Working On So Many Spring Projects, Including Additional Cabinet Storage

Happy Leap Day! I hope your Saturday is going great! I must have an incredible case of spring fever because I have been cleaning out closets and the garage like a madwoman. I’ve made two trips to Goodwill and will probably make one more on Monday.

I’ve made one change in the dining room and I can’t wait to share it with you! It’s a small change that has made a pretty big impact. I’ll share it on Monday for Metamorphosis Monday.

Woodland Themed Valentine's Day Table Setting 03


Garage Cleaning and Organizing

I didn’t take any photos of the garage cleaning process because garage cleaning is never a fun or photogenic endeavor. But I have to mention the product that made the cleaning process a billion times easier: this Super Cleaner I’ve raved about in the past.

You know those standard plastic open type shelves that everyone has in their garage for storing stuff? I have two of those shelving units that I’ve been using to store gardening supplies. After getting rid of so much stuff this past week, I only need one now. I decided to move the other one down to the basement for storage, but unfortunately, it was super dirty from years and years of storing gardening stuff on it. It was nasty!

This Super Cleaner cut through the grease/grime like butter! I love this cleaner, it is nothing short of amazing! You may remember when I used it to remove denim transfer from my car’s leather seats.

Anyway, just had to mention it because it’s by far the best cleaner I’ve ever used for just general cleaning and it saved my shelving unit! I was tempted to just toss the old shelves because they were too dirty to even donate, now they look almost new!

See the list of surfaces/items this cleaner can be used on here: Super Cleaner.


Super Cleaner for Leather Seats Upholstery and Carpet, Works for Denim Transfer


New Found Space in the Garage

Since I’ve been “one-SUV-load-at-the-time” carrying my son’s old bedroom furniture north to Ohio for my two grandsons, I’ve gained back so much space in my garage. The first trip up I carried the twin beds (that can be made into bunk beds) along with the side rails and two bunky boards. We ordered the mattresses and had those delivered.

The second trip up, I carried the chest-of-drawers. The third trip up, I carried the shelving/drawer unit that my son used for his TV and clothes. I’ll be heading up toward the end of March and this time I’ll be carrying a small bookcase (not visible below since it’s tucked behind the chest of drawers) the ladder and the riser pieces that are used when the beds are assembled as bunk beds.


That only leaves the desk (with hutch) and the large bookcase. I think I can carry the desk up on a future trip. It may take two trips to get both pieces of the desk there, but that’s okay. With every trip, I gain back more garage which is super exciting! The large bookcase isn’t taking up much space since it’s against the wall, but I will be happy to get the desk out of the garage.

Child's Bedroom Renovation to a Home Office


With all this freed-up space, I’ve decided to add three more cabinets to the garage. This cabinet project/addition below has definitely been one of the best things I’ve ever done in my home. I LOVE the extra storage and it has been so convenient for access to my breakfast room, kitchen, porch and dining room. If I ever move, I will take all these cabinets with me to my next house, couldn’t live without them now!

Cabinets for Storage, Garage, Basement, Laundry Room, Home


I’ve ordered two of the cabinet shown below on the left and one more cabinet like the one shown below on the right. They are scheduled for delivery next week. I know this sounds crazy, but I actually enjoy putting these cabinets together. It’s great exercise and I always do it while listening to a good book on Audible. And this time it won’t be summertime and hot, so that will be good. lol

If you could use some extra storage, you’ll find these two cabinets below available here:

Cabinet with all shelves

Cabinet with shelves and drawers

Cabinet Storage for Home, Garage, Office, Basement


The three new ones will end up across the front wall of my garage, alongside my standing tool chest. I’ll probably use them for spreading out some of the dishware/flatware I currently have in my other cabinets.

In the photo below, if you take just the three cabinets on the right of the photo, that’s how the cabinets I’ve ordered will look: two shelving units on either side of the unit with drawers. This will also give me a bit more storage space on top for the items I often use in decorating or centerpieces.

Cabinets for Storage, Garage, Basement, Laundry Room, Home


How I Plan to Use These Cabinets

Currently, I have a lot of glassware stored in front of plates–more than you see in this photo below. I don’t like having to move it around every time I need to access plates because I’m afraid I’ll end up breaking it, moving it so much. I really want all my glassware in one spot instead of so spread out. So one of the new cabinets will probably be all glassware, with room to spare.

Thicker Replacement Shelves for SystemBuild Cabinets


I’m not sure what I’ll store inside the cabinets with the drawers, although I have some ideas. I think I’m going to use the drawers for my tablecloths that are currently in my upstairs linen closet. I could probably hang them in the cabinet above if I found a rod to install, but I may want to use that space for something else. Not sure yet. Once I have it all assembled and loaded, I’ll share how I’m using these three new cabinets. I just hope the boxes arrive in good shape and not battered and damaged. You know my luck with deliveries!

Cabinet with Shelves and Drawers


What are you up to this weekend? Are you getting the itch to sort and clean out a bit? What is it about spring that makes us want to do all this spring cleaning and organizing? Maybe it’s all that glorious sunshine and the crisp, cool air!

Oh, by the way, I was so excited to find more of the exact same storage boxes I used last time for my flatware and napkin rings! If you use these for storage, you’ll find them available here: Storage Boxes. They are great for napkin rings and flatware storage! I have doubled up my flatware in some of my storage boxes, now I’ll be able to spread those out into separate boxes…happy about that!

Flatware & Napkin Ring Storage Cabinet with Drawers for Napkins


If you would like to read and see more of this cabinet project from a couple of years back, you’ll find all the details in this previous post: Tablescaping Storage for Dishware, Flatware, Napkin Rings, Napkins and Glassware.

Cabinet Storage Ideas for Dishware, Glassware, Flatware and Napkins


Have a great weekend! See you on Monday for Metamorphosis Monday and my dining room project reveal!

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  1. Lol! I just love seeing all the dishware and accessories, Susan! I have been re- reorganizing my limited space this weekend also. I started yesterday and made great headway, pricing a few things for the booth space (after making a tablescape with them, of course), and switching things over from winter to spring. Obviously I am limited with a downsized space, but that’s good discipline for me. I think I need it (but there is that storage unit of mine, and I love it). 😉

    • Thanks, Rita! I know it’s hard to part with those things we really love. I’ve tried to be very disciplined the last few days as I’ve been clearing thing out. I actually donated one of my greenhouses that I’ve had for years. I hope I don’t regret that! It was the one I used in this post:

      I hadn’t used it in ages so I decided to donate it. I have a couple of other greenhouses, although they are much larger and too big for the center of my table.

      I just decided to be ruthless and get rid of anything I no longer use, wear, like…etc… I still have a few more things around here that are probably on the chopping block!

      Good luck with your spring arranging and cleaning! I’ll be thinking about you when I start building those new cabinets! 🙂

  2. Love your garage storage. I also am in a major redo mode for all cabinets and closets. Moved from a large house into a condo and there just is not the storage space as before. Hence two off-site storage units, too! One question, I am assuming your garage is possibly temp controlled since attached to the house? Ours are not in this condo (all are detached), and since I am in FL, I worry about the temperature extremes with dishes. Glassware would be OK, but not the stoneware and china pieces, I don’t think. I want to use my single car garage for more storage, but the dampness, heat, etc. are a huge problem here, even with Damp Rid. Any thoughts?

    • Thanks so much, Joyce! It stays pretty temperature-controlled out there. My garage is on the east side of my home so it never gets the hot west sun. Also, the laundry room is on the other side of the wall behind the cabinets, the upstairs family room/bonus room is directly over the garage, part of the basement is below the garage and the kitchen is on the other side of the front wall of the garage. So there are only two non-cooled/non-heated walls: the one on the front of the house (which is protected by a giant magnolia) and the entrance/garage door. It never gets really cold or hot out there, pretty much stays between 45-85 degrees out there throughout the year, and it’s usually very comfortable throughout much of the year.
      When I first installed the cabinets, I purchased little silica packets and dropped a few of those into the bowls/glassware on each shelf…maybe 2-3 per shelf. (See those HERE.) I think it would probably be fine without them, though. I’ve never noticed any mildew/mold or anything on any of the shelves.
      I purchased a few of these natural activated bamboo charcoal bags (See those HERE) for the drawers where I have my napkins stored, but again, I haven’t seen any sign of mildew on any of the napkins. I’ve lived in this house for 30 years now and I never realized hot garages were an issue until a reader mentioned her garage gets insanely hot. I guess I’m just lucky due to the placement of my garage on this house. If it were on the other end that gets the west sun, it would probably get much hotter in the garage.

  3. Great storage – I love those cabinets! But how do you keep everything clean in the garage?? Anything I put in my garage ends up with a thin film of dirt and spider poop unless it is stored in a bin with a really tight lid. LOL I could never keep dishes or glassware out there.

    • Everything inside the cabinets stays very clean. I did a follow-up post about a year or so after I added the cabinets showing how the shelves looked. They stay really clean, which I love. The area on top gets a little dusty but I don’t mind because I always wipe off whatever I have stored up there before I use it in a centerpiece…but even those items have stayed pretty clean, probably because they are so high up and don’t get the dust/dirt like things on the floor would.

    • Do you entertain a lot? I used to have parties for thirty family members during the holidays. Now, my parties are only 6-8 guests. I just can’t seem to part with most of my large dish sets. But it really is impractical and impossible to maintain anymore. I have two sons who want nothing to do with my beautiful antique china. Help! We want to downsize to a condo and I must DE-DISH before we move. Suggestions welcome and obsessively needed. I covet your cabinets but not practical for smaller condo living.

      • I used to, but not as much now as I once did. I do have 20-25 ladies coming to my home for a party at the end of May. Hopefully the pollen will be gone by then and I can have the doors open to the porch.
        I hear that a lot, young folks not wanting “fancy” or antique china. I’m not sure what my son/dil will want to keep when that day comes.
        I know some folks keep storage units sometimes for storing items they wish to keep. Some folks store stuff under beds, really any place you can squirrel it away. I have one friend who used to store china in boxes behind her draperies. 🙂

      • Nancy, there are probably ladies right here that would love your dishes. Or, as Susan said, perhaps consider a storage unit until your sons marry / settle down. By then they may very well have changed their minds (or their wives might have changed them 😀 )

  4. Faye Meyers says

    I don’t know why but I love reading about your storage organization! My garage is an unbelievable mess – could probably be featured on a tv show. But I like to look how you’ve organized your items in those cabinets. I buy many things you feature on your blog so- why knows? – maybe I’ll get these cabinets. Incidentally, I bought those Ugg boots you mentioned. Dang, I love them and they make me feel sooooo warm! Thanks, as always, for your fun blog!

  5. Susan, I am proud of you for being ruthless with your de-cluttering. It feels so good, doesn’t it? And argh! I STILL have cabinet envy every time I see those pictures. 😀 My husband and I have decided to get into wood-working as a hobby and have already built (well, he mainly built and I mainly ‘assisted,’) a wonderful custom shelving unit for the garage. We have plans for more. Can’t wait!

    I’m also in that re-organize and re-do mode. It’s been a very productive day. Seems we’re all in that frame of mind. I don’t think I have your energy, though. Wish I did! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  6. What a great storage area Susan! I never thought of actual cabinets in the garage,but what an excellent use of space – and pretty! Thanks for all your wonderful ideas, and Happy Leap Day Saturday! ❤️

    • Thanks, Barbara! There are some seriously amazing garages out there with beautiful built-in cabinetry. I decided to go this route since I can take them with me if I ever move.

  7. Ahh it must be spring fever! I too have been organizing and sorting out some stuff! Those new cabinets will add quite a bonus I’m sure!

  8. Rhonda Storey says

    Susan, I too have been on an organizing frenzy for about two weeks now! My doctor put me on a 10 day dose of Prednisone ( for itching), and it has really given me energy and helped tremendously with my chronic joint pain! Lol! I decided to paint my small office and put up an accent wall of peel & stick wallpaper. I broke my arm last July and had to have (reverse) shoulder replacement, so I’ve had a really hard time doing anything with my right arm. I still can’t lift it above my head, but I thought I’d try to do the wallpaper by myself. I could tell the hubby REALLY didn’t want to help me, so I figured I’d try to do it by myself. I won’t lie, it was difficult, but I did it!! This was my first time trying peel & stick. I’ve always done all of my own wallpaper, and this was a little different, but I managed. It helped that you can re-position it since I didn’t have help. I painted the walls white this time since the room is SO small. It felt good to get rid of hubby’s gun cabinet to give me room for a pretty chair! After that, I decided to purge my (and hubby’s) walk-in closets. I too, took four large bags of clothing, purses, shoes, etc. to Goodwill. I really like to be organized too! My Prednisone runs out next Wednesday, so I better get the kitchen island painted before then! Lol!

    • Lol about hurrying before the prednisone runs out. 😀 That’s inspiring, Rhonda. And I’ve never heard of peel and stick wallpaper! Intriguing. I might have to look into that. I’m glad you mentioned it. I learn so much from Susan, AND from other nappers in the comments. Enjoy your frenzy. 🙂

    • Oh, wow! I know exactly how you feel on Prednisone. I remember once I had to take that for a week and I couldn’t sit down. I actually wrote a post about all I did in a 48 hour period because it was so crazy! lol
      You might as well take advantage of all that energy! Wouldn’t it be nice if we were that energized all the time!
      I’m amazed you were able to get the wallpaper hung, not being able to fully raise one arm…that is awesome! Shows how motivated you were…where there’s a will, there’s always a way!
      Good luck with all your other projects before that Prednisone runs out! 😉

  9. Car Guys! I bought that when you posted about way back. It is great, but haven’t used in awhile and don’t know why! Thanks for the reminder.
    I see that one cabinet holds just Christmas and another has all the other holidays lol. Me too, but on a smaller scale: one small bin for fall, another small one for both spring and summer, and then two x-large bins for just Christmas. True for many people, I suspect.

  10. Susan, I’m envious of all that wonderful storage in your garage. I want to have cabinets made for storage in our garage. We currently have metal cabinets, which work, but I need more, so thinking I’ll just have all new cabinets made to order. I want a place to hang tablecloths. I had to give up my wardrobe that I used to do just that when we began this remodel. I definitely need to be spring cleaning!

  11. Brenda Lawrence says

    I would love to go “shopping” in those cabinets! You have beautiful dishware and accessories Susan and it is so organized, I know you will be happy to have the extra cabinets to spread out all those beautiful items. Can’t wait to see it all done! Hugs, Brenda

  12. Selma Kessler says

    Oh!!! I SOOOOO envy your garage storage! We have a 3 car garage with 3 cars, a work bench, wall cabinets and another closed cabinet for car care; one shelving unit for my husbands blue rock, gas cans, various chain saws, sprayers, etc. not to mention the lawn mower, snow blower, wheel barrow, bikes, ladders, hoses, yard care equipment and tools, extension cords and trailer rack! Oh, and I forgot our trash can and recycling bins. We have wall units, and ceiling hangers, and every square inch is maxed out. Your storage cabinets are the stuff of my dreams!!

  13. Susan, when you said “greenhouse” I had no clue what you were talking about and had to reference the link. That would have broke my heart. I have two and the cats ‘really’ want to knock one off the plant shelf. We all have garage envy. As I get older, I have become slower, and since I broke my wrist I have really been sidetracked. Remember, any old dishes someone wants to part with, I would be happy to take them versus GW and separated forever.

  14. I echo Selma, for us add a barn, a stable and a garden shed, still not enough storage space!

  15. Hi Susan! ‘member me? I’ve been a sluggard lately about blogging and am trying to do better! Oh, my goodness – those cabinets are marvelous and I’m jealous! What a wonderful way to store your extra dishes. I have put these on my bucket list to get some. I hope you’re doing well. I don’t know if I told you or not but about a year ago we left upstate New York and moved back to Texas. We missed the south.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

    • Of course, I remember you! I often think about you and wonder how you are. I thought you had moved back. I don’t think I could take the NY weather, so I know you are glad to be back in the south. I bet all your friends were so happy you moved back! I hope you, hubby, daughter and grandchildren are all doing amazing! I have two grandsons now and spend all my time burning up the road between Georgia and Ohio. lol Well, almost! 😉

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