The book looks great, I may have to check it out. And I LOVE that chair :0))

    I am okay with winter especially when I am snug as a bug here – all toasty warm. These days the temperatures are a much (-32C at night) but relaxing in your chair, enjoying the tea and candlelight.



  65. please tell me, where did you find this chair? I love it.

  66. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Anonymous…Thanks for your comment about the chair that’s in my guest room. I found it many years ago…probably around 12-13 years ago at a large antique warehouse on the south side of Atlanta. It was in a section of the warehouse where they sold newer furniture, since it’s not an antique. I don’t think they are there anymore…I can’t remember the name of the place now. I checked under the cushion to see if there’s a label with a brand but there isn’t…only a label showing the type fabric used for the chair. Wish I had more information for you. Thanks again! Susan

  67. Hi Susan
    I feel right at home in that cosy spot, with all the blue willow and blue checked chair! Any chance you bought the fabric for your chair and ottoman? I need to recover a chair and that is exactly what I am looking for. Thanks for the cup of tea.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  68. once in a blue moon... says

    loved every pic, thought and comment, a perfect post, top to bottom!

  69. Aww, Susan you have the MOST wonderful blog! If I could, I would throw myself through the computer and plop down in that chair! You create magic here, and make hundreds of people feel like a million bucks. Thank you for all you do!

  70. Love it!

  71. That is the happiest I have ever been blue.

  72. Love the photos, so comforting. I want to be there after surviving -22 degrees this morning.
    Nothing like a soothing cup of hot tea! Ahhhh…

  73. Alisa Lucas-Brown says

    I want you to know that I ADORE your site! I love the way to communicate and the way you share your lovely home with the dwellers of “Bloggyville”. You truly inspire me. Thank you.
    Alisa – Carolina Panache

  74. I think that on this cold weekend it’s the perfect time to visit A Classy Flea (thanks to all your posts)! Tomorrow it will be!!!

  75. Love the post! Brought back memories because my beloved Grandmother had Blue Willow as her everyday dishes. I did not get any of those pieces but, did pick up a cup & saucer at an Antique Mall here in town just to bring memories of her when I use it. And your photo of the Constant Comment Tea… one of my favorite things to add to it is TANG. You know the orange flavored powdered breakfast drink. Put it in Constant Comment tea (hot or cold). That is one of the #1 selling item at the Neiman Marcus (high end department store in Dallas area)Mermaid Cafe. Enjoy!

  76. The Vintage Rose says

    Susan, I’m purring inside, that is so beautiful, would love to read that book. Even though its Summer here, we have had a cool change and I’m back in winter pj’s and the heating came on this morning it was so cold, but not as cold as you are having though. I must try and take a similar picture story of my rosey lounge. And of course when it warms up again tea on the porch/front verandah for you to look forward to.

  77. Cottage Rose says

    Hey Susan. Boy I would love to sit and cozy up in that very beautiful Chair. Read a lovely book and sip some yummy tea. My how you can set up a tray.


  78. carolinajewel says

    What a gorgeous tea you had! I love your Blue Willow china and the little birdie! I wouldn’t mind some snow if I could snuggle in that chair and enjoy a hot cup of tea!
    Thanks for sharing, Jewel

  79. What a lovely post. i adore winter and have mentioned to several who just seem to drag thru winter, waiting for the spring. Oh, I say, don’t wile away TIME…any TIME is to be cherished and embraced and used to the best advantage. I love that, in winter, I have the TIME to recharge, to enjoy fires and roasted marshmellows, books, more blogging time, long phone conversations with friends. Once spring hits, it’s yard work and never enuf time for THINGS I LOVE TO DO…..

  80. Miss Janice says

    Susan, I would love to curl up and read that book while sipping tea from your Blue Willow teacups!

  81. Hi Susan!
    I’m doing a give away in a couple of
    days and one of the items is that little birdie! What pretty pictures and that book looks like it’s just my style! : )


  82. Thanks for the delightful invitation; it helped! I have the winter blues dreadfully. But your blog, which I was somehow lured into by accident from someone else’s blog on Beverley’s pink Sat list, is so gorgeous that I had to check out those photos on the right hand side. I love your blog. It’s so pretty!

  83. Julia @ Hooked on Houses says

    What a lovely post! That chair looks so cozy, and I love your tea set. πŸ™‚

  84. Oh I need that book…and I want to sit in that chair with a cup of tea. How cozy!

  85. The photo is so inviting I am speechless..I love blue and white and am a collector of it myself..The chair,pillow,dishes and book truly invite you into the picture..I love your blog and am always looking to see if you have a post for the day..Have a great week..

  86. A Toile Tale says

    Susan —
    This post really resonates with me. My mother is here with us in Atlanta for a couple of months to escape the harsh northern winters. Having her here has encouraged me to slow down and enjoy the break from the relatively fast paced life I usually live. Just sitting and talking and having tea and looking a pictures and making memories is such a wonderful experience. So what if a trip to the grocery store takes twice as long, we are doing it together. Not to mention that she loves blue and white, so I've used that a bit more lately. Thanks for the quiet time this week.
    Linda @ A Toile Tale

  87. Perfection! My fave color and your style……good together.
    I have many of the parts, but my chair will need recovering…….hhmmm, no. So I enjoy your heavenly little corner and chuckle that we have some of the same “tea party” goods……green tea for me, thank you…..

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