Natural Fiber Ottoman or Stool for the Office

Welcome to the 210th Metamorphosis Monday!

Last night I happened to turn on the TV while Downton Abbey was on.  I can never remember exactly when it comes on so I always end up watching it in bits and pieces over the week as the episode is replayed over and over on PBS.   I watched last night until the foreshadowing became too foreboding.  An arrogant, know-it-all doctor and talk of swollen ankles was enough to make this chicken-heart turn off the television.  It was pretty obvious where things were headed and I didn’t want any part of it.   Glad I didn’t watch now because I heard it was pretty brutal.  I hope the rest of the season isn’t going to be like last night.  It has to go up from here.  Right?

Okay, let’s focus on to something more fun and lighthearted.  You may remember a while back I posted about adding a new mirror to the office.  If you missed that post, you can catch it here: A New Mirror for the Office

White Mirror for the Office

Speaking of foreshadowing, there was definitely some going on in that previous post.  In the mirror post, I mentioned I’d like to find a garden stool or something similar to go in front of what I’ve been calling the “office library.”   I wanted something to break up the straight line of the bookcases, something that would add a little interest to that area.

Office Library

At one time I considered a small round table with a couple of chairs.  Ultimately, I decided that was really going to crowd out the office space a bit too much.

Office Library

I was reluctant to buy another ceramic garden stool since I have one in the guest room just across the hall from the office.  (Garden stool post can be seen here: Ceramic Garden Seats, So Versatile for the Home or Garden)

White Ceramic Garden Seat with Quatrefoil Design for Guest Room

Plus, there’s another ceramic garden seat out on the screened in porch, too. (See this post for more details:  Garden Seat for Screened-in Porch)   There was no rush, so I just waited for the right thing to come along for the office.

Green Ceramic Garden Seat for Screened-in Porch

Recently, while in Marshall’s I came across a little woven ottoman for $49.  The tag said, “made from rattan, banana leaf, sea grass and other natural products.”   I didn’t buy it at first.  I wanted to come home and check the pricing for similar pieces online.

Woven Ottoman

The closest I found was this seat/ottoman at Crate and Barrel for $119.    That $49 price tag was looking pretty good.  So, the next day I drove back over to Marshall’s which is just a couple of miles away and procured it for the office.  Don’t you love that word, “procured?”  A decorator we were talking to while on a home tour in Atlanta yesterday, used that word several times, so you know I had to work into this post. πŸ˜‰

Samar Ottoman $119.00 Crate and Barrel

So here’s how it looks here in the office.  I should have “styled” it for its BNOTP post debut. Ha!  It’s already been put to work, holding some books I’ve been reading recently.

Office Library

You may have noticed, there’s another little metamorphosis going on in the office.  This photo below was taken right after I first assembled the IKEA Billy bookcases here in the office.  I decided to use the office shelves for decorating, tables setting, gardening, cooking, crafting and art related books.  I thought I had a pretty decent collection of books until I placed them on the shelves.   It was looking pretty bare…definitely lots of growing room.

Office Library

The shelves aren’t looking quite so empty now.  In addition to the books I’ve bought, friends and family (thanks Ed and Chip) have helped my collection grow with Christmas and birthday gifts.  I have so many good books to share with you…another post for another day.

Office Library

Back to the ottoman/seat…one of the things I really like about using a woven piece here instead of another ceramic garden seat is the way it ties in nicely with the other natural elements in the office.  There’s a magazine basket beside my reading chair, barely visible in the pic below.

Reading Corner in Office Craft Room

Plus, there are two Pottery Barn “Savannah” storage baskets in the Bedford desk unit.

Home Office with Pottery Barn Bedford Furniture and Buffalo Check Curtains

Here’s how it looks as you enter the office.  It’s great for holding books I’m currently reading or books waiting to be shelved.  It’s easily sturdy enough to sit on (I tested it in the store) and it’s pretty comfortable, too.  I could probably stand on it to reach the top-top shelf, but I have a little foot stool hidden behind the office door for that purpose.

Office Library

So, that’s my little Before and After for this Met Monday.   I’m hoping Max doesn’t decide it looks like a great scratching post.  So far, so good on that front.  Other than adding to my book addiction collection, I can’t think of anything else I’ll be changing in this room in the foreseeable future.  Of course, just because I said that out loud here on the blog, you know there’s bound to be something now that will pop up.  πŸ˜‰

Office Library


Looking forward to all the fabulous Before and Afters for this Met Monday!

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  1. Looks GREAT Susan- -really does the trick!

    Bravo – glad you procured that baby!

  2. Adorable room! You are blessed to have so much space!

    Hope you have a great week!
    Mrs. Sarah Coller

  3. This was me looking at your post: Scroll, scroll Kitty!
    Scroll, scroll, scroll…Kitty!
    LOL! Then I went back and read it!
    Amazon is the best place to buy books! If you spend $25 shipping is free! You can get books for a penny! How cool is that?!
    I love that room…as well as your recently procured stool.
    I don’t watch television…we recently bought one so Grace can watch videos…but I discovered Downton Abbey on Netflix. I liked it at first but I am a very impatient woman! I need a beginning a middle and an end within a short time frame. I lost interest after episode 4. It’s good but I can’t sit still that long! LOL!



    • lol Andie, that sounds like how I read a post. πŸ™‚ I know…love Amazon, especially those bargain books! I know what you mean. Downton Abbey is a little like a nighttime soap opera. After today’s show, I’m kind of scared to watch!

  4. Susan love your office. It’s so bright and sunny in there – I think Max also likes it. You are getting quite a collection of books – i like the book shelves.

  5. Vicki Patton says

    Loved the stool! Ottoman… I am eager to view your post on your books. Easy for me to say, sittin here propped up in bed. I know it is hard work for you to do all of that. Thanks.

    • Vicki, I’ll try to get that post up before too long. I saw a lot of great books in the houses on the tour yesterday! I think I enjoyed checking out their libraries as much as the houses. πŸ˜‰

  6. Oh, I love this space so and the stool is perfect in front of the bookcase. Thank you so much for hosting. I’m happy to be a first time participant and have placed BNOTP on my pleasing places to perch list. Will visit often, for sure!

  7. Love your whole desk . Wish I had that. Everything looks so organized. Cute stool too:)

  8. This is such a pretty and inspiring room! I love the new additions! Seems like you have “procured” the perfect touches! haha! Thanks for sharing and for hostin this great Metamorphosis Monday! Have a great week! =D

  9. Really, really loving that office! Thank you so much for giving us a place to party. Happy Monday to you!

  10. Looks like a great choice- plus it can be sat on if so desired! Your bookcases look great- the deco items add some nice visual interest!

  11. Susan, what a library! Love the books and the possibilities such a great bookcase holds. The room is comfy and beautiful! Thank you once again for giving us a place to share our projects!

  12. Max looks right at home! Love the new addition, Susan — it’s got great texture up against the bookcases.
    xo heidi

  13. This room has turned into a wonderful place for you to create, Susan! It is hard now for me to remember what it looked like when it was Chip’s bedroom. I bet he is amazed at the transformation!
    I like your little storage basket/seat. I hope Max leaves it alone, but if not, there is stuff you can spray on it to discourage him from using it as his personal nail salon. LOL

    Warm Hugs,

  14. Cute, Susan! But I see Max already has his favorite! Thanks for hosting!…hugs…Debbie

  15. Good morning, Susan,
    love the seat/ottoman you “procured”… (lol). Isn’t it surprisingly how even a small piece of furniture can give a “complete” look to an entire wall or even to a whole room? Plus it matches perfectly with those “Savannah” storage baskets you already had! πŸ™‚ I, too, always try to put something in front of my bookcases for … a less formal look. (Usually it is plants/flowers or even a complete “Teddy-family” that grows continuously… lol)
    One question: How do you display your books, Susan? By author, by topic/genre?
    Looking forward to the new books you want to share with us. As a book “junkie” I love “inspecting” other peoples’ bookcases… πŸ˜‰ Thank you for that!
    ~Hugs to you~

    • Cecilia, right now they are a bit disorganized. I started out displaying them one way but as the collection grew, I started moving stuff around. I basically have them displayed by categories that make sense to me. I have a shelf with “cottage” books. Another shelf has books that are all about “English” style decor. Some shelves have books by certain authors, like Charlotte Moss or Carolyn Roehm. Another shelf has boon about southern homes or regional decor. Of course, all the cookbooks are together, as are the “art” books. So far I can find what I need fairly quickly but the way they are arranged may change again as I “procure” more books. lol Had to work that word in one more time today. hee, hee

  16. Oh the ottoman works so well in the space! Looks great with the storage baskets in your desk area.

    I wish I would have turned off D.A. last night. I almost feel like I am in mourning. I did NOT see Sybil’s passing coming.

    • I know…so depressing! I was curious what happened and googled it last night. They had a short clip online and I watched a teensy bit. It was awful. I’m glad I didn’t watch that episode. I can’t bare stuff like that…even if it is just on TV because I know stuff like that happened way too often back in that time period…before medicine became as sophisticated as it is today. I know things like that still happen, but at least it’s a lot rarer now.

  17. Hi Susan,
    I’m new here so I’m sure you’ve probably mentioned this before and I missed it, but where did your bedframe come from in your bedroom? It is absolutely beautiful and I’ve been wanting just such a one for ages.

    • Hi Jackie,
      I found it many years ago in a local antique shop. It’s not antique, though. I’ve seen similar beds in other antique/thrift shops over the years since I bought that one. Hope you can find one! Our son took our guest bed with him when he went off to college so it gave me an excuse to find one I liked better for that room. πŸ™‚

  18. That light filled room is so inviting. Love the new mirror.
    Windows, Mirrors, and lights…love all of the reflection,

  19. I love your office! You’ve got me looking around in mine to see where I might add a little ottoman . . . P.S. Watched Downton Abbey last night and then couldn’t sleep!!

  20. Oh, this continues to be one of my favorite spaces…. ever! Thanks so much for hosting again. And we just starting Season 2 of Downton Abbey. LOVE.

  21. What color do you have on your walls of your office.? It looks like a nice soft butter yellow..
    My bedroom is yellow,but turned out too gold for me…yours looks more like what I had in mind.
    Also, what kind of camera do you shoot your photos indoors?
    Nice work…all the way around.
    Have a good week..

  22. That’s a perfect find, Susan. The stool looks great – love your cat in the photos – I hope you have a blessed week,

  23. Love your little ottoman – great way to procure!!
    Max gives the paws up too! Wish I had more bookcases – I had to donate boxes and boxes of books to the thrift shop recently – it was a sad day!

  24. Susan I love everything about this room!! Thanks so much for hosting!

  25. Oops, Susan,
    of course, I can see how you do DISPLAY your books, I meant: How do you ARRANGE them? LOL
    (I always arrange them by color and size. I know, using this method sometimes I drive myself crazy because I have bookcases in three rooms and many in the basement, too, and it can take forever to find “the book” I’m looking for, but I can’t help myself, I am O.C.D. about color! πŸ™‚ )

    • I bet that’s pretty…arranged by color. Are you able to find what you need? If you can…that totally works! πŸ™‚

      • LOL, Susan,
        I wanted to let you know I have just been out to the shopping mall and purchased four sweet ceramic birds. When hubby came home from work I said: “Look, honey, I ‘procured’ some new birds, aren’t they cute?” He looked at the birds first, then at me, then he laughed and asked: ” ‘Procured?’ Is this a synonym for ‘I bought some new unnecessary knick-knacks?’ ” (He’s only pretending! Actually he “loves” all my “stuff”! lol) I replied: “I wouldn’t say ‘unnecessary’, but… Yeeessseee! From this day onwards!” LOLOLOL I love this word! (Although we have it in Italian and in German, too, I have never used it before as a synonym for “to purchase”! πŸ™‚ )
        P.S. Susan, fortunately I am able to find what I need, but only because I never give up! πŸ˜‰

  26. Good morning,
    So glad that you procured that ottoman, it looks wonderful and such a great buy.
    Thanks for hosting and have a great week.

  27. Your office is amazing and your stool too! Thanks so much for hosting. Hope you have a GREAT week!

  28. I could get a lot of work done in that room of yours. Very inspirational! Thanks for hosting this party each week.

  29. Your office is so neat and tidy that it makes me think I’d better spend some time doing a little neatening up! With all the empty space on your shelves, you will be tempted to fill them with all kinds of newfound treasures. Yes, Downton Abbey was a little rough last night, especially as it reminded me of my daughter’s second birth experience. I’m not sure who I was crying for.

  30. I planned to use procure until I saw I was already beaten to it! So I ‘ll just say, The office is simply beautiful and I am hard pressed to chose a fave room in your home! You have great style . The rope stool was a great find and I would have done the same thing, leave it, then return for it. Have a good. week. huggs, Dianna

  31. Thanks so much, Beth, for having your party for us! I wish I had enough discipline to keep my house as neat and picked up as you do…you are an inspiration. Every room is just beautiful.

  32. Hi Susan! Everything looks great and thank you for hosting! Such a fun party.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia πŸ˜‰

  33. Thanks so much for hosting! I love the ottoman you procured! πŸ˜‰ It looks really nice in your gorgeous office.
    Have a great week.

  34. “Otto” = *Cute* franki

  35. The ottoman is perfect in front of your bookcases…just love the texture and color…you always find the greatest bargains!
    Thanks for hosting Susan and have a great day!

  36. Hi Susan! I love the new addition to your office. I think it’s a great idea to add another woven texture to the room; it’s always nice to have other textures in addition to your fabrics. Your book collection is certainly growing; ironically, I got two new decorating books for Christmas, as well. Could sit and look at them for hours. πŸ™‚

    I love that Max is on your white ottoman in almost every picture — makes me smile. Pets are so funny, aren’t they? Thank you for hosting and have a wonderful week!!


    • Oooh, which ones did you get, Denise? Yep, he’s pretty sure I bought it for him. lol About the only time he leaves it, other than to eat, is when I sit down to read. He’s usually trying to climb into my lap before I can even get settled into the chair.

  37. Love your office it is so pretty. Thanks you for hosting again this week, Laura

  38. Love the addition of the natural elements stool…very nice!!! And yes, it was a brutal episode…so sorry I watched it. I know death is a reality of life, but please, I just want to be nicely entertained on tv……

  39. I just “procured” two of those ottomans from Marshall’s for my living room! After taking down the Christmas decorations and doing some furniture re-arranging I had an empty space. I also wanted a little more texture in the room. These woven ottomans did the trick. Plus, they are added seating if needed. I love them.

  40. You have such a lovely office Susan! thank You for hosting! It’s my first time at your metamorphosis party and I’m very excited! Hope you like my transformation. Have a great week!

  41. Thanks for hosting! XO, Aimee

  42. Love the stool and anything made of natural fibers. I’ve always thought one of those Pottery Barn workstation/island thingies would be nice to have in a space like that, but it might crowd the room. Can’t wait to see what new books you have on the reading list.

    • I know. I thought about it back when I was first creating the office and decided there just wasn’t room. Another reader mentioned it recently, so I got the measuring tape back out to check again, but the room is just too small. I copied a bunch of the pics from PB’s site so if I ever move and happen to have a bigger office, if they have stopped making it, hopefully I could have one built. I wish I knew how to build things like that on my own. Wish someone locally would host an ongoing, year long class to teach those kinds of skills. I’d sign up in a skinny minute!

  43. Love the woven ottoman. It looks like it was made to go in your office and brings out your other woven pieces. I have been coveting a garden seat and was hoping to get a deal at Home Goods like you did on the one in your guest room. I was tempted to go with one of the woven ones I have seen at TJ’s, Marshalls, and Home Goods but when I spotted the Adelaide Garden Seat at Ballard Design on sale I succumbed and ordered it. I’m glad I did, it’s perfect. Sorry you got turned off to Downton Abbey. I’m a die hard fan and I knew the outcome of episode 3, however, I was reaching for the tissue. There are some “dark” spots occasionally but I love all of the Masterpiece classics. Have a great week.

  44. I love seeing your kitty in the shots! Thank you for hosting!

  45. Hi Susan: Yes Downton Abbey was heart breaking last night, but I am one of those people who have to listen to every minute.
    I too love the word procured and also secured!! This is reminding me of My Fair Lady..”The Rain in Spain falls mainly from the Plain”!! πŸ™‚
    The basket is really nice and suits the office, but please do not stand on it, we cannot have any injuries to our resident *blogsmith*.
    Mr. Max is a star, in each photo, he strikes a different pose!!! Love that cat! Did he sniff the basket?

  46. Lol about Downton Abbey and the ‘procured’ word. I have to watch on Netflix, ’cause I cannot remember the time either. Procuring items is really fun!

  47. The basket looks really cute in front of your bookshelves! Do you really think Max will leave it alone? Any thing I bring into my home my fur babies think it belongs to them! It was good to see Max on his favorite spot. Thanks for sharing!

  48. Barbara (WA) says

    Oh, Downton Abbey doesn’t get better, sad to say. I stumbled upon spoilers for Season 3 and have decided to skip it! You would think things would look up but they don’t. Makes me kinda mad at the writers.

    • Oh, no. That’s awful. It reminds me of Desperate Housewives. I liked that show the first year because there was so much humor. Every year after, it seemed to get more and more morbid/depressing.

  49. Susan, I can truly say I’d love to visit and spend time in your office. You know what my very favorite thing in there is? Max. He’s the perfect finishing touch. Give him pats for me…….:-)

  50. Shame on me, but I covet your office, Susan! It is so perfect. The bookshelves look wonderful with all of your book treasures, and the new ottoman makes for such a cozy setting with that adorable little chair. My cat would be stretched out on that ottoman, too! Thanks so much for sharing and for hosting!


  51. Susan, I love your office! One question – is your desk always that neat??

  52. Thanks for hosting!


  53. Happy Monday to you, Susan!
    I will leave the Downton Abbey analysis to everyone else. I am afraid that now that my husband is watching it, too, we will see it through another season. Besides, just like life, there will probably be enough good intermingled with the sad to be worth an hour a week. (?) I have enjoyed your office journey! It looks perfect, but that’s what I thought before you added each additional item. Yes, procuring is a wonderful word, much better than buying! It kind of puts spending at arms length! ha

  54. This is such a great room and I love your new little ottoman, it is perfect in that spot. I have only seen one episode of Downton Abbey and while I expected to hate it (not my normal programming) I really liked it. I have yet to find it on again on any of my 3 PBS stations. I’m going to have to do a little research after seeing all the discussions about it today.

  55. Tamara Lin says

    Nice stool, and I adore Max. πŸ™‚

  56. Where did you procure the clock?

  57. The room is so warm and comfy. I could see many hours spent in here. Thank you for sharing the pictures of it.
    I LOVE Downtown Abby. We don’t have satellite or cable so I have been impatiently waiting for the new season to show up on Amazon Prime or on Hulu Plus. With no luck either.

  58. I love it! What a wonderful place to work!!!

  59. Wow, I’m in awe of your office! It looks amazing!! You are such an inspiration. Thank you so much for hosting! Have a wonderful week. πŸ™‚

  60. Susan,
    What a cute footstool!!!
    I love the texture it brings into your lovely Home Office!
    In your words…”I can’t think of anything else I’ll be changing in this room in the foreseeable future. “…
    then there’s the expression on Max’s face in the photo beneath…
    So~o~o, does Max know something we don’t???
    Oh, if cats could only talk! Ha!!!
    Have a marvelous week, dear friend!!!

  61. Thank for for hosting Susan!! I love the mirror, your space is so bright and relaxing, love it!

    xo, Tanya

  62. Beautiful room, Susan!! Thanks for hosting your party!! I sure do love coming to link up with you!!
    I wish I had an office like that, feeling a little jealous. πŸ™‚
    Hugs and Blessings,

  63. Susan- I saw that ottoman and passed on it! And, then went back and it was gone! Great deal because I had priced them out as well. Just linked up to the party! Thanks! My dad thinks the prostitute ( I need to stop calling her that) will end up with Tom and raise the baby! I love that my dad emails my sister and I recap/discussion points after every DA episode!

    • I never thought of that twist…I bet he’s right! That is so cute that your Dad is watching the show, too! πŸ™‚ Laura, check another location for the ottoman. I had to drive to an area I rarely go yesterday and while there, I stopped into a Marshalls just to see what they had in the way of ottomans. They had 3-4 of the small one (like the one I bought) plus they had a couple of larger ones that would work well as a table, especially with glass on top. So I bet you can find one in a different location. They must just be getting those in.

  64. I love the ottoman Susan! And love seeing that sweet kitty-
    thank you for hosting

  65. Susan,
    I love the office! Some things I really like are the great checked curtains, the amazing desk and the cute little bumble bee pillow. You really have an eye for putting things together. Way to hold out and find the perfect piece in the ottoman, and at such a great price!

    On Downton Abbey…it was SO SO SAD. I have three daughters so I always feel like that could have been me long long ago…but now I just feel so sad I might have to take a break from it….ah, who am I kidding? I’ve got to tune in to see if Bates ever gets out of jail!

    Keep up the fabulous decorating work!
    Ashley Rane Sparks

  66. Love your office Susan! The new addition was a wonderful find and a beautiful piece to add to the room.

  67. Oh, I could find so many places to put that little ottoman!

    I’ve just about finished reading your archived posts and have been intrigued by the evolution of your wonderful office. I have one question: How do you get to the top of the bulletin board to post things on it?

    • It may look higher in the pictures on the blog than it is in real life. I can almost reach the top…can reach within about 2-3 inches of the top. I mostly use the very top to hang things that are decorative or that stay there all the time. Right now (along the top) I have a picture from a magazine of something I’ve been wanting to try on my pergola (but have never gotten around to doing) and an old article from a local newspaper that ran a little piece on my office transformation.

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